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Thursday, June 21, 2018

An outsider looks at Tyra -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Hey-Ho and Good Morning! Dave O with you today while Paulie and the Miss Sonya take a few days away from the fray to vacation. When I talked with "the big guy" on Tuesday to discuss the article, one thing we kept coming back to were "coaches". Louisville has brought in some very good ones. They've sweetened the pot for a few more. 

When I refer to "Louisville" and "they", I am alluding to the job that Vince Tyra has done in the eight months since Tom Jurich was let go. October 18, 2017.

These are views from someone (namely me) who does not live in Louisville but has relatives in the area and has been fascinated with Louisville Athletics since the days of Darrell Griffith and the Doctors of Dunk. I'll admit it, my first love was Notre Dame. It's tough being a Cardinal supporter in South Bend. Much easier in Bradenton, my current locale. It's possible I may have been the only Cardinal fan in Medford, N.J., where I spent those "formative years" and where I met my wife. 

I have seen the good and the bad associated with the Cards. My oldest daughter dreamed of playing field hockey at UofL but the Cards didn't show the same interest, her skill sets weren't quite ACC proficient and she went to, and prospered, at a northeastern United States university. When I lived in Muncie, we'd drive down to watch women's and men's basketball and the occasional football game. I met Paulie at WBB, random circumstances where I just happened to end up sitting next to him in those magical Freedom Hall days. Those days before he eventually descended to his current spot in the YUM! where he keeps Jerry Abramson and Al Benninger awake and informed.

I sat through Cooper and Crum. Strong and Krags. Bustin and Sowry. I've said words while listening to Cardinal radio broadcasts that would make a drunken sailor on shore leave blush. I've yelled so loud from my garage about good things that the neighbors have come over to see if I was OK. Your typical Cards fan, right? 

I'll start here on Vince. It has got to be one of the toughest things in the world to "come in" after a legend departs. 

Especially under the circumstances that existed at the time. There was a strong "pro-Tom" movement from what I heard, a strong "anti-board" movement as well. Vince accepted a job where he was, basically, tossed into a red-hot skillet and expected not to scorch or burn. 

He was also faced with decisions and speculation. As Bob Valvano and others have said, when A.D.'s leave, coaches do too. It was not a smooth and controversy-free transition. I liken it to pulling in to restaurant for a small snack and getting a plate of food a foot high. A basketball coach was needed. The NCAA and FBI were monitoring Louisville Athletics. Something had to be done about a lacrosse coach out-of-control. 

Welcome to college athletics, Vince. 

Step by step, deliberately and with care, he moved forward. Padgett and Teeter joined the fold. Lolla and Ferguson-Dayes were given assurances and enhancements. A university President was hired. Walz and McDonnell received the type of extensions and support needed to keep them on campus. A surprise but totally understandable retirement in softball. Working with a board that most consider a detriment to Louisville Athletics. A governor that is solidly in UK's camp. Vince was climbing Mt. Everest in a speedo and swimming trunks. But, he's still smiling and making progress.   

One-by-one, the mountains were turned into molehills. And, Vince's long-term love and support for the program became obvious. Standing in the snow at lacrosse, watching softball, basketball, volleyball and all other sports...being there, being seen and finding out what was needed and how he could help. The doomsayers and naysayers were hushed. The University was starting to crawl out of the abyss and striding toward daylight. 

I watched this with intrigue and interest 900 miles and 14 hours away from the Belknap campus. One by one, Vince "got a grip" on an issue and carried it to completion. 

Paulie and I had a few conversations along the way. At times, the Cardinal Couple co-owner was disillusioned and almost apathetic. I think he mirrored a lot of Cardinal fans' feelings. Today, on this first day of summer, Paulie is now optimistic and confident about the 2018-19 season and Cardinal Athletics. In this "myoptic" void...or "summer doldrums" as he calls it, there is faith and pride. Confidence in his voice. Interviews ahead with coaches and players. He shows excitement. 

As there is with me. 

Would I feel this way if it had been another choice for A.D? That, of course, is very hard to say -- but, despite my undying admiration for what Tom Jurich did in 20 years at UofL -- I think the UofL Athletics program is standing on solid ground now. 

I fully hope, believe and pray that it remains that way. 

It's Thursday. The sun is out here and shining shortly before 9 a.m. The golf course is calling in the distance, I can hear it, and it's asking me to come out and play, to lose balls in the woods, to three-putt greens, to completely duff fairway irons. So -- I'm off.

Thanks for letting me share these pages today. Have a great Thursday and, following Jared's lead, I'll remind you that today is the first day of Summer, National Selfie Day and National Seashell Day. Why not send Cardinal Couple a selfie of yourself holding a seashell? 

All comments appreciated on my article.  

Your friend, 

Dave O.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

McFerran on Irish National Team -- Leon Finishes Fifth -- Men's Soccer Hosts Special Event -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

McFerran on Irish National Team

Our favorite field hockey goalkeeper will be headed to Germany for a few days.  Ayeisha McFerran was named to the Irish National Field Hockey Team.

The 22-player roster will compete in a tournament consisting of three countries.  Between June 21-23 the Irish will face Germany and Canadian preparation for the World Cup.

McFerran has played a crucial part for Louisville the past three years and is a shoo-in to be a team captain for her senior year.  She is a three-time All-American selection and also holds All-ACC and All-West Region honors.

A recent memory we at Cardinal Couple have of McFerran is her standout performance against Duke in the ACC semifinals.  She held her own in the shootout en route to the upset victory, sending the Cards to their first ACC Championship game appearance.

Make all of us proud and bring back some wins while enjoying your European Tour!

Leon Takes Fifth in USATF Junior Outdoor Championships

Gabriela Leon had a strong outing in the pole fault at the USATF Junior Outdoor Championships, placing fifth.  She cleared 4,10m/13-5 1/4.

Leon just concluded her freshman year for Louisville.  The ever-growing-star just turned 19 a few days ago (Happy belated Birthday) and has a bright future at Louisville.

What's that overhead in the sky? It's a, it's a plane....WAIT! It's Gabriela Leon!

Men's Soccer Hosts Kickin' It with JT and Friends

I just reported on something special the men's soccer team, but they're already back at it again.  The date for Kickin' It with JT and Friends was announced yesterday and is set for Saturday, July 21 at Mockingbird Valley Sports Complex.

JT is Coach Lolla's nephew and is an avid soccer fan.  This event celebrates the gifts of participants with special needs and promotes physical, mental, and social development through the game of soccer.

Howie Lindsey will be this year's guest emcee.  He will announce the name of each participant as they race down the celebration tunnel, surrounded by the men's soccer team.  The special guests will participate in soccer matches among other activities and games.

One of the reasons UofL is one of the top schools in the country in volunteer hours is all of the time and commitment our student-athletes and squads give to helping those with different talents.  Thank you for representing the university so well.

What Day Is It?

Sport your patriotism through National Bald Eagle Day while enjoying an ice cream soda or vanilla milkshake.  It is also World Refugee Day and New Identity Day.

It is also National OODT Day. That stands for Outfit Of The Day. Express yourself! We all know we feel a little better and a little more confident (especially our women readers) when it all clicks and you're out there looking absolutely fabulous!

Walk up to someone today and tell them "You look marvelous!"

Enjoy your Wednesday, cold dessert, stylish threads and change your name for the day. Go Cards!

- Jared -

Tuesday, June 19, 2018



Asia Taylor: Part Deux. 

The Cardinal great has returned to the WNBA for the second time this year -- and for the 2018 season. Just slightly over a month from when she was cut by the Washington Mystics, the Indiana Fever have come calling and included Taylor on their roster. She replaces waived third-year guard Jazmon Gwathmey on the roster and received an undisclosed free agent contract with the 1-10 Fever. 

Asia will be joining the Indiana squad in Los Angeles for tonight's name against the Sparks and their West Coast swing. It's a battle of the two teams having quite different seasons...Los Angeles is atop the WNBA with an 8-2 record. 

It's been an eventful 30 days for the 6'1" Taylor, who led Louisville in rebounding in 2013-14. After leaving the Mystics, she switched teams in the ABL (the Australian league)...moving from east coast to west, from Sydney to Perth. Taylor was one of the top five free agent in Australia and also considered one of the top five players in the ABL. 

Let's hope Pokey Chatman, general manager and head coach of the Fever, gives Asia a chance to do here in the United States what she was able to accomplish in "the land down under". The Fever need something good to happen for them -- they've hardly been "burning up" in the WNBA. 

A first look at the current Indiana roster reveals a lot of youth. There are four rookies on the 12-player squad. Ohio State's dynamic duo of Kelsey Mitchell and Stephanie Mavunga are two of them. We all probably remember Victoria Vivians from Mississippi State. A fourth "rookie" actually came to the Fever from the Turkish League, via California and Belgium in Hind Ben Abdolkader. Three players, including Taylor have just three or less years in "the league". Coach Chatman also has another Mitchell on the squad...Tiffany Mitchell, who was a South Carolina star. 

Kelsey Mitchell has taken the WNBA by "storm"...leading the team with 17.5 ppg in her first season. Tiffany Mitchell checks in at third in team scoring with 10.5 ppg and veteran Candice Dupree contributes 13.9 a contest. The Fever also have one of Worldwide Jeff's favorite players in Natalie Achowna, the Notre Dame powerhouse, who is fourth in scoring with 9.6 a night.   

Taylor feels things happen for a reason. A recent Facebook quote from her reveals: 

"My Mama always told me -- What GOD has for you, no man can take from you. I believe that with everything in me. I said this when Washington released me and Ima say it again. GOD'S PLAN. I never doubt it." 

The Fever could probably use some "Divine Intervention" if they are to make the WNBA Playoffs this season...but they are building a roster with youth and former great DI players and the process could take a few years. 

A-Tayy is back and she's got the Fever. Or, actually the Fever's got her and let's hope she can be a part of the resurgence of the squad that is 90 minutes north of Louisville. The Fever returns to Indianapolis June 24th. for a 6 p.m. Sunday game against the Connecticut Sun. 

Dedicated, optimistic. Unwavering in her faith and belief. We've watched Asia since her years in Columbus, Ohio high school hoops. Commiserated with her on her injuries. Celebrated her successes. Watched her turn into a supremely confident woman who has a passion, a purpose and a path. 

We wish her the best of luck and a productive time with the Fever. From Columbus to Louisville to Minnesota to Israel, Australia, Washington and all points in-between. If her luggage could talk, what stories I'm sure it could tell. 

And, we can't wait for the next chapters....



Monday, June 18, 2018

Good Morning Campers! -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Learning the game the right way. Receiving instruction and honing skills from qualified and knowledgeable instructors. Testing your skills and seeing how you fare in a group environment against your peers and age group. 

These are a few of the things that the youth in sports can gain and benefit from in summer camps on the University of Louisville campus in June and July. Almost all of the sports programs at UofL offer summer camps and the participants flock to them to learn, compete, have fun and grow their games and confidence. Let's look at a couple this morning. 


Jeff Walz, his assistants and staff, and the Cardinal WBB student-athletes just recently completed a team camp on Sunday. A team camp for junior varsity and varsity squads. The final camp of the summer will start Wednesday (June 20th.) and is the eagerly anticipated Elite Camp for 9-12 graders. 

Over the years, I've dropped in to watch this one and have seen many future DI stars work their games under the watchful eye of the Cardinals. The venue has changed over the years...previously at Cardinal Arena and the S.A.C. building, the camp has moved across campus and is staged at the  Student Recreation Center (SRC). 

Kate Tucker is the information "to-go" source on this one and, as the hard-working WBB Director of Operations, has always been gracious in getting me information about it. Drop her a message at if you have questions. Tell her Paulie sent ya.  Unfortunately, ol' Paulie will be unable to attend this year but I know several of our readers like to go or have kids involved in, we'll look to you for updates. 


Justine Sowry's Skills Camps were held June 4-7 and June 11-14. Having watched these in the past, I can tell you that the participants are coached and assisted in improving their skills in the various positions that Field Hockey student-athletes perform in. "Coach" was an-ex goalkeeper and there are numerous current and ex-players at the ready to work with the campers and help them on working on their skills and strategy. 

Field Hockey still has an Elite Camp (July 1-2) and a Team Camp (July 20-22) ahead and the best and most promising will flock to Trager to enjoy the competition and knowledge available at these. 

Debbie Bell is the contact for Field Hockey camps and can be reached at (502)852-7616 for further information. 


Karen Ferguson Dayes and the UofL women's soccer program carries on an ambitious summer camp schedule that offers quality instructions and several different facets of skills levels. They get underway today (June 18th.) with their Future Cardinals Camp. This camp focuses on mastering the rudimentary skills that make up the game of soccer. It's a five-day camp (June 18-22) and, although the registration is closed for this particular camp, information about future summer camps is available at the website or from director of operations Jing Hughley. 

In past years, this camp has taken place at the practice field at the corner of Floyd and Warnock, across from McDonald's 

Other summer camps this year for WSOC include another Future Cardinals Camp from July 16-20th and a Summer Elite Camp on July 22nd. 


Get ready for a very busy July of camps hosted by UofL Volleyball, Dani Busboom Kelly and her staff. The first one is the High School Elite Skills Camp that begins July 5th and runs through the 7th. 

It's the first of four in July and following it...there is a Libero Camp (July 9th), Setting/Hitting Camp (July 10th), Serving Camp (July 10th) and High School Team Camp (July 11-13th). It's a busy summer for the Serve and Kill Cards...Volleyball has already had four camps this summer! 

These will be held at Cardinal Arena (in the S.A.C. building) and also at the S.R.C.  

Sarah Petkovic is the contact for these and available at for questions and information. 

LACROSSE did not have any information available on camps, which is understandable due to....a new coach.SOFTBALL has cancelled all camps... a search for a coach, of course, is going on.

I found the Go website a great source for information on these and, if you are interested in learning more about these camps, I'd suggest a visit there first...Other sports have camps as well. 

I wish there had been camps like this available when I was a kid growing up. They are excellent opportunities to improve your skills and knowledge in your sport and (who knows)...maybe you'll catch the eye "of a certain someone" and parlay that into a college chance to perform!!!!

There may not be conference contests, weekly pressers, stat releases or results to analyze and discuss on Floyd St. right now...but there IS still plenty of activity. The future Cardinals in many sports are getting a good long look at the facilities, staffs and workings of their sport of participation. The coaches and staff are doing some looking as well...making notes and getting a glimpse into the future. 

Good morning campers! Rise and's "go" time !!!


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Worldwide Volleyball Update -- SUNDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Volleyball Update

Worldwide is writing about Volleyball again?  I'm sure you're shocked.

Jared covered the news the other day that Tess Clark had signed a Pro contract in France to play volleyball, and that news, on the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour yesterday, led into a bit of a path down Volleyball news and updates that we had not really covered very well.  So let's do a little catching up with the situation for Volleyball, including a discussion of their schedule for the Fall, as well as a quick rundown of the new folks expected to join the team.

Let's start with a roster update.  With the graduation of Tess Clark, Maggie DeJong, Gabbie Wiley, and Colene Coussens, along with the departures of Kali Eaken, and Alexia Byrnes to other schools, the Cardinals Volleyball roster is depleted in numbers, but really not suffering too badly for talent levels.  If you look at the roster site, you'll see it has been updated to remove the graduates and transfers, but hasn't yet added incoming Freshmen (and, who knows, we may still get a surprise incoming transfer).  Basically what you see if you look right now is the lineup that the Cardinals had for spring play...a playing schedule that saw a reasonable degree of success.  Almost certainly in the starting lineups you'll see: Molly Sauer and Alexis Hamilton in defensive roles, with Molly almost certainly retaining the Libero jersey.  Wilma Rivera will continue to be lead the team at the setting position, while Jasmine Bennett and Piper Roe will be playing in middle blocker/hitter roles.  So far, these are rather safe predictions.  As for hitting, things get a bit murky.  Melanie McHenry, and Amanda Green are pretty much shoe-ins for the role, and you would expect, with this roster, for both of them to play full rotations and fill in with defensive roles.  Beyond that, Marijke van Dyke, the January transfer from Illinois, should continue to have an offensive role, and Megan Sloan will likely get some time to shine as well.

Now let's shake it up a bit and look at the incoming freshman, and see how they may make some
changes to the above.  The biggest lack is in outside and opposite hitting, though it would be nice to pick up another good asset for the defense.  A backup setter would be nice as well, and if we're filling out a wish list, a middle blocker/hitter to be in development.  Specifically in hitting, we don't really have any hitters who are particularly adept or specialized in right side, or opposite, hitting.  So who are the newcomers?  Let's take a look:

Claire Chaussee - 5'11" Outside Hitter from Wisconsin
Aiko Jones - 6'1" Right side/Opposite Hitter from Jamaica
Emily Scott - 6'2" Middle from Wisconson
Anaya Martin - 5'7" Setter from Georgia
Maggie Mullen - 5'3" Libero/Defensive Specialist from Nebraska
Mia Stander - 5'3" Libero/Defensive Specialist from Georgie

OK, outside hitting, including some emphasis at right side/opposite:  check
Flesh out the defense a bit:  check
Backup setter:  check
Middle to be in development:  check

And now I'm excited for Volleyball season to get started.

What do I know about these players?  Well, as incoming freshmen, there are a lot of question marks.  The hitters are both quite athletic, particularly Aiko Jones as I understand it.  The word about Maggie Mullen is that she is the real deal in defense.  The other three, I'm not terribly familiar with, so we'll have to see how they fare at the Red and Black Scrimmage (August 18th, 6pm, Cardinal Arena, free admission).  So with the pressing needs being hitting and defense...I'd say we're in pretty good shape.

Oh, I've also seen a hint of what's to come for 2019, it just keeps getting better.

Let's move on to scheduling and twitter...oh wait, no, that's our Radio Hour process.  We're just going to talk about the Fall Volleyball schedule here.

The Red and Black Scrimmage, mentioned above, gets things rolling with a sneak peak of what the team is going to look like.  Do keep in mind that this event always happens about halfway through the "Fall Camp" for volleyball.  The team gets about two weeks of 2-a-day practices before school starts, and the Red and Black Scrimmage is after the first typically.  More improvement will happen after the scrimmage and before the schedule gets underway.

The first weekend, August 24th and 25th is the Cardinal Classic, with Tennessee-Martin, Southern Illinois, and IUPUI coming to Cardinal Arena.  This will be a good warmup for the Cards.

Heading south for the next weekend, the University of Florida Tournament will be the destination where the Cards will be meeting up with Central Florida and USC (Southern Cal), in addition to the host Gators.  Nothing like getting into serious matchups early in the season.  USC is a perennial Volleyball powerhouse (shockingly...they're in the PAC-12...Volleyball is the one sport that conference seems to be really good at), and Florida had some barnburners of matchups against a very good Kentucky team in the SEC last year.  This one runs 8/31 through 9/2.

The next weekend, Lipscomb and Xavier, head north with the Cards (ok, well, mostly west for Xavier, but a bit north as well) to be hosted by Purdue.  The Boilermakers have had some good years in Volleyball although they haven't been particularly strong in recent years.  This should all be good competition for the Cards.  9/7 and 9/8 for this one.

Mark your calendars for Kentucky to come back to Cardinal Arena on September 14th for the first time since September 16, 2009.  A 7pm start, this one should be loud and crazy.  In 2009, when UK played in Cardinal Arena, the stated attendance on the stat sheet was 1,270...Cardinal Arena officially seated 840 at the time.  I was there...I'm glad the fire marshal wasn't.

Chattanooga will be the next foe, and let's hope that CardNation doesn't still have a hangover the next day after the UK match for this one.

After that, UofL starts into conference play for the rest of the season with the usual foes.  One note on an ACC foe in Volleyball.  I mentioned, during the CCRH yesterday, that Notre Dame was continuing their rebuilding and was back to being a good team after a complete program implosion 3 years ago.  I specifically mentioned the head coach as being part of the reason for their rebuilding success.  (I didn't mention the name, because it had slipped my mind at the moment).  I did see news last night that, Jim McLaughlin, the head coach, has decided to step down due to health reasons, specifically back pain that has gotten severe enough to start interfering with his coaching duties.  The helm will be taken over, starting July 1st, by current Associate Head Coach Mike Johnson.  So, while we're not talking about a whole program shakeup such as occurred when Debbie Brown stepped down 3 years ago, any coaching change always brings about an extra little question mark.

Much as what transpired (but wasn't predicted) last year, I would expect FSU and Pitt to be at the top of the ACC rankings with UofL as the season progresses.  Only time will tell, of course, and it's extremely early to be making any significant predictions.  Both Pitt and UofL really surprised the conference to be at the top last year, so, as always, there could be a darkhorse that could make a run at it.  UNC has had years of greatness, NC State has occasionally stepped up their level of play, and Syracuse and Miami can both be real threats at times.

All in all, I expect a great year of Volleyball, and everything I see about this team, this coaching staff, and the schedule gets me hyped to get in there and lead the C-A-R-D-S chant again.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

Do be sure to check out the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour from yesterday.  You can find it on Facebook live at:

It was only Paulie and myself in studio (it's June, everyone is on vacation or working!), but we had a good time and some awesome discussion about various events and updates.  Much of the above discussion on Volleyball is an expansion on what we talked about there, for example.

Check it out, it was fun.  You can challenge yourself against me in your knowledge of mascots around the country.  Be warned, you better bring your A game, because I sure did!

We should be back to a fuller house next week.


Saturday, June 16, 2018


Dorcas Wasike Named ACC Women's Track Athlete of the Year

Portions of this article appear on the UofL Athletics website (

After being one of the runners to break the NCAA Championship meet record last week in the 10,000 meter run, while finishing second, Dorcas Wasike was granted the top ACC honor and named ACC Women's Track Athlete of the Year. The ACC awards include a Track participant, Field participant, Freshman, and Coach for each gender. Wasike, also a First Team All-American, joins Edwin Kibichiy as an ACC honoree, as Kibichiy was named the Men's Track Athlete of the Year last outdoor season. Wasike is only a sophomore at UofL, and she will look to continue her successes this year as her career at UofL progresses. Our coverage of track and field here at Cardinal Couple may sometimes be overshadowed by other overlapping sports in season, but UofL's success in recent years in T&F cannot be ignored. The Cards have grown into a consistent competitor, with multiple qualifications in the NCAA tournament, and they will continue to push for team qualification and championship wins. 

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

Only a short article from me today, as I'm out of town and juggling my attentions with the World
Cup, three dogs, and a screaming baby. I'll be out of the studio today, but the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour will continue as regularly scheduled. Paulie and Jeff will be without myself and Jared, but they'll fill the seats and bring a great show as normal. The prestigious one-eared bear toothpick holder will be back up for grabs in the Worldwide Quiz. Tune in at 11 AM to WCHQ in any of the places you listen to radio (100.9 LPFM, WCHQ App,, or WCHQ FM on Facebook).

Here's the station "listen live" link and check the show out on Facebook Live!


Until next time, Go Cards!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Tess Clark Goes Pro -- Men's Soccer has Class -- WNBA Update -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Tess Clark Signs Pro Contract in France

Wednesday afternoon former volleyball player Tess Clark announced that she was going pro.  Clark has signed a contract with Les Louves du SRD volleyball in France.

Clark was a four-year starter at Louisville.  During her time she became the 18th player in program history to reach the 1000 kill mark.  She was part of two ACC Championship teams (one with Anne Kordes and one with Dani Busboom Kelly) and was 76-47 (0.618) in her career.

The awards for Clark pile high including awards such as being named to the Academic All-ACC squad, All-ACC teams every year, All-ACC Freshman team, and several AVCA Regional honors.  She was second on the team in kills and attack percentage and fourth in blocks her senior year.

I quickly became friends with Tess during her first year on the team.  There weren't many students attending games at that time so I was a rarity.  The team hosts autograph sessions following most home games so I made my way to talk players such as Tess, Maggie DeJong, and Katie George, among others.  As I transitioned to the media realm some of my best pictures at volleyball featured her.

Cardinal alum Erin Fairs is also playing overseas currently and can play a role in mentoring Clark.  We wish Tess the best in France!

Men's Soccer Plays with Class

UofL men's soccer photo
I know, I know, we're a site that covers women sports at UofL.  However, I like to give credit where credit is due even if it is a men's sport.  Under Ken Lolla's guidance, the Louisville men's soccer team has become a familiar face in regards to community service and other special events.

Yesterday, the soccer team hosted six-year-old David Turner for a special day at Lynn Stadium.  Turner suffers from Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Giloma (DIPG), an inoperable brain tumor on the brain.  Turner and his family have been big time soccer supporters since I have been attending matches.

UofL men's soccer photo
Turner's day was filled with memorable moments including a pregame talk in the locker room, a penalty kick shootout (he helped Red defeat White 3-2), a photo op with the team, and a press conference following the shootout.  At the press conference, Turner accepted an offer from Coach Lolla and signed a letter of intent as a future Cardinal.

As a member of the Louligans, the UofL soccer supporter section, it always brings a smile to my face when the team holds events such as this.  Thank you for representing this university with great class.

WNBA Update

Angel McCoughtry is averaging 15.8 points. 6.3 rebounds, 2.6 assists, and 1.8 steals per game.  She's played in 10 games this year with the Atlanta Dream (6-4).  Our very own Jeff McAdams was in attendance at their most recent game so we'll see what Mr. Worldwide has to say about that on the show tomorrow and his write-up on Sunday.

The Dream defeated winless Indiana last night 72-67 in Atlanta. Angel had a strong game with 16 points in 30 minutes. Tiffany Hayes has been another "go-to" for Atlanta this seaason and she responded in fine fashion with 23 points to lead all scores.

Myisha Hines-Allen is further down on the WNBA stats list with 5.7 points, 4.3 rebounds, 0.8 assists, and 0.5 steals per game in her 10 games with the Washington Mystics (6-4).  She hasn't seen as much playing time as the veteran McCoughtry has, but has earned herself solid playing time and a role with the Mystics.  At this rate she will be a star in Washington in a matter of years.

What Day is it?

Back by popular demand I bring back the events of today's date.  First, yesterday was flag day and the 243rd birthday of the U.S. Army.

There are a lot of good "holidays" today including National Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement, National Flip Flop Day, Native American Citizenship Day (we love you, Schimmel sisters!), Nature Photography Day, Elder Abuse Awareness Day, and Worldwide Day of Giving.

There's no Case or myself in the studio tomorrow, but Paulie, Worldwide, and a random special guest or two will attempt to hold down the fort called the Magnificent Media Mansion on Mellwood for another rendition of the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour.  You can tune into 100.9 WCHQ fm radio or on Facebook live on the WCHQ Facebook page.

Happy Friday and Go Cards!

- Jared -