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Friday, March 22, 2019

Swim Update -- Louisville WBB First Round Action -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Swim Records Fall

Yesterday was a good day for the Louisville women's swim team.  Three UofL records fell.

Lainey Visscher, Mallory Comerford, Avery Braunecker, and Casey Fanz broke their own school record in the 200 free relay with a time of 1:26.71.  They finished fourth, giving UofL its best finish in history in the event.

Comerford placed third in the 50 free and broke the UofL record with a time of 21.49.  Her third place finish ties for best finish in school history.

Alina Kendzior, Mariia Astashkina, Grace Oglesby, and Comerford placed fifth in the 400 medley relay with a time of 3:28.22, another school record.

After the end of the second day of the NCAA Championships Louisville sits in fourth place with 100 points.  Stanford (173.5), California (173), and Michigan (129) are all ahead of the Cards currently.

WBB Starts First Round Action

David Watson gave us a great preview of the first round match-up for the Cards in yesterdays article.  The 1-seeded Cards will face 16-seed Robert Morris at noon at the KFC Yum! Center.  They are also on ESPN2.

As a 1-seed and the owner of home-court advantage Louisville should play a nighttime game, in my opinion.  It helps bring in a larger crowd, adding to the home court advantage.  The lower seeds should play the earlier games.  On the bright side, Louisville gets to kick off the tournament.

Steph Norman will take the court as head coach, but Jeff Walz's presence will be felt even with him not in the arena.  Fans are planning to bring bobble heads and the enlarged fat heads to push the NCAA's buttons.

In the event Louisville wins their first round game they will play the winner of 8-seed Michigan and 9-seed Kansas State on Sunday at a time TBD.

Walz seems to be having a bit of fun with the one-game suspension the NCAA put on him last year for his "colorful" remarks. In yesterday's presser, he categorically denied he would attempt to don a blonde wig and fake beard and sneak into the arena.

Where would you like to see Walz watch the Robert Morris game? Waffle House with his daughters? Sidebar Tavern or Bearno's by the bridge? At Derby City Casino trying his luck on the machines? Let us know...

Paulie will be present for Friday's game.  Sonya with him on media row and Worldwide in the stands. I'll be assisting people that decide to make a trip to the bank.  Yes, a lot people come to the bank during basketball games, surprisingly.

Coach Walz is encouraging people to attend and stay around for the second game as well He will be allowed in the arena at the conclusion of the game, can sit in the coaches "scouting"area but can not do any interviews.

Finally, someone has figured out how to keep Walz quiet for a few hours. Which leads to...

Walz Presser From Thursday

Coach Walz talks hoops in Thursday presser and gets faux mad at Paulie. Typical:

Thanks, Daryl Foust for the feed.


Cardinal Coupe WBB NCAA Pick Em

The deadline for entries is here!  Make sure to comment or email in before noon!  I'm looking forward to being overwhelmed with brackets I have to keep track of.  Don't forget to add a final score for the championship game.

You can add your entry in our comments section below. You can also send them via e-mail to me or to Paulie Your choice of a $25 Panera or Cracker Barrel Card if you win.

Here's my pick em:

Baylor, North Carolina, Florida State South Carolina, Kentucky, NC State, Drake, Iowa
Mississippi State, Clemson, Arizona State, Miami, South Dakota State, Syracuse, Texas, Oregon, Notre Dame, Central Michigan, Marquette, Texas A&M, DePaul, Iowa State, BYU, Stanford, Louisville, Michigan, Little Rock, Oregon State, UCLA, Maryland, Rutgers, UConn


Baylor, Florida State, NC State, Iowa
Mississippi State, Miami, Syracuse, Oregon
Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Iowa State, Stanford
Louisville, Oregon State, Maryland, UConn


Baylor, NC State
Mississippi State, Oregon
Notre Dame, Stanford
Louisville, UConn


Baylor, Mississippi State, Notre Dame, UConn


Baylor, UConn


Baylor (76-70)

As much as I want to pick the Cards the whole way I find it difficult for them to beat UConn again this season.  Jeff Walz is 1-100 (or so it feels like) against Geno and the Huskies. I hope I am wrong

Typically I go into the weekend scheduling but a few things have been postponed from Friday to Saturday due to weather and today is all about basketball.  We will cover the scheduling as usual on air Saturday.

Happy Friday and Happy NCAA Tournament!



  1. Good Morning. Seminole Sue with my bracket picks. Nole Power!

    Baylor, Cal, FSU, SC, KY, NCST, SDAK, Drake, Iowa, Miss St, AZSt, Miami, SDST, Syr, IU, Ore, ND, CMU, Marquette, TxAM, DePaul, Iowa St, Auburn, Stan, Louisville, Mich, Gonzaga, Oregon, UCLA, Maryland, Buff, UCONN

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Baylor, FSU, KY, Iowa, Miss St, AzSt, Syracuse, Oregon, ND, TxAM, Iowa St, Stanford, Louisville, Gonzaga, Maryland, UCONN

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    FSU, KY, Miss St, Oregon, ND, Stanford, Louisville, UCONN

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    FSU, Oregon, Notre Dame, Louisville

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    FSU, Notre Dame

    - - - - - - - -

    FSU !!!!! Points 111. The Noles, the Noles !!!

    (thanks for doing this, you don't find many Women's brackets contests out there at all.)


  2. Let me echo what Sue just said...thanks for doing the bracket contest.

    I think Walz should grab a booth at the White Castle on Market Street. A bag of sliders for lunch should get him in great shape for scouting that second game. And it's an easy walk back to the Yum! - he won't have to worry about parking!

    1. Love it! With a fountain Big Red and his "big Bilney" by his side.

    2. Who/what is the "big Bilney?"

      Blue Lou

  3. Dead on my feet after a rough night at work but still heading to the YUM! to cheer on the ladies. Paulie, yuu and Walz are nuts in pressers.

    Let's play Louisville women's basketball. At least Rick Pitino doesn't have any kids beside Richard as head coaches. What a bomb yesterday. You know Rick is laughing somewhere.

    Curtis "Six, whaddya say? Let's go to Tampa Bay" Franklin

  4. Anyone know the attendance figure for todays game?

  5. My guess would be around 7-8 thousand. Nice for a noon Friday game.


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