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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Red Storm paralyzes Lady Cards 91-56

Tough times continue for Jeff Walz's University of Louisville women's basketball team...falling on the road today against St. John's. Louisville (11-13, 3-8) dressed only eight players for the game. Ashley Rainey did not make the trip due to circumstances at home and a minor vehicle accident in Bowling Green while there. LaToya Johnson is suffering complications from her hip injury and did not dress for the game.

Louisville fell behind early after a 4-2 start to the game, watching St. John's (20-4, 8-3) go on a 11-2 run to lead 13-4 with 15:34 remaining in the first half. By that time, Keisha Hines was already on the bench with 3 fouls. The Cards managed to climb within 6 points at 18-12 before St. John took off on a 11-0 run to lead 29-12 midway thru the first half.

With six minutes remaining, Louisville already had 16 turnovers and trailed the Red Storm 33-20. Asia Taylor headed to the bench with her third foul with 5:44 to go in the first half. St John's responded to the lack of Cardinal height and went on a 11-2 run to take a 43-22 lead with 1:43 in the first stanza. St. John's took a 46-24 lead into the locker room after 20 minutes. The Cards committed 24 turnovers in the first half and made a single free throw in the first 20 minutes. The Red Storm had 14 steals in the first half.

I debated whether to listen to the second half, but a quick trip outside during halftime convinced me that inside the warm, cozy house was the best option, no matter how bad the basketball action was.

St.John's started the second half on a 11-4 run and led the Cards 59-30 with 14:33 left in the game. Eventually, the Cards figured out that Shelby Harper needed a little help getting the ball up the court after three straight St. John's steals and that getting the ball inside to Hines and Monique Reid could produce points. Hines, however picked up her 4th foul and went to the bench at 59-32 and Louisviile trailed 62-36 with 11 minutes left.

St. John led 74-44 with 8 minutes remaining. Hines fouled out with 4:25 to go, after scoring 10 second half points. Louisville trailed 87-50 with 3 minutes left in the game but outscored the Red Storm the rest of the way...losing by 35 points.

All in all, a dismal effort by Walz's crew. Another drubbing by a top 25 opponent. Louisville goes to Pitt to take on the Panthers next, a 5:30 p.m. Sunday night tipoff. With five games remaining in the season, the Cards would need to sweep all to go into Big East tournament play at .500. They also need to finish with a 4-1 run to be elgible for WNIT action.


  1. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but your team looked like they didn't even know each other for most of the game. I can understand that with the freshmen and Radde, but they just looked so confused. And I don't think Coach Walz was pleased with them- he gave them a talking-to right out on the court after the game. We thought he was waiting for someone to point and laugh from the seats to really drive home the embarrassment.

    Very physical game from your posts. Disappointed in your guards.

  2. Walz usually gathers at the team out on the court after games...that's not surprising, but I'm sure he saved the best stuff for the locker room.

    His post game show was filled with the angst and disappointment of a coach who is dealing with rough and trying circumstances.

    I'm not saying that if Dez Byrd, LaToya Johnson, Ashley Rainey, Nikki Burton, Laura Terry and Chauntise Wright were able to play that Louisville would hae won today. I realize all teams go thru injuries and such thruout a season. And, I wonder if the remaining 8-9 girls still suiting up and elgible to play haven't become overwhelmed with a bit of disappointment and apathy.

    From what I heard on the radio today and in the post game discussions, Louisville threw in a supreme clunker against a very good and aggressive St John's team. I hopethat they can give UConn and Notre Dame the same type of battle that they put up against Louisville today.

    And, our guard play is pretty atrocious lately...

  3. Hey, Sonja. Don't get yourself too down about this disappointing season or today's game. Louisville will come back and be a much better team next year. Thanks for putting up the game reports. Gotta stay in touch with the girls. I know they're trying but they are just too banged up and young to expect much out of them this year.Next year will be diff, girl.

    Your "fraulein" pal

  4. Man.......

    We got taken to the woodshed.......

    It has been a tough year in basketball all around, men and women.

    Don't make me start singin' Annie.....:->

    "Tomorrow, tomorrow, you're only a day away".

    Hopefully we can secure redemption tonight against the Johnnies with the men.


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