Listen to our weekly show !!

Listen to our weekly show !!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Your top eight UofL WBB players of all time -- Monday Cardinal Couple


We have been running a poll in June here at CARDINAL COUPLE to see who your All-Time, top eight UofL WBB players are. We chose the number eight because felt that most great teams always had a few backups that could come in off the bench and give a championship team a spark. 

Here are your results. We have listed the years the player played and the percentage of votes they received also.

1. (tie) Shoni Schimmel (2010-14)  100% 
1. (tie) Angel McCoughtry (2005-2009) 100%
3. Jazz Covington (2003-07) 80%
4. Candyce Bingham (2007-09) 77%
5. Monique Reid (2008-13) 66%
6. Nell Knox  (1990-93)  62% 
7. Valerie Owens (1977-80) 48%
8. Asia Taylor (2009-14) 34%

Just missing was Antonita Slaughter (2010-14) with 32%.

A good mix of players are represented here. Five of the eight got drafted by the WNBA and two are still playing in the league. Five of the top eight played in a National Championship game. The top four scorers in UofL WBB history are represented in the list. 

Since there was a tie for top vote grabber...I suppose the question still remains on who was the best WBB player at Louisville of all time? 

Both Shoni and Angel were unique in what they did here in their four years. I did a very unofficial polling yesterday of five people I know and asked them who they thought was #1. 

Angel won....4-1.  

Thanks for taking part in the poll! Let us know what you think of this "Great Eight". How would it do in a fictitious game against a great eight from Kentucky? Or UConn or Notre Dame? How many on this Louisville great eight would make an All-Time great eight of NCAA WBB players since 1975? 

And....should we do it again in 2018 or 2019 once the college careers of a few current UofL WBB players has ended? 


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Henderson finished 14th in USATF Outdoor Championships -- Sunday Cardinal Couple


Emmonnie Henderson returned to the site of her personal best discus toss...Hayward Field...on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene. Although she wasn't able to duplicate her 58.34m (191-5) from two weeks ago, she finished 14th. overall with a toss of 54.39m (178-5).

To put that into would be the equivalent of her standing on the baseline in Cardinal Arena and sending the discus over to softball's Ulmer Stadium.

Henderson's throw was only 1.88 meters from getting her a top ten finish. Gia Lewis-Smallwood won the event with a hurl of 63.09m (207-0).

Henderson finished sixth out of the eight college student-athletes who participated. Shelbi Vaughn (Texas A&M) was good for a 60.76m (199-4)....which was the third best overall throw.

Congratulations to "E" and remember...she has two more years of eligibility in track (and hoops)! 

( Let me just throw this out there...that's nothing to toss around lightly...)


Our Saturday Radio Show that broadcasts on WCHQ 100.9 FM and on line at should be available on the SoundCloud later today. We had a great discussion on women's sports, WorldWide destroyed the Quiz by getting a 110% and the show featured a lively debate on the new UofL football helmets.

Sonja says Jeff won the debate. I think I barely edged him out. 

You decide. Link below.



Saturday, June 27, 2015

Henderson competes today in USATF Championships -- Saturday Cardinal Couple


Emmonnie Henderson will compete in the USATF Discus finals today in Eugene, OR. She is one of 19 athletes who qualified and has declared for the US Championships. The event is one of 20 that are part of the women's division in this 4 day affair which also includes the men's division. 

She has her work cut out for her.

There are 10 college athletes, 6 club or other affiliated participants and 4 unattached entries that had tosses of over 56.55 meters during the season. 

Henderson's best is a 57.54...which she achieved in her third place finish in the NCAA Finals. That ranks her 15th. on the competition list in Eugene. Atop the competition roster is Gia Lewis-Smallwood (Nike/New York Athletic Club) who comes in with a 69.17. Shelbi Vaughan (Texas A&M) who won NCAA Championships is  almost five meters back with a 64.52. 

Kelsey Card and Tera Novy, who Henderson threw against in the NCAA Championships, are also entered. Former Louisville record-holder in the discus Jere Summers attempted to qualify for the event as an independent but her season best toss of 56.09 fell just short of the qualifying distance.

The discus is scheduled for around 12:30 p.m. Pacific Coast Time (3:30 pm here).

"E" shocked the college world two weeks ago in Eugene when she finished third after being ranked 24th. out of 24 participants. 

We hope she has another personal best in her today.



If the Louisville WBB squad makes the Final Four in 2016...(and we see no reason why they shouldn't) the NCAA has extended the program to provide player's families travel expenses to see their daughters or sister compete. 

Here's how it worked in 2015:

The NCAA will pay up to $3,000 total in travel, ticket and meal expenses for family members of each student-athlete who competes in the Final Four semifinal games but doesn't advance to the championship game. The NCAA will pay up to $4,000 in expenses for each student-athlete's family who competes in the championship game. 

Schools will decide how and when to distribute funds to family members and be responsible for making sure the funds are used as intended. 

This allowance is meant to cover transportation, hotel and meals for two family members per player and there are no requirements on how far a family has to travel to receive the allowance. There are no requirement on what mode of transportation they use.

With the Final Four for WBB in Indianapolis this would appear that Mariya Moore's family (Berkeley. CA) would have the furthest distance to travel (2275 miles) Arica Carter's family would have 2068 travel miles (from Los Angeles, CA). Syd the Kid's kin would have a 116 mile trip. 

(Oh, goes Paulie on another
nonsensical rant...) 
The key words in the expense reimbursement profile are "up to" (when dollar distribution is mentioned) and "there are no requirements on how far a family has to travel to receive the allowance".

Does Syd's travelers get the same amount as Mariya's? 

It is also states that the school decides how and when to distribute the allowance. When I was a kid, my parent's would sometimes not pay my allowance if I had been "bad" 
during the week. 

As with all NCAA documentation, there is enough "grey area" and "wiggle room" here to make a contract lawyer do the Hootchie-Coo across a court room floor. 

Money. It's a crime. 
(Pink Floyd -- Dark Side of the Moon) 



We're doing radio today at 11 AM on 100.9 FM WCHQ and streamed live on the Internet at:

As of 8:48 AM...I have no clue on what Worldwide and I will discuss. Sam the Dry Weather Intern is on special assignment and won't be with us.

Maybe we'll talk about him?

It should be interesting. See you on the radio. 


Friday, June 26, 2015

Let's Not Go There For Women's Sports at UofL -- Adidas Design...Friday Cardinal Couple


This is ridiculous
The University of Louisville has aligned their sportswear with most of us know. Nike...who is the most popular of the sportswear clothiers...would probably love to see the Cardinals fly over to their camp. It'll never happen as long as Rick Pitino patrols the Denny Crum Court sidelines and Tom Jurich has Athletic Director next to his name.

Adidas has designed new football uniforms for Bobby Petrino's football team. Of particular scrutiny is the stern looking bird in the helmet.

Dear sirs...what in the heck are you doing with Louie the Cardinal Bird? 

I get that football is a mean, tough and tumble sport. You don't get points for niceness. This disturbed looking avian, though....that looks like he is getting ready to take a peck at this football players too over the top.

If I saw a bird like this in my backyard...I'd head back in the house and call Animal Control Services. Or Alfred Hitchcock.

This rendition of the Cardinal Bird has to go. Or, at the very least, have its progression stopped and limited just to football.

Louie the Barbarian. 

Affixing Louie the Barbarian to this uniform would be
the only possible reason not to give Katie George a hug.
I don't want to interview Mariya Moore, Marissa Becker, Katie George or Chile Garcia after a game and have to stare at this obviously rabid and dangerous predator. I just might borrow my neighbor J.D.'s shotgun and keep the beast at a respectable distance. Or put it out of its misery and deranged state of existence. 

And...if they decide to give Louie the Mascot an overhaul and include this hideous facial portrayal of our university symbol and state will be running out of the KFC YUM! Center is fear and trepidation instead of running to Louie for hugs and high fives. 

Adidas, you've crossed the line.

This is our bird. Don't mess with it
(Uhh...the one on the left...)
Dump this psychopathic-looking disaster and don't mess with our bird. Send this Louie the Barbarian to Ball State, Iowa State or any other college or university that has Cardinals after their name. 

If Daryl from The Walking Dead saw this thing in the woods...there'd be no hesitation in arching a arrow right through the cranium.

Walker Texas Ranger would lock it up immediately. Arnold Schwarzenegger would terminate it. Ralphie from Christmas Story would refuse to wear it and Clark Griswold would give it to his Cousin Eddie. Donald Trump would fire it. If it ever appeared as a logo on the Papa John Stadium Football carper, I'd encourage and applaud the opposing team to stomp on it. 

No bueno, Adidas. This does nothing to promote the joy and excitement of Cardinal Athletics. 

If our football team walks out on the field wearing these asinine, preposterous helmets (and shoes) down in Atlanta against Auburn...I hope we lose by 40.

(OK, maybe that's a bit over the top...but...please, dear God...don't take this nightmare to Atlanta..)

This Ball State Cardinal is bad enough. The new
Louisville Adidas Bird makes the Ball State logo
look benign and wholesome.
Can you imagine Louie the Barbarian sitting in the Stanford Cardinal Tree?

Stephen King might nod approvingly...but that'd just be an abomination.

What's next...a change of the saying "Louisville First, Cards Forever" to "Total Degradation and Nightmares for my Five Year Old"? 

Big Red, the lovable WKU mascot with an evil grimace and blood dripping from his rotund, red body? The Florida Gator with a disembodied senior citizen dangling from his jaws?  

Somewhere Hunter Thompson is smiling. Fear and loathing has finally come to Louisville. 

Leave our bird alone. And bury this mistake in the sandpit for the long jump over at Cardinal Park or underneath the Johnny Unitas statue in Papa John's.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

UofL Women'sBasketball was #3 in attendance for 2014-15 -- Thursday Cardinal Couple

9358 average attendance for Walz Ball last year.

University of Louisville fans love the women's basketball squad. The Jeff Walz squad averaged 9358 for home games in the 2014-15 season. Only Tennessee and Iowa State drew and the Iowa State attendance was only a couple of hundred ahead of Louisville. 

Why so high in on the outskirts of Ames, IA. you might ask? You have to understand the craziness for women's and girls basketball in Iowa. UofL Pep Band Director Al Greener (a transplanted Hawkeye) explained it to me a couple of years ago. Girls high school basketball in the state of Iowa is a religion. From Des Moines to the smallest of cities...the citizenship rolls out to watch the high school game. It is a social event. Main Street shops in rural communities close early so the owner and employees can attend games. 

The Iowa State women's basketball coaches are no dummies...the 2015-16 roster has four former Iowa high school stars on it. 

Equally high is was the Iowa Hawkeyes roster for 2014-15. (Lisa Bluder either hasn't released the 2015-16 roster yet...the Iowa WBB asst. SID is asleep on the job or I've lost my on-line search skills) 

They had three former Iowa high school girls basketball stars. Northern Iowa and Creighton draw well, too. The Iowa residents realize and support the fun and excitement of the game...on the high school and college level. 

Only Iowa State has crashed the top 50 out of the four schools...but match those four schools mentioned above up against any other four schools from any other state and I'd wager the total attendance is higher in Iowa.

And you thought Iowa was primarily known for corn, wrestling and Radar O'Riley from M*A*S*H...

Tennessee...well, the Lady Vols are going to draw because of the Pat Summit legacy. It is interesting to note that the yearly attendance for Lady Vols Hoops has dropped since Pat stepped aside. With the recent transfers to UT and returning roster, the Vols looked poised to be a top 10 program in 2015-16.  Fans still gripe about Holly Warlick.

It is hard to replace perfection. And, Pat does still attend home games. 

So...would local attendance grow for Louisville if a few in-state girls were on this year's roster? The Cards in the Walz era have recruited well in-state.  Let's not forget Sara Hammond, Nita Slaughter, Shelby Harper, Laura Terry and Candyce Bingham...just to name a few. Walz certainly hasn't ignored the Commonwealth of Kentucky since he had been here. He did go after the Lebanon duo of Epps and Goodin-Rogers. He would have loved to had Rebecca Greenwell and Erin Boley. He did have Gwen Rucker, Ashley Rainey and Janae Howard on board in the early days. 

Does anyone remember Monique Reid or Tia Gibbs? Point made, end of story on lack of local recruitment by the current regime. 

Sometimes, you just have to go after the best players. How many Final Fours have Iowa or Iowa State been to in the last eight years? Or, for that matter...Kentucky WBB? 

Louisville WBB outdrew the National Champs (UConn) in 2014-15. 

With the #1 recruiting class in the nation on campus...the dynamic duo of the M&M girls returning...everyone's favorite shot-putter "E" and fan favorite Cortnee Walton back...UofL WBB fans have a lot to look forward to in 2015-16. 

You're going to love Sydney Brackemyer and her all-out, 110% hustle and enthusiasm now that she's healthy. We hear Arica Carter has been "reborn again" with the desire and commitment to show us the high-school version Jeff Walz fell in love with. 

Yeah, we'll miss not having a Schimmel or two. That could change in a few years if younger sister Milan continues to tear up the New Mexico girls basketball scene. Will the Native American fan base diminish now...since #22 or #23 aren't on the roster? We hope not. 

Getting from #3 to #1 in attendance? Quite frankly, it's up to you...the fan base. You have a top-flight facility to watch games. Reasonable season ticket prices. Out-of this-world competition and a highly competitive Conference.

Best-in-class players and the best young coach and coaching staff in the college WBB domain. 

I reflect on the past sometimes... 

I remember going to games at local high schools to watch Louisville WBB. I remember when the women's played before the men's games...maybe 200-300 in cavernous Freedom Hall. When a student could get in by just flashing their student ID and sit at center court in section 335. 

I look at today and just, what a long way Louisville WBB has come! 

The program can go further. The program is committed to going further. Do you think Cortnee, Emmonnie, Arica, Syd, Mariya, Myisha, Asia, Taja, Brianna, Sam and Erin showed up just for the pretzels, Sean Moth and Derby Week?

They fully believe they can bring Louisville women's basketball a National Championship. So does Walz and the coaching staff.

So do I.    

Be there for it. Make the commitment and go to games. 

For those interested in obtaining season tickets for the 2015-16 Louisville women's basketball campaign, please click here to fill out a wait-list application. 


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lacrosse in Italy...Daley, Koloski honored -- Wednesday Cardinal Couple


The Louisville Lacrosse team has safely landed in Italy and will promote the joy and excitement of the game for the next few days there. Lake Como, Milan, Cinque Terre, Rome, Pisa and even Switzerland are on the itinerary for Kellie Young and her girls during this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

They're keeping a blog over at and you can also follow their pursuits on Twitter (@LouisvilleLax) at and Facebook at

We've come up with a few helpful and suggestive "do's and don'ts" for the girls as they travel the boot-shaped country.

1) Don't attempt to straighten out the Leaning Tower of Pisa as an group-building exercise. They like it crooked.
2) Don't request a sit-down with "The Don" to discuss ACC Conference success. He might make you an offer you can't refuse and might regret.
3) Asking for directions to the nearest Chinese restaurant might be ill-conceived. Enjoy the pasta, marinara, sausages and canoli. 

4) Do try the pizza. It was originated in Italy and I hear it's pretty good stuff in the motherland. 
5) Be prepared to wait if you request an audience with the Pope. We hear he is pretty busy. Don't wear a halter top. 
6) Resist the urge to throw Coach Young in Rome's Trevi Fountain. You're a lacrosse team, not frat boys on Spring break...
7) Learn the words "amore" (love) "grazie" (Thank you) and "siete i benvenuti" (you're welcome). The Italians put great emphasis on politeness. They'll thank you for thanking them
8) Avoid swimming in the canals of Venice. Boat rides are highly recommended, though...
9) Avoid phrases like "fagettaboutit", "bada bing" and "lucido da scarpe signore" (run home and get your shine kit). You don't want to be mistaken for Robert de Niro, Tony Soprano or Joe Pesci.
10) Develop a taste for olives. The Italians have the best in the world. Olive oil and Italian bread. Bellissimo! 



Cortnee Daley and Hannah Koloski have been named to the All-ACC Academic Women's Lacrosse Team. The award honors student-athletes who have earned a 3.0 grade point average for the previous semester and maintained a 3.0 average during their academic careers. 

Daley, a senior from Hatboro, PA, earned IWLCA All-Region honors as a junior. She led Louisville in caused turnovers and was second on the squad with 47 goals. She'll be a co-captain for Louisville LAX this season. 

Koloski, who hails from Lakeville, MN, also earned IWLCA All-Region honors as a sophomore...leading Louisville with 51 goals. She had an impressive 11 hat tricks last year, including four games in a row. Throw your ball cap at her feet or give her a tip of the hat next time you see her...

Hatboro, hat tricks and Hannah...go figure.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday Cardinal Couple - Summer Golf

Golf Summer Fun

I really can't claim to be much of a fan of the sport of golf in general, but, our Cardinal Club swingers are out there representing the University this summer with several competing in the WWGA National Amateur Championship in Nashville, TN.

The tournament format consists of 36-holes of stroke play to qualify for a match play tournament to determine the champion.

Five Cardinals advanced to match play, Molly Skapnik (rising sophomore), Shannon Gramley (rising Junior), and three incoming freshmen, Lexie Long, Meredith Moir, and Meghan Nay.  Skapnik, Gramley and Long all advanced to the championship flight in match play, while Moir played in the 4th flight, and Nay in the 6th flight.

While Lexie Long lost in the first round of match play in the championship flight, Skapnik beat Gramley in the quarterfinals to advance to the semis before being eliminated.

There will be plenty of other golf events throughout the summer, so maybe I won't have to Google some of these golf terms for future articles.