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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Softball looks ahead to another big year in Big East

Junior third baseman Chelsea Bemis is one of eight returning starters for UofL head softball coach Sandy Pearsall. "Chelsea should have a tremendous season for us." Pearsall says.

Although the Softball Cards are losing catcher Melissa Roth, pitcher Kristen Wadwell and right fielder Vanessa James to graduation..the cupboard is far from empty for next season.

Pitchers Tori Collins and Chelsea Leonard return to handle mound duties and beside Bemis...the Cards have Jordan Trimble (2B), Alicja Wolny (1B), Jennifer Esteban (LF), Kristen Mann (DH), Kristen Austin (CF) and Colby Wherry (SS). The benefits of a returning infield intact will pay huge dividends for the Softball Cards and the bat of Bemis (MVP of the Big East) gives Louisville a solid and dependable nucleus to face opponents.

Coach Pearsall signed five new Cards last fall and they should prove to add depth to the Louisville lineup. Maggie Ruckenbrod was the St. Louis Player of the year and led the state of Missouri in hits last year. She can catch or go to the infield. Pitcher/infielder Caralisa Connell comes in from Mufreesboro, TN. Tanner Fowler (infield/catcher - Morganfield, KY), Hannah Kiyohara (infield/outfield - Auburn, WA.) and Katie Keller ((infield - Livermore, CA.) round out the freshmen.

"Replacing Roth will be our biggest challenge. We do have two incoming catchers, though and Bemis is a good catcher too, if needed." Pearsall commented on the loss of Roth.

"I'm excited about next season. We have a great schedule again. The four freshmen who started for us should benefit a lot. We could start three or four freshmen again next season. I can't wait."


In the continuing saga of the future prosecuting of Karen Sypher...a Louisville judge has decreed that members of the media cannot talk to or interview her. Finally...blessed relief from the wild and incoherant ramblings of the future jailbird. CARDINAL COUPLE does not condone the indiscretions or coverup that evoled around Pitino and Sypher's tryst several years ago...but accepts the apologies that Pitino offered to family and fans for the indiscretion. CARDINAL COUPLE is definitely not a fan of attempted extortion...and hopes that justice will be served when the case goes to trial in late July.

Just for the record...we had no plans to try and interview her whatsoever and wouldn't mind too much if the ground suddenly opened and swallowed her up.

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  1. If she thinks she got shafted by Pitino just wait 'til "Bertha" (cellmate) gets a hold of her. YIKES!


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