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Listen to our weekly show !!


Sunday, July 15, 2018


It's been a crazy, although remarkably non-sucky, week for CardNation, so let's get back a bit to just some unabashedly joyous things, and steer clear of politics and scandals for a bit.  We can call it a bit of Cardinal Couple self care, if you like.

Madame President

Let's start with Dr. Neeli Bendapudi, though.  No, not that topic, we're steering clear of that, remember?  Dr. Bendapudi made an appearance last night at Forecastle, one of the largest music festivals in the Louisville area.  While we, at Cardinal Couple, are partial to Poorcastle with it benefiting our wonderful radio hosts at WCHQ FM, Forecastle is a cultural touchpoint for Louisville every year.  While I've never attended, I certainly respect and honor the impact it has, both culturally, and financially, on our city.  Many people make appearances at Forecastle for what is, at it's core, a rock music festival, that you wouldn't expect.  Jecorey Arthur, known also by his stage name, 1200, has been a regular Hip-hop performer at the festival.  Perhaps counter-intuitively, Arthur leads to Teddy Abrams, The Music Director of the Louisville Orchestra, who this year, was asked to curate the line-up for the WFPK Port Stage at the festival.  Abrams is slated to perform 3 times on the stage, along with 1200 (not the first time those two have teamed up), the Louisville Leopards (another beneficiary of Poorcastle), The River City Drum Corp, Ben Sollee (another frequent collaborator with Abrams), Houndmouth, Wax Fang, and plenty more local acts.  Many of these performers can also be heard on WCHQ, with its laser focus on local music.

Back to Bendapudi, though.  She appeared there with Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, who has some background in music promotion and is a regular at numerous music festivals around the city.  While I suspect Bendapudi's appearance was relatively brief, you have to applaud her ongoing efforts to reach out to UofL's core constituency, the students (who, I'm sure, make up a significant demographic at Forecastle).

Thank you, Dr. Bendapudi for bringing some of the joy back to being a UofL fan.

New Cardinals

And a moment to celebrate one of the most joyous moments possible.  Hendricks Lee Meske is the newest arrival to the CardNation family...literally.  Born yesterday afternoon at a whopping 9lbs 1oz, Hendricks is the 3rd child (all boys) of Dan and Laurel Meske.  Dan is the Associate Head Coach of the UofL Volleyball team.

I have had the joy of getting to chat with both Dan and Laurel on several occasions, and both were a delightful pleasure to talk to.

Congratulations to the Meske's and welcome to CardNation Hendricks.  I'll share with the Meskes a bit of wisdom I picked up somewhere along the way..."When you get the 3, you have to switch to zone defense."

Minor Changes for CCRH

If you tuned in yesterday, you noticed a few minor changes for the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour.  The
show continues, and we'll still have all the normal knuckleheads in the studio whenever possible.

If you watch the Facebook livestream, though, you might have noticed the seating arrangement was a bit different that typical.  Kathy, the station manger, who has graciously engineered the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour from the very beginning, expressed a desire to reclaim her Saturday mornings due to some personal reasons.  Our appreciation for "The Monk" cannot be overstated, she effectively created WCHQ from it's very beginning, and has continued to engineer our show even as the station has grown and other shows switched to other engineers.

We're grateful for her efforts over the years. We'll miss her and Punkin' in the studio and maybe they'll stop in for a visit from time-to-time! 

Going forward, I'll be doing my best to engineer the show.  This is involving learning the systems of WCHQ, including the Facebook Live streaming.  Kathy has done an excellent job of making it all easy to run, but there's still plenty to learn.

If you want to check out the first attempt at this, this is basically how the show was engineered yesterday, with Kathy mostly sitting beside me making sure I flipped all the right switched and clicked all the right buttons.  Overall, I think it went pretty well.

You can check out the results via Facebook Live at:

Thanks for joining us, as always!


Saturday, July 14, 2018

UofL President Shows Commitment to Improvement -- SATURDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Louisville Football to Play in "Cardinal Stadium"

The major news around town yesterday came during an impromptu press conference just after lunch, when new UofL President, Neeli Bendapudi, announced that the University of Louisville would be renaming former Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. The announcement showed that this move was not about attacking a company or making a rash decision, but that the University was committed to inclusion at the both the school and citywide level. There was no room for UofL to promote a name with such a toxic association. Additionally, Dr. Bendapudi made it clear that the company, Papa John's, is not to blame, and that the hundreds of thousands of employees should not be made to suffer for the comments of one man. He has been removed from his position at the company and his comments were not reflective of the company as a whole.

This article isn't to go on about the name change or the comments made by Schnatter (who, by the way, was supportive and understanding in the process of the name change). Instead, it is to talk about how Dr. Bendapudi has put herself on a path to changing the culture at UofL for the better. Coming into the UofL presidency took some guts, as this was not a good position in many people's minds. The controversies surrounding the athletic program, the financial management, and the state leadership made UofL look rough from the exterior. The University needed to hire someone that had the ability to make change and wasn't afraid to do so swiftly. They appear to have gotten that with Dr. Bendapudi.

The name change decision is not particularly groundbreaking. The student-athletes wanted it, many fans wanted it, and all eyes in the city, state, and beyond were watching this unfold intently. The change almost HAD to be made. Dr. Bendapudi not only made the right (only?) choice, but she did it quickly and decisively. There was no waiting around for meeting after meeting of superfluous discussion or hemming and hawing over the decision. She knew what needed to be done, chose to do it, and discussed it with those that mattered. She had the guts to tell John Schnatter about the decision herself, and then gave an empowered press conference about the issue. How refreshing is that after the last two years at UofL?

To undertake something so large when she hasn't even had her "inauguration" ceremony yet shows that Dr. Bendapudi is ready to bring UofL back to the heights it once enjoyed. Her support of the student-athletes on campus and commitment to diversity and inclusion will only bode well for the future of the University. While the name change doesn't affect any of the UofL women's sports directly, seeing how their new president handled this situation is sure to be uplifting to players and coaches alike. A president with the well-being of the University and Athletics alike on her agenda is what Cardinal fans and students have been hoping for since this whole saga began.

I was very excited when this hire was announced, and I'm only more excited about it now. For the first time in awhile, I feel very proud of my alma mater. I would never say that I was embarrassed for having graduated from the University of Louisville, but recent decisions definitely had me shaking my head. It feels like those days may be on their way out. Sure, this issue was set up on a tee for Dr. Bendapudi to knock out of the park, but the way she stepped up to the plate inspired confidence for how she will handle future issues as they arise. There is still a long way to go for UofL to get out of the mire in which they currently find themselves, but the leadership appears to be on the right track to doing so.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

We're all back in the studio this morning for the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour. There is sure to be further discussion on the name change and Dr. Bendapudi, as well as updates on the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports. We'll also have a wonderful quiz about who knows what. Be sure to tune in to WCHQ at 11AM with whatever means you like to listen to radio. The station broadcasts to LPFM on 100.9 but is also available online at, the WCHQ App, and you can watch on Facebook Live on the WCHQ FM Facebook page.

Until next time, Go Cards!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Busboom Kelly Leads Team USA to Finals -- CHANGE THAT NAME ! -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Team USA Defeats Italy and England, Advances to Finals

Coach Dani Busboom Kelly continues her on-court success, this time as the head coach for the USA Volleyball Collegiate National Team in Europe.  She led her squad past Italy 2-1 and England 2-1 in group play before winning their semifinal match to reach the final.

USA 2, Italy 1

The Collegiate National Team (referred to as CNT) took the first two sets 25-21 and 25-21 against the Italians before falling in the third set 20-25.

Neither Coach Kelly nor Amanda Green were available for comment following the match.  Green finished the match second on the team with seven kills.

USA 3, England 0

Dani Busboom Kelly was available following the victory over England 25-18, 22-25, 26-24.

"Fatigue is starting to set in and this is a long trip," said Kelly, "but that's why these players came here- to learn how to play overseas and to learn how to grind through a long trip maybe when you're uncomfortable.  They did a great job of battling through that match and ending on a real strong note."

The CNT finished with a 10-5 set record, placing them first in the USA Teams Group Standings with 10 points.  They advanced to the semifinals where the top two teams from the USA Teams Group and the EU Teams Group qualified.

USA 3, England 1

Northumbria, England, who the CNT defeated previously that day, was the 2-seed on the European side.  The two teams met for the second time that day, but this time for a best-of-5 match.  Team USA won 3-1 (25-20, 24-26, 25-14, 25-19).  Besides the score no other results from the match have been posted.

The USA CNT will face the USA Mountain West Team in the finals today.  These two teams did not face each other in group play, but the Mountain West Team downed the top seed on the European side Croatia in a five-set thriller.  Croatia swept CNT earlier in the week.

Results and updates are posted on the Global Challenge website -

Change the Name? 

The Papa John Schnatter debacle has caught flame and is a fire out of control now. Players saying that they don't want to play in a stadium that carries his name on it. Other venues taking his name off of their facilities.

Schnatter owns the naming rights to the Cardinal Stadium Football venue until 2040. He can choose to re-name it if he wants. The question has risen, how does UofL get rid of that contract? Is there a clause that includes morals or controversy that can be used as a loophole to free UofL from it. Can the University return to Schnatter the $5 million that he and his company paid for those naming rights. It's pretty much a guarantee that UofL could get much, much more on those naming rights these days, given the visibility and location of the current signage.

What will UofL do? What will Schnatter do? What would you what the stadium to be re-named? Is "Cardinal Stadium" a good enough name? Who else would step up to buy those naming rights if they were to become available again? Would you play in a facility that had that name associated with it?

This is a publicity nightmare for Louisville Football, Cardinal athletics and the University as a whole.

We have good leadership in Dr. Bendaputi and Vince Tyra. It is our sincere hope that they will make a
swift and sound decision on the issue. If Schnatter has any hope of starting to restore any positive public reaction and feelings about him, one would hope that he would dictate a name change or offer to sell his right- of-naming back to the University.

The board, at one time, was leaning toward naming Schnatter as the replacement for David Grissom as chairman when he retires. Now that the chances of that are as long-gone as a Josh Sowers home run to left-center, the board needs to move swiftly and concisivly to a decision that will satisfy the fan base, the players and all interested parties.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

For the first time in what seems like forever the entire "A" team will be in the studio Saturday!  Yes, that means I'm back!... at least until I work the following Saturday again.  All it took was taking days off Friday and Monday.

I will be bringing a special guest to the studio with me although she is a bit camera shy and might just pop in long enough wave at the camera.  The famous Katy is in town for the weekend and she's joining me to see what really happens behind the scenes of The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour, which mostly consists of a lot of harassing Paulie and getting Case riled up about something.

Tune in on WCHQ 100.9  FM at 11 a.m. Saturday morning or on Facebook Live as we discuss Team USA volleyball, the still-unofficial softball head coach decision, Papa John's potty mouth, a WNBA update, and more!

Paulie promises a quiz for the lads to close the show and Worldwide Jeff will defend his dynasty of winning the quiz -- putting the prestigious one-eared bear toothpick holder on the line again for who scores the best.

Today is Friday the 13th!  Don't step on a crack or walk under a ladder today.  As someone who is superstitious, I am glad UofL does not have a game today because my bad luck might just rub off.  Did you know Halloween falls on a Friday the 13th this year?  Get it?  Halloween will stay on its normal 31st day of October - a Wednesday this year.

Happy Friday and Go Cards!

- Jared -

Thursday, July 12, 2018

"Papa" John Schnatter resigns from UofL Board of Trustees -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


(The following is an editorial piece from Paulie -- co-founder of Cardinal Couple and may not necessarily reflect the opinions or viewpoints of the rest of the writers at this site.)

Money can buy you a lot of things in this world. It apparently can't purchase common sense, decorum, sensitivity or an understanding of diversity.

John Schnatter, why? 

Why do you want to use a derogatory term?  Do you really think that just because something that you used as a reference to a certain race can be glossed over with an apology? 

Why are you being hurtful? Do you really think that this is a way to talk about anyone who breathes the same air as you, whose heart beats and feels love, passion, emotion at your senseless and derogatory use of language? 

Do you need counselling? Did you forget that all men were created equal. That all men and women have the same right for matter what the color of their skin is, social status, race, creed or religious beliefs are. It matters not one bit about the supposed "context" you used this slur in. It was wrong. What possessed you to do it in the first place? Why do you want to demean people? 

A statement of apology? Yes, that's the very least you could have done. Resigning from the board, good riddance.  Your company's name needs to be taken off the football stadium. Any anything else your name or the company's name is on at the UofL campus. 

John has also resigned as chairman of Papa John's. You can form your own ideas about that. I'm sure there is relief among those employees, store owner-operators and stockholders. 

Maybe it's not fair to the company that they're taking a financial bath and stock market mugging because of their founder's insensitivity, cruelness and crudeness. I would venture that there are a lot of nice people who work for Papa John's that are baffled by this use of language. Maybe you need to just go away and refrain from any type of public outburst for quite a while. Money isn't going to get you out of this one, pizza guy. 

There is only disgust and the question...why?

There is enough hate and cruelty in this world. There is enough dissension and strife. Maybe you should take those billions you've made and give them to an organization or two that are trying to combat inequality, injustice and defamation. 

(From the website "Down With Tyranny" )
It is solely up to the people that you have offended to decide whether to accept your apology. And I would not blame a single person for not accepting that apology.  And, with all those that you have shocked, dismayed, slighted and hurt...there is a sense of askance and puzzlement. Name calling is not cool, John Schnatter. Racial slurs definitely not cool. 

You complain about athletic board leadership, you complain about NFL Football players affecting your pizza sales. And now, this? I see a trend here. An unhappy man. Maybe it's time you got yourself right. 

Money can't buy you love.

Stupid statements can sure bring a ball of fire down on you, though. The Bible does teach forgiveness. The Lord's Prayer mentions forgiveness. I'm pretty sure a person has to want to change and that change is evident and sincere before that change can be credible and taken seriously, though. Maybe it's your "come to Jesus" moment?  I don't profess to be a theology expert at all, but I was taught the "Golden Rule".  

Maybe you'd want to consider just taking your billions and going away. Buy yourself an island and live on it so you can say anything you want about whatever you want if that's your bag. 

And, again, why? 


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

USA U18 Draws Group A -- Other News -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Jeff Walz, USA U18  National Team Draw Group A

In addition to his Cardinal duties, Jeff Walz is coaching the USA Women's Basketball U18 National Team.  This year's host is Mexico City.  It was recently announced that they will be in Group A along with Argentina, Chile, and Puerto Rico.  Group B will feature Canada, Mexico, Colombia, and El Salvador.

Practice begins on July 20th. out in Colorado Springs, CO at the USA Olympic Training Center and the UofL coach has an impressive assistant coaching staff to assist him in Cori Close (UCLA) and Natasha Adair (Delaware).

United States holds a roster of 12 active players: Aijha Blackwell, Jenna Brown, Desiree Caldwell, Maori Davenport, Nazahrah Hillmon-Baker, Rhyne Howard, Ashley Joens, Olivia Nelson-Ododa, Anaya Peoples, Sedona Prince, NaLyssa Smith, and Christyn Williams.  Ten of the 12 have named colleges and Universities for their student/athlete careers. Blackwell and Davenport are still uncommitted. None are currently headed to Louisville.

Walz and the Cards are basically guaranteed to see two of them in NCAA competition down the road, with Rhyne Howard headed to UK and Anaya Peoples naming Notre Dame as her choice. Two Connecticut-bound players in Olivia Nelson Ododa and Christyn Williams are on the roster.

Group Play will be played August 1-3, facing each opponent once.  Based off the results the teams will be seeded.  Quarterfinals will be August 5, semifinals on August 6, and the finals on August 7.  The USA is looking for a ninth-straight gold medal and should be the favorite to take the crown.  The top four teams will automatically qualify for next year's FIBA U19 World Cup 2019.

Historically, the USA U18 teams have been a dynasty, going 53-2 and claiming the gold every World Cup since 2000.  The event is held every other year.

Following the conclusion of the World Cup and the return back home I expect we'll be graced with an interview between Paulie and Coach Walz.  Hopefully, Coach will offer his insights into the upcoming UofL women's basketball season while also telling us about the good and bad food he ate while in Mexico City. We doubt we get him in a sombrero...

Other News and Notes


Our wonderful host, WCHQ, is a major sponsor in the Poorcastle festival.  Unlike the better-known Forecastle, Poorcastle features local artists and is affordable at just $5 per day or $10 for the full three-day pass.

I stopped by for a while late Sunday afternoon to see how things were going and to snag a few pictures.  Let me tell you, this city has some incredibly talented musicians.  You can most likely find any of the artists from the lineup on air with WCHQ at some time or another.

We are grateful that WCHQ continues to host Cardinal Couple Radio every week.  Here are a few of the pictures from the weekend event:

Louisville to Add a New Division 1 Team?

UofL ice hockey club team
It has been quite some time since the University of Louisville has added a Division 1 team, but we might be seeing an addition sooner than later.  The unfortunate part for us at Cardinal Couple is that it is not a women's team.

The UofL men's club ice hockey team has grown in success and popularity over recent years.  Currently, their home is Iceland Sports Complex where they pay to use the facility.  They have risen from Top 25 when I first started as a student to back-to-back Top 10 finishes, including consistently being one of the top two teams in their division.

Questions are already circulating and here are my answers to those:

Louisville RiverFrogs ice hockey
Q: Will this create an issue with Title IX?
A: No.  UofL is ahead of the curve when it comes to Title IX in terms of women's players, scholarships, and funding.  They have room to spare when it comes to a men's team.

Q: Does UofL have the funding for it?
A: Probably not, but they won't admit it if that's the case.  With budget cuts all over the university it would not surprise me if athletics has had to cut back on expenses too.  Building an entire program is not cheap.

Q: Where will they play?
A: Temporary locations could include the KFC Yum! Center (highly unlikely), Freedom Hall, or Broadbent Arena.  All three are big enough to hold an ice hockey arena and have seating for fans.  From 1995-1998 Broadbent Arena hosted the Louisville RiverFrogs, Louisville's semi-pro team.  That team eventually relocated to Florida and is now in Ohio known as the Cincinnati Cyclones.  In the long run UofL would most likely have to build an arena.

Q: How quickly could we see the addition of a new sport?
A: I'd say it would be a good 3-4 years minimum.  Funding, location, scholarships, coaches, staff, and NCAA approval are the big factors that come into play.  The university is in no shape to invest time and money into all of that at this point in time, but with a new president, a new athletic director, and hopefully some new board members at some point things seem to be looking upward.

What Day Is It?

Take a picture of your dog, cat, or whatever animal friend is living in your home because it's Pet Photo Day!  Enjoy lots of food and drink with slurpees, blueberry muffins, rainier cherries, and mojitos all having a holiday dedicated to them.  It is a good day for Coach Albiero and his aquatic friends at the Natatorium seeing that it is National Swimming Pool Day.  Enjoy a belly flop for me!

How do you think Coach Walz and Team USA will do?  Will they make it a 10th straight gold medal?  What are your thoughts towards a new Division 1 team at UofL?  Does ice hockey deserve it or should we see another sport first?  Please leave your comments down below.  As always, please respect the comments of others in the thread.

Happy Wednesday and Go Cards!

- Jared -

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

USA Volleyball Collegiate National Team defeats Croatia -- Boyd to Visit -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


USCNT got a four-set win over Croatia in Maribor, Slovenia 19-25, 25-15, 25-20, 25-22 on Monday. Louisville head volleyball coach Dani Busboom Kelly, the head coach of the US squad and Amanda Green, UofL Volleyball player are participating in the European event. 

The USA squad defeated the Croatian Select team and got a big effort out of Stanford's Audriana Fitrzmorris, Kentucky's Leah Edmond and Green to take the match. 

"We made great adjustments from yesterday's match. It's awesome to see players that can adjust so quickly and learn so quickly. I thought our setting was much better and our offense just looked much crisper. The setting was awesome but that starts with the pass. We figured out these balls and another day in the gym against these servers allowed us to run a better defense" Busboom Kelly commented after the match. 

Busboom Kelly begins her second season as the Cardinal skipper in Cardinal Arena with the August 18th Red and Black Scrimmage. Louisville won the ACC in 2017 with an 18-2 conference mark and advanced to the NCAA Tournament with a 24-7 overall record. 

Green was a red-shirt sophomore in 2017 who appeared in all 31 Louisville matches and was third on the team with 273 kills as an outside  A 6'1" transfer from Marquette, she's the second Cardinal volleyballer to gain overseas experience this spring/summer...Molly Sauer went with USCNT to China earlier in the year.  


Jada Boyd, a 6'2" senior-to-be forward and student-athlete at Appomattox County High School in Virginia and the Virginia High School Class 1 State Player of the Year intends on visiting UofL as one of her four official visits. Boyd was in Louisville over the weekend playing in the Nike EYBL event and led her Boo Williams AAU team to a third-place finish. 

Boyd had six triple-doubles as a junior and scored 69 points and grabbed 33 rebounds in a loss last year. She's the #48 ranked 2019 player at Hoop Gurlz. 

Maryland has already offered Boyd a scholarship and she plans on visiting there, N.C. State, West Virginia and Louisville on her official visits.


Stumbled across this segment from the Indiana Fever that features Asia Taylor. She discusses the Fever, practice and other items in the clip. 

Despite the Fever's less-than-spectacular record this season, it's good to see that Asia has found a fit for this WNBA season and is excited to be back in the league. Indiana has five players on their 12-player roster that have i or less years experience. The recent addition of Cappie Poindexter, who was waived by L.A. seemed to help the Fever in their recent win at Minnesota. Always good to have a bit of experienced leadership on a roster full of young players, right? 

As Asia mentions in the clip, Wednesday's game in Indinapolis is against the Minnesota Lynx and it's "Kids Day". If you're headed to Indy for this one, be prepared! 



Monday, July 9, 2018

Louisville WBB Coaches out on recruiting trail -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


It is the first July evaluation period for NCAA WBB Coaches to go check out the players that are involved in AAU and Summer ball tournaments and the Cardinal coaching crew was out in full force over the weekend watching plenty of talent in many different locations. Who were the Cards watching? Where did they go? 

We can't honestly say we know exactly who the coaches are keeping an eye on and what places they'e been frequenting...but we do know some of the spots and venues that they've traveled to. Social media pays attention. 

Jeff Walz has been dashing across the nation to see players in Texas and Colorado Springs. Some of the names of interest that we've heard that coach might have been checking out include 2019 stars Nyah Green, Aijha Blackwell, Azzi Fudd, Zia Cooke, Kennedy Brown, Jordan Horston and Charisma Osborne. Walz is coaching the U18 squad later this month but stopped by to see how the U17 girls were doing out in Colorado.

We've heard Steph Norman spent time in Louisville, evaluating the talent at the Run For The Roses tournament and also in Indianapolis so far. Rickea Jackson, another highly prized 2019 recruit was in the Circle City Saturday and Sunday. 

Samantha Williams was scheduled to go to Birmingham and check out the Birmingham Live Girls National Showcase from what we've heard. 2019 prospect Maori Davenport was playing down there and, one of our favorite recruit's names...Treasure Hunt...from the 2020 class was supposed to be there as well. 

Sam Purcell was spotted virtually everywhere at the KEC here in town over the weekend watching The Run For The Roses tournament evaluating all he could get in. We're pretty sure he spent a fair amount of time following Aubrey Griffin. 

these are but a few of the names that the Louisville coaches are showing interest in. They're also evaluating the talent from other classes as well. You can never start too early in the recruiting game. Which reminds me of the old humorous tale: 

"Mr and Mrs Joe Smith announced the birth of their baby son Bill, who was offered a full football scholarship by State U in the delivery room right after birth." 

The question has risen...just how many more 2019 players do the Cards want to add beside Green and Ramani Parker? We don't know that answer but it's possible they might be trying to add two more to fill the spots that Durr, Carter, Fuehring and Diop will vacate after their final season at UofL. 

Recruiting is, in a way, like seeing your Cadillac go over a cliff with your worst enemy behind the wheel. Mixed feelings and both good and bad things can happen. With players leaving schools that originally recruited them and brought them to campus for other programs more and more frequently these days, the days of building a powerhouse that partially consists of four or five seniors that played together all four years is pretty scarce. You have to go after the good players, hope you get them and then try to keep them on campus to graduate. 

Here's hoping the Cards coaches have a "happy hunting" excursion in the month of July and are "bird-watching" some future Cardinals.