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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Cards hire Scott Teeter for Lacrosse -- Jared Anderson's Wednesday Column -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Scott Teeter was introduced Tuesday afternoon as the new head Lacrosse at the University of Louisville. He is the second head coach in Louisville LAX history, replacing Kellie Young

After a few opening remarks and introduction from acting Louisville Athletic Director Vince Tyra...Teeter took the microphone and gave an opening statement to the assembled media on hand and also answered questions. Vince said: 

"We are thrilled to hire Scott Teeter, who has a tremendous coaching pedigree, to lead our women's lacrosse program. We have established a winning tradition, advancing to the NCAA TOURNAMENT the last four seasons, and we wanted someone who could help build on that tradition. Scott fits the mold, he's very well known in the lacrosse community, and most importantly, he's been a winner." 


-- (On his move to Louisville)  "The University of Louisville is an excellent opportunity for me because I believe that this is the place where our student-athletes can succeed immediately, both competitively and academically. Together, I believe that we can build something very special here. Louisville is a unique place, with a world class university, an exciting women's lacrosse history and unbelievable support and facilities." 

-- (What's he been doing?)  Teeter was the head coach at Canisius College for the last 16 years. He took over a team that had only won just 11 games in the past seven seasons. Under his realm, the Golden Griffins won eight games in his first season there and they won MAAC Conference titles and post season-tournaments from 2011-2017. 

-- (What's the team think?)  Teeter met with the team extensively on Monday and Tuesday and outlined the culture, philosophy and work ethic he wants to see out of them. Teeter says: "I'm not here to be your best friend, but I am here to help you become excellent student-athletes and grow." 

A dozen or so of his players attended the presser and I asked a few of them about their first impressions. They were unanimously positive and excited to be playing for him. They felt he was the right person for the job and are ready to work hard for him and learn. 

An anonymous quote to me: "After what we've been through, it great to have someone who believes in us. As people as well as players. After living through a rough stretch, it's nice to be able to concentrate or practice, performance and studies and not worry about...other things that occurred previously. I'm excited to play for Scott". 

-- (On horse-racing...I tossed the question to him at the end of the presser to provide comic-relief).  "Well, I know what an exacta is."  was a classic response and drew laughter from the attendees.  

And, so...a new era officially begins for Louisville Lacrosse. A shortened roster that he's hoping to add to, assistant coaches to be hired (he did mention that Kay Morissette would be considered if she was the right fit) and a move to Louisville from Buffalo. 

Somehow, you gotta believe that the guy will be successful here. His past performances indicate a winner is in the paddock.

Hear the entire presser here:  Vince Tyra and Scott Teeter -- Lacrosse presser





David Padgett seems to have this coaching thing down. Men's basketball piuled out a whopper of a blowout last night as the took down Southern Illinois 84-42. The guys are now 3-0 and #19 in the nation. 

Unfortunately, I missed most of the game, so my bonus J-A-R-E-D report will be primarily based on what I saw and the box score. 

J -- Jump Shots. Louisville shot 46% from the floor and 31% from downtown. Most of the damage was done in the second half because the initial half's numbers were not impressive at all. I'LL AWARD a small case "j" 

A -- Assists. The Cards dished out 17 assists compared to SIU's 11. Share the wealth. It's a good thing. An extra pass can lead to an easy basket and that happened. THEY GET THE CAPITAL "A" HERE. 

R -- Rebounds. 49 rebounds for the game. WE won't see that often Only 10 of them were offensive which can be improved but the defensive number is impressive, preventing those second chance opportunities. NO PROBLEM WITH ISSUING A CAPITAL "R". 

E-- Effort. I've decided to stick with E for effort instead of efficiency. The bench saved the evening for UofL and produced 49 points. That's good...knowing that there are plenty of scorers and playmakers on the team. The starting five didn't have the greatest of starts last night but the team as a whole picked up the slack. THEY GET A CAPITAL "E". 

D-- Defense. We knew Rick Pitino had a consistently impressive defensive strategy and Padgett seems to be following in his footsteps (just on defense -- not "other" things). Holding an opponent to 42 points is impressive. Nine blocks excellent. A CAPITAL "D". 

It was the best performance of the season for the Cards. The final: j-A_R_E_D.


Volleyball is edging near the end of the regular season. They visit Boston College tonight before visiting Syracuse Friday. I won't be making the trip up north, so it looks like we've seen the end of my live Volleyball pictures for the season, unless the Cards get to open the NCAA Tournament at home. 

A "thank you" to the four seniors for strong leadership in helping turn this team around. They played a vital role in the successes so far. It's unfortunate that UofL has been snubbed in the rankings this season. 

The only concern I have for the final stretch is service errors. Serving hasn't been great for those in Red and Black attempting it. "You gotta hit the ball over the net" -- a Pep Band chant -- is true. Failure to do score gives your opponent the easiest point they'll accumulate in a set or match. 

Defense has picked up more and more as the number of blocks continue to rise. Communication and staying "in system" has accounted for this defensive improvement. 

Look for the Cards to stay hot and fight to make sure they win the ACC. This team has heart and they "want it". Props to Coach Kelly on whatever she's done to motivate them.

The ACC does not have a post-season Volleyball Tournament Whether that would hinder or help Louisville's chances for a good NCAA seeding is a subject of debate. It does, however, give the Volley Cards a chance to claim the only ACC Volleyball Champion title out there and that's something. 

ACC Network Extra (online) is the source if you wish to tune into the game. A chance for some pre-Thanksgiving celebration. 7:30 p.m. start



"Eloquent?" I thought you said "Elephant"!!!
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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Louisville women's basketball -- FACES IN THE CROWD -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


(Julie Sullivan has the write-up today and she has a great article on the BIG HEADS. Enjoy!) 

I love this Louisville women's basketball team, the coaches, the managers, the support staff and the game. I especially love being a part of this amazing fan base. Last season, the Cards were ranked #5 in the nation in attendance with almost 8300 per game for home games. 28 fans followed the team to Cuba for exhibition games. Hundreds made the trip to the ACC Tournament in small Conway, SC at Coastal Carolina Arena last March. Hundreds more were in Columbus for the game against Ohio State -- and Jeez-O-Pete !! -- they were rewarded with one of the best games in recent history. 

Other schools would kill to have a fan base like Louisville's. Coach Walz frequently reminds his players what a special place Louisville is and they see that when they walk onto Denny Crum Court. They also see that, especially, when they take an opposing school's court that is surrounded with just 100-200 fans. Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach and special assistant Beth Burns , who has served as a D-1 head coach for multiple big name schools echoes that: 

" I truly believe that Louisville basketball has the greatest home court advantage because of how close the fans are to the bench. Because those crazy Big Heads swirling, we can see them. We can feel them and what I appreciate is I know people pay. I know they have a right to boo if they want to...but what separates the Louisville fans from the rest is...when we need them, they come through for us...You're not just playing for yourself. The consistency of the fan base year in and year out is the separator.  You can always count on the people of Louisville." 

What are these Big Heads that Beth refers to? People with inflated egos? I'll explain...

During a break in the action at a WBB game, have you ever looked up at the scoreboard screen and seen a crowd shot or have you scanned the crowd and seen a group and wondered what their story was? What makes this fan-base so special? OK...maybe it's just me but Paulie suggested I do today's write-up about the idea I offered about the BIG HEADS and while he and the rest of the "A" team can write great synopsis and analysis, I haven't honed that skill just yet. So, I bring you today the quirky fanaticism of Louisville women's basketball. Let me introduce you to the Big Heads. 

At halftime, Al Greener's pep band breaks into the song "Sweet Caroline". The big board's cameras focuses in on Section 106. They show the fans known as the Big Heads, the Heads Up Group, with giant head shots of the Cardinal players bopping and bobbing to the beat. Flipping the giant heads as the camera angles jump from front to back to front again. It has become a game between the camera operators and the fans. 

How did it all begin? Like most great traditions...quite by accident. 

In October of 2010, at the Women's Tip-Off Luncheon and the Arena just days away from hosting the first UofL game (which was a women's game, by the way) the luncheon was held in the Spirit Room. Three friends, Kim Allen, Ginger Kilgore and Linda Miller just happened to be seated at a table with then freshman Sherrone Vails. At the end of the luncheon, everyone got to explore where their seats would be in the KFC YUM! Center. 

Standing on the floor, Allen Miller and Kilgore pointed up to Section 106, near the middle of the show Sherrone where they would be cheering for her. One of them suggested that they would bring a sign so they could see that they were there to support her during the games. Another joked that they would get a big "cardboard head" so she couldn't miss them. Sherrone's eyes grew wide with excitement. It was later as they were leaving that Allen recalled Sherrone's excitement and the three knew that what started out as an offhand comment must be fulfilled. They plotted and planned. A good photo, a trip to Kinko's, some trial and error and they ended up with a giant cutout of her and brought it to the game. Sherrone was ecstatic and the threesome knew they were on to something special. They decided to make one for each player on the roster. 

They pooled their money, got pictures and after many trips to the printer...they completed the first set. Their friends joined them, people they previously didn't know but sitting near them, joined in.  Soon the whole squad of faces were dancing in 106. Some of the Heads Up Group, in addition to the original three are Becky Gamm, Jane Feger, Peggy Kilgore, Melanie Cox, Sandy Hicks, Shannon Noonan, John and Valerie Thompson and Marty Fehey. Others often join in. While Kim Allen was the driving force in the beginning...Linda Miller has taken over much of the photo, printing and cutting duties....which she refers to as "a labor of love". Group members help defray costs by contributing money to print the incoming faces each season and if a head needs to be replaced, as is the case of Myisha Hines-Allen. DOOO-BLAY elaborates: 

"They took my picture my freshman year of me and I really didn't like the picture at all. It was way too much of a close-up. My lips looked really chapped. It was a bad day, bad I asked if they could create a new one and they said 'Yes!' and did".

Other replacements have occurred after cutouts have been damaged or lost. Linda now brings them and collects them after each contest. She wants to make sure each player is represented at each contest. Balancing the whirlwind basketball season and her job, she is still working on the current freshmen heads. Getting crisp enough pictures that can be enlarged to a 16" x 20" print that are flattering to the player is paramount and she hopes to re-shoot the freshmen on Friday. She also hopes to have them "in the crowd" at the home game on Dec. 5th. against the UT-Martin Skyhawks. 


Since the "A" team likes to make bold predictions...I am going to go out on a limb and predict that come February, Louisville still has a big "Goose-Egg" in their loss column. Also, before the end of the season, three different Cardinals have received ACC Player of the Week honors. 

As a guest writer and big fan of CARDINAL COUPLE, I encourage each reader to pitch in a ducat or to for the NOVEMBER donation this excellent site and unique look into Louisville women's sports and Cardinal Athletics goes into 2018 strong and solvent. 

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-- Julie Sullivan -- 


Louisville Lacrosse now has their second coach in the program's history and Scott Teeter is the new skipper. He'll be formally introduced today at a 1:30 presser at the "Little YUM" practice facility and CARDINAL COUPLE will be there to cover it. 

Teeter has been the head coach at Canisius the past 16 years and has been the MAAC Coach of the Year four times. He took the Golden Griffins to the NCAA tournament in 2017 while compiling a 15-5 record. 

Vince Tyra has made a good move here. Teeter brings experience and stability to a squad that has seen its share of uncertainty and a depletion of ranks. 

Feb. 2nd. earmarks the start of the season when the LAXCards host Vermont. Two months and change to develop a plan, an identity and familiarity. 

Kay Morrisette, one of the best to ever play the game at Louisville, was an assistant on Teeter's staff at Canisius. Whether she'll return to the Ville to join the staff was unknown at the time of this article's publishing. I expect I'll find out in a few hours. 



Monday, November 20, 2017

Louisville Women's Basketball, Volleyball and Men's Soccer wins! -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

(PAULIE filling in at the keyboard for Case and a well-deserved day off! )


The FatHeads. Julie Sullvan will write about them tomorrow.
Get on them early. It was what the UofL Cardinals women's basketball team wanted to do Sunday afternoon at the KFC YUM! Center against the Oregon Ducks in the preseason WNIT Finals. 

Mission accomplished. The Cards win the tournament! 

UofL went on an early 9-0 run over a three minute span in the first quarter to go from a 5-4 deficit to 13-5 lead and Oregon would get no closer than six the rest of the day. Asia Durr had seven of the points in the run and 26 in the contest, making the All-Tournament Team along with Most Valuable Player Myisha Hines-Allen (17 points, 12 rebounds). The Cards improve to 5-0 on the season and are #5 in the nation. 

Louisville led this one 23-14 after one and Durr had 14 of them on 5-7 shooting and Hines-Allen added seven in a quarter where the Cards forced six Oregon turnovers. 

Louisville kept the foot on the gas in the second quarter, winning the 10-minute session 20-13 and led by 18 points at 42-24 after a Hines-Allen jumper with 1:50 until half. It was a thing of beauty to watch...the bench produced 13 first half points...Dana Evans and Syd Zambrotta contributing 11 of these with 8 for 12 shooting. 

The Cards already had two players in double figures at the halftime break in Myisha and Asia and had forced 14 Ducks turnovers. UofL was shooting a hot 55.6% from the floor and were 9-10 from the charity stripe. 

One had to wonder and worry a bit about an Oregon rally. These quackers trailed Texas A&M by five in the semifinals at College Station Thursday before roaring back to win 83-68. 

It didn't happen. 

Jazmine Jones dropped in eight points in a five minute stretch to keep the Cards comfortably ahead in the third frame and Hines-Allen produced the final four points in the quarter to keep the Cards head of #10 Oregon 61-46 with ten minutes to go. The Ducks would sneak back to within 11 a couple of times in the final action...but two Durr baskets and Hines-Allen inside pushed UofL back out to a 74-58 lead with 1:17 to play and the Cards take a 13 point victory over a very good Oregon squad 74-61. 



FRED GWYNNE - Herman Munster
is today's Fred Figure. The Cards could
have used his height Sunday
FREE THROWS -- 12-14 (85.7%) gets a big "O.K!!" from us, with four players going 2-2 and Sam Fuehring going 4-6. She did not get a chance to prove the Walz "3 is better than 2" theorem, since her misses were the first of two both times. WE HAVE NO PROBLEM AWARDING A CAPITAL "F" HERE. 

REBOUNDING -- When you face a squad that has seven players 6'2" or taller, you can expect that grabbing boards might be a bit difficult for you. Oregon won the backboard battle 29-27, despite Hines-Allen's 12 for Louisville. Ruthie Hebard is one of the best forwards in the nation and controlled nine missed shots for the Ducks. WE CANNOT AWARD A LETTER HERE, but hats off to Myisha for her efforts. DOOO-BLAY puts on her hard-hat and reports to the site each and every game. 
I'll give her a special "R" for her board work. 

EXECUTION/EFFORT -- Louisville started hot and remained hot for the entire 40 minutes Sunday. 24 made baskets on 20 assists and despite 17 Cardinal turnovers and 11 Oregon steals, displayed great energy and got great bench participation from Jones and Zambrotta. Louisville's starters shot 57% in the contest (24-42) and WE'LL GIVE UP A CAPITAL "E" FOR SUNDAY'S EFFORT. 

DEFENSE -- Holding high intensity and prolific scoring Oregon to 61 points is a remarkable feat. They came into the contest averaging 95 points in three games. The Ducks had 20 turnovers and shot just 44.4% for 40 minutes. Road fatigue? Maybe, but Sabrina Ionescu didn't score in the first three periods (Great job Louisville guards!) and she finished with just eight points. THE CARDS EARN THE CAPITAL "D" HERE, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! 



We doubt Coach will travel this
week dressed like this but that
outfit would have been welcome
Saturday at football! 
-- With the convincing win and now 5-0, will the Cards creep up from #5 in the nation? #1 UConn is still 3-0 and #2 Texas remains unbeaten also. #3 Baylor did fall 82-68 to #8 UCLA and #4 South Carolina went to 4-0 with a win over Wofford. 

The WBB Cards are #1 in the latest RPI report. Movin' on up! 

-- Sam Fuehring is a warrior and has gained maturity. She was getting slammed by Ionescu all game and had to be separated from her twice in the contest. She kept her calm, though, something a freshman or sophomore Sam might have not done. She finished with 10 points and about 3,000 charges drawn, most of them not called by the all-star but basically average referring crew on Sunday of Dee Kanter, Cam Inouye and Bruce "Papillon" Morris. 

-- Turkey Time. The players will get a few well-deserved days off before returning to action on Friday against Murray State in the KFC YUM! Center. We did find out in the post-game presser that Myisha and Asia are big fans of sweet potato casserole as a side dish and, yes, marshmallows are approved of in the dish. Coach Walz will jump on the recruiting trail with trips to California and Texas before coming home to carve the turkey (Or it is ham. Or both?) for the family. 

-- We do pay attention to turnovers and Sonya and I explored another stat Sunday. Who forced the turnover? We tracked them for the first three quarters and on Oregon's 17 miscues...14 were forced. Sam Fuehring with 4 forces, Myisha Hines-Allen responsible for three, Arica Carter and Kylee Shook two each Dana Evans, Jaz Jones and Asia Durr one each.  Out of the Cards 13 turnovers through three, 11 were forced. Ruthy Hebard led the Ducks with four, Lexie Bando with two forces and five players with one each.

Great, another stat to track...



Melanie also played football in
High School. Don't tell Petrino! 
At Cardinal Arena, the Volley Cards got an exemplary effort from Melanie McHenry and her 30 kills as Louisville won in five sets over troublesome North Carolina 25-21 25-17, 23-25, 21-25 15-11. 

The Cards go to 22-6 on the season and 16-2 in the ACC, good for a first-place tie with Pittsburgh. 

On Senior Night, it was a sophomore that was the star for Louisville. Head Coach Dani Busboom Kelly of the Cards shares her thoughts: 

"I really can't single out just one person. I feel like the whole team stepped up. They started looking each other in their eyes again and decided we're going to do this. McHenry carried us today, she's been due for a great match. She had two great matches, back to back, this weekend. It's awesome to see her perform that way.  Gabbie Wiley led our team in digs and that's extremely difficult for a defense specialist but she was awesome today also. 

In the deciding set, UNC popped out to and early 5-1 lead before Louisville fought back and took a 7-6 edge. Tied at 11, the Cards swept the final four points of the match with the final point coming on McHenry's 30th kill. 

Jared and Worldwide have joined the
Louisville Volleyball squad! 

Louisville has a ten-game win streak in Cardinal Arena against ACC foes but will end the regular season on the road at Boston College on Wednesday and Syracuse Friday. 



Congratulations to Louisville men's soccer and their 3-2 win Sunday night over San Francisco at Lynn Stadium in second-round NCAA Tournament action. Tate Schmitt with the game winner in the 78th. minute of action.

Louisville advances to the Soccer Sweet Sixteen and will host Colgate Sunday down on Floyd Street. 

Louisville is 12-2-4 on the season. 

We got this photo late last night from the intrepid Jared Anderson at Men's Soccer. Seems he found Louisville Field Hockey star Minnie Mink in attendance and got a selfie with the "scorer, that's what I do" sophomore. Whether she discussed next year's predictions is not known as of this article being published. 

I spend 20 minutes trying to rotate the picture and finally gave up. Lay on your side if you want a better view, or maybe Worldwide will saunter over to our site late today and use his I.T. skills to turn it around. (Jared's the one on the right, or bottom, depending on when you view this).   



Thursday is Thanksgiving. A day where we take the day off from the site and, this year, I have much to be thankful for. A new hip that works great, three of the best writers around that grace these pages daily and contributions from Julie Sullivan and David Watson. I am so grateful they are a part of this independent, non-profit daily look at the joy and excitement of Louisville women's sports and Cardinal athletics. 

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Louisville Women's Basketball, Volleyball Featured Today! -- Sunday Cardinal Couple

Sunday Schedule

Well, at least the events today are spread out nicely, although it would be nice if they were in a bit closer geographical proximity.

Let's run them down in order.


Volleyball kicks off the afternoon at 1 at Cardinal Arena.  The Cards are looking for revenge for an early conference season loss to UNC today.  If you'll remember, in the first matchup, the Cards went into the set break at Chapel Hill up two sets to none with 25-19 and 25-18 wins.  The Tarheels regrouped, though, and came out for the 3rd and 4th sets and flipped the script, winning 25-18 and 25-19, setting up the decisive 5th set.  The Tarheels got that one 15-12 for the match, and the Cardinals came back home smarting from what should have been a solid win that turned into a loss.  I suspect Florida State and Miami were none too thrilled, either, as they were the next guests into Cardinal Arena the next weekend who went down to defeat...the first matches to really show the mettle that this UofL squad really had, (and started to show that FSU really wasn't as great as expected pre-season).

Today, UofL is coming off of a very large victory against NC State in Cardinal Arena Friday night.  That match may very well have been the deciding match of the ACC conference season championship.  The Cardinals need to win the rest of the way, including today, and next weekend vs Boston College and Syracuse, to ensure they hang onto the share of the conference championship and that automatic qualifier bid to the NCAA tournament.  A loss in any of the three matches would mean that we would need Pitt to take another loss as well, and with the rest of their schedule consisting of Georgia Tech (today), and then Virginia and Virginia Tech next week, the likelihood of that happening is rather low.

If you can't make it to campus, this one is available, as normal, on ACC Network Extra


The women go into battle at 3pm for the WNIT championship at the KFC Yum! Center.  10th ranked Oregon has advanced through the other side of the WNIT bracket.  Louisville sits in the #5 spot, of course, in early season like this, rankings are particularly impermanent.

The Cards will be looking out for scorers Ruthy Hebard (6'4" F), and Sabrina Ionescu (5'10" G) who had 24 and 16 against Texas A&M.  Ionescu had a triple-double with 11 assists and 10 rebounds.  Other scorers to be wary of are Lexi Bando (5'9" G), and Maiti Cazorla (5'10" G) who both put up 10 against Texas A&M.  Cazorla almost reached double-double territory with 8 assists.  First off the bench vs A&M was Oti Gildon (6'1" F) who scored 12 and pulled down 9 rebounds.

Not coming downtown?  Get the call on CBS Sports Network.

Men's Soccer

Things move back to Floyd Street at 5 p.m. with the Men's Soccer team kicking off their NCAA tournament run against San Francisco.  The Cards bring a 4th seed into the tournament, and a win today will likely bring 13th seed Michigan into Lynn for the next round game.  The Blue have to get past Colgate to do it, that match also starts at 5 p.m..

Still not on Floyd Street?  ESPN3, has this one, still on the ESPN streaming platform like ACC Network Extra, albeit a little more prominently displayed.

Can you complete the Cardinal sports marathon today? Also, be advised that the NCAA Field Hockey championship game is being played at Trager Stadium today as well so parking could be a tough ticket today on the Belknap Campus.

I won't go into a lot of detail here, plenty of sites out there to cover it, but Louisville Football splashed away in absolutely horrible, wet and cold conditions in Papa John's Oven yesterday 56-10 over Syracuse, I stuck in out until the end, dressed like Ralphie's brother Randy in A CHRISTMAS STORY. Lamar Jackson is from another planet or something. Amazing. 381 total yards and four touchdowns. Cards with seven wins now and at UK next week to close the regular season.   -- Paulie -- 


MYSTERY PICTURE. What classic comedy movie is
this photo from? First correct response gets entered for
a $20 Panera Card! (No, it's not Paulie and Jeff's
 excellent Adventure...) 
We were down a knucklehead yesterday in the basement on a hill.  Jared was off being a big fancy.banker, but Julie JC Sullivan classed up the joint in his place, and even brought Paulie his very own stuffed plush Touchdown Squirrel.  You should be able to find the replay at 
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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Louisville Volleyball Moves into Driver's Seat; Kicks NC State Out of the Car -- SATURDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Louisville Sweeps NC State in Battle for First Place

The starters do their pregame ritual.
(Courtesy Jared Anderson)
After constant badgering by my fellow Cardinal Couplers to make it out to a Louisville women's sporting event that isn't soccer, I promised I would make my way to the Louisville/NC State volleyball match. It's not that I don't like the other sports. I quite enjoy watching them and often do on my laptop. It's just that it is often tough to find the time in my schedule to drive over to campus to watch the games. Last night, though, I upheld my promise and stepped foot in the Student Activities Center for the first time since before I received my undergrad degree. After being told the best place to park was the Floyd Street Garage, I headed across the Watterson to campus. 

There were pedestrians abound as the field hockey final four matches were just wrapping up. Because of the final four and the volleyball match, signs saying "$5 Event Parking" were posted near the garage. I turned in, pulled up to the man taking money, and asked "Do you take card?" He looked at me with disgust and said "No. Is that all you have? No cash at all?" I informed him of the measly $1 bill sitting in my wallet. "Go all the way to the top and pay me on your way out." I'm sure the kind man didn't expect me to pay him on my way out, but I got cash from the ATM just to do so after the match. He wasn't there. If you want to ensure that you don't let people park for free, a sign saying "Cash Only" would probably be wise. Or just don't try to extort money from people at every opportunity, especially in a parking area that would otherwise be free to students and visitors alike after a certain time of day.

Jeff and Vivian McAdams and I talk pregame.
(Courtesy Jared Anderson)
After receiving my student ticket, I ran into Jeff, who was kind enough to extend an offer to sit with him and his mother Vivian, a regular of the site. The people who owned the season tickets next to them apparently never go, so there was plenty of room. I was appreciative that I wouldn't have to sit in the awkward endzone balcony all alone. I got my happy hour beer and settled in. After the National Anthem and player introductions--Gabbie Wiley threw her little mini ball pretty much directly to me and I handed it to the little girl in front of me--we settled in for what we expected to be a tough match between two ACC leaders.

Louisville promptly served up an error to open the match. It was fine, though, because it would prove to be NC State that couldn't get out of their own way for the rest of the match. The Wolfpack ended with a whopping 24 errors in the match and hit only .110. Giving 24 points to your opponent is a pretty good way to get swept, and Louisville was able to capitalize on those errors, committing only 10 of their own. Louisville added 13 team blocks to the stat sheet, absolutely dominating at the net. These blocks included two jousts that Wilma Rivera shoved straight back at NCST middle hitters and two cheeky, quick kill attempts that the NCST setter had sent right back down her throat. Louisville came prepared to play, and they seemed to execute their game plan extremely well.

Louisville squares up one of 13 blocks.
(Courtesy Jared Anderson)
Louisville's stranglehold on the match was only really in question in the second set, when NC State stretched out a 12-17 lead. They had led most of the set due to Louisville being a bit out of sorts, but went on a run to put the set in jeopardy. Louisville responded with a five point run to tie the set, then won 6 of the next 8 points to stretch out their own lead at 22-19. NC State couldn't recover and the Cards won 25-22. The third set was much less fun for the Wolfpack as Louisville jumped out to an early 5-2 lead and never really looked back. NC State was able to cut it to 8-6 at one point but it was never that close again, and Louisville won 25-15.

Unsurprisingly, Melanie McHenry was the statistical MVP in this one. I feel like I've written that phrase after almost every match, but seeing her play in person I could understand why. As Vivian remarked to me early in the match, "She's a competitor." McHenry plays with a fire on the floor and she was determined to win last night. At one point in the first set, NC State hit it straight at her 3 times in a row and she blocked all three. NC State finally went to the other side. McHenry finished with 13 kills, 1 ace, 6(!) blocks, 7 digs, and hit .343. She had only one error and was on the floor for all 131 points. Absolute warrior. Maggie DeJong also came up big with 7 kills and 6 blocks and Molly Sauer and Wilma Rivera were their typical star shining selves. 

The Cards celebrate their big win. (Courtesy Jared Anderson)
Louisville now sits alone with Pittsburgh atop the ACC. They are in complete control of their own destiny, as winning out would give them the ACC automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. If Pittsburgh loses a match (which is unlikely since the rest off their schedule is a cakewalk), Louisville also has the luxury of remaining on top with a loss, because they now hold the tiebreaker over both Pitt and NC State. No one else can join the tie without Louisville and Pitt losing all of their remaining games. Louisville looks to get one step closer to that conference championship when they take on North Carolina tomorrow at 1PM. UNC, if you remember, is the team that was able to reverse sweep the Cards, giving them one of their two ACC losses. The Cards will be looking to avenge the match they should have won on Senior Day. The match will be available on ACC Network Extra if you are unable to make it out.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

We're in the studio today at 11AM to bring to you the joy and excitement of Louisville women's sports. We've got a lot of women's basketball wins to go on about as well as more about last night's volleyball victory. Jeff will have audio from his postgame interview with head coach Dani Busboom-Kelly and Paulie will likely have postgame from basketball. Tune into WCHQ FM however you feel most comfortable, via 100.9 on your FM radio, the WCHQ app, or 

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Until next time, Go Cards!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Louisville women's basketball -- Cards use second half to maul Michigan -- Volleyball tonight! -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


(Paulie here...filling in for a stuck-in-meetings-Worldwide, who would normally have the Friday write-up. We do what we do.) 

The Ladybirds sometimes stand in front of me.
I don't complain.  (Photo by Paulie)
After 20 minutes in the KFC YUM! Center last night, many Cardinal fans were shaking their heads in puzzlement. The #5 Cards trailed Michigan 37-32 at the half and Louisville was a less-than-stellar 1-10 from the three-point arc. After the next twenty minutes, Cardinal fans were shaking their heads in amazement after a half where the Cards outscored the Wolverines 43-12. A total domination and "owning" of a team that should be in the thick of the fight for the Big 10 title. 

Defense. It was something that was a tale of two halves, as well. Louisville allowed 65.2% shooting in the first twenty. Katelynn Flaherty was doing her best Asia Durr impression with five-for-five three point shooting and Walz tried everyone but Jared Anderson in trying to stop her. Fast forward to the end of the final half. The Boots shot 19% from the floor and limited Flaherty to a scant six points. No threes in one attempt. Face guarding a hot player has its perks. Michigan scored six points in 33 minutes before Walz unloaded the bench.

I also get cheerleaders performing in front of my.
No complaints, here. (Photo by Paulie)
Jeff Walz may complain about the inconsistency. He told the girls they might as well go home in the half-time locker room chat....because no one wanted to watch this performance. He probably said a few other things that we probably couldn't print here. Whatever oratorical masterpiece he delivered sunk in. The Cards played like a squad that would like to return to Columbus in March. 

The Cards earned their right to stay home Sunday and bring Oregon into the Arena by the River for the preseason WNIT finals. The Ducks waddled past Texas A&M in the other semifinal game last night 83-68. A pre-season "Holiday Road" for them...from Eugene to College Station to Louisville. Hopefully, they'll bring Randy Quaid and leave Ruthie Hebard home. The sophomore forward went 10-10 for 24 points last night against the Aggies. 

It was a good night for Jeff Walz. Not only did his team rise to the challenge, but his Pittsburgh Steelers dismembered the Titans...Tennessee version. Maybe he should play Powerball...

I often set out cookies for the refs at halftime. They never take
them. Maybe I should add milk. (Photo by Paulie) 
Most impressive for the Cards also was their forcing 23 turnovers and creating 24 points off them. 16 in the second half, when the Wolverines looked like a Saturday Night Live parody of a basketball team. Head coach Kim Barnes Arico said it best when she commented post-game: 

"They were able to turn up their defense and create havoc for us...we started getting tighter and tighter...making one pass and taking a shot." 

The Cards were undaunted by the 6'6" Michigan center Hallie Thome. UofL won the points-in-the-paint battle 40-16 and held Thome to six points and one rebound in her 24 minutes. She fouled out with 6:16 to play and the Cards up 60-43. 

Our buddy Daryl Foust appears consternated. Maybe
by Charlie? (Photo by Jared Anderson)
Many contributions from the Louisville bench last night as well. Syd "Z" nailed to trifectas, Bionca Dunham with six rebounds and four points in 13 minutes and Kylee Shook added four points and four grabs in 12 minutes. Dana Evans, that precocious freshman with the poise of a senior, had four assists and played lock-down defense in her 24 minutes...also sinking a three. 

It may be the best start of a season for this Walz squad since the 2014-15 season, when the Cards opened 8-0 before falling to UK in the YUM! He certainly has many pieces to put on this year's chess-board and can go fast, tall or small...depending on the circumstances. Maybe it's too early to tell just how this team will fare...but they've overcome adversity twice so far in four games. 

Myisha Hines-Allen, DOOO-BLAY, with a solid effort. No double/double but proclaiming, once again, that "this is my paint, my turf and you should just leave". She'll get a test against the Ducks. Hebard is 6'4" worth of just plain nasty forward skills and Oregon has seven players 6'3" or taller. 

Rarer than a Yeti sighting...a Jeff Walz smile during
a UofL basketball game (Photo by Jared Anderson) 
Asia? Well, she can't have 47 every night...but she came up a solid 13 points after a sluggish start. She does get a little fired up when she sees her teammates succeed, as well. Call her "Nite-nite". Call her "50-Piece"...just make sure and call her number when they do the starting lineups. She logged the most minutes for the Red and Black last night with 30. 

Not quite 5800 entered the KFC YUM! Center and that's a massive downer. This team deserves your patronage and support. Forget whatever petty reasons you're coming up with and be there Sunday. 


NFL wide receiver Fred Bilitnekoff  is
today's FRED pic. Fred could grab 'em.
FREE THROWS -- No complaints here. 14-16 works. On the two misses (one by Fuehring, one by MHA) the Cards did not counter with a rebound, putback or the Walz "3 is better than 2" theorem did not come into play. WE AWARD A CAPITAL "F" FOR THAT FOUL LINE EXCELLENCE. 

REBOUNDS -- Louisville won the battle of the boards 35-27 after getting out-rebounded 15-13 in the first half. I liked Dunham and Myisha's effort and Asia's, holding Thome at bay. Impressive but I can only issue a small case "r" here. 

EFFORT/EXECUTION -- A tale of two halves here. For as ponderous and slow-to-react the Cards were in the first twenty, they looked like lionesses ready to pounce on crippled Caribou to end the game. We'll go with the small-case "e" here. 

DEFENSE -- Once again, good cop, bad cop. Allowing 65.2% shooting won't win you many games and that's what Michigan produced inn the first two quarters. They slipped to 43.2% for the game and Louisville did win the turnovers created battle. A tough call but, we'll stay lower case "d". 

FRED FINAL:  F-r-e-d

Michigan's Kim Barnes Arico during
a happier moment Thursday night
(Photo by Jared Anderson)
All in all, all's well that ends well. The Cards knock off a top 25 foe and do it with a huge second half. Just win, baby. 

Games can take strange twists and turns. What sometimes appears to be a struggle can magically turn into a reversal-of-fortunes and rout for the previously trouble team. We're not sure what magic dust Walz and the coaches sprinkled on the Cards at halftime, but, it worked. We're not sure what Walz said in entirety to the squad during the break, but I hope someone recorded it and keeps it on file to play back if similar circumstances develop.  

Louisville has greatness in Myisha and Asia. They have stability in Sam and Arica. They have explosiveness in Jazz and Dana. They have height in Kylee and Bionca. Add in the learning Loretta, bombing Syd and a attack Yorkie and you end up with a unit that has impressed, surprised and succeeded so far. Let's hope that mixture is still just as savory in 2018.

Please show up Sunday, fans. 






It's a battle of the top-of-conference standing teams tonight in Cardinal Arena when Louisville and NC State put their 14-2 conference records on the line at 7:30 p.m.

This should be a good one. The VolleyCards are on a seven-game win streak and hold their fate in their hands. NC State enters with five wins in a row. Something's gotta give. 

It's Stadium Cup night for the first 500 through the doors and poster giveaway, too. WE'll recap this one on THE CARDINAL CUP RADIO HOUR Saturday at 11 a.m. on WCHQ and in Case's Saturday write-up.

There could be the entire "A" team attendance tonight at the match. Wild lions couldn't keep WorldWide away, Jared will be there staring through his camera, we may have sufficiently goaded Case into attending and Paulie most likely will meander through the doors. 

Join us, won't you? 7:30 is the designated start time. 



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