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Saturday, October 22, 2016

2 for 2 Friday For Louisville women's sports -- SATURDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


A great way to start the weekend with both Louisville Volleyball and Field Hockey going on the road, both in Virginia and getting wins! Let's look at them.

O.T Thriller for the Stick Girls

In a contest that statistically favored the Cavaliers, the Cards pulled through 10 minutes into overtime when freshman Minout Mink beat the coverage and took an Erin McCrudden feed to drive down the field, juke a defender and send a shot into the net to give Louisville a 3-2 victory. it almost never got to the extra session, as you'll read below. 

V.T. took an early 1-0 lead on the Cards but Louisville got the first-half equalizer when the Cards capitalized on a penalty corner. Mink's shot was deflected but Shannon Sloss there for the rebound and guided the ball into the net. Louisville would take a first half lead when Mink took a Nicole Woods pass just outside the circle and found net success with 8:40 left in the first half. 

The Cavs evened it up with 14 minutes left in regulation and appeared to win the match with six seconds left in regulation when it looked that they had scored off a penalty corner. Louisville called for the challenge and upon further review, the referees reversed the call and no goal was allowed. 

That set the stage for the 15 minute, 7v7 O.T. and Mink's 14th goal of the season. 

Ayeshia McFerran, who actually had to leave the contest for almost three minutes due to a penalty card, logged an incredible 12 saves in the match...Virginia out shot the Cards 22 to 12 and had 14 shots on goals...compared to Louisville's nine. 

The Cards (14-3, 3-3) step out of conference next but stay in Virginia to face James Madison on Sunday. 

Next, we go from Charlottesville to Blacksburg on our swing through Virginia to check in on Volleyball


Four Cardinals combined for 50 kills in the 25-18, 25-10, 22-25, 25-22 win over the Gobblers Friday night. Melanie McHenry led the way with 15...followed by Tess Clark's 14, Morgan Miller's 11 and Jasmine Bennett's 10.

Louisville broke open a close first set with an 8-0 run to seal the deal. The second set was never close...UofL taking a 11-2 early lead and pushing it to 20-5 to win by 15. 

After the break, the Hokies regrouped to down the Cards by three. An 8-0 start benefited VT...Louisville climbed back to within one at 17-16 but the Techsters closed out the contest strong to force the fourth set. 

Louisville seemingly had things under control with a 17-10 lead in the final set but the determined Hokies came back to tie things up at 22. The Cards were able to regroup and get the final three points to end the match. 

(Worldwide will offer his in-depth analysis on this "W" in his Monday column). 

The Cards (7-12, 2-7) get their second ACC win of the season and will head north to Pittsburgh next...they'll play the Panthers Sunday at 3 p.m. 


We're taking a "bye" week on THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR due to scheduling conflicts but we'll be back with you on the 29th. for our Halloween edition of the show...(as if we weren't scary enough!) GO CARDS! 


Friday, October 21, 2016




Ah...the duality of this Friday. 

Yesterday, the NCAA finally delivered the news that Cardinal fans have been waiting for since it was revealed that Andre McGee was spending money on things other than Skittles or nachos at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. Local sports media and beyond went beserk yesterday when the annoucement was released around 9:30 am and UofL held a press conference at noon to discuss the allegations. 

Four Level 1 allegations...none including the current bunch of chaps that make up the University of Louisville 2016-17 MBB itself...two of them concerning McGee, one toward mysterious staffer Brandon Williams...who wouldn't surrender his cell phone to the NCAA and one on Rick Pitino...for supposedly not monitoring McGee properly. UofL will dispute the Pitino charge. Which they should...despite the clamoring that Rick Pitino should be paying more attention to everything happening....24/7, seven days a week on the UofL campus. We also think he should monitor the food buffet for the media at Cardinal athletic events, drive a shuttle bus down Floyd Street Tuesdays and Thursday and raise and lower each Cardinal flag on campus at dawn and dusk. 

Sleep is over-rated. 

We would like to see the ponderous oval where Floyd Street meets The Avenue of Champions on campus by Ulmer Stadium to be named Rick Pitino honor of the man that people expect the man to jump through way too many hoops. 

It is time for Andre McGee to step forward and tell the truth. Whether that will happen or not is anyone's guess. 

It is finally out there. It is not over by any means...the Cards will respond, the NCAA will respond to the Cards, they'll agree to get together for coffee some morning but it'll never happen and there will be no final decision...most likely...before the UofL Women's basketball team is cutting down the nets in Dallas after winning the 2017 NCAA Tournament.

Equate this, if you wish, to a long, long seven course meal...where the entree has finally been served. Long after the soup has turned cold and the salad has wilted. 

But it is moving forward. 

Remember, this won't affect how many threes Quin Snider sinks this year, how many dunks Ray Spalding and Donovan Mitchell get on Denny Crum Court or times Pitino laments in a post-game presser that "We're not a very good team right now." 

Take a ticket, take a seat. The circus is still in town...and the clowns are still in the center ring. We are furtively waiting for the popcorn vendor to bring the goods and spread the next rumor. Hey, here's an idea. Let's just play ball... 



The Louisville women's soccer team took a step backwards last night in Coral Gables in their quest to make the ACC Tournament with a 3-0 loss to Miami. 

Canes junior Ronnie Johnson got a hat trick against the Cards...who have had their road woes this season (1-1-3). UofL (7-5-4, 2-3-3) held the Canes to just one goal in the first 45 minutes and had two great chances in the 62nd. minute from Cards freshman Brooklynn Rivers deflected. Time ran out on the Cards and the Canes' Johnson tacked on two goals in the final ten minutes.  

The loss sinks the Cards into a tie for 9th. place in the conference standings with Virginia Tech. Miami rose to seventh with the win. With games at second place Florida State and at home against third place Virginia remaining, it's beginning to look like the conference tournament ship has sailed.

Anything is possible. If the Cards can pull out one of these, they could still be breathing. Ties aren't going to help much unless the Hokies and NC State tank completely. 

A win against FSU is difficult...but not impossible. Given that the Noles have out-scored Louisville 9-1 in their two previous ACC match-ups...and that FSU would like to claim the regular season crown and the three points earned for a win could possibly put them in first place...a win won't be easy for Karen Ferguson-Dayes squad. 

The Cards are guaranteed at least a .500 season this year. They have a program that has a lot of talented freshmen and sophomore who will only get better next year. As the announcers on the ACC Network Extra commented last night...Louisville is a team that very well may be contending for the conference title in a couple of years. I can see that, too...with the talent on the squad. 

Sometimes you have to take a step backwards in order to move forward. Let's hope the Cards can take a giant step Sunday and take down the Seminoles. 



Louisville Football has one of those dreaded noon kickoffs tomorrow at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. As a result of this and several other situations...we won't be on the air for THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR Saturday. HANDICAPPING HEROES will still air at noon on WCHQ 100.9 FM. 

Morning tailgating isn't exactly what Paulie (and especially Sonja) wait for with giddy anticipation. The foe is a good one, though, in NC State. They should have beat Clemson last week...but it seems they have a kicking game equally as bad as the Cards. And, it's Homecoming! 

We'll be moving early Saturday morning. Not quickly or particularly inspired...but it is what it is. We'll also have results for you on the volleyball and field hockey matches taking place today in the Saturday morning edition of CARDINAL COUPLE. 

Have a great Friday! 



Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Louisville women's basketball Media Day -- Thursday Cardinal Couple


Jeff Walz spent 30 minutes addressing the media Wednesday...fielding questions and talking about his 2016-17 University of Louisville women's basketball team. Walz had a tone of optimism and reality in his discussion points...ranging anywhere from the specific players to the group and college womens' basketball as a whole.

Walz even tossed in a dab of commentary on the Wednesday night debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton before he began his state of the Cardinals address...without going into detail, let's just say he watched along with millions of other Americans.

One bit of surprising news from the Louisville head coach was that junior guard Arica Carter has not been practicing because of a hip muscle area-related injury. Carter is getting better, though, and chances are she might see some action when the Cards face Lindsey Wilson in an exhibition game at the KFC YUM! Center on Sunday, Nov 6th. (Be sure to listen to the audio clips today...). 


Walz has seen this fall, in his words, "some of the best most spirited" practices since he came here 10 years ago. This is, by far...his "deepest and maybe most talented" team in his history of being the Cardinal WBB head coach...also mentioning that all five starting positions could possibly be up for grabs. He commented that "it's simple...whoever goes hard plays." 

On Asia Durr: 

"She works harder than anyone on the team.. We're still having to encourage her to shoot." 

Briahanna Jackson: 

"We scrimmaged Sunday and she looked the best out there. As good as I've seen her since she's been here. And she probably had two points. It's the other things that she's excelling in."  (Walz also mentioned they've been using her at point guard the past two weeks.) 

Sydney Zambrotta: 

"We recruited her to shoot and make shots. She's doing that for us. She's had some nagging injuries we're try to address."  

To hear the entire 28+ minutes of Walz's sure to check out the attached link(s) that we'll be adding later

Read Walz statements here:  LINK: WALZ NEDIA DAY QUOTES


After Walz was finished answering the many questions the collective media had, everyone descended to the Cardinal Arena practice floor for media opportunities with the players. I spoke with my buddy Arica Carter and got her to be my "Interview Assistant" again this year and we had fun talking with Sydney Zambrotta, Sam Fuehring, Bionca Dunham, Myisha Hines-Allen, Cortnee "Ms. Clean" Walton and Mariya Moore. 

The player clips can be found and heard at the three links below... 

Just who could that be? Why, it's Coach Sammy P. !!
It was all great fun and special thanks goes to Arica for being my interview assistant again this year. A delightful group of student-athletes to speak with and, per usual, we mixed a little fun and challenge into our clips. 
The squad practiced for about two hours after the media day opportunities. Get ready, Cardinal fans...something wonderful is going to happen with this team this year! Book your rooms for Dallas now...get your season tickets and follow all the action here at Cardinal Couple! 

Arica Carter - Guest Interviewer

Myisha Hines-Allen/Cortnee Walton

Maryia Moore



Louisville women's soccer takes their 7-4-4 record to Coral Gables, FL tonight to face 8-7 Miami at 7 p.m.

What, no ties for the Canes? 

This one is crucial for the Cards, in terms of winning, to maintain a spot in the top eight of the ACC and making the playoffs. 

Louisville did beat "The U" last year in Lynn Stadium 1-0. 

To watch it on the ACC Network Extra, click the link below: 





So you've got this conference named the BIG 12. At one time, it had 12 members. It seemed logical. Then, due to raiding from other conferences and such...they ended up with ten schools. Someone comes up with the grand idea..."Hey, let's expand back to 12!" The idea gets out. Over two dozen school express an interest to be a part of the expansion. That list is eventually paired down to a dozen or so.

Presentations are made. Money, lots of spent. Schools are ready to give their notices to their current conferences that they don't need to leave the light on for them, to re-design the conference banners and take them off the mailing list. They are looking to leave.

Cincinnati, Memphis, Houston, Connecticut and several other viable athletic/academic institutions got the equivalent of a punch to the belly Monday when the Big 12 decided to stay at ten.  Big 12 expansion would no longer be an active agenda item. All ten schools were unanimous in this thought process. At least, that's what they said...

It is equal to being invited to a party, going shopping for clothes to the party, clearing your schedule for the party and then being told you didn't make the guest list, after all. 

Hey Bearcats...keep your chili at home. Memphis? Sorry, we got ribs already. BYU? Uh...not sure how the whole two or three wives thing might go down in Norman...Houston? Oklahoma might still be smarting over the football need to shine your shoes. Find something on're aren't going anywhere, boys and girls. 

Let's call this what it is. A money decision. And who are the two money schools in the Big 12? Texas and Oklahoma. So, we want to take this financial pie and split it 12 ways now instead of 10? Yeah, didn't think so.

No chairs will be added to the musical chairs we currently have in the room. Take your whoopie cushions and disperse in an orderly fashion. 

I'm pretty sure that WVU would have liked to maybe had a few conference games to go to that were within 500 miles or so. Doesn't matter...they're part of the "bobblehead eight" that make up the Big 12...a conference where 2>8 in power. 

Texas A&M got it a few years ago. Up and jumped ship when the SEC pulled up aside and threw out a rope ladder. You don't hear much complaining down in AggieLand these days...Missouri saw the SEC advantage and climbed the wall. Nebraska and Colorado, too. 

Maybe the Big 12 waited too thing is certain...they will still be the weakest of the "Power Five" conferences and they get ready to go into their sixth season without a divisional conference championship in football.

This is about football...oh, betcha. Sure...Mick Cronin, Tubby Smith, Geno Auriemma and Jeff Judkins probably would have loved to have had their squads participating in the conference. They were never a part of the bargaining table though. Would UConn WBB have rolled through the Big 12 as easily as they do the AAC? Maybe not as easily...but they still would have rolled. Now, it's returning-time to the dysfunctional AAC and irrelevant West Coast Conferences. Walking back through the door and saying..."Well, that was interesting. Games on!". Head bowed to no one. Spurned at the alter and back in the dating scene. 

What, prey tell Paulie...does all this have to do with Louisville Athletics? 

To start with, the Cards got what now appears to be a great call when the Big 12 decided against them several years back. Away games to Duke and Miami are a haul, for sure....but would you rather have been going to Stillwater or Ames? Next, we're getting a great level of respect from the "old guard" of the ACC. We brought talented teams and travelling fan base. Consequently, the BIG 12 booted ex-Cardinal coaches Howard Schnellenberger and is probably ready to can Charlie Strong. They may not have been that eager to have Louisville in their midst. There is no, or very little...field hockey or lacrosse in the BIG 12. Was Louisville supposed to just throw those two exciting women's sports under the bus? Or ship them out to the MAC or Big East? 

A boorish move that wasn't a move at all, in reality, by the BIG 12. Nothing happened here and no change in the running order. Maybe the ACC could offer to trade Notre Dame for West Virginia to the BIG 12. Now that football is nose-diving in South Bend and the Irish obviously have well-stocked Ames, IA is closer than Miami is from South Bend (and we could get Muffett McGraw off the WBB schedule) makes sense.

Forget this independence stuff, Irish. Head to a conference where your football team can make stops in Stillwater, Lubbock and Norman. Cowboys vs. Catholics. Take a chance and land in the "fly-over" states? Nah, never happen. 

Those BIG 12 folks sure love that money. Yes, sir. And, they're gonna keep it. 



Jeff Walz is having all the boys and girls over to his place today at noon to discuss UofL WBB. Following that, the media will get a chance to descend upon the squad to ask questions. This could be a pretty fun hour...

We'll have the recap, a few pictures and maybe some great audio for you in the Thursday Cardinal Couple. I gotta see if I can get Arica Carter to serve as my interview intern again this year...


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Louisville Women's basketball has earned the successes of today -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


With Louisville WBB Media Day tomorrow and the Women's Basketball Tip-Off Luncheon on Wednesday Nov. 2nd., we are drawing closer to the start of the 2016-17 season. A season that most pundits and enthusiasts are thinking will be quite a successful one.

You have the POY in the ACC returning in Myisha Hines-Allen. All five starters are back. A very talented freshman class. A healthy Asia Durr. The ACC coaches and that vague collaboration known as the Blue Ribbon Panel think the Cards are second best in the conference. They believe Hines-Allen, Durr and Mariya Moore will be top performers in the league. 

On the national scene...USA Today, ESPN, the AP and many other news sources are giving the Cards high rankings. Enjoy it, Cardinal fans. It wasn't always this way. 

Hop into Paulie's time-machine and let's go back to Feburary 2003. The Cards were playing in Conference USA ( a conference that looks so, so much different today than it did then) and not faring well. Beginning with a loss at East Carolina, Martin Clapp's squad would proceed to lose their final seven conference games. They would head to Memphis for the C-USA Tournament and manage to get by St. Louis before getting thumped by Doug Bruno and DePaul in the second round. A 15-14 season. 

Clapp would vacate the job...amidst rumors and allegations that he had lost control of the team and there were problems galore with the squad. Tom Jurich needed to stabilize the ship. Lori Nero and Sara Nord were about the only bright spots on a squad that had talent but not that of All-American caliber. As a long time fan, I'll remember the efforts and exploits of Angel Bradley, Jessica Huggins, Connie Neal and Nina Simotes from those days...but not many current Cardinal fans are familiar with the names. 

Greg Collins was left to hold together what was returning until
Jurich found a new coach. Having been an assistant for one year, 
he was doing the best he could in what could only be described as a dysfunctional dilemma. He stayed the course with Collen
 even to Arkansas and is now an associate coach for
 Michelle Clark-Heard at WKU. I hold the man in utmost respect and admiration. It's always a pleasure to see him when the Cards and Toppers do battle.

The man didn't even know if he was going to have a job in the future...but stuck in there and kept things rolling. 

With the hire of Tom Collen, a man seemingly headed to Vanderbilt before some resume issues developed, it was clear that a rebuild was needed. He was a Colorado State guy, worked under Jurich out there and had taken the Rams to four NCAA appearances in his five years there.

Louisville was still not a final destination job. When Arkansas came calling for Collen after the 2006-2007 season...he left Louisville. Yes, he had been an assistant there...but to leave a team that had Angel McCoughtry? Just when it seemed that Louisville women's basketball was beginning to roll again, it was time to change the name on the door leading to the head coaches' office. Collen had gotten Louisville to three 20-win seasons and three NCAA trips in his four years. Arkansas looked better. 

Things happen for a reason. An ambitious assistant coach from Maryland applied for the job. Jurich liked what he saw...Walz did too and he took the job. Two years later, the Cards were playing for the National Championship in St. Louis. Collen was let go by Arkansas in 2014 and is out of coaching now...although his wife continues in a coaching role...leaving Florida Gulf Coast to be an assistant for the Connecticut Sun this season. 

Some would tell you that it was Collen who brought a resurgence to the University of Louisville women's basketball program. I would agree that he got the Cards back into somewhat of a national prominence. He didn't see Louisville as a final destination job, though. The SEC, with Pat Summit, was considered a better women's conference than the BIG EAST back then by some. Despite Geno, C. Viv. and Muffett. Tennessee had won the NCAA Championship. Debatable...this assumption, yes...that the SEC was a better conference...but one thing remained clear. Louisville was still not a final destination job in women's basketball. 

It was a journeyman assistant/associate...fresh off a national Championship at Maryland who has Louisville where they are today. An athletic director who bought in to his philosophy and plan. Very few coaching staffs in the women's game today out-work Jeff Walz and his assistants. Very few out-draw the Louisville home attendance numbers. The Cards left the tottering Big East and went to the talent-rich ACC. And have succeeded there. From the Metro to the Atlantic. Where has the time gone? 

It's a pretty nice spot that these Cards are in today...with possibly the best yet to come. Led by a coach with a simple philosophy.

Work hard 100% of the time.


Monday, October 17, 2016

Of wins, losses and ties -- Monday Cardinal Couple

A Win, A Tie, and A Loss

It's like the beginning of a bad joke, "A Win, a Tie, and a Loss walk into a bar..."  Instead, it's the results of the three major women's sports in Sunday action.

Let's Start With The Win

Field Hockey, after a good upset win over North Carolina Saturday, kept it rolling against Kent State for Senior Day at Trager Stadium.

This one didn't start out looking great, with the Cards going down 2-0 25 minutes into the game on a Kent State penalty corner and a crossing shot.  Minout "Minnie" Mink ("I score goals.") was able to claw one back on a corner, with assists to Erin McCrudden and Nicole Woods 5 minutes before halftime.

After what was no doubt a vocal halftime in the UofL locker room, the Sowry squad was able to play to their identity, a strong theme for the Field Hockey squad this year, and keep Kent State on their heels.  Mink was able to get a breakaway and put the shot away for the equalizer about halfway through the 2nd half.  Lizzie Gittens scored the go-ahead goal with less than 8 minutes left in the game on a penalty corner, again with Erin McCrudden and Nicole Woods providing the help.

Field Hockey seniors with the "Big Heads" !!
This was Senior Day, the last home game of the season for the Field Hockey squad.  The team heads
out on the road for the final 3 games of the regular season, starting this Friday at Virginia, with a 6 o'clock start for the Cardinal conference closer.  Sunday keeps the squad in the same region, with a tilt against James Madison on Sunday with a noon start.  The Cardinals will close their season against Michigan in Ann Arbor on Friday the 29th, with a 1pm start.  The ACC Field Hockey tournament is being hosted by Wake Forest in Winston Salem, NC, and will begin November 3rd.

A Tie for the Kickers

WSOC gathering multiple ties...
Time for another Soccer overtime rant, as Karen Ferguson-Dayes' squad played Virginia Tech on their home turf.  The first half of play was scoreless, with Tech maintaining an advantage in pressure against the Cards by getting 8 shots off.  Halftime adjustments are sometimes a thing of beauty, though, with the Cards coming out and dominating the 2nd half possession.  Louisville would finally get on the board with a shot off of a rebound by Callie McKinney in the 66th minute.  The goal came out of a series of shots started by a corner kick.

Down by 1, Tech upped the pressure and was able to find the equalizer in the 81st minute off of a rebound.  Neither team was able to get any good looks in the 2 overtime periods, resulting in the 1-1 2OT tie.  While the Cards pick up a point in the standings with the tie, they are clinging precariously to 8th position in the ACC standings.  The ACC Championship tournament is an 8 team tournament, so the Cards would really love to climb a bit in the standings to assure their appearance in the tournament.  With 3 games left, opportunities are starting to dwindle.  The next game may be the best opportunity to pick up another 3 point win when the Cards head to sunny Miami for a game against the Hurricanes on Thursday.  This one is a 7pm start.

The Cards will close out their conference and season, with games against Florida State and Virginia, 3rd and 5th respectively in the ACC standings.  The tournament begins October 30th at campus sites, and wraps up on November 4th and 6th in Charleston, SC.

And Finally, a Loss

Melanie McHenry for Lamar Jackson...straight up. 
The volleyball squad suffered a loss at the hands of #8 North Carolina.  This one went in a straight 3
sets, 25-11, 25-21, 25-17.

While this one goes in the loss column, and the first set was nothing to write home about, there were signs of life for the Cards in the 2nd and 3rd sets.  The Cards played some of the best volleyball I've seen from them all season in the 2nd set...for some of the set...but weren't able to maintain it for the whole set.

Early in the season, one of the shortcomings I pointed out for this team was the lack of "connection" between setter Kali Eaken and our middles, Tess Clark and Jasmine Bennett.  I said that this would improve with time, and it certainly has.  What hasn't really improved has been our ability to get the ball to them to score.  Our passing and digging just isn't where it needs to be, and when a team isn't passing and digging well, they can't be effective at setting up the hitters to generate offense.  This is particularly pronounced for UofL that depends heavily on middle hitting for offense and to spread the defensive block out.

That having been said, there were periods where our passing was on target, and the offense fell solidly in to place, so this team is on the verge of being a quite good team.

Janelle Jenkins...MIA
Clark hit a very impressive .455, but on only 11 attempts.  Bennett hit .286 on 7 attempts.  Not too many other highlights in this one.  Though  Clark has been serving, a turn of events that would have been unheard of the past couple of years, and was able to put some pressure on the UNC serve receive, including picking up a score off the serve that wasn't officially credited as an ace.  She also was credited with 2 digs, demonstrating her improving all around play.

There is still a significant amount of play in the Volleyball season.  There is no ACC tournament in volleyball, and NCAA tournament play seems unlikely for the squad at this point.  The rest of the season will really be an opportunity for the team to improve skills and build for next season.

-- JMcA

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Field Hockey Shuts Out #3 UNC 1-0 -- SUNDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Field Hockey, like Soccer, is one of those sports where there isn't, at times, a whole lot of scoring. Witness yesterday, at the Trager Center, where it took 45 minutes before Louisville broke through to get a score against #3 North Carolina. That goal held up, due to some fine defensive work by the Cards, and Louisville knocks off their second top ten for in a row.

So, we got a happy Justine Sowry in the post-game chat: 

"I'm incredibly proud. To play against a UNC team that is coached by one of the legendary people in the know you're going to get a good game. I think the bottom line is we played to our identity and when we do that, we can mix it up with the best in the game." 

After the scoreless first half, McCrudden was in the right place at the right time...taking a pass from Bethany Russ and sending the ball into the net. Despite being a player short to a yellow card issuance late in the second half...the Cards maintain that identity and played tough defense against the TarHeels the rest of the way.

UNC, like Northwestern in the Stick Girls previous game, pulled their goalie late in the game to try and increase their offensive attack. Always a dangerous and risky move...with a low percentage of failed for the Chapel Hill visitors. 

Quick turn-around for Sowry and the Trager dwellers...they'll take to the pitch against Kent State today at noon. Interviews? Yeah, we got plenty of them for you to sample after this huge Cardinal win...with Sowry, McCrudden and goalie Ayeshia McFerran: 






Coach Jo Anne P would
listen if she knew we
existed, I bet. 
We had us a real good time, y'all on the Saturday broadcast of The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour on WCHQ yesterday. Case Hoskins was back behind the microphone with Paulie and Worldwide. Reviewing, previewing and prognosticating on Cardinal audio from Karen Ferguson-Dayes and Justine Sowry. 

We will be off the air next Saturday the 22nd. We promise to return for our Halloween show on Oct 29th. Did ya miss the broadcast yesterday? Well, weep no more my lady....there is a link below that will let you hear it again! We lost eight minutes of it somewhere in the SoundCloud ozone. Gremlins in the control booth, I suppose.