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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Huskies mush into town Sunday

Maybe it is fitting that the ground in Louisville is covered with snow a day before Geno guides his dogsled full of Huskies into the Ville. These are no common, everyday lapdogs, you know. Led by Maya Moore, Tina Charles and a few other high school All Americans, UConn is the beast of the Big East, women's college basketball and could probably beat a few men's teams out there.

They do it with a surgeon's precision. Dissecting opponents with crisp passing, proper spacing, perfectly run offensive sets and dead eye shooting.

And, that's just in warmups.

Defensively they take opponents out of their game with suffocating full court pressure, an agressive, ball hawking man to man matchup and go to the boards with strength and authority.

The question people are asking is if there is a women's college basketball team out there that can hang within a dozen points of them. Delusional thinking that they can be beat is nonsense. How will the Cards fare against them? Anything within 20 points should be considered a moral victory. Geno does not let up. Starters have been in games with a minute to go and UConn up by 30. There is a bench full of All-Americans that sit idly by and watch the assault with the best seats in the house.

Hopefully, Freedom Hall will be filled with red on Sunday to watch the game. What the fans will see is a well disciplined and exciting Huskies squad go about their business of taking the Cards to the woodshed. It should be interesting to see how Monique Reid fares underneath the basket and if they can shut down three point specialists Becky Burke, Shelby Harper and Brandie Radde. Keisha Hines, Ashley Rainey and Gwen Rucker will have their hands full all afternoon trying to rebound against Charles and company and keep the Huskies off the boards.

Louisville is the next stop on Auriemma's dash thru the Big East. A game which could end up as the Cards worst home loss of the season. Kentucky and Tennessee pretty much dictated the terms to Louisville on the road earlier this year. UConn just might beat the Cards by 40. I hope it is closer.

Written by Sonja

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