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Monday, March 18, 2019

Syracuse takes Sunday Softball and Lacrosse vs. Louisville -- Selection Monday -- MONDAY CARDINALMCOUPLE


I know, Orange isn't exactly the color everyone thinks of when it comes to St. Patrick's Day. 

But, at Ulmer Stadium and the Louisville Lacrosse Stadium, Orange was the new color in terms of winning teams in softball and lacrosse action. 

Let's "go bragh" to the results.



The Cards were looking for a sweep of the three game series but could never grab the lead against the visiting Syracuse softball squad in Sunday action.

 Louisville did manage to take the action to extra innings, and pitcher Danielle Watson set a personal high for her with 11 strikes outs, but the Cuse took control in the top of the eighth when they slugged out two doubles and a single for two runs and to take the 4-2 lead.

Louisville did manage to get two on base in the bottom of the eighth and had the winning run at the plate, but the bats didn't make it happen. 

Syracuse jumped to an early 1-0 lead in the first and it took the Cards five innings before they could equal that -- energizer bunny Celene Funke singled and made her way to home on a sacrifice ply from Caitlin Ferguson. After the Orange plated a run in the top of the seventh, Louisville countered back by loading the bases in the bottom of the inning but could only push across a tying run -- Ferguson scoring. 

Our pal Daryl Foust teamed up with Cardinal Couple's Jeff McAdams for the post-game interview with Louisville head coach Holly Aprile. You can hear/watch it at the link below: 


The Cards (19-8, 2-1) return to action this weekend when they travel to Notre Dame for a three game series. 


While softball was exchanging pitches with Syracuse on the north end of the Belknap Campus, further south on Floyd Street the LAX Cards were hosting #4 in the nation Syracuse. This one started tough for Scott Teeter's squad, falling behind 3-0 before getting a goal from sophomore Alex McNicholas. 

The Syracuse defense tightened up after that, though and offensively, the Orange added four more scores in the first session to set a 7-1 halftime score. The Cards were getting shots on goal, but converted at just a 11% efficiency (1-9) rate in the first thirty, while Syracuse shot 43% (7-13) against the Cardinal defense. 

The second half brought more of the same early on. The visitors from New York ran the margin up to 14-3 before they changed goalkeepers and the Cards produced the final four goals of the match.

Special recognition to freshman Hannah Morris, who netted three of those four scores. 

We caught up with Louisville Lacrosse head coach Scott Teeter after the match: 


The Cards get a much needed few days off before heading to Blacksburg for a Saturday, March 23rd match vs, Virginia Tech. 


Tonight starting at 7 p.m., we will learn the 64 participants in the 2019 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament.

The Louisville WBB squad will have an open house viewing selection show party at Cardinal Arena on campus, with doors opening at 6 p.m. and Coach Walz meeting with the media after the show to discuss the selection draw and process. 

Cardinal fans have questions. Will the Cards get a #1 or #2 seed in a region? Which region will they end up in? Who will be in the region with them? Who will come to the KFC YUM! Center to play in the first and second rounds and on what days will these first two rounds take place? 

It's a free event and you are encouraged to attend. 

Cardinal Couple will be there and we'll have the sights, sounds and scenes for you in our Tuesday article. 


The ever-popular Cardinal Couple Pick "Em" is back for the NCAA WBB Tournament and we invite you to participate! 

It's simple, free and fun! 

We have either a $25 Panera or Cracker Barrel card available to the one who wins the contest. Impress your neighbors, stun your supervisor, out-wit your competitors and go for it all in the Pick 'Em! 

You're probably doing a men's bracket or two, why not give the NCAA women's tournament a try and see how you stack up! 

-- When the bracket is released this evening, go through it and pick the winners! 

-- Leave your picks in the comments section here at Cardinal Couple in the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday articles, or you can e-mail them to :

-- We'll need those picks in by noon, Friday 3/22/19. 

-- You earn one point for each correct pick. Most points wins! For tie-breaker purposes, give the final total points scored in the Championship game.

Jared Anderson returns as "bracket-master" and he'll provide updates of the leaders at the conclusion of each round. If you have any questions, complaints queries or comments, you can e-mail him directly at 

A simple way to do this... is to just submit the winners by breaking them down for each round, like the example below: You have 32 first round winners, 16 second round winner, 8 third round winners and so on until you reach the final. You should have 63 schools listed and a final score when you're done. Early on, it may be easier for you to break them up by region...remember, you DO need to submit all 63 winners in the entry. 



Bob's team, Slippery Rock, State U, Paulie College, Worldwide Institute, Jared Junior College, Sonja Seminary, Chimps State U,

Case University, Daryl Developmental College, Girls named Jane U, Paige Prep, Knowledge College, Academic University, Cardinal Couple U, Joe Hill Tech

Curtis Franklin State, Southwest Central State, Rich University, Sanctions Pending School, Local College, Private U, Free College, Bill and Ted's Excellent College, Nick Tech

Little Sisters of Blessed Charity, Drink and Party U., Online U, Commuter College, Why am I here College, David Watson Institute, Rural University, College With No Name. 

(32 schools picked)

SECOND ROUND WINNERS: (your sweet sixteen) 

Bob's team, Paulie College, Jared Junior College, Sonja Seminary

Case University, Paige Prep, Knowledge College, Cardinal Couple U

Southwest Central State, Rich University, Private U, Bill and Ted's Excellent College

Drink and Party U, Commuter College, Why am I here College, Rural University

(16 school picked)

THIRD ROUND WINNERS (the great eight)

Paulie College, Jared Junior College, Paige Prep, Cardinal Couple U, Rich University, Private U, Drink and Party U, Rural University

(8 Schools picked) 

FOURTH ROUND WINNERS (your final four)

Paulie College, Cardinal Couple U, Private U, Drink and Party U

FIFTH ROUND WINNERS (who plays in the championship game?) 

Cardinal Couple U, Private U 


Cardinal Couple U.   

(Total points scored in game - 198

Have fun, good luck and study wisely! 



  1. Glad the contest is back!

    Holly didn't sound very happy in her interview. Sounds like the bats took St. Patricks Day off.

    Looking forward to the Selection Show tonight. I'm hoping for that #1 seed. In Greensboro!

    Curtis "Let's go 6-0" Franklin

    1. Curtis, I'm conflicted. I want Greensboro but since (a) Baylor will be the overall #1 seed, (b) the selection committee publicly discloses that geography is a consideration for seeding/placement and (c) Baylor is about 900 miles closer to Greensboro than to Portland, Baylor will almost certainly be #1 seed in Greensboro. That assumes ND is #1 in Chicago and UConn #1 in Albany, both of which seem pretty likely.

      So would we rather go to Portland as a #1, potentially facing home-state Oregon in the Elite Eight, or go to Greensboro as a #2 facing all that Baylor height.

      Most likely in my opinion is Miss State #1 in Portland and us #2 in Albany.

  2. We're getting the #1 in Portland with Oregon #2.
    Just no way the committee will have ANY credibility punishing us for losing to ND in the ACC tourney championship game down two starters. Which is what happens if we go from the overall #2 seed down to a 2 seed on one game lost to another #1 seed.
    Plus, I'd rather go to Portland as the #1 than be placed as a #2 in Baylor's region. Avoiding them until the final four is best for us, IMO.

    1. I agree that #1 in Portland is best draw. Ruthie Hebard (Oregon's big) apparently won't be 100% for tournament. I'm just afraid that we'll be overly penalized for that blowout loss (and also because we didn't look like a #1 seed in any of those three ACC games).

    2. Made it to the championship game of the toughest conference.

  3. I think that the Cards are Portland bound. They are deserving a #1 seed. Anything else is an insult.

    Blue Lou

  4. If Jody Demling is correct, I got the region correct but the seeding wrong....leaked bracket says we are #1 in Albany with UConn #2.

    1. Bracket reveal on now.
      #1 in Albany, UCONN #2.
      And, middle fingers up to Creme.

  5. Did NOT see THAT coming.

  6. Arthur, congrats on your Tigers making the Big Dance.

    Sorry to see that Va Tech didn't make it. I guess that eight ACC teams was enough....


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