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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Louisville WBB 12-0... Christmas sweaters... WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Women's Basketball Hot Start

The women’s basketball squad pulled out another lopsided win.  Coach Walz’s team downed Tennessee State 95-56.  A dozen wins and a goose egg for losses is a heck of a way to start the season.

Seven Cardinals scored in double figures and everyone who saw playing time scored.  No one made it to the double-digit column in rebound but Sam brought in nine while MHA had seven.  DOO-BLAY is in need of another double-double soon.  Maybe she’ll get one on Sunday… but we’ll get to that in a little bit…

UofL dominated down low, outscoring the Tigers in the paint 56-16.  Much of that came from the
huge number of layups.  The Cards had some trouble down low making other close shots and layups, which could’ve gotten them to the triple-digit mark had they made a few more.

The stat that didn’t impress me tonight was 17 turnovers.  As Walz has mentioned on numerous occasions this season we do see an up-tempo offensive style of play.  A fast-paced offense will lead to turnovers and 10-12 is okay.  Giving the ball away 17 teams against the #317 team in the RPI (out of 349 D1 women’s basketball teams) should not happen.  11 of those came from our post players- MHA, Bee, Kylee and Sam.

The real excitement of the night was Christmas sweater night.  Some people wore Christmas sweaters, some wore ugly sweaters, and others seemed to have left their sweaters at home.  I will attempt to get the spirited photos added to the bottom of the article so wish me luck!

(NOTE: I added his photos to the article instead of the bottom. It's what I do...meddle, tinker and destroy otherwise good write-ups.)

J-A-R-E-D report

J – jump shots: despite some missed layups the Cards shot 54.3% from the field and 47.1% from downtown.  That’s pretty darn good.  Five players made a three pointer on the night.  Capital “J”.

A – assists: we dished it out 22 times on the night.  Nine players recorded an assist.  Jazz led the way with five of her own and AC had four.  I’ll give them an assist and reward the team a capital “A”.

R – rebounds: just from watching the game I never would have believed Louisville hauled in 52 rebounds.  Nearly one-third of those were offensive.  That is quite an impressive stat.  TSU had 31 rebounds of their own.  Z had two rebounds, but every other player had at least four on the night for the ladies in Red and Black.  That’s deserving of a capital “R”.

E – effort: a few plays come to mind on effort.  The biggest play is Jazz’s acrobatic moves and she does a butt jump over a ball headed out of bounds.  AC went flying out of bounds trying to save ball in the first half.  Sam, who was feeling a little ill, managed to play 18 minutes and tie for the leader in points for the team.  Plenty of players put forth some extra effort to receive a capital “E”.

D – defense: TSU was held to their fewest point total of the season, but that was expected since none of their other opponents are anywhere as close to good as UofL.  The 56 points is the sixth most points allowed this season.  Some of those other games included top-ranked opponents like Ohio State and Oregon.  After coming off of a game where MTSU was held to 26 points I was hoping to see another sub-40 point defensive performance.  The nine blocked shots and 18 forced turnovers is a good stat though.  Lowercase “d”.

Final:  J-A-R-E-d

It wasn’t their greatest outing of the season but it’s hard to motivate yourself against a weak non-conference opponent having come off an exceptional performance on Saturday.  Also, finals wrapped up this week, so minds could have been elsewhere.  Kentucky is next on the schedule and many heads have turned to that match-up already.

Last season Louisville took the overtime win at the KFC Yum! Center.  The Wildcats will look for revenge and to get on a winning streak after dropping a pair of road games in the Sunshine State.  Rivalry games are typically close and Memorial Coliseum can get ground-shaking loud.  The ladies of Blue and White haven’t lost at home.  Walz has four and a half days to get this team prepared and I believe he will.  Paulie and Sonya will be making the trip down I-64 to give us live coverage of the game.

Emily Howell and Lacrosse

Rising senior Emily Howell found herself being a part of the United Women's Lacrosse League (UWLX) College Draft.  She was drafted in the ninth round by the Boston Sotrm.  Best wishes to her in the pros!

Upcoming Radio Shows
The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour continues its entertaining session from 11-noon on Saturdays on WCHQ.  If I heard Paulie correctly we will be taking the final two Saturdays of 2017 off. We will be in this Saturday, except for me.

Work has kept me out of the studio for a month now and this coming Saturday I am stuck in a dress rehearsal before picking up my lucky lady Katy from the airport.  If you’re looking for some holiday music this weekend you can hit up the Fourth Street Live main stage at 1:00 for TubaChristmas.  Sunday afternoon at 3:00 at Harvey Browne Presbyterian Church I will be performing with the Louisville Winds for their Christmas music.  If you were to sit in the back and watch the Louisville-Kentucky game on your phone I wouldn’t blame you.

UofL vs. UK
No, I'm transferring and I won't
run that play, Matt. 

Thinking about attending UofL vs. UK in Lexngton?

Need a ticket? Huge Cardinal fan Jerry Smith bought 50+ of them so Cardinal fans could sit together.
You can call him at 502-426-9794 to get one or a few. $9 each. In Memorial Coliseum Sunday at 3 p.m.  Also, his e-mail is if you want to check that way. Go support the Cards WBB squad in Lexington. Call Jerry. 

Closing Thoughts

-- Sam Purcell once again led the way with the festive outfits at WBB.

-- I’m ready to get back in the studio in 2018.

-- There’s some exciting games for WBB, MBB, and football before we conclude the calendar year so buckle up and hold on tight!

-- Can we go undefeated for 2017? For games left until 2018 gets here. I think we can! 

Go Cards!



Tuesday, December 12, 2017


It's official! Cardinal Women are #3

Week 6 Associated Press rankings were released Monday and Louisville has moved up one spot to #3. This ties the Cardinals best ever ranking AP ranking and best since March of 2014. At 11-0, the women sit just behind Notre Dame (9-1), with ND's only loss to #1 UConn. If these rankings hold, Louisville will have an opportunity to take the #2 spot in a head to head match up with ND in KFC Yum Center on Jan 11, 2018. Notre Dame doesn't face a ranked team until then, while Louisville will face a currently ranked #14 Duke at home on January 4th.

In the spirit of Ugly Christmas Sweater night, here's a few in the photos today from last year.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves ...

Tonight the Cardinal Women face their 4th Tennessee based school in as many games when
Tennessee State comes to town. The Tigers are 1-5 with their only win a 98-48 win over Fisk (NAIA). Junior forward Tia Wooten (#22) leads the team with an average of 22 points and 8.5 rebounds while freshman guard Taylor Roberts (#0) pitches in 15.8 pts and 8.3 boards. This will be a good test for UofL in their ability to maintain focus and intensity in what will likely be a rout of an overmatched Tiger squad. The bench should see significant minutes and opportunity to refine their shooting and further cut down on unforced turnovers. The Cards can use this as a final tune up before traveling to Lexington on Sunday at 3 pm. And do you know what that means? Bad news for the Wildcats. If you are planning on attending the game at Memorial Coliseum and haven't bought your tickets yet, you best get on it. Less than a dozen lower level seats remain.

It's Ugly Sweater Night!

This is one of my favorite games of the year. In honor of the first night of Chanukah, I had originally planned to come as a human menorah, but Amazon and UPS foiled that plan with slow shipping. Instead, be on the look out for Santa in section 113. More importantly, WWSPW? What will Sam Purcell wear?

Put on your gaudiest sweater. Doll it up with a Santa hat or reindeer antlers, blinky lights or other Christmas (or Chanukah) accoutrements and get crazy. Whatever you wear, just get yourself to Yum Center for a 7 pm tip off to see what might be the best and most well balanced team in Louisville history. #ThisTeamIsSpecial

Men's Game Observations

Last night the men rolled to an easy victory, 102-59, over the Bryant Bulldogs as part of the Gotham Classic. Once again the Cards came out with a seeming lack of intensity except for Anas Mahmoud who had 17 points, all in the first half along with 9 boards. Quentin Snider hit 4 of 6 3 pointers and also finishing with 17 points. Deng Adel also chipped in 17 for the trifecta, including going 2 for 4 from the 3. Confidence and competence from behind the arc is going to be vital moving into a much tougher conference schedule, not to mention a meeting with those puddycats down the road in a few weeks.

Interesting first half stat, UofL committed only 2 turnovers and both were charging fouls. While seemingly lethargic, they certainly did take care of the ball. I hope Jeff Walz challenges the women to match that stat. Close the bakery!

The second half gave the freshman, including walk-ons Jacob Redding and Jo Griffin some quality minutes. Redding hit his 2nd free throw to hit the 100 mark. The arena was nearly empty by that point, but those of us diehards left gave him the largest cheer of the night.

UofL's attendance woes continue. I never heard the attendance announced and I am terrible at
estimating crowds, but the lower bowl was at best 2/3 full and less than half in the upper level. I counted 11 suites that looked completely empty and I did not have a full view of the suites. This week I received info from UofL on discount tickets and even group ticket pricing as low as $20. I have never heard of group pricing for men's games. While UofL is trying to woo fans with special pricing, the scandal fatigue and distrust of a board that many believe have suspect motives toward athletics are still weighing heavy. Hopefully, the university and athletics will begin to work together. While I think the hash tag abbreviation is unfortunate - We, The Future - is spot on. The university's success is dependent on building bridges between academia and athletics and finding a sense of community, a sense of WE.

Case in point of the disconnect. The pep band was missing most of its members last night because the university scheduled the final for the marching band class at the exact same time as the game. I am not suggesting a game is more important than a final exam, but the fact that there was no communication or consideration to this conflict serves as an anecdote for the schism that exists. Pep band director, Al Greener promised to be at full force for tonight's women's game.

Let's finish on a positive note.

I have decided that Darius Perry is the Jazmine Jones of the men's team. His intensity on the court is palpable, but it is his cheering and excitement for his teammates while on the bench that makes him even more endearing. If you don't know what I am talking about just watch Jaz or any of the women's while on the bench.

Everyone please make a effort to get out tonight to the UofL WBB game. They're going to be gone for quite a while after come see them!

Julie, JC, JSully, The Bird Lady ... whatever we are calling me this week ;)

Monday, December 11, 2017

Louisville women's basketball -- After 11 games. -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

We apologize for the late edition of Cardinal Couple today. Two of us, that I know of, aren't feeling so great but Paulie has managed to rise from the sack and cover Case with an article, of sorts. I hope to feel better tomorrowad proof read JC's entry before posting it. If not, you get what you get...


I definitely DON'T feel like this today
With Tennessee's win over #2 Texas yesterday, is there any doubt that the University pf Louisville women's basketball team will move up in the DI WBB polls? The official polls will come out after today's article...but I can easily see the Cards going to at least #3 in the nation at 11-0 and with a little divine province, one could make the argument for #2 over Notre Dame, who has one loss. 

It has been an exemplary season for the 12 that call themselves Cardinals and since we are roughly 1/3 of the way through the season, let's take a look at the squad with a trimester report, of sorts.

KNOW THE SCORE? 11 games in and Louisville has 918 points on the season. That's 83.4 a game. They've allowed 608, which breaks down to 55.2 per contest.  28.2 points the average margin of victory. Even without Lamar Jackson throwing TD's. 

KNOWING WHO SCORES.  Asia Durr leads Louisville with  202 points (18.4 points a game). In double figures with her is Myisha Hines-Allen with 146 points (13.2 a night). Jazz Jones rounds out the trifecta with 105  points (9.5 an outing). Those numbers show that these three are responsible for 49.3 % of the Cards point total. 

OFF THE GLASS. Louisville has 443 rebounds on the season.  (40.3 a game) Opponents have 321  (29.1%). MHA leads UofL with 106 (9.6) a contest. 

WHERE ARE THESE STUMBLEBUMS FROM?  The Cards have played four schools from our neighbors to the south Tennessee. Two from Ohio. One each from in-state, South Dakota, Indiana, Missouri, Michigan and Oregon. Eight in the KFC YUM! Center, three on the road. 

WHERE ARE OUR HEROES FROM? UofL has two players each from in-state, New Jersey and California. One each from Indiana, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, New York and  Colorado. 

SEVENTY-PLUS. The Cards have scored 70+ in all their games except one...a 68-64 win at SD State. 

DRUM ROLL, PLEASE!  Here's some grades from Professor Paulie. I've sent them to the UofL Academic offices as well, they ought to boost a few GPA's 

PERFORMANCE:  Gotta give them an "A" here because they have not lost. 

EFFORT:  I'll go with a B+ here. Trailing S.D. State early and fumbling with IU a bit keep this from being an "A". 

MOST OUTSTANDING PLAYER:  Step forward Asia Durr and accept the award. She would probably hand it right back to me and tell me she doesn't pay attention to her individual efforts, it'd the team that matters. 

MOST IMPROVED PLAYER:  This is a toughie but I'll go with Jazmine Jones. Second on the squad in rebounds, third in scoring and a starter this year. Some may argue this with me. Feel free to present your arguments in the comment section. 

That's gonna do it for today. Back to the sack and need to hydrate. I'm praying this crud isn't the flu and just a 24-48 hour stomach bug. 

Here's hoping for a better Tuesday...


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Louisville Women's Basketball -- SUNDAY CARDINAL COUPLE -- Raiding Defense

MTSU Raiders Vanquished

The women's basketball squad continued it's dominance over teams from the state of Tennessee with a can't sugar-coat this...absolute beat-down of the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders.  This is a school record for UofL for least points scored by an opponent in a game.

When no one player gets more than 25 minutes, you expect scoring by committee, and that's exactly what we got.  Asia Durr lead with 19 pts, with Bionca Dunham picked up 14.  Dana Evans and and Jazz Jones also reached double-digits with 11 and 10 respectively.  Sam Fuehring had another nice game with 8, Arica Carter got 6, MHA had a bit of an off night with only 5, and Kylee Shook contributed 4.  Shook did have some fun on the defensive end of the court, getting more blocked shots, with 6, than she did points...there's a reason she holds the state of Colorado high school blocks record.

What may be the stat of the night, however, is 26 assists on 27 made shots.

It was Alumnae Night last night. How many do you recognize? 
There's really not too much to analyze on this one.  MTSU came into the KFC Yum! Center, and ran into a buzz saw.  They were clearly an overmatched team,   They struggled to accomplish even the basics in the face of a withering defensive presence.  The frustration showed a bit, too.  I find no joy in watching a team struggle like this against a better opponent, and look for joy in other aspects of the evening.  A win is a win, and it's good to get it in the win column, but I, for one, certainly won't be dwelling on this, or even basking in the glow of a battle won.  I will wish the Blue Raiders the best, applaud them for their win over Vandy, and turn my attention ahead to Tennessee State Tuesday night.  There was joy downtown last night, but it was found in welcoming back a wonderful group of alumnae and honoring what came was found in the entertaining antics of the Pep Band...and it was found for me, personally, in an abnormally large number of personal acquaintances that I got to visit with at the game last night.  (On a side note, it seems the Softball coaching staff is raring to go for this starts in February...and are excited at the schedule they've put together and a deeper pitching staff than we've seen in recent seasons)

We'll see what TSU brings to the table, but I fear the most joy will be found, again, in the Pep Band, and in the annual debate over who has the ugliest Christmas sweater.  Assistant Coach Sam Purcell always sets the bar high and we've heard that he's been searching for the prime specimen for this outing.

Walz did mention it the post-game presser that Purcell would not be involved in any way in Walz's Tuesday night outfit. And our photog and CC writer Jared Anderson has to choose from three different Ugly sweaters. Decisons and choices.

Fred Checks In

How did Fred do?

Fred Savage. "The Wonder Years"
Free Throws - at 18 for 25, that gives us a 72% at the charity stripe.  While that will get you a letter,  a lower-case "f" is what's awarded here. I use 75% for the capital, so...

Rebounding - It's always easier to get defensive rebounds than it is offensive, so a lower opponent shooting percentage usually results in more rebounding because it will inflate the defensive rebounding numbers.  MTSU shot field goals at only a 20.5% clip with UofL hitting 56.3%, so this should be a significant advantage for the Cards, and yet MTSU out rebounded the Cards slightly, 29-28.  We can award no letter, here.

Energy/Execution/Effort - Hard to question this one too much.  Despite maintaining a significant lead from very early in the game, the Cards continued to play hard and didn't let down.  "E" is the result.

Defense - Absolutely withering defense caused a large amount of frustration on the part of MTSU.  Even if the lowered shoulder bull-rush charge into Sam Fuehring didn't draw a charging foul, (it did draw Asia Durr quickly jumping in front of Fuehring, who looked like she was about ready to throw down).    No doubt of a "D", here, holding the opponent to 26 for the game, and single-digit scoring in each quarter.  I'm gonna add an underline to it for a little extra emphasis, so let's make it "D".  Any better and we may have to start playing with font sizes.

f- -E-D is the overall result.

The women are back in action Tuesday night against the aforementioned Tennessee State Tigers to complete the homestand versus all comers from Tennessee.




A quick check, and yes, the recording of yesterday's Cardinal Couple Radio Hour broadcast is up and available on the Soundcloud.  If you missed it, you can hear the audio at

I'd take these six , play the current squad and expect a
close game. The original "Attack Yorkie", C.B.  Megan,
Cortnee, Keisha  and Taylor Johnson.
Three of us knuckleheads were in the studio, Paul, Case, and I; and we were honored to have Jack Grossman from WIUX Sports, the sports home of Indiana University.  We previewed the IU vs UofL Men's game, and talked a bit about IU Soccer's bid for the College Cup which they are playing for today at 1pm.  They play Stanford for the championship in what I expect will be a rather chilly Philadelphia.  Jack is a Louisvillian, graduating from Manual High School, and really did Paulie a solid at the UofL vs IU Women's game in Bloomington last weekend.

Good fun was had, and Jack fit in with the lighthearted banter of the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour, despite definitely not being a knucklehead.  Of course, we also talked about the UofL women's games and the season so far.  A good time was had by all.

We'll be back in the studio next week. That should be sufficient warning to all in the Crescent Hill/Frankfort Ave area.   


Saturday, December 9, 2017

Cards Host MTSU for 'Alumni Night' -- SATURDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

WBB Seeks to Continue Dominance

Louisville's women's basketball team is off to a great start so far this season. 10-0 is their second best start of all time and this is their first 10 game win streak since a stretch between December and February two years ago, according to the UofL athletics site. Louisville is in a very good position to break that previous run of 15 games as well as have a new best start ever if they can continue to play the way they do when they are playing well. Louisville has been absolutely dominant at times, but they've also been quite plain at others.

Tonight, Louisville welcomes in the Blue Raiders from Middle Tennessee State University. The ladies at MTSU opened their season with a 65-54 victory at Vanderbilt. After Louisville's up and down performance against the Commodores, perhaps it would do the Cards well to not look past these Blue Raiders. MTSU is not receiving votes in the mid-major top 25, but they are 5-2 with the aforementioned victory over Vandy. Their two losses have both come since Thanksgiving, both on the road, and both to Power 5 schools; 56-65 to Ole Miss and then 45-48 to Georgia Tech. Not that either of those teams are world beaters, but it is clear that MTSU has shown a propensity to go into hostile environments against higher quality teams and perform to the best of their ability.

As I mentioned, Louisville has looked rough at times. They trailed by double digits at South Dakota State, and Vandy hung tough for the first third of their game against the Cards. Turnovers, as usual, are a major issue for the Cards. They've shot well from the floor (for the most part) and OK from the free throw line. Giving the opponent extra possessions has not cost Louisville so far, but if they run into a team that is hot and playing with nothing to lose (like MTSU tonight) and they turn the ball over and can't shoot well enough to compensate, the Cardinals could be looking at a December loss. I believe that Coach Jeff Walz will maintain focus for the team and not let them look forward to the rivalry game looming next week. Turnovers are always a focus of his, and this team seems like one that can shake the turnover bug. As long as the team practices well and focuses on the task at hand each game, I believe we may see that turnover number start to fall a bit.

During halftime of tonight's game, Louisville will honor a group of women's basketball alumnae. Why they are calling the game "alumni night" instead of "alumnae night," I have no clue. The honorees tonight will be Von Macklin (1977), Terri Keown (1977), Val Combs (1980), Marilyn Reckelhoff Dippel (1988), Stacy DeGraffenreid Simons (1991), Leatrice Scott (1995), Darnice Cloudy (1996), Kiva Thomas (1996), Misty Smith Albrecht (1998), Kendria Braxton Lockett (1998), Jaime Ludwig (1998), April Goddard (1999), Alison Bass Egan (2000), Roscelle Bullock Griffin (2000), Kim Graham Calhoun (2004), Sara Nord (2004), Jessica Huggins (2006), Connie Neal (2006), Helen Johnson (2007), Patrika Barlow (2008), Candyce Bingham (2009), Keshia Hines (2011), Shelby Harper (2013), Tia Gibbs (2014), Megan Deines (2015), Sara Hammond (2015), Cortnee Walton (2017), Taylor Johnson (2017), according to Perhaps Paulie will be able to grab some former Cardinal Couple favorites for a quick soundbite or two. 

Tipoff for tonight's game is at 7PM. If you can't make it out to the Yum! Center, you can follow along on the ACC Network Extra or on the radio broadcast with Nick Curran and Adrienne Johnson. If you are able to make it to tonight's game, you really should. This Louisville women's team is an exciting one to watch, and they deserve all the support they can get. You might even get home in time to see the important part of the Heisman Ceremony.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

For the first time in awhile, I'm back in the studio. I've been all over these last couple of weeks, but
Paulie and Co. have done a great job, just as they did before I was ever part of the team. As Jeff mentioned yesterday, we'll have a special guest joining the three of us in studio today in lieu of Jared Anderson. We'll have Jack Grossman, student radio man for Indiana University, filling in the fourth chair today. Jack is in town for the UofL v IU men's basketball game and has agreed to take some time to sit down with us. The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour airs at 11AM on 100.9 WCHQ FM. It is also available to stream at and via the WCHQ app. Tune in, won't you?

Until next time, Go Cards!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Louisville women's basketball -- Cards pull rank on Commodores 79-57 -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Commodores Get Dispatched

If we borrow from the military's use of ranks and hierarchy, and figure out where the rank of Commodore fits in, I guess that makes the UofL WBB squad at least Rear Admiral's (at least based on Wikipedia's telling of it).  The Cardinals dispatched the Commodores back to Tennessee with a 79-57 win at home last night.  Depending on when you checked in on the game, the game was either much more competitive than that score would suggest, or much less.

In any event, the boatload of Tennessean's that ended up on the shores of the Ohio in downtown Louisville were sent back to Music City with the "L" and despite VU's Rachel Bell ringing it quite frequently in the first half, this battle between Birds and the commissioned officers went to the home team.  

At the end of the 1st quarter, Vanderbilt led 24-20, and even about halfway through the second
quarter it looked like this was going to be a very competitive scrap.  But then the Cards flipped a switch.  I have no idea what caused this particular switch to be flipped, but if we could super-glue it into this position, that'd be great.  Beginning about halfway through the 2nd quarter, the Cards started a 28-0 run that would extend past halftime and through most of the 3rd quarter.  A missed defensive assignment on one trip down the floor and the 'Dores found a wide open Rachel Bell (who else?) who predictably dropped the 3-ball into the basket.  The Cards weren't done, yet, picking up another 10 points before before the black and gold got a free one at the stripe.  Many props to the UofL pep band for serenading the Vandy players at the line with bad Christmas songs.  The Cards would win the 2nd quarter 22-9, and the 3rd by a margin of 25-4.

Coach Walz was very disappointed in the 4th quarter though as the second line came in to play and just didn't play up to the standards that we know, because we've seen them do it, they are capable of playing.  Vandy took the last frame 20-12, but it wasn't enough to overcome the lead gained in that 38-3 run.

Paint presence proves positive for the Cards and they controlled the boards 34-26 against Vandy. Myisha Hines-Allen grabbed ten of them for UofL.

(We're an academic school.) 
Three got into double digit scoring territory for the Cards.  Unsurprisingly Asia Durr leads the list with 25, but Arica Carter found the 3 range pretty well and ended up with 15 after dropping 3 of 5 from distance.  Sam Fuehring came up with 14, mostly by constantly running back-door cuts which the Commodore's seemed utterly incapable of stopping.  The only way they figured out to stop the back-door cut scoring was to foul Fuehring, sending her to her usual spot lined up to the left where she dropped 6 of 6.

It was announced in the post-game presser that Loretta Kakala would take a red-shirt for the season.  Somehow, Paulie found out before the game. Must have been his political connection with the "mayor-for-life" Jerry Abramson sitting next to him. 

What About Fred?

Fredrick Douglass. Social reformer, writer
and statesman. 
I'm not going to try to come up with a J-E-F-F report, and I'll leave the C-A-S-E and J-A-R-E-D reports to their respective creators.  I'll take a stab at a F-R-E-D, though.

F - Free Throws. 86.4%.  Lot's of capitals "F"'s being earned this year.  I love it!
R - Rebounds. 34 to 26, I'll take it.  Vandy had 21 defensive boards compared to our 11 offensive.  Defense has something of an inherent advantage, here, but I'd like to see our squad crash the boards on missed shots a little more.  Still good enough for the upper case R.
e - Energy/Execution.  Would've had the upper case here except for that late let down from the 2nd line.  We know they can do better. Small case "e" is the call.
D - Defense.  A 38-3 run through the heart of the game, and limiting the total to 57.  That's a pretty impressive showing on defense.  And 13 steals is always a recipe for entertainment. We'll capital "D" that! 

F-R-e-D.  Not bad at all, but room for growth.

Radio Guest

Jared will be off being a banker-man again tomorrow for the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour, so Paulie
has lined up a real treat for us with Jack Grossman, of WIUX, home of Hoosier Sports, joining us.

Check in for an update from our neighbors to the north.

We'll be on at our usual time of 11am on WCHQ Radio.  That's 100.9 on the FM dial if you're in Louisville, also available via the WCHQ app, or at

Check it out, won't you?

PHOTOS TODAY FROM JARED ANDERSON (except of Fredrick Douglass, of course). 



(don't miss Steve's eloquent but wordy and baffling post game recaps and eventual questions...)  


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Louisville women's basketball -- Cards Face 'Dores tonight THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Please come see us do work tonight! 
The Louisville Cardinals women's basketball looks to sink the Commodores (minus Lionel Ritchie) tonight in their first test against an SEC opponent this season. The 'Dores arrive at the YUM! Center listing badly and at less than full nautical speed but have made some improvements recently and appear to be getting back on course after winning their last two contests. They shouldn't have any trouble seeing over the horizon, Vandy lists three girls on their roster at 6'5" and one at 6'4".

Mariella Fasoula is one of the "talls" on the team. If the name sounds familiar, she was about the only bright light Boston College had on their 2017-18 roster. She's on Stephanie White's boat now and sitting this season per transfer rules but will be a valuable commodity for the Commodores for two seasons after this one. I remember watching her almost single-handedly beating Georgia Tech last year in the first round of the ACC Tournament and falling just four points short. I dreaded facing her for two more years in ACC play but that solved itself with her transfer.  

Players that could have an impact for the Nashville school tonight include seniors Rachel Bell and Christa Reed. Both are closing in on their 1000th. points for Vandy. Bell is just 51 points away from quadruple digits and leads Vandy in scoring with 13.7 p.p.g. Reed needs 177 to make the 1000-point club. Also, keep an eye on heralded freshman Chelsea Hall...she's second on the squad in scoring with 13.0 points a night. 

Melanie tended to overdress.
Stephanie White is in her second year of trying to restore Vanderbilt WBB to significance. After Melanie Baucomb's departure from the captain's chair at the end of the 2015-16 season, White and former ESPN analyst Carolyn Peck, who was White's head coach at Purdue and now her assistant,  packed gear for Music City and managed a 14-16 season in their inaugural voyage...with a 5-11 SEC record. White has had success on the hardwood, she led Purdue to the 1999 NCAA Championship title as a senior and spent five years playing in the WNBA. She also coached the Indiana Fever for two years before taking the Vandy job. Louisville will be the first top 25 opponent the 'Dores have faced this season. Vandy did look pretty good in their last outing, against Iowa Memorial Gym...but you're not in Nashville tonight, 'Dores. 

I remember my only visit to Memorial Gym. It was back in 2006 and the Cards were in first round NCAA action against Vandy. Louisville fell 76-64 that evening, I wasn't doing media stuff that night and was seated across the aisle from this crazy guy wearing a Commodore naval captain's hat who would jump up and run the steps when Vandy did something good and shake his finger in my face. All I could do not to punch him and probably would have if my voice of reason (Sonya) hadn't been there to back me off the ledge. Also, Howie Lindsey suffered an appendicitis attack during the game and had to be rushed to the hospital. Hopefully, no such drama will occur tonight.  

WOO HOO! Cleveland sez
For #4 Louisville, it'll be a matter of offensive execution, defense and avoiding a slow start against the southern invaders. Louisville had no problems against the first Tennessee school they've played this year...soaring past the UT-Martin Skyhawks 91-56 Tuesday night.
Myisha Hines-Allen will be needed to provide a strong inside presence for Jeff Walz's group and if guards Asia Durr, Arica Carter, Dana Evans and Sydney Zambrotta can zero in on their jumpers and spur a few fast-breaks...the Cards should be able to get to 10-0.

Jazmine Jones could also be a factor against the talented foe. We'd like to see a reduction in turnovers (close the bakery tonight, Jazz!) from the Tallahassee sophomore and improvement on her three-point attempts. Louisville has the advantage of playing 10 players and not seeing any significant drop-off in production on the hardwood. As Walz mentioned recently, the Cards had Hines-Allen and Durr on the bench against Oregon and pushed a 10-point lead to 18.  Depth profitability and success will be important tonight, we estimate, since the Cards have games upcoming on Saturday and next Tuesday during this Fall semester Finals going on. 

Cortnee patrols the floor again! 
If you are unable to get downtown tonight for the contest, it will be shown on the ACC Network Extra. "Dynamic" Don Russell and former Cards coach Sara White will be in the talking chairs and Cardinal great Cortnee Walton will be prowling the sidelines...ignoring Walz's requests to report to the scorer's table and hit the hardwood. It's a 7 p.m. start tonight and it is Thirsty Thursday with $3 beverages make the effort and report to the court for this excellent product from the Belknap Campus. 

You got an undefeated team here, folks. Two All-Americans and a potential Final Four team. Give 'em some love and show up. 


Coach has shed his tie. I will remove
my wrist-band to support him...
It was nervous-time in the KFC YUM! Center after the first half, as David Padgett's troops found themselves barely ahead of the visiting MAAC Conference Siena Saints 39-36. 

Padgett emerged from the locker room for the final 20 sans necktie and the Cards loosened up as well, using a 18-0 run to scoot past the Saints 86-60. UofL had 47 second half points...Anas Mahmoud ending up with 17 points and 13 grabs, Quentin Snyder added 16 and Deng Adel finished with nine. 

Louisville looked like a top 25 team in the final 20 minutes. Let's hope they put that in a jar and bring it back out when needed. 

The guys bring in Indiana next for a 2 p.m. tussle Saturday. Sans tie and casual, we hope. 

What's next, D.P. hiking shorts and a tank top? Go Cards! Beat Purdue Indiana! 


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Amazing Mallory Comerford continues to make a big splash in the Ralph Wright Natatorium and across the nation for Louisville Swimming. She was named NCAA Division I Swimmer of the Week for her performance at the USA Winter Nationals. 

At Nationals, Mal posted times that placed her 6th. in the 50 free, 1st. in the 100 and 200 free, and 4th. in the 100 fly. She was also the Women's High Point Award winners for the meet. 

She was also on the Cards 800 free relay squad that touched the wall first and tied a school record of 6:58:41. 

The Cards will be taking a bit of time off before returning to the water against Kentucky on Saturday, January 20th at the Ralph Wright.