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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Thunder (and Lightning?) Over Louisville Edition -- Walz on Moore... SATURDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


A early morning chat with Jeff Walz on Mariya's transfer. Coach is in Dallas, waiting to fly to the west coast for recruiting.

Excerpts from our conversation below:

"Mariya is leaving the program to play her senior year closer to home. The main thing here is the happiness of the individual. We bring in young student-athletes, we try and prepare them for life after college and we are responsive to their needs. Mariya's happiness is priority #1. College is a learning experience and the student's opportunity to set the ground work for later life is so very important. Mariya is an incredible young women who contributed greatly to our program and I'm sure she'll be a successful and vital part of wherever she decides to continue her education and athletics. In the final analysis, it's not about the points or the is about what motivates these individuals to be the best they can be and succeed in the world, plus their comfort and happiness in daily life. I wish her all the best in her new directions and we are grateful to her for what she brought to Louisville basketball.  The heart wants what the heart wants, she'll be fine and this program will continue to achieve and build upon the successes we have had in my time here."  

So...Moore is gone. A bit surprising, yes. But it goes to show the quality and sincerity of the man guiding the Cards WBB program. What kind of coach would Jeff be if he didn't back and support the decision a young women makes about the rest of her life. What kind of fans would we be if we didn't wish her the best of luck and success? One player does not make a unit, It is the total of the players.

Players come and go. Coaches deal with a myriad of emotions, personalities and issues. The key, the constant is the program. The unit. Although Moore's departure is news, it will not slow down this team's goal to work hard every day and achieve success. We at CARDINAL COUPLE wish Mariya the best and hope she excels wherever she lands. The unit will carry on.



Though the forecast for today has settled a bit with rain clearing
out this morning and returning mid-day, I don't expect to see any record breaking crowds at the opening event of the Kentucky Derby Festival. The threat of being wet and cold all day, combined with the huge negative impact the low cloud ceiling will have on the airshow, have made many, including myself, change their plans about heading down to the waterfront this year. It's unfortunate that we've had nearly perfect weather for almost two weeks just to have the weather be this crappy on the one day we want it to be nice. Oh well, such is life in the Ohio River Valley. Rain may hinder some from camping out on the Great Lawn all day but it won't hinder our love of Cardinal Sports!

Cards Struggle on "Duke Day"

A couple of weeks ago, you may remember that the University of Louisville and the University of Notre Dame had their own College Olympics, facing off in three sports in the same day. The same thing happened with the Cards and the Blue Devils of Duke yesterday as the two schools faced off in baseball and men's and women's tennis. It was an unfortunate day for all three squads, and at least two of the matchups had surprising results. The baseball team squared off against a Duke team that was barely above .500 overall and well below that mark in conference and promptly put up a honker to start the series. Coming off of the 11-7 thrashing in Lexington on Tuesday, you might have expected the Cards to show a little more fight, but they went down 3-0 in the first two innings before ultimately losing 5-3. It was an uncharacteristically bad night for the Cardinals' Ace, Brendan McKay, but even the best pitchers in The Show struggle from time to time. Drew Ellis seemed to be the only one trying support McKay with some offense, homering twice in the loss.
A sad but accurate description of yesterday's results.

The surprising tennis result came at the hands of the women's team. You might remember that the Cards started the season extremely hot, winning match after match. Such was not the case yesterday in Durham, as the fifteenth ranked Blue Devils swept the Cards 7-0. Yikes. The men's team fared better than the women's, to be sure, but were ultimately unable to secure a win. They fell 3-4. 

The Diamond Cards will get another couple of shots at Duke this weekend as they hope to continue their series winning streak, and both tennis teams will look to bounce back during their matches on Sunday.

Senior Day for Louisville Lacrosse

Senior Hannah Koloski
Another top ranked opponent for Louisville Lacrosse today, as they host number seven Syracuse in their regular season finale. In order to have postseason aspirations, Louisville pretty much has to win this game and the ACC tournament in my opinion to have a shot at making the small field. The game will begin at 1PM (around the time the rain is set to start back up), and the senior day ceremony will take place pregame. Seniors Stephanie McNamara, Hannah Koloski, Anne L'Heureux, and Heidi Smith will be honored. The team is likely to miss Koloski the most after this year, as she leads the country in free position goals per game and shots on goal per game and is second in the country with goals scored at 57. Youth on the team has showed that they can score, but let's enjoy the offensive dynamo as much as we can for the rest of the year.

WBB Lands Huge Commitment

With a video on its way to potentially going viral in CardNation, Mykasa Robinson verbally committed to Louisville head coach, Jeff Walz, by lifting her warmup jersey to reveal a Louisville Cardinals shirt at the GNBA Spring Invitational. Robinson, a point guard in the 2018 class, was previously committed to Colorado, where her sister is a sophomore, before reopening her recruitment at the end of March. Robinson is ranked the 13th overall player in the class and the number 4 point guard, which only serves to bolster Walz's ever increasing beast of a backcourt. Some digging showed that Robinson's decommitment from Colorado did not follow a coaching change, so this one will be interesting to watch, and we'll be anxiously awaiting Mykasa's signing. Nonetheless, this is a huge grab for the Cards and a great start to Walz's 2018 class.

Return to the Airwaves

After a holiday break last week, Paulie, Worldwide, and I will be back in the studio to bring you up to speed on all of the happenings that we can fit into an hour. Many of the things you hear on the show have been mentioned previously on the site, but our banter and Paulie's technical goofs are often enough to entice listeners to the show. Tune into 100.9 WCHQ FM or on the WCHQ app to hear us bring the joy of Louisville women's athletics to live radio from 11-12 today!

Until next time, Go Cards!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Court in will they judge? Friday CARDINAL COUPLE

******BREAKING NEWS******


Sources close to the UofL WBB program have confirmed that junior Mariya Moore has decided to leave the Cards. She will leave the program at the end of the semester and return to California. Her hopes are to play her senior season closer to home. It is also being reported that her sister Minyon Moore is leaving USC. The news on Minyon comes from her father's Instgram page. 

Moore was a second-team All ACC selection in the 2016-17 season and averaged 12 points a game for the Cards. A check of the 2016-17 roster at still has Moore listed...but several reports on Moore leaving Louisville began to surface last night and it has been confirmed that she won't play for Louisville in the 2017-18 season. 


Back on the popular 1960's television show LAUGH IN, there was a segment called "Here Comes Da Judge". The late Flip Wilson was "yer honor". The skit also produced a song by Pigmeat Markham called....wait for it...Here Comes Da Judge. 


I'm pretty sure I've still got a t-shirt somewhere with that saying on it...unless Sonja has donated it to one of the thrift stores she likes to give old stuff to. 

Yesterday, in Cincinnati, the Cards faced the judge...or, in this case, an 11 hour session in front of members of the NCAA Committee on Infractions to present their side of the prostitute/sex scandal that stunned the campus, community and college sports back in October 2015.

Nothing like swift justice, right? 

Decisioning should come in 6-8 weeks on the series of incidents where Andre McGee allegedly paid for women's to "entertain" in Billy Minardi Hall. 

The Cards went to these hearings and told the truth, according to athletic director and vice-president Tom Jurich (which is always a good thing to court and in all other aspects of life, as well).  Chuck Smrt, Tom and Rick Pitino were on hand to answer questions from the committee...along with a few lawyers...and offer rebuttals. Also there was acting UofL President Dr. Greg Postel and former program assistant Brandon Williams, accused of a major program violation in the original charges and guy who refused to give up his cell phone. 

Andre McGee was not present. I wonder if he's still driving for Uber? 

Details of the proceedings are confidential. UofL officials are prohibited by the NCAA from answering questions about the proceedings. There was even confusion on where the proceeding were going to take place...some local television stations were headed to Indianapolis to cover the event (home of the NCAA) when they found out it was Cincinnati and a ballroom at the Hyatt. A quick right-turn at Columbus, Indiana ("Take a right on 46 and head to I-74, boys!") and off to Ohio. 

At least the Cards were at a hearing and not up in front of Judge Smails from the movie for Cincy as a locale? Maybe they had tickets for the Reds and Cubs...

Some say Pitino didn't speak about the hearings after all was said and done yesterday. Some say Jurich likes the new interim President Postel and thinks they'll get along fine. We'll come back to that.  All are wondering how this thing is going to turn out. Six weeks can't go by fast enough. Let's hope an organization that usually moves at a turtle's pace can proceed on this issue like Julian Leparoux guiding a horse down Churchill's stretch to the wire. 

-- Take a vacation, Rick...A lot of observers are speculating that Coach Pitino will be suspended for a few games next season. How many and when during the season is the big question. Three games at the start of the year? Sure no problem. Seven games during ACC Conference play? Could be a big problem. 

-- Take down the 2013 National Championship banner and vacate the title? That probably won't happen. A penalty too harsh for what happened. 

-- Monetary fines? Yeah, probably so. The NCAA loves to levy fines. 

Let's not forget that the Cards reported the violations on their own and took measures against themselves....sitting out the 2016 NCAA Tournament. There's been a board upheaval and former president James Ramsey is gone. 

Most Cardinal fans just want this chapter to be finished and the whole episode to come to closure. Other schools have "allegedly" done much worse, didn't self-report their actions and still haven't gone to trial yet. We want to be done with it.

Tom Jurich on his Thursday in Cincy: 

“It was a long day, but very productive,” Jurich said. “We said from Day One that we’d tell the truth, and we’ve done that. I was extremely impressed, this was my first time, really, to be around Dr. Postel, certainly in a very challenging environment. I couldn’t be more proud of him and look so forward to working with him now in the future. I always say to my staff, you like to evaluate people when you’re going through adversity. Well, this is adversity. Seeing him stand up for our institution and for our athletic department, and to stand for what is real, I was so impressed. So I look forward to (that) with Dr. Postel. I think our university is in great hands. And I can’t say that enough.”
On the subject of the hearing, Jurich, continued, “We exchanged all of our information and the enforcement staff gave all of their information. The committee on infractions listened, they asked questions when they felt were needed. I think it was very, very thorough, and I think it goes without saying that I can’t wait to get this behind us. I’ve been told, in there, that we are not allowed to answer any questions, I’m told that until this is resolved, the thing it looks like it could be resolved in 6 to 8 weeks.”
Well? We're waiting !
It seems this has been going on for way too long, in my humble opinion. The NCAA is a huge and ponderous entity that moves at their own slow and lumbering pace and reacts slowly, if not deliberately, on infractions. Let's go back to horse racing, everyone wants to see the results of the race posted as soon as possible...especially if a horse you liked might be involved in them.

 This whole Louisville vs. NCAA episode is like running the Kentucky Derby on the first Saturday in May and then informing the attendees and watchers that the posting of the official results will be on the Fourth of July.

Well? We're waiting...

What say you, readers? 



Last night I was flipping around the cable channels looking for something to watch when I landed on the NBA game between the Indiana Pacers and Cleveland Cavaliers. During a crowd shot, who do I see but UofL head women's basketball coach Jeff Walz and his lovely wife Lauren watching the court and about five rows up from the action.  

Although Walz wasn't there scouting potential players for the Cards...he'll get back to that this weekend...he did get to see an exciting contest (for some) where the Cavs overcame a 25-point halftime deficit to rally and beat Indiana. 

Lebron James. Wow, just wow. 

Not a bad Thursday night date, Coach. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Walz selected U 23 head coach...Softball wins 1-0 over WKU -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Coach and CARDINAL COUPLE hero Robbie Bartlett
Jeff Walz has been making a habit lately of spending part of his summers overseas. That will continue this summer..he's been picked as the head coach of the U-23 USA women's basketball team. It's the first time USA has had a U-23 team and the squad will participate with three other nations (Australia, Canada and Japan) in a round-robin tournament from Aug 12-15 in Tokyo. 

To be considered for the squad, players must be USA citizens, under 23 and currently a freshman, sophomore or junior in college. 

It'll be a 12-player squad and tryouts will start July 31st at the United States Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. They go at it through Aug 4th...the squad will be selected and they'll leave for the land of the rising sun Aug. 7th.

Walz will have an old buddy as one of his two assistants. Michelle Clark- Heard...head coach at Western Kentucky and a former Walz assistant at Louisville...along with Courtney Banghart (Princeton) will be the brain trust for this unit. 

Walz was with USA Basketball as an assistant in 2014 and 2015...helping the squad compile a 12-0 record. In 2016, he took the Cards to Cuba. It's a great honor for the coach to be working with the best and the brightest in the college game and further shows that the Louisville head coach is one of the top echelon coaches in his profession as a college coach. 

Walz states: 

"I am beyond thankful for the honor to work with USA Basketball again," Walz said. "I had amazing experiences the past two summers as an assistant coach. Professionally, it's something I dreamed of doing, and it became a reality. Now, to be asked to be a head coach and work with these student-athletes, is incredibly humbling. USA Basketball possesses impeccable standards and a winning tradition, and I am excited for the opportunity and eager to be entrusted with such an important role.
"I was fortunate to have worked with Michelle (Clark-Heard) when she was on staff at Louisville," Walz added. "She is a terrific coach, has a great understanding of the game and an unmatchable work ethic, and I'm excited to coach with her again. I'm looking forward to working with Courtney (Banghart) and getting to know her better. I've been very impressed with what she has done throughout her career. The teams that she has put on the court always are very well-coached and play extremely hard."



It wasn't a slug-fest any any means...but Louisville Softball scored a run in the bottom of the fourth inning and that was enough to get them by the visiting Hilltoppers. 

Thank Megan Hensley for the Wednesday night triumph. She tossed a seven-inning one-hitter at Big Red and drove in the lone run with a double...scoring Nicole *Poof * Pufahl, who had also doubled earlier in the inning and advanced to third on a beautifully executed sacrifice bunt by Maryssa Becker.

( I know...the words "bunt" and "Becker" don't normally appear in the same sentence very often...but the Oregonian slugger showed her versatility with the "lay-down")  

The Cards (26-14) managed only five hits against WKU starter Kathryn Downing...which leads to the conspiracy-theory that UofL's bat collection never made it back from Blacksburg, VA...where the Cards crushed  29 runs on 38 hits against the Hokies in a three game sweep last weekend. Or, the BatCards have a hitting phobia when facing non-conference schools. Against Kentucky, Lipscomb and WKU...Louisville scored three runs in 19 innings. 

Good to see Hensley (7-6) firing on all eight cylinders again. The sophomore has struggled with injuries and a broken nose this season (necessitating the mask she wears while pitching). The Cards will need her to stay on that same level...conference leader FSU comes to town this weekend for a three-game series. Scheduled to start Saturday at noon, there are provisional plans to possibly move the opener to Sunday for a double header if the weather is too dicey in the 'Ville on "Thunder Day". 

No air show or fireworks yesterday at Ulmer...but the Cards did what you have to do in order to win games...score more than the opponent does...and got the "W". 


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Softball falls to Bisons 4-1...Regionals, Championships headed this way -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Lipscomb used three runs in the top of the eighth inning to bust wide open a tie game and Louisville loses the mid-week out-of-conference contest 4-1 to the Bisons. 

This one was a pitcher's duel through seven innings. The Cards did threaten the first inning Jordan McNary singled, Nicole Pufahl walked and Maryssa Becker got hit by a pitch to load the bags full of Cards with just one out. Bison pitcher Mandy Jordan got out of the jam, though, by getting Megan Hensley to pop up to short and striking out Jenna Jordan. Becker allowed some early thunder in the circle when Peyton Ward went fence on her in the top of the second.  

Louisville (25-14) would get the equalizer in bottom of the fourth inning. Becker blasted a shot to center that barely missed not getting out and wound up with a double. Celene Funke came in to pinch run and Alison Szydlowski singled her home. The Cards left two in scoring position to end the inning. 

The Cards couldn't touch Lipscomb's Jordan after that...going down in order in the final four innings. Becker kept the visitors at bay through the seventh, allowing just one hit...but the eighth was costly. Becker loaded the bases with no outs and a pair of singles produced three runs for the Bison. 

Just three hits for the Cards in eight innings...after a weekend where the Cardinal bats exploded for 29 runs in three games. 

Louisville returns to action tonight when in-state rival Western Kentucky comes to town for a 6 p.m. first pitch. The ACC Network Extra will cover this one as well. They were quite tardy in picking up yesterday's action...the live feed didn't begin until the fourth inning and the audio an inning after that. 



Great things happening down the road for UofL Athletics. 

Trager Stadium will be the host for the 2018 NCAA Field Hockey Championships. The Cards facility will be home for the Final Four from Nov 16-18, 2018. Louisville had previously been named as the host for next year's 2017 Final Four. It will be the sixth time that Trager has hosted the event...with 2002, 2005, 2008 and 2011 the Cards have been the site to determine the National Field Hockey champion. 

A source close to the Field Hockey program commented: 

" This is a great addition to the already announced 2017 NCAA Championships being awarded to Louisville. A chance to showcase our campus, community and athletic programs and also a wonderful recruiting opportunity for the Field Hockey program. We look forward to hosting and hopefully being one of the four teams participating for the title." 

Four other regional events have also been booked at Cardinal facilities for the future.

The NCAA Division I events UofL will serve as host include:
Nov. 16-18, 2018NCAA Women's Field Hockey National Championship at Trager Stadium
March 28 & 30, 2019NCAA Men's Basketball South Regional at KFC Yum! Center
May 12-15, 2019NCAA Men's Golf Regional at University of Louisville Golf Club
Nov. 13, 2020NCAA Men's and Women's Cross Country Regional at E.P. "Tom" Sawyer 
May 10-12, 2021NCAA Women's Golf Regional at University of Louisville Golf Club

Like the Hazel Miller song says at the end of weekly broadcast of THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR...Look what we can do, Louisville! 


(THIS GREAT PHOTO OF THE UofL WBB Squad at the "Louie's" a few nights ago. 11 Cards in the shot...four missing. Can you tell who is missing and...does it mean anything?)



Tuesday, April 18, 2017

E Throws Big in Louisville Invitational....Softball Tonight...Basketball Musings -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Emmonnie Henderson broke her recent record setting mark in the shot put...again...over the weekend in the Louisville Invitational. Last week, in the Alabama relays, she set a personal and meet well as a school record with a toss of 17.50 meters (57-5:00 in feet). Saturday, she threw for 17.98 meters (59 feet). 

Henderson also won the discus throw with a hurl of 51.26m (168-02 feet). Her throw was 18 feet further than the closest competitor. 

Overall, the cardinal women's finished second in the event...scoring 165 points. Purdue won with 195. Louisville's women also fared well in the 3000 meter steeplechase...where Claire Noser won for the Cards. The 4X100 meter relay team (Kelsey Heyward, Bre'Yana Wash, Alexis Gibbons, Raven Grant) came in second and set a new school record with a time of 45.22. Bailey Davis took the 5,000 meter run for UofL, also. 

Next up, he Cards will host the Lenny Lyles/Clark Wood Invitational on April 28-29th at Cardinal Park.



Louisville Softball kicks off an eight-game home-stand tonight with a 5 p.m. contest against Lipscomb at Ulmer Stadium. Louisville (25-13) comes into the contest after sweeping Virginia Tech over the weekend in a three-game series in Blacksburg. 

The Cards step out of the ACC where they are currently 9-4 and in third place behind Florida State and North Carolina. 

Hot at the plate for Louisville is Nicole Pufahl.  "Poof" is batting .395 and has seven home runs and 37 RBI's. The speedy junior center-fielder from Moorpark, CA has also reached base via a hit or walk in her last dozen games. Seven Cardinals are hitting over .300 going into the Lipscomb contest. 

Maryssa Becker (19-7) continues to do work in the circle. She's complied an ERA of 2.13 and leads the ACC in innings pitched with 167.2.

The Cards faced Lipscomb (31-13) last year in Nashville. In a double-header, Louisville fell 2-1 in the first game but won the nightcap 7-1. 

Tonight's contest will be shown on the ACC Network Extra. They've haven't an
nounced the in-booth crew yet, but we're hoping for our pals Daryl Foust and Don Russell. Louisville also faces Western Kentucky tomorrow night at 6 p.m.



-- WBB has had several visitors recently to check out the campus. Ronnie Nwora and Mykasa Robinson have been spotted on the grounds. Two up and coming high schoolers that would be great "gets" for Jeff Walz. Put 'em in the basket and proceed to checkout, Coach! 

-- No transfers in or out of the WBB programs as of Tuesday morning. Unfounded rumors continue to swirl about who has and has not been seen on campus. We're taking this thing down to DefCon 3. When they announce, if they announce...we'll cover it. 

-- A nice turnout of Louisville WBB players at the annual Louie awards last night. 

Several WBB players received honors, as well as many other participants in all the Cardinal sports. List below: 

adidas High Performance Athlete of the Year
Male: Lamar Jackson (football)
Female: Mallory Comeford (swimming and diving)
Louisville First Award
Brendan McKay (baseball)
Inspiration Award
Rachel Pease (cross country)
Record-Breaking Performance
Olivia Cason (women's golf)
Breakthrough Athlete of the Year
Male: Will Smith (baseball)
Female: Sidney Melton (softball)
Comeback Player of the Year
Asia Durr (women's basketball)
Best Championship Performance
Individual: Mallory Comerford (swimming and diving)
Team: Men's Golf (NCAA Championship)
Moment of the Year
Mohamed Thiaw (men's soccer; game-winner versus No. 1 Notre Dame)
Play of the Year
Lamar Jackson (football; the leap over a Syracuse defense)
Best Team Win of the Year
Male: Football (vs. Florida State)
Female: Lacrosse (vs. Notre Dame)
Top Team Finish
Male: Men's Soccer (NSCAA national ranking: No. 6)
Female: Swimming and Diving (CSCAA national ranking: No. 8)
CardsCARE Individual
Male: Daniel Fecteau (swimming and diving)
Female: Lauren Kelly (lacrosse)
Cardinal Dames CardsCARE Team
Male: Football
Female: Soccer
Cardinal Cup
Women's Rowing
Cunningham Family Leadership Award
Male: Tim Kubel (soccer)
Central Cardinal Club Leadership Award
Female: Maryssa Becker (softball)
Outstanding Senior Spirit Award
Pep Band: Shelby Rich
Cheer: Anjelica Cirone
Ladybirds: Lauren Dale
Highest Senior GPA Award
Lotta Kahlert (field hockey)
Claire Noser (women's track and field)
Freshman of the Year
Male: Christopher Morin-Kougoucheff (tennis)
Female: Minout Mink (field hockey), Dorcas Wasike (cross country)
Sophomore of the Year
MaleBrendan McKay (baseball), Donovan Mitchell (basketball)
Female: Ayeisha McFerran (field hockey)
Junior of the Year
Male: Corey Ray (baseball)
Female: Myisha Hines-Allen (basketball)
Ed Kallay Senior of the Year
Male: Robin Sciot-Siegrist (golf), Grigory Tarasevich (swimming and diving)
Female: Kaylin Morissette (lacrosse)


Monday, April 17, 2017

Softball Sweeps and More - Monday Cardinal Couple

Softball at Virginia Tech

The Softball squad got it started early Saturday in the series finale vs Virginia Tech, putting 7 on the scoreboard in the 1st inning and would hold on for the 10-8 win.

The Cards got it going early with Jordan "The Governor" McNary getting on base with a 1-out walk.  Big sticks Maryssa "Beck" Becker and Nicole "Poof" Pufahl loaded the bases up with base hits for each.  Megan Hensley, who somehow doesn't really have a Cardinal Couple nickname yet, got McNary and Poof home with a double, setting up Jamie "The New Pride of New Egypt, New Jersey" Soles own RBI double.  Alison "Mike, Mike, Mike" Szydlowski, brought Soles home with a single.  Morgan "Mo" Meyer reached to put two on for Caitlin "She's just a freshman and she needs a nickname too" Ferguson to bring home.

The Hokies clawed back 3 runs in the bottom of the 1st, both teams went scoreless in the 2nd, and the Cards would finish their scoring in the 3rd.  Soles and Mike both got singles to get on base.  Mo Meyer, who started out her career with the Cards as a slapper, but hits for power these days, got a solid shot up the middle to bring Soles home.  McNary, who started out her career as a speedster slapper and remains so to this day, got an infield hit that brought Mike home.  McNary, demonstrating that speed, stole 2nd, and an error on the throw gave the also quite quick Meyer time to cross the plate for a 3 on the scoreboard in the 3rd.

A scoreless 4th, then VT put up 4 in the bottom of the 5th, and a single one in the bottom of the 6th to reach the final score after a scoreless 7th of 10-8.

Becker gets the win for pitching 5 innings, with Megan Hensley coming in for the save in relief.

Pearsall and the squad will be back at Ulmer tomorrow evening, the 18th, with a 5pm first pitch at Ulmer.  This one will be on The ACC Network Extra if you can't get off work soon enough to make it down there.  You may find it a bit easier to make it down there the next day, Wednesday, at 6pm when in-state WKU comes in to play.


Cardinal Forever Kelsi Worrell continues to show the world that she's a force to be reckoned with in
the butterfly stroke, winning the Mesa, AZ even in the Arena Pro Swim Series Saturday night.

Winning the 200-meter stroke, Kelsi is extending the events for which she is known as she heretofore has achieved her success in the 100-meter and shorter races as a pure sprinter.  The winning time of 2:09.04 was 3.59 seconds better than her prelim, so she clearly is putting some effort in some of the longer races.

Other Cardinals Forever at the event included Andrea Cottrell which finished 4th in the 100-meter breast stroke, Silvia Guerra who touched 16th.  Alina Kendzior picked up 11th in the 100-meter backstroke, with Casey Fanz in 15th and Lainey Visscher in 16th.  Cottrell and Kendzior placed 15th ant 16th in the 200-meter IM, and Sophie Cattermole was close behind.  A couple of Cardinal guys were there as well, with Zach "Batman" Hartung picked up a 4th place finish in the 200-meter butterfly, and Carlos Claverie got a top 3 finish in the 100-meter breaststroke, and just missed the podium in the 200-meter IM.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

HAPPY EASTER -- Sunday Cardinal Couple


However you decide to spend the day, we hope it is an enjoyable and meaningful experience for you. 

We'll be back Monday with a Jeff "Worldwide" McAdams article.