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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mail Call

Been awhile since we've loked at the ol' mail on this stormy Thursday morning, let's see what you saying. Feel free to put on a little Allman Brothers "Stormy Monday" while you read along.

(From Charlie in Hazard:)

Hi, CARDINAL COUPLE! I really like your updates on women's sports at UofL. My wife does too. We are big UofL basketball fans and wondered if you have any thoughts on a starting lineup for Jeff Walz's team this season?


UofL women's basketball fans in Hazard? That's as rare as the steaks Paul cooked on the grill Sunday! Just a prognostication here and in no way would I ever try to influence what Walz thinks.

PG-Dez Byrd
SG-Becky Burke
C-Keisha Hines
PF-Asia Taylor
SF-Monique Reid

With 10 other players on the expected roster...expect to see a lot of substitutions and if someone's game is off...there will be plenty of girls waiting to fill in.
And, if Shoni Schimmel shows gotta believe she'll crack the top five...probably at one of the guard spots.


How does the Cardinal field hockey team look this year? My daughter loves the game and will be trying to make her high school team this year.



We're big fans of field hockey here at CARDINAL COUPLE. It was Sonja's sport of choice during her collegiate days and games at Trager Field are exciting affairs.
We plan on getting a preview of 2010 UofL Field Hockey soon from head coach Pam stay tuned and put on your shin guards!

(Where did former UofL center Chauntise Wright go after graduation? I always liked watching her play?)

-Bob in the Ville


Tise graduated with her degree and is currently working here in the Louisville area. She was one of Paul's favorite Lady Cards, too and if you got her the ball in the paint...she was deadly.

OK, that'll do it for this Thursday.

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Straying briefly from our coverage of women's sports...we have to express our outrage that the budget for The Center for Women and Families got slashed by 69% in the Mayor's lastest budget offering. Although they do receive funds from other sources...this cutback makes no sense whatsoever...given the outstanding work they do for the community and at risk mothers and children

Denise Vasquez Troutman and her staff are saviors. Please join me in letting the Metro Council know that this is a bunch of nonsense and join The Center for Women and Children on Facebook.

You can learn more about donations and volunteering at:

If there is any deserved compassion and care to be extended in this sometimes cruel world...surely it needs to go to the abused women and children in our community.

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