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Friday, March 8, 2019

Friday Match-Ups -- ACC Pick Em --North CAROLINA Weekend Schedule -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

ACC Tournament

Tournament Update

So, four games on Day Two of the ACC Tournament. All the better seeds prevailed.


The Orange grabbed the early lead and it never faltered, despite a heroic effort from the Cavaliers. Willoughby and Toussaint combined for 32 of UVA's points, but couldn't overcome a 40-29 Orange halftime lead. Q was up to his dramatics in the second half, finally wiping his head off with a towel at the buzzer in the 67-57 Syracuse win. #5 seed takes the win over the #12 seed. 

Four in double figures for the New York school. Strautmane (14) Mangakahia (13) Lewis (12) and Drummond (11). Aiding them, the Orange shot 50% for the game. VA only 37%. Otto the Orange's gals also won the paint scoring battle as well...30-20


#9 vs. #8 seeds in the second game and UNC rolled out like they were going to romp the Heels. 9-0 early on three straight Leah Church threes but Georgia Tech ended up with the 24-16 lead after one. UNC kept chipping away, though...40-35 was the Tech halftime lead and a 57 tie after three. Without Janelle Bailey, suspended for this one, the UNC squad found their way to a 23-16 fourth quarter and takes this one 80-73.

Church ended with 20, Paris Kea added 19 and Shayla Bennett was good for 18. Points off turnovers (15-6) and second chance points (19-11) the two key numbers in favor of the Chapel Hill school here in the seven-point UNC victory.


This was the contest to watch. Back and forth, Tech leading early,,,Clemson catching up and passing them in the third quarter...and a all out fourth quarter that ended in a 71-71 tie. Clemson getting up early in the O.T. and seemingly winning by four but a buzzer-beater by Va. Tech cutting it to one at the end.

So many heroes. Aliyah Collier going for 28 (off the bench) for the Tigers. Taylor Emery 35 in a spectacular effort in defeat. 22 Tiger turnovers and they manage to pull it out. The CU school won the points-in-paint 30-20 and second chance points 11-7, and that helped them win the contest.

FSU  51 - DUKE 41

If the third game was, as most agreed, exciting, stimulating and fun to watch, this one was like getting a root canal, while heavily sedated and it taking forever.

Someone had to win and Florida State never trailed in methodically duking out the Dookies. Heck, it's putting me to sleep just typing about it. What you need to know...Haley Gorecki is a stud for the Blue Devils, Neither team could sink a three if their lives depended on it and Kiah Gillespie had a double-double for FSU (15 and 12). Thank goodness I was sitting next to the FSU play-by-play guy. His fevered pitch over something that wasn't exciting at all kept me awake.

FSU advances, so the better seed theory stayed alive, but, honestly...the ACC should have just said that neither team advances and they'd move Clemson and Va. Tech move to Friday instead. .


Live from Greensboro
With Paulie present at the ACC Tournament I will leave recapping the games to him, but wanted to point out the four match-ups we'll see today.

#5 Syracuse vs #4 Miami, 11:00 a.m.

Cuse is coming off a 10-point victory in the first game yesterday and the U is set to play their first game of the tournament.  These two teams met in New York in late January where the Hurricanes won 84-71.

#8 North Carolina vs #1 Notre Dame, 2:00 p.m.

Live from Greensboro...Mr. Arthur and Bea.
The Heels held on down the stretch in their first game of the tournament in the first half of yesterday's events while the top-seeded Irish have come off a double-bye.  Notre Dame went to Chapel Hill in late January and got upset by UNC 78-73.

#7 Clemson vs #2 Louisville, 6:00 p.m.

The Tigers held on to win by one in overtime in their opening game of the tournament yesterday while the Cards are fresh off a double-bye.  UofL blew out Clemson 76-44 in the KFC Yum Center at the beginning of February.

#6 Florida State vs #3 NC State, 8:00 p.m.

FSU was sluggish in a low-scoring game for their first appearance in the tournament yesterday while the Wolfpack is the final team of the tournament to see the floor.  The Seminoles took down NC State during the Wolfpack's stretch of losing three of four in early February 75-70 down in Tallahassee.

ACC Pick Em

Some brackets are looking pretty ugly for the folks who picked lots of upsets.  As of this point in the tournament the higher seeds have won every game.

Going into the final game last night there 5 remaining perfect brackets of the 23 entries.  Two of those were ruined when FSU defeated Duke.

Here is a list of everyone's record going seven games in with seven remaining:

Paul Sykes
Case Hoskins
Jeremy Wilkerson

Curtis Franklin
Nick O
K Stark Sr
Seminole Sue
Jared Anderson
Thomas Irwin
Charlie McAdams
Sandy W

Sonya Sykes
Joe Hill
Douglas Anderson
Jason Wyrick
Daryl Foust
Jeff McAdams

David Watson
Vivian McAdams

Cardinal Chimps (has 3 guaranteed losses between Friday and Saturday, not yet included in record)

Weekend Schedule

Women's basketball will hopefully have three games this weekend.  The only guaranteed one is today at 6:00 against Clemson.  They could also play on Saturday at 2:30 and Sunday at noon.

Softball is down in Auburn for the War Eagle Challenge and some of the games have been slightly altered.  They will play Radford at 10:00 and Michigan State at 12:30 on Friday.  There will be two more games on Saturday when the Cards play at 10:00 against Radford and 3:00 against Auburn.  The Cards will wrap up play on Sunday with a game against Mercer at 11:00.

Lacrosse will host Duke on Saturday at noon.  With Paulie in Greensboro I may be the only representative present, pending Worldwide's schedule.  I typically do not tweet during games as I have a camera attached to my face so check out the UofL Twitter (@louisvillelax).

Women's tennis has two games, one on the road and one at home.  The Cards will visit Notre Dame on Friday at 3:30 before returning home to the Bass-Rudd Tennis Center to face Georgia Tech at 10:00.

Baseball has their ACC opener, hosting Boston College for a three-game series.  They'll play Friday at 5:00, Saturday at 1:00, and Sunday at noon.  UofL does charge for ACC games at Jim Patterson Stadium.

Track and field will be in Birmingham for the Indoor Championships all weekend.

Men's basketball will play at Virginia on Saturday afternoon.

Men's tennis will have two home matches on Sunday, facing Notre Dame and Wright State.

You can catch Worldwide, Case, Daryl, and myself will be in the studio on Saturday.  If our engineers can get everything working as we hope then we should have a phone call with our fearless leader from Greensboro about halfway through the show.

Whether he answers or not, who knows?

It's how he rolls.

Happy Friday and Go Cards!



  1. Hey yo, let's go.Game Day! U got This Cards

    Curtis "we will we will rock you" Franklin

  2. Proud to be a co-leader of the Pick Em.



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