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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Louisville Lacrosse off to 2-0 start

Katie Oliverio in action for the undefeated women's lacrosse team. Her five assists against Manhattan set a school record on Saturday.

It is a sport few of us know much about and one that I've never played...but the Lady Cards are undefeated at it during the early season and Kellie Young has her team poised to hit the road during the 2010 lacrosse season.

The Cards recently defended the home turf with a 19-6 win over Manhattan this weekend. In this second season of lacrosse at Louisville, Louisville has emerged as one of the teams expected to make a run at the Big East title...a heady accomplishment for the team in its second season.

On her record setting accomplishment, Oliverio took the modest approach.

"My teammate were getting open, I just got the ball to them. They did the rest."

Louisville kicked off the season with a 17-5 home win against Sacred Heart (the college...not the Louisville high school team). The Cards face the mother of all road trips ahead...with eight straight games over the next eight weeks on the road...not returning to play at the Louisville lacrosse field until April 9th.

Eight teams participate in Big East lacrosse. The Cards will face Cincinnati and Notre Dame during their extended road trip and will also travel to Eugene, Oregon for a game. The Big East Tournament will be held in New Brunswick, NJ beginning May 6th.

The Cards recently signed ten talented players for the future with the vast majority of them coming from the East Coast...where the game has long been a club and high school sport.

Located on Floyd Street, next to the YUM center, Louisville's field has easy access, plenty of parking surrounding it and a state of the art scoreboard. Bleacher seating is available and admission is free for games.

If you haven't witness the exciting action on the field for lacrosse games, you owe it to yourself to take in a contest. I was fortunate enough to see the inaugural contest last year and found the action fast paced and exciting...similar to field hockey but featuring much more scoring. Louisville's next home game will be April 9th. against Loyola (MD). The action begins at 1 p.m.

Written by Sonja

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  1. I played lacrosse when I was a boy during the summers in Nantucket when my parents would ship me off to stay with my grandparents. It is a very demanding sport. You are always running and getting the technique down of flipping the ball out of the wicket is not as easy as it may appear to be. Tons of respect for those who are good at the sport.



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