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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Women's Sports Perfect on the Day -- No Basketball Updates -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Lacrosse Downs Duquesne

Highlighted by Tessa Chad's record-setting day, Louisville lacrosse went on the road to defeat Duquesne, 23-13, to improve to 3-6 on the season.

Chad scored nine goals to set a program record for most goals scored in a game by a single player.  Her final goal came with 18:02 remaining in the second half.

Alex McNicholas recorded a hat trick, Ally Hall, Kayla Marshall, and Kirsten Parker each had a pair of goals.

The Dukes scored the first goal of the game before the Cards went on a 5-0 burst in six minutes and never looked back.  Chad scored a goal as the buzzer sounded going into halftime to put the Cards up 11-6.

Scott Teeter made a change at halftime to give some rest to the starters.  All eligible players saw
playing time.  Starting goalkeeper Rachel Florek, who recorded five saves, got to rest the back half of the game.  Lexie Ball played for nearly nine minutes and Jen Schaaf handled the final 20 minutes.

"We played extremely well today, especially coming off of short rest following a tough triple overtime loss to Duke just two days ago," said Teeter.  "It was great to see us compete for 60 minutes.  We also got a chance to play everyone, which will help us save our legs for another tough game on Thursday."

Louisville hosts Cincinnati on Thursday morning at 11:00 a.m., and then Syracuse on Sunday at noon.

Softball Sweeps Morehead State

In a rare midweek doubleheader Louisville softball squared off against Morehead State and won both in mercy rule victories.  Louisville tallied 29 runs in the two games.

In the first game, the Cards scored in four of the six innings to win 8-0.  Celene Funke, Sidney Melton, and Rebecca Chung each recorded multiple hits.  Funke's hits were a triple and a home run, the first of her career.  Funke scored twice and Melton crossed the plate three times.

Taylor Roby (6-1) tossed the first five innings and recorded seven strikeouts while allowing one hit.  Danielle Watson closed out the final inning with all strikeouts and one hit.

Funke's Day was worth celebrating
Is that the new Cardinal uniform unveiling?
The second was all Cards from the start.  The Cards were closing in on run-rule numbers with seven runs in the first inning.  They added five in the second inning, six in the third, and three in the fourth.  The Eagles' only run came in the third and after going scoreless in the fifth the game was called for mercy rule.

Funke was part of a five-player group that tallied two hits each that also featured Chung, Jordyn Wolfe, Kyra Snyder, and Megan Hensley.  Caitlin Ferguson walked three times and recorded a hit while scoring four times.

Watson pitched the first two innings, going perfect in her six batters faced.  Hensley closed the final three innings, giving up three hits and striking out four.  Hensley (6-1) was credited with the win, which, I believe is because Watson did not go five innings.

The 21 runs was one run shy of tying a program record of 22 runs in a game.

Louisville, who has now improved to 17-7, opens ACC play this weekend when they host Syracuse on Friday at 6:00, Saturday at 1:00, and Sunday at noon.  In celebration of St. Patrick's Day, green beer will be available for fans at Sunday's game.

(EDITOR NOTE: Great. Just what we need. Jared with a camera and green beer available. Oh, boy. Can't wait to see those pics.)

Post game with Coach Holly Aprile

Post game with Celene Funke

No Basketball News

When it comes to women's basketball news Paulie is typically the first here at Cardinal Couple to know.  When I joined him and Daryl Foust for softball post game last night he did not know anything new.  The severity of AC's injury is still not known....or being released  There are also no updates on either of Sam's injuries, although her broken nose appears to be the worse of her two.

Cardinal Arena is the spot for NCAA Selection viewing with the team. The show is Monday,  March 18, so we will keep an eye out for additional details.  Will the Cards be a 1-seed?  The NCAA would be foolish if that isn't the case!

Wait a second...the NCAA IS Foolish....uh, oh.

Happy Wednesday and Go Cards!



  1. Wonderful news on Softball and Lacrosse! That Funke softball player is so full of life and energy. She has to be a blast to interview.

    I hope Carter is OK.

    Paulie, do you know if Walz has any line o any "bigs"? After Sam is gone, is Molly ready to fill that role and join my girl B and Kylee in the paint?

    Curtis "couldn't jump over the Taylorsville phone book" Franklin

    1. As you probably know, recruiting isn't my thing. Here's what I can tell you:

      Jeff is recruiting Hannah Gusters 6-4 from Texas, Kamilla Cardoso 6-6 from Tennessee, Ra'Shaya Kyle 6-6 from Marion Indiana and Dalayah Daniels 6-4 from Seattle.

      Molly has been looking great in practice. I think she'll be
      a significant contributor next season.

      Also, don't forget we have Ramani Parker (6'4") coming in
      next year from California as a freshman. I hear good things
      about her as well. Yacine Diop will be ready to go next year.

      And, who knows what Walz will acquire or seek in the way of
      a transfer/graduate player?

      B and Kylee will continue to improve.


    2. Paulie, glad to hear that you think Molly will contribute next year. As I may have mentioned a while back, a buddy and I saw her play against Breanna Beal in a tournament at Mercy High School, and we weren't impressed. But she does have a big body and with coaching from CJW and staff she may give us a Sam-like physical presence.

    3. The coaches, Sam Fuehring, B and Kylee have all really been working with her on her foot-speed and positioning. I saw her last year at the LIT and thought she had some work to do.

      She has the Fuehring type body and if she can employ a little "meanness" to her game, the sky is the limit for her.


  2. Thanks for posting the postgame clips. I really like Coach Aprile.

    I have never been to a softball game but plan to attend Sunday. What are team's prospects in the ACC?

    Love the Sgt. Schultz pic - totally the right choice for the questions being asked by us nervous fans.

    1. Yes, Holly rapidly becoming one of my favorites
      to interview.

      Cards were fifth in the preseason ACC poll.

      Personally, I think they may just endn up a little better
      than that. They have solid pitching, the hitting is really
      coming around and Holly is a great coach.

      The Cards do start ACC play this weekend against Syracuse,
      so that will give us an early idea on how they might face
      against conference foes.


  3. this pending report on AC and Sam is driving me crazy I wanna know

  4. Hello Cardinal readers and friends!

    Arthur here !

    I do hope that the Cards get good reports back on Carter and Sam's nose and ankle are healed by NCAA Tourney time.

    My own observations on where Louisville will land are based on what would be best for them. I do believe Louisville wants to avoid a team with a dominating post player (or two). If they get a #1 seed, I hope that Mississippi State or even Iowa isn't that #2 in their region.

    I am thinking that the Cards most likely end up as a #2 seed and might get sent to Portland to face Oregon as a #1 seed.

    My main worry these days is if my Clemson Tigers get in. Charlie Creme has us as a #9 seed, headed to Greensboro to face Rutgers. That works for me. He also has Virginia Tech "out" which I think is wrong. The Hokies should be in the dance.

    I enjoyed talking with you, Paulie, at the ACC Tournament. We ended up going home to watch the semifinals and finals.

    Your friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC

    1. Arthur, if Creme's projected #9 seed is anywhere close to correct your Tigers should be in. The last at-large teams are typically #11 seeds. Good luck!

      I agree that Hokies should be in.

    2. From your lips to God's ears. Fingers crossed.


    3. Cards a #1 seed in Portland with Oregon as the #2 seed. Oregon lost their conference tournament championship also and we're already a #2 seed.

    4. "they were already a #2 seed".

  5. Softball is 9-2 over their last 11 games. Roby, a Mt. Washington, KY girl, will do great things for UofL Softball.

    I watched last night on ACCNE with Dandy Don Russell and the woman. I like Don, the women adds nothing to the broadcast. Is she the best UofL can do? Maybe an ex-softball player would be better in this spot? Your thoughts?

    Cards should get a #1 seed, but they won't because the NCAA sucks.

    Nick O.

    1. I'll give Suzanne Bush a "B-" on her color commentary. I do think she's better at Field Hockey, she played that sport.

      I have a personal favorite to join Don in the booth but the powers that be won't give her that nod. She has worked with Don in the past, knows softball, played softball and is a friend of mine. But, not my call. LOLOL


  6. So Creme projecting (8) ACC teams in and leaving Va. Tech out? I think that is about right for the ACC. You throw in a ninth and the SEC, etc. start crying "favoritism"

    Cards deserve the #1 seed because of their entire body of work the entire season. I hope the NCAA selection committee considers that.

    Blue Lou


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