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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pop quiz time

Just because it is summer break time doesn't mean we at CARDINAL COUPLE are going to let your knowledge of womens' sports at UofL go on vacation. Put your books in your desk, turn off the Van Morrison CD and get ready for this pop quiz. No cheating or Googling the answers! Ready? Here we go. (Answers at the bottom of today's column.)

1) Which of these people do not coach a womens' sport at UofL?

a) Leonard Yelin
b) Adrienne Johnson
c) Pam Bustin
d) Jeff Walz

2) Which of the following sports does not have at team at UofL?

a) Rowing
b) Lacrosse
c) Alpine skiing
d) Soccer

3) Which athelete below does not participate in womens' sports at UofL?

a) Becky Burke
b) Katie Oliverio
c) Sara Maude Juneau
d) Candace Parker

4) Which of the venues does not host womens' sports at UofL?

a) Cardinal Park
b) MacArthur Park
c) Ulmer Stadium
d) Bass-Rudd Center

5) Which person below is associated with womens' basketball at UofL?

a) Sandy Pearsall
b) Bethann Ord
c) Kia Vaughn
d) Jordan Trimble

6) Sean Moth does the following at UofL?

a) Takes out the garbage at the YUM center
b) Handles public address duties for basketball
c) Previews Lori Korte's mail
d) Runs the strength and conditioning program for soccer

7) Which of the following did not play softball for UofL?

a) Connie Neal
b) Melissa Roth
c) Patrika Barlow
d) Chelsea Leonard

8) Trager Stadium hosts which Cardinal womens' athletic team?

a) Softball
b) Field Hockey
c) Track
d) Tennis

9) Which of these sports does not have a "forward"?

a) Field hockey
b) Basketball
c) Rowing
d) Soccer

10) Which athlete below participates in track and field?

a) Haley Jurich
b) Jere' Summers
c) Gwen Rucker
d) Shelby Harper

(Remember...answers at bottom of column)


Tough way for the baseball team to end the season last night. Rallied twice to tie the game against Vandy and then lose in the bottom of the 10th on a misfielded bunt.
Still, a good year for UofL baseball and plenty of returning players next year should give Dan McDonnell another Big East title contending team.

The "batter interference" call hardly ever gets called in baseball anymore..but it cost the Cards a great scoring opportunity late in last night's game. A terrible decision by the home plate umpire...the throw was high, not in time and the batter did nothing to impede the Vandy catcher's attempt to throw out the runner attempting to steal second.


OK! To the answers...

1) B. Adrienne Johnson works with UofL marketing and is the color commentator for women's basketball

2) C. Alpine skiing. Plenty of slipping and sliding down on campus in the winter months, though

3) D. Candace Parker played for Tennessee and is in the WNBA now.

4) B. MacArthur Park. A great song by Richard Harris!

5) B. Bethann is an assistant basketball coach for the Lady Cards.

6) B. Sean Moth does the P.A. work for the Lady Cards and also calls a great baseball game on the radio.

7) A. Connie was a rapid fire guard for the UofL basketball team.

8) B. Field Hockey. The state of the art facility is the best in the nation for field hockey.

9) C. Rowing. Hopefully, they do move forward in the water.

10) B. Summers is one of the nation's best in the discus, hammer and shot put.

How did you do?

9-10 Correct. You could be Julie Hermann's assistant!
7-8 Correct. Very good! You've been to more than one Uofl womens' sporting event.
5-6 Correct. Not bad. Try to get out to a few events besides basketball this year.
3-4 Correct. (Sigh) You didn't have your coffee this morning did you?
1-2 Correct. Sorry. You must be a visitor from UK...or Mars.
0 Correct. How did you stumble onto this blog? We suggest you come back daily to improve your skills.

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