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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lady Cards fall in overtime to Cincy74-68

Sometimes, your best just isn't enough. But, to lose to Cincy? This is depressing...

A mixed evening for Lady Cardinal basketball Tuesday night in Freedom Hall. Good to see LaToya Johnson back on the court for the Lady Cards. No points but a spirited effort at point guard. Even better to see the "Return of Radde". That's right, last year's three point bomber has donned a jersey and got 26 minutes in tonight on the court for the Cards. And she didn't look bad at all out there for her first apperance since a year ago. Seven points and no turnovers. I could go into a lot more platitudes here about positive aspects of Lady Cards hoops but the simple fact is that they would all fall short of this truth:

They lost to Cincy tonight.

Puzzling, disappointing and inexplicable. Down by eight at the half, up by six with three minutes left in the game. Led for over fifteen minutes of the second half. Then, a fold. Game goes to overtime. No baskets from the court in overtime. Free throws not enough to beat a UC team probably more surprised by the win than the shocked crowd in Freedom Hall.

Forget about the failure to cover a marginal outside threat in Bearcat Shareese Ulis. Ignore the inability to stop or foul out UC center Michelle Jones, who seemed to play most of the second half with four fouls. So what if Kahla Roudebush had ten assists against a placid and slow to react Louisville defense? Efforts that would draw praise anytime but efforts that were expected to be part of a UC loss in Freedom Hall.

The Lady Cards gave this one away tonight. Failure to put the foot on the throat and blow out a team that was waiting for it in the second half.

A shabby start to the second half of the Big East conference schedule. Despite the good performances by Reid, Burke, Harper and even Radde...this one was in the "w" column and the Cards couldn't seal the deal. Sunday brings more pain. UConn is the silent and deadly assassin and the Cards are the exposed victim. It won't be pretty.

3-6 in the Big East, soon to be 3-7. A rebuilding year, sure...but a chance to build a little confidence tonight that amazingly, unbelievably and surprisingly disappeared faster than the snow mounds outside Freedom Hall.

Written by Paul


  1. Man. A tough season for the Lady Cards. Great news on Radde, though. She's inthe top eight for career field goald made at UofL. Good to see she'll have a chance to maybe climb into the top five by season end.

  2. Hey, Joe! Good to see you again! How's retired life? You completely out of the bar business yet or are you still hanging around helping smooth the transition?

  3. I'm down in Venice, FL. right now with my g/f. Everything completed on the sale of the bar and 2 of the condos 2 weeks ago. The new owners kept everyone I had hired, the British pub concept and my old bar manager is now general manager...she's happy because they increased her pay.

    Say hi to the lovely Ms. Sonja for me.



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