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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome back Brandie

It was a welcome surprise to the Cardinal fans in Freedom Hall Tuesday. Brandie Radde back on the court after a year long sabbatical to work on academics. A new jersey number (44) but the same old Brandie...with the long, loping stride and dribble as she warmed up with the other Lady Cards.

Details on Radde were hard to come by after she abruptly left the squad last year. Rumors of problems between her and Walz were spread. Walz refuted these, saying that Brandie came to him and told him that she needed to concentrate on make that final push to keep her GPA high and follow up on her dream to eventually attend medical school and become a doctor.

Fortunately, I was able to find her on FaceBook, become a friend with her on there and follow her. She lived the life of a normal college student for a year away from basketball, joking about situations and exploits in her own life and talking with former and current college teammates on the site. Staying in shape by jogging and intramurals. Just being a typical coed at a major university. You had to be happy for her but you also wondered in the back of your mind if the Lady Cards 8th all time 3 point scorer missed college hoops.

Obviously she did. And, obviously she hasn't lost the touch that made her one of the best three point specialists in the Big East last year. In 26 minutes of action against Cincinnati, she netted seven points including one three, and made no turnovers playing for the first time in over a year.

Welcome back, Brandie. It's good to see that smile and that intense look when you're on the court containing an opponent or launching a three.

Written by Sonja 2/4/10


  1. I am glad she is back, and we needed another hot body.

    Now with the return of Radde, thank God we don't have to put a wig on Paul and send him out there like you were saying Sonja...

    That would almost be as scary as me wearing my "jorts", and oil wrestling at a Toy Tiger reunion...

    Actually, my buddy Steve was/is (LOL) the lead singer for the local band for years, Firehouse, and they just did a TT reunion just like two weeks ago......

    Believe it or not.....;->

  2. BTW Sonja,

    There are two great pics of Paul over on the Strong video article and gallery post.

    Some of the best pics I have ever got to take of Paul. Or maybe I just was not drunk yet.....:->

    Two pics:

    Paul by himself leaning on the bar

    Paul and Charlie at the bar

    They are one-of-a-kind pics, due to the fact that Paul was sober.

    Like taking a picture of a unicorn......:->

    Paul is da man, and made me feel right at home at the Parrish House. My money was no good at the bar, and Paul was paying for my beers reaching in his own pocket and paying for them.

    I can not thank him enough for the hospitality, and the two beers and the Coke was a bonus.

  3. Those are very good pics of The Big Guy and he gave me a nice report on hooking up with you, the CornHole King and Charlie down there.

    Don't let anyone set your fashion preferences for you, Shannon. If you are part of the jorts retro fashion revolution, then wear them proudly. Just don't lapse into the "pants on the floor" syndrome that is the current rage.

  4. Thanks Sonja........

    I am glad someone remotely understands my fetish with "jorts", being a product of the 70's-80's.

    Kind of like Paul's fascination with light blue leisure suits.

    But with the jorts, I am going for the "Don't mess with the Zohan" Adam Sandler look.

    I want the whole world to be "silky smooth".....:->


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