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Listen to our weekly show !!


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Basketball Stuff... Pick Em Update... WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Cards Receive Late Game Time Slot

Pack your sleeping bags and coffee, it's a late one!  The women's basketball team will be playing the late game Friday evening in the Sweet Sixteen.  A 9:00 tip-off time is just a rough estimate, especially if game one goes long.  If you are traveling to the game expect to get home well after midnight. Knowing ESPN, expect action around 9:30.

The Cardinals will play the Cardinal (no "S") of Stanford.  The two teams have never faced each other before meaning that Louisville has zero blemishes on their record against Stanford.

Stanford finished 2nd in the PAC-12, finishing one and a half games behind Oregon.  Their 24-10 record is highlighted by wins against UCLA, Arizona State, Oregon State, and Oregon.  The Cardinal is 4-8 against ranked opponents including a 25-point loss at UConn in November.  Be on the lookout for a Louisville-Stanford review later this week.

Paulie and I plan to be at the game(s) this weekend.  Your wonderful co-owner will be covering both games Friday and may be there Sunday win or lose.  I will head to Lex after work Friday to take some pictures of the important game and will only be returning on Sunday following a Louisville victory.

Coach Walz held a press conference Tuesday to discuss the game. He also talks about the start time. His displeasure, mostly for the fan's sake, is evident:  LINK BELOW

Men's Basketball's Struggling Season Concludes

For those of you that check out the other site I contribute to, River City Cards, I wrote an open letter to David Padgett praising him for what he has done.  However, it appears his time as head coach of the Louisville men's basketball time has come to a close.  It is expected that Xavier's Chris Mack will be named the new head coach starting Thursday, but this is unconfirmed.

The Cards fell in the third round of the NIT to Mississippi State 79-56.  It was the final game for seniors Quentin Snider and Anas Mahmoud, while fans speculate Deng Adel and Ray Spalding will go pro. Rumors of player transfers are also out there.

Fans will probably suffer a couple more rough seasons before the once proud program restores its glory and dominance in the college basketball world.

Softball Cancels Indiana Game

A "small snowstorm" turned into nasty weather quickly.  If you were outside late last night snow was blowing sideways at it fell from the sky.  Roads were bad.  Due to the weather the Louisville vs Indiana softball game was cancelled.  The GoCards schedule has it listed as postponed, but the game will not be rescheduled as of right now.

UofL returns to action Friday at Duke.  This one should be on ACC Network.  Unfortunately, when the Cards play on the road we are not blessed with the voice of former ace Maryssa Becker.

Case Lives

Not that the surgery was a matter of life and death, but Case's surgery was a success.  Thank you to everyone who sent him positive wishes.  The recovery time will take a while and his date of return to the studio is unknown.  Rest that achilles, superstar!

One thing we know, he won't be trying any points after touchdown or crossovers on the soccer field for awhile. We'll have a rotating list of fill in's on The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour and may try to hook up with him via phone for updates and commentary.

NCAA Pick 'Em Update

There were 21 entries this year.  After eight games into the tournament there were no perfect brackets remaining.  The first round saw records of 26-6 down to 18-14.  Round two was going well for most folks until FGCU and Central Michigan had a say.  Everyone still has a winning record.

Ken S sits at 38-10 to lead the way.  The Real Joe Hill is a game behind at 37-11.  Paulie, Arthur, and myself are a bit behind that at 36-12.  Things continue all the way down to 28-20.

Everyone enjoy your Wednesday and don't forget that we have a 2018, and back-to-back, national champion in all star swimmer Mallory Comerford!

Just another day on the court...

Coach Walz has skills. Watch the link.

Just walkin' off like it's no big thing.


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Louisville women's basketball: The Calm Before the Storm -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Cards Head Up the Road for Sweet Sixteen

As I sat down to write today's article, I fully intended to write some great preview for Louisville's next tournament matchup. See, by the time most of you are reading this, I'll be under the knife or in post-op after blowing out my Achilles tendon last week. Thus, I'm writing today's article on Monday evening. When opening up the women's tournament results to see who Louisville would be taking on next, I learned the opponent wouldn't be determined until a 9PM game. That was a hard pass for me and I was in bed long before the end of that game. Maybe you'll get more specifics tomorrow.

EDITOR NOTE: The Cards will face Stanford, a winner by 20 over FGCU. They'll play on Friday at Rupp Arena. Louisville has the second game which is scheduled to tip around 9 p.m.

All of us at CARDINAL COUPLE wish Case successful surgery and hope to have him back at the laptop and on THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR again real soon.

You can send our buddy your get well wishes to him via Twitter at @bstcasescenario or leave them in the comments section here. Be healed. We need the talent back.      -Paulie- 

Any other day, with two games scheduled for the upcoming weekend, we might even take a look at the next potential opponent. Not now. Not at this time of year. For now, there is only one game with which the Louisville women (and we fans) should be concerned. And it's a Sweet one.

Yesterday, Paulie gave you a great synopsis of Sunday's game against Marquette. It was a great game to watch; far more exciting than the first round matchup against Boise State. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen a few tweets from my couch. Again, I'm laid up. I didn't quite have the opportunity to make it down to the Yum! Center.

"Jeez, whaddya mean Meathead we gotta take Edith to Lexington?"
Louisville has been playing well so far in this tournament. The Cards had pressed on despite Asia Durr's struggles so far in this postseason, but didn't need to Sunday, as the Durr of old returned. Myisha Hines-Allen and Sam Fuehring continued to exert their dominance on the floor as Marquette had no answer inside. When it comes down to it in the postseason, how you are playing on any given day is all that matters. Asia Durr was back on Sunday, but the Cards will need her to continue to be back going forward. Myisha and Sam cannot sit back and admire their previous successes for any longer than a few hours. By the time practice rolls around today, they had better not even be thinking about Sunday's game, unless it's to find specific things that were done right or wrong in film.

Louisville had two strong wins in the opening weekend. The blowout of Boise State was to be expected, and the strong opening against Marquette was refreshing. More refreshing than the lead that the Cards opened up was that they maintained it, despite the strong efforts from Marquette. Louisville has struggled this season with holding onto a big lead, often riding a strong first quarter to a close win. Such was not the case Sunday. Marquette did their best to fight back from down 27, but were able to cut the deficit only to 17. Such resilience that was shown by the Cards will likely be needed as the tournament goes on, perhaps as early as Friday.

"We'll put the man in a wee chair and let him work from there!"
I think that the way a team plays in the opening weekend has a marked effect on their play as the tournament goes on. You're either hot or you're not, and there isn't a lot of practice time or game plan time to correct mistakes or exploit the opponents' weaknesses. Tournament time finds the true mettle of a team because it shows which teams can employ their strengths and overcome adversity as it arises. A good way to see how Louisville is doing right now is to take a look at an extended CASE Report from the weekend. The scoring might get a little wonky due to the multiple games issue, but we'll make it work. Any objections can be filed with the staff chimps in the usual manner.


A Brief "CASE" full of blues, for our buddy.
C - Care: In two games over the weekend, Louisville committed a combined 32 turnovers. I could stop right there and we could all agree that the Cards will have to take better care of the ball going forward if they want to continue their tournament run. Based on their averages, Louisville's opponents would have expected to force a combined 32.5 turnovers. Approximately 1 for 1 is far worse than the 60% we hope for. Louisville also had the same number or more turnovers in both games, so that's also not a great mark.
No letter.

A - Assists: Louisville had a great assisting day on Sunday, with 27 on 40 made baskets. Unfortunately, 15 turnovers kept them from a 2.0 ATO ratio, but they did get a 67.5% assist ratio. They went for an even 60% on Friday, with 18 assists on 30 made baskets, but struggled again with turnovers. Reaching the assist ratio benchmark will give them a small 'a' for the weekend.

S - Steals: Louisville's defense came out extremely active against Marquette. However, that activity and fervor didn't result in a lot of steals. The Cards finished with only 3 on Sunday. Combine that with 8 on Friday and they're well below the 15 steals they would have been expected to get in two games. Boise State and Marquette also combined for 13 steals, which leaves Louisville lacking in both benchmarks. No letter.

E - Efficiency: Louisville was extremely consistent on Friday, shooting 48.3% and 48.5% in the two halves. They followed that up with a huge 63.5% shooting game on Sunday. Noting that the Cards shot only 20% from 3 in the game against Boise makes that 48% look even better. On the weekend, Louisville was a combined 18-24 from the field, good for 75% on the button, so we'll go ahead and award an overall great shooting weekend with a capital 'E'.

The final tally for this combined CASE Report is _-a-_-E.

"Throw it to a girl in the SAME
colored uniform as yours! " 
In the two team oriented categories, assisting and efficient scoring, Louisville did well. In the comparative categories, turnovers and steals, the Cards struggled. While I said there isn't a lot of time for improvement during the postseason, this evaluation actually bodes well for the Cards. It is hard to improve on shooting or assisting this late in the game, but the other two categories are really outliers. Reducing turnovers and increasing steals will merely be a regression to the mean for this Cardinal team. The Cards look to be hot, and they'll hope to continue that up the road.

There are still a few days between now and Louisville's next game.  We do already know the location. We know the foe. The Cards will try to stake their claim at a trip to Columbus just an hour and a half up the road in Lexington. If you can, buy a ticket or two. Go support this team, because they're well worth it. I'll be cheering from home just as loud as I can.

Until next time, Go Cards.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Louisville women's basketball -- Cards ground Golden Eagles early, fly to 90-72 win -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Has there ever been a more delightfully fun to watch and more loved senior than Myisha Hines-Allen in Louisville women's basketball history?  She said her goodbye's to the KFC YUM! CENTER with 24 points, 13 rebounds, kissing the Cardinal Bird at center court, hugging children, babies, adults and almost breaking into tears and needing a composure moment in the post game press conference. She is real, delightful and has captured the hearts of Cardinal fans forever, including mine. DOO-BLAY, you are a champion and our "Queen of the Ville." 

Even though the Cards WBB squad won't be back down by the river this rest of this season...that season is not Louisville rolled out to a 34-point first quarter and never looked back in the 90-72 elimination of the Marquette Golden Eagles yesterday in front of 8017 in the downtown arena to advance to the Sixteen Sixteen...

A game where The Cards found a bit of resistance real early in the affair with a 6-6 score after 2 1/2 minutes. Then, it happened. Myisha inside, Sam inside, Asia with a three and then another one after Sam creating inside again. The clock showed 3:52 left in the first quarter. The scoreboard read 22-8 Louisville. The crowd was going crazy, the Cards effortlessly enforcing their will on the visitors and the feared slow start was nowhere to be found.

This one was over.

By the half, the Cards has pushed the lead to 52-27 and a joyous celebration was well underway among Louisville fans. That had every reason to. UofL was shooting 69.7%, three Cards were already in double figures and had a 24-11 rebounding edge, plus 32-12 scoring advantage in the paint. The Cardinal Cannonball was rolling down the tracks and unstoppable.  When all five on the court are acting as one, it's a beautiful thing to report on and observe. 

You can credit Marquette with winning the second half. A strong, determined and, at times, chippy and aggressive effort to try to climb back into the frey from those Eagles...but after three it was still still 71-53 Cards and Hines-Allen was still dominating on both ends of the court with eight third quarter points and already 22 for the game. 

The Montclair, NJ senior had plenty of help in leading the Cards to a Lexington appearance coming up Friday. Asia got her groove back and tossed in 19 points, with three three-pointers and that old Asia swagger and fist pumping present again. Sam Furhring went ballistic in the first tem minutes with 13 of her 19 points and continued to show that there is no one that will out-work this other Jersey girl when it comes to controlling the paint. Jazz Jones, was precise and deadly, with a 6-9 performance from the floor and 14 points. That grin stretched from Shively to Anchorage by the end of the game and her star is just beginning to rise on the horizon.

Allazia Blockton did her best to stem the flood known as Cardinal hoops with 32 points (22 in the final two quarters). A very outstanding performance from her and one that might be the headlines in another setting. Yesterday, though, it was Myisha hitting her first 10 shot, Asia and Sam their first five shots and Louisville delivering the goods to join the Sweet Sixteen. Utter paint dominance for the red and black yesterday...60 to 36 points-in-the-paint edge and 42-26 rebounding advantage. 

We know not yet who the Cards will tangle with in Lexington...upstart FGCU and Stanford will fight for that right tonight on thr Cardinal campus. 

(Photos from my delightfully outdated Samsung cell.) 


Cards were so hot in shooting that they needed water tossed
on them to cool them down, right? 
F - Free Throws. Not a lot of those were awarded to the Cards yesterday, but they made the most of them...going 6-7. That's 85.7% and easily passes the standard for a CAPITAL "F" in our eyes. 

R - Rebounding. The ball was ending up in Cardinal hands quite a bit yesterday. The 42-26 advantage and 21 combined for the "Jersey Skyscrapers" Sam and Myisha warrant a definite CAPITAL "R" for excellence in grabbing the stray orb. 

E- Effort/Execution. Louisville won the second chance points battle 15-5 and fast break stat 21-6. 15 turnovers by the Cards is still too many but 40-63 shooting and 90 points forgives a lot of sins. Let's keep the big letters rolling with a CAPITAL "E" here. 

D- Defense. Louisville did what they needed to do in the first half in containing the Golden Eagles but 32 points from Blockton in a "Kobe" effort was a bit trifling and of a tad of concern. We'll award the small case "d" here. Argue it if you wish. 


On to Lexington. Buy those tickets, Cardinal faithful. The survive and advance, just survive somehow theory is a perfect 2-2. Louisville won the first of the three two game tournaments. Congratulate them and keep the just survive somehow predication rolling. 

To Myisha, we hope you have four more chances to wear that #2 jersey and shine for UofL. Keep that train, that jalopy, that motivation going in a setting that hasn't always been kind to Cardinal efforts. Let's turn it into "Erupt Arena" Friday. 

Hear the Cardinals talk about it and a touching Myisha moment below: 



So, whose bright idea was it to bring Notre Dame to town on St. Patrick's weekend? The Irish held advantage and took a 7-2 win over the Hit-and-Pitch Cards yesterday at Ulmer Stadium to sweep the three game series. 

The Cards did show early muscle...jumping out to a 2-0 advantage, but it was all Notre Dame after that...with the final seven runs over the last four innings.

Getting them to touch home plate continues to be a worry for Sandy Pearsall...UofL stranded seven base-runners yesterday and managed just six hits against the Irish. 

Kudos to Sidney Melton, part of the "Sid-Syd-Szyd" configuration, for a solo home run shot. Megan Hensley went the distance in the circle for UofL, allowing seven runs, six earned...on eight hits. 

The Cards take to the road to swing against Indiana in Bloomington next. A Tuesday late afternoon contest. 


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday Cardinal Couple - Swimming and Baskets


Louisville women's basketball got off to a superb start today and rolled past Marquette to advance to the NCAA women's Sweet Sixteen. The Cards were led by Myisha Hines-Allen's 24 points and had four in double figures. We'll have much more on this in our Monday morning Cardinal Couple article....Louisville outscored the Golden Eagles 60 to 36 in the paint and shot 63.5% from the floor.

March Madness

We're introducing another sport here at Cardinal Couple, Underwater Basket Weaving...

No?  Oh, we're highlighting Basketball, and Swimming & Diving...separately?  OK.


Let's start with Basketball.  Our bracketmeister, Jared, gave us some updates on the progress of the pick 'em tournament in the comments yesterday (by way of Paulie) name wasn't even on the list of the top 8 brackets.  Ah well.

The men's bracket is truly living up to the March Madness moniker, with upsets galore.  We honored the UMBC Retrievers and their historic win, as a 16 seed, over 1 seed Virginia.  Last night, the Loyola-Chicago Gryffindors...oh, Ramblers?...sorry, the Loyola-Chicago Ramblers beat Tennessee to advance to the sweet 16.  The maddest thing you could really find on the women's side was UConn's 94-31 score over St. Francis.  And, now, before you say that's, while certainly a blow-out, not totally mad as a score...that was at halftime.  Final score, 140-52.

Today, our Cardinals will be taking on Marquette after the Golden Eagles advanced over Dayton Friday afternoon.  We had plenty of discussion of this match on the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour, and our guest Mike Gilpatrick was able to feed all kinds of awesome stats about Marquette's game against Dayton to help give us a feel for what to expect.  The basic takeaway?  Watch out for #11 Alazzia Blockton and #5 Natisha Hiedeman.

Marquette lists a 4-guard lineup on their site as probable starters so look for MHA, Sam Fuehring, Kylee Shook, and Bionca Dunham to have a field day in the paint.

Game tip is at noon and is on ESPN2.  I believe this may be the only noon tip-off today, so coverage should stay on this game pretty consistently.

Swimming & Diving

We devote quite a bit of coverage to our Swimming & Diving team, certainly more than any other media outlet out there, but still probably not as much as they deserve in their meteoric rise to national prominence as a Swim&Dive program.

Head Coach Arthur Albiero has built a program that used to practice and compete in a run-down pool in the basement of Crawford Gym - a building that doesn't even exist anymore because it became too run down - into a team that regularly competes at the top levels of NCAA Swimming and Diving, with individual competitors competing and winning on the International Stage.

The NCAA Women's Swimming and Diving Championship wrapped up yesterday and UofL finished with a school best 5th place finish.  Mallory Comerford, in a result that will surprise absolutely no one, repeated as the 200 yard freestyle champion, marking the 7th consecutive year that UofL Swimming and Diving has had at least one NCAA National Champion.

Underscoring the progression of this program, they set 7 school records at the meet, Comerford with 2 of them, in the 200 free, and the 100 free.  Her 200 free time of 1:39.80 makes her only the 2nd woman in history to break the 1:40 time and is the 2nd fastest swim ever in that event.  Alina Kendzior in the 100 back, Rachael Bradford-Feldman in the 200 IM, and the relay teams for 800 Free, 400 Medley, and 400 Free, all set school record marks.

One note that I found interesting, Comerford's split in the 800 Free relay was 1:39.14, also under that 1:40 mark, but an unofficial result, so it doesn't go in the record book.  Of more interest, though is that this split bested her standalone time of 1:39.80.  Will she take the top overall spot in the 200 Free event next year (she's only a junior this year)?  I wouldn't be surprised.


Colonel Mike Ferguson threw out the first pitch
to his daughter, Caitlin Ferguson
Softball continued their series against Notre Dame yesterday, but went down to defeat 3-1.

The lone Cardinals score came in the 6th inning when Megan Hensley doubled, Caitlin Barber entered to pinch run and made it home on a Nicole Pufahl hit to narrow the lead to the final 3-1 score.

Contrast this game to Friday's scorefest, and you have to like what UofL did to shut down the Notre Dame scoring machine.  If the Cardinals can string together some consistent offense, they could develop into a contender this year.


Lacrosse led 5-3 at the half over a very good Boston College team, but the wheels came off in the 2nd half as the Eagles got everything in gear and cruised to a 19-10 victory.

Hat tricks for Julia Wood and Tessa Chad, Madison Hoover picked up a pair, and Caroline Blalock and Emily Howell each found the back of the net once.

The Lacrosse squad steps out of conference for a trip next weekend to Robert Morris.

Paulie spoke to Scott Teeter after the contest. Hear it here:

Teeter post-game vs. Boston College

The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

Speaking of March Madness, Paulie, Jared, myself, and guest Mike Gilpatrick were in the studio yesterday for our weekly romp of dubious sanity that is the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour.

I believe we set a record on getting through the scheduling and twitter segment as we had a lot to talk about.

We played the UMBC fight song three times. After all, we are on a station that does feature a lot of music.

Hear it hear:


Friday, March 16, 2018

Louisville women's basketball -- Cards "bench" Boise St.


If I told you that Myisha Hines-Allen and Asia Durr combined for just 13 points in a 32-point romp in the NCAA Tournament, you might raise a questioning eyebrow or wonder if Paulie got into the Yuengling before writing this. 

But, buoyed by a 33-point bench effort and getting 14 from Kylee Shook and 10 from Bionca Dunham, Louisville muscled their way past Boise St. in the stretch and advances to Sunday action against Marquette at the KFC YUM! Center. 

The bench was impressive, no doubt but starters Sam Fuehring (14 points and 11 grabs), Jazmine Jones (10 points and six grabs) were also essential in the #1 seeded Cards going on a 42-20 second-half blitz that left the Broncos at the starting gate in the second half and proved once again what Jeff Walz has been telling us all year: 

The Cards play as a team and if someone needs to step up, they do. 

A 51-30 rebounding edge over BSU and 52 points in the paint, compared to Boise's 14. Louisville never trailed in the contest and after a first half that saw the Cards up only was Louisville's defense and a strong third quarter that put this one comfortably out-of-reach and moved the Cards forward in the "Big Dance". 

The Cards scored the first nine points out of the break, with Arica Carter and Asia Durr fueling the burst and Louisville went on to outscore the Broncos 22-4 in the first seven minutes in the third quarter to hold a 54-26 lead after Dana Evans put in a layup with 3:34 left in the third. Give the freshmen Evans a salute as well, she finished with seven points, and solid defense for Louisville. Myisha "Dooblay" Hines-Allen was a cold 2 for 7 from the floor but had 14 grabs (11 on the defensive end) in just 17 minutes. 

Kylee Shook got the crowd (no attendance provided but I guessed about 7900) roaring when she nailed two threes in the first quarter...the only two  threes UofL would sink in 10 attempts. Asia Durr 4-14 performance from the floor was the result of Boise throwing a lot of effort into stopping her. Fortunately, the rest of the team was there to pick her up and secure the lopsided win.  

"We just got beat by the #1 seed" BSU head coach Gordy Presnell matter-of-factly commented in the post-game presser and that Broncos 23.7% shooting for 40 minutes didn't help matters at all. BSU's two top leading scorers on the season (Marta Hermida and Riley Lupfer) were held to a combined 18 points on 7-26 shooting and BSU went a chilly 4-30 from three-point range. 

Cards advance to take on Marquette Sunday, who broke a 15-15 tie with Dayton to plow past the Flyers 84-65 in the second game. Louisville will need to pay heed to guard Natisha Hiedeman, who had 32 points and eight threes in the win and forward Erika Davenport, who offered 16 points and 13 rebounds to send the Golden Eagles to Sunday. 

I saw both Sam Purcell and Beth Burns intent on the scout of Marquette, so Louisville definitely knows who these two women are and that Marquette likes the "three ball", hitting 12 of 26 offered.


Using Fred McGriff today
because the Cards went fence
F-Free Throws -- The Cards went 12-17, which tops out at 70.6%. That's what we grade a capital "F" by Paulie standards...Bionca Dunham's 4 for 5 get a nod and tip of the cap. 

R- Rebounding. 51-30 in Louisville's favor. BSU Coach Gordy did remind us that their starting, all-conference last year, center went out early in the season. They still had height with three 6'3" players, but Louisville dominated. I award the capital "R " easily.

E- Effort. Despite MHA and "nite-nite"s average outing, everyone else really shone. 12-0 fast break points, eight steals and 16 forced turnovers. Kylee, Sam, J.J, Bionca and Arica were superb. I have mixed feelings, so I'll go with the small case "e" here. 

D- Defense. A nightmare if you had to go against it. No more than 12 points allowed in any quarter and the 23.7% shooting night say it all. I see a capital "D" here. 

Fred recap:  F-R-e-D

Survive and advance. It's what this time of year is all about. Mission accomplished and with the approval of a loud and amped-up fan base. See ya Sunday...

(A special "muchas gracias" to Mike Gilpatrick to the photos and post game today. Hear him on radio with us a 11 a.m. Saturday morning on the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour).





Meanwhile, back on the UofL campus, the Hit and Pitch Cards had trouble doing both yesterday against the visiting Notre Dame Irish, falling 10-3 to their ACC foe. 

A six-run third inning lifted the Irish to a comfortable lead over Sandy Pearsall's squad. Louisville scored all their runs in the fourth inning when Caitlan Ferguson's double cleaned the loaded bags full of Cards, but by then the score was 8-3 and Louisville would fail to push anything else across the plate in the final three innings. 

Danielle Watson got the loss for UofL, going 2.1 innings. She's now 12-4 on the season. 

Sandy Pearsall saw it this way: 

"We put together a game plan for today but simply did not execute it well at all. Credit Notre Dame for taking advantage of our mistakes." 

The two squads match up again today at Ulmer Stadium. Game time is scheduled for 1 p.m.


A noon start for this ACC match at "the Ellis" for Lou Lax and the Eagles today.  The Cards have been on the road for the last two weeks and come into today's match after a 21-14 win at Mercer. 

Louisville (6-3, 0-2) faces a B.C. squad that is ranked #3 in the nation and sports a 9-0 record. The Chestnut Hill gals have knocked off four top-twenty teams this season and defeated Louisville 14-11 last season. 

If you can't attend, it'll be on the ACC Network Extra. I'll be dashing over there after radio this morning. They got a food truck and Tessa Chad. Who could ask for more, except maybe a upset win for Scott Teeter's squad? 


We invite you to get your day started the right listening to The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour this morning at 11 a.m. 

We're on WCHQFM 100.9 on the air AND also present to you a Facebook Live broadcast at the very same time! 

We're without one of the "A" team for a considerable while...Case Hoskins tore his Achilles playing soccer...just hours after our broadcast last week and is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday. Subbing in this week is our ol' buddy Mike Gilpatrick, from River City Cards, a guy who can tell you just about anything you ever wanted to know about Detroit Tiger MLB. 

We'll review the WBB win with him today, the Sunday match-up, softball, lacrosse, the men's NIT quest and as much as we can crowd into  mere hour.  The other "knuckleheads"...myself, Worldwide Jeff and Jared will be in the magnificent media mansion on Mellwood to bring you the best in UofL athletics! 


Louisville women's basketball -- Let the Games begin! -- Weekend view -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

NCAA Tournament Time

Happy Game Day!  The moment we have all been waiting for is here!  At noon, our anticipation to see Louisville women's basketball take the court in the NCAA Tournament will reach its peak.

The Cards face 16-seed Boise State in front of a home crowd at the KFC Yum! Center.  The Broncos (23-9, 14-4 Mountain West) won the regular season outright and claimed the crown in their conference tournament to receive an automatic bid to make their fifth NCAA Tournament appearance.

Boise State last lost on Feb 3 to UNLV.  Just over a week later was Louisville's loss to UConn.  Boise State rides a 10-game win streak into the match-up, the first ever between these two teams.

Riley Lupfer is a sharpshooter for the Broncos, averaging 16.4 points per game.  Her 3.75 three-pointers per game is fifth-best in the country.  For comparison, Asia Durr averages an even 3 threes per game.  Lupfer has hit 120 threes on the year.  Shalen Shaw heads the post for Boise State, averaging seven rebounds per game.  11 of the 15 players on the roster stand 6'0 or taller, which has helped in the rebounding and blocks columns.

"Boise State is that way. It's in Idaho!"
As a team Boise State averages 69.2 points per game while giving up 61.4.  They have a rebound margin of +6, high ranking in the country.  Most of the Bronco's scoring comes in the two middle quarters, scoring 55% of their points then.  They shoot .355 from behind the arc and .731, both excellent figures.

What does Louisville have to do to win?

A 1-seed vs 16-seed match-up is expected to be an easy win for the higher seed.  The confidence boost plus the home crowd should help some.

Let Asia Durr find her shots.  If she isn't hot early do not let that cause hesitation when looking to her later in the game. "Nite-Nite" is a scorer and she will find ways to put up numbers.  To help Durr get some open looks the Cards need to pass the ball.  An extra pass or two can often put the defense out of position just enough to get some elbow room and a good look at the basket.

Combine size with strength to overpower Boise State down low.  Myisha Hines-Allen is having a highlight year with her double-doubles so feed her the ball.  "Doo-Blay" and Sam Fuehring play with a fiery emotion and they won't rest until they haul in every last rebound.

The missed lay-ups need to be cleaned up.  You can't get any closer to the basket unless you pull a Brittney Griner and dunk the darn thing.  Everyone on the team has missed an easy lay-up at some point this season and it usually follows with "#$@&%*!" coming from Walz on the bench.  A heavy presence and solid scoring down low will open up the exterior for better looks.

I won't give a prediction to the game in hopes of preventing a jinx, but all know who most of us will be rooting for (sorry Keith B, Boise State fan).  Make sure to get out there and cheer the Cards on if you can manage to get off work.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide pictures due to the fact it is near-impossible to get off at the bank last minute.

The Irish Visit for St Patrick's Day Softball

Thanks, ACC.  I think the university as a whole has had enough poor luck in recent years.  Playing Notre Dame on St Patrick's Day sounds like a tough one.  Game one is scheduled for today at 2:00, moved up from the 4:00 original start time.  Saturday's first pitch is 1:00 and Sunday is noon.  Days and times can change, weather pending.  I will have my green Louisville shirt on Saturday at Ulmer hooping and hollering.

The weather calls for rain this weekend.
After 25 games of non-conference play and a 20-5 record the Cards finally face ACC opponents.  The Irish took the series 2-1 last season at Ulmer Stadium.  Anyone remember the stormy Monday night last year?  The Cards went on to win 7-4.

Danielle Watson and Megan Hensley should do most of the work in the circle.  The question surrounding this team's success is if they can fix issues they have battled in the past.  Louisville continues to have problems with defensive errors, with most of them coming from the left side of the infield up to the front of the plate.

Notre Dame leads the all-time series 18-16.  A sweep sounds pretty great right now.  The Irish are 16-8 on the year and has relied on their offense to carry them.  Ali Wester is hitting .455 and Katie Marino has already sent five balls out of the park.  Can the UofL pitchers shut down the ND offense?

Lax Comes Home

After a two week trip to the southeast region of the US, the Louisville lacrosse team comes back home to the LLS where they will face Boston College.  That game will be starting right about the time the radio show concludes.

Trust me when I say the food truck is good.  The trick is keeping your food down while cheering on the high-scoring, fast-paced offense Scott Teeter has going on.  Even the hungry, stingy defense has drawn attention.

Record Breakers

The swim and dive team broke two school records at the NCAA Championships.  Rachael Bradford-Feldman made it into the record books by one hundredth of a second in the 200 IM with a time of 1:55.67.  The 400-medley relay team clocked in at 3:26.93.  The 200-free relay team finished with a time of 1:27.19, the fastest at the nationals for Louisville and falling a bit shy of a their record breaker on the day.

Another Day at the Office

Make sure to tune into the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour tomorrow morning at 11:00 on WCHQ (100.9 fm).  If you live outside the range of the station you can listen online for free or check out our new Facebook Live option on WCHQ's Facebook page.  Paulie and Worldwide will be in the studio with your truly.  Case is recovering from an injury so we send him best wishes.  In his stead we welcome my partner in crime from River City Cards, Mike Gilpatrick.  If you want to know anything about the Detroit Tigers or Louisville Baseball he is your man.  We have a full lineup ready to go so make sure to tune in!

Pick 'Em closes at noon

If you haven't submitted your picks for the NCAA Women's Tournament Pick "em" here at CARDINAL COUPLE....what are you waiting for? A full moon, good crops, the Easter bunny?

We have a $25 Panera Card for da winnah! $15 Cracker Barrel card for second-best. Jared Anderson verifying brackets while turning quarters into nickles and dimes! People from all over the continental United States entering. It is your manifest duty to grab a writing utensil, fill out a bracket and send it to us. We have dozens of chimps sitting up in the Bracket Central suite with nothing to do but ride Bill the Goat and Frank the Mule around the offices and play jarts!

You better have something in the comments section by noon today or I'm telling Mom!


Happy Friday and Go Cards, especially women's basketball!


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Louisville WBB -- Know the Foe: Boise St...Softball crushes NIU, Lacrosse wins -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Another Thursday, another jam-packed results day and future events preview to get to. I do believe this is one of the busiest times of the year (March) for us at CARDINAL COUPLE, but we're ready for the challenge. Let's hit the gym, diamond, turf, brackets, etc. and do this! 

Will Coach bring out the yellow
gear to upstage what will surely
be another Sam Purcell clothing
The WBB Cards got what they wanted in NCAA bracketing. Two in Louisville, which we all knew was guaranteed, two in Lexington...a little more speculation on whether that would happen or not, and Louisville MUST win the KFC YUM! Center games to travel to Lexington. Then...if all goes according to plan, the NCAA Final Four in Columbus. The Lexington region looks tough, thanks to Jared for dissecting that and more yesterday, today let us look at "first up" for Walz and crew.

Sam Purcell calls it three two-game tournaments. That's a very interesting way of viewing it.  

The Boise State Broncos gallop in from Potato-land to run by the river on Friday at noon. It's one of four NCAA opening day games at noon for the WBB side and certainly the one we'll be focusing on. Friday is a busy day at the YUM! with two games and the men continue their NIT pursuits on Sunday at 6:30 p.m. against MTSU. No game time has been announced yet for round two of the NCAA WBB Tournament on Sunday. My guess is around 1 p.m.? We'll see what happens and let you know. Maybe the women will play the first half against MTSU and let the guys finish the game. They could probably do better in the first half then the men did against NKU...

This "fake state" school (last time I checked...Boise hadn't seceded from Idaho and formed their own state) comes to the YUM! with a 23-9 record. They were 14-4 in the Mountain West Conference and won the regular season, plus conference Louisville. They took the  MWC Tourney with wins over Air Force (60-46), Colorado St. (76-51) and a thriller in the finals...62-60 over Nevada. It took a buzzer-beating shot from A'Shanti Coleman to get the Broncos their second consecutive MVC Tourney title. 

BSU is no stranger to the "dance"...having been four previous times and 2018 marks their third visit in the last four years. 

BSU is on a roll, winning their last 10 games and 15 out of their last 17. Their last loss was delivered to them by UNLV on Feb. 3rd in Las Vegas. They had a bit of trouble getting the horses out of the gate in the non-conference slate...with losses to CSU-Bakersfield, St. Mary's, Northern Arizona and San Diego....all non-NCAA Tournament bound schools. 

Similar opponents? We've seen they have faced the Air Force Academy, like the Cards. Three times, as a matter of fact, and won all three. 

They also played both San Diego and San Diego State this year. That's got to be confusing:

"Who ya got tonight?"

"San Diego."

"San Diego State?"

"San Diego isn't a state, they're a part of California." 

"No, the school. San Diego State."

"The school left the state and formed their own state?" 

Riley Lupfer leads the Broncos in scoring with 16.4 ppg and shoots 47.1% from the court. 

She's also the one who questioned whether the Cardinal players knew where Boise State was. 

Wouldn't it be great to see Asia or someone stop her in the post-game handshake line and say. "Idaho. Your school is in Idaho. Go back there, now. Your season is over." 

Martin Hermida, a Spanish import, is good for 10.8 points a night and leads the Broncs with 4.8 assists. Shalen Shaw, kinda of a neat name...I think, is the top board-grabber with seven a contest. 

We'll find out how Coach Walz plans to corral these Broncos later this morning...they have a 10:50 a.m. press conference scheduled at the Media Room in the KFC YUM! Center. Maybe we'll learn more. Pressers like this are sometimes are unfortunately plagued by some media moron who knows nothing about UofL WBB and uses it as a briefing. Read your facts sheet before you sit down in the room, first timers! 

These two have never met. The game will be shown on the "deuce"...ESPN 2. We got Beth Mowins and Nell Fortner on the call. That sounds like turn down the TV volume and listen to Nick and A.J. call it on 790 WKRD to me. Opinions may vary.

Interesting Sidebar:  The Broncos play their home games in Taco Bell Arena. From nacho fries to original recipe chicken for them, it looks like. I wonder what BSU gives away if the team scores 80+ points a night. Free tacos? A chalupa?  Can a guy get a couple of burritos and a beverage here? 

I see Louisville by 27. Whatcha think? 

Tournament time. It's the most wonderful time of the year. 


Hello, Megan Hensley! The junior slugged a grand slam homer in the bottom of the sixth inning and came to the circle in relief to pick up a win in Louisville Softball's five-run win yesterday at chilly Ulmer Stadium. 

Her blast broke a 4-4 tie game wide open as the Cards get their 20th win of the season against just five losses. She also pitched 4.2 innings of shutout softball against the Huskies after relieving Darrianne Hale, who relieved Kyra Snyder. (What a relief...) 

Funky Funke, Mike and Maddy Newman all had two hits in the win for the Cards. Hensley goes to 7-2 on the season. 

Louisville opens ACC play on Friday with a 4 p.m. game at Ulmer Stadium against Notre Dame. 


It was a slow start yesterday for Louisville Lacrosse at Mercer yesterday, trailing 7-1 after the first ten minutes.  It was time for a Teeter time-out and whatever the Louisville head coach said to the squad should be framed and kept for future reference. The Cards proceeded to score the final 11 goals of the half, two by Tessa Chad in less than a minute and go into the break up 12-7. 

"We didn't come out of the gate like we need to." Scott Teeter commented after the contest. "But they responded after we challenged them in the timeout. We went on a pretty good run there after that and scored some goals, but it shouldn't take that."

The LAX Cards also had the first three goals of the second half, blowing out to a 15-7 advantage and went on to take their sixth win of the season. Louisville is 4-1 on the road this year. 

Chad scored her team-high six goals all in the first half.  

"That was just Tessa leading by example, just taking the game over by herself," added Teeter. "I thought there were quite a few of the seniors that stepped up, as well. Their play, their ability to demand the ball really elevated our team during that stretch, which was great." 

"Sweet" Caroline Blalock and Ally Hall added four scores each for Louisville and Madison "Upright" Hoover got a hat-trick with three goals in the win. 

Louisville comes home to face Boston College, in a return to ACC action, with a Saturday noon start. 


Do you have your NCAA WBB Tournament picks lined up? What double-digit seeded teams will make the Sweet Sixteen? Can anyone keep UConn out of Columbus? 

You are cordially invited to provide an entry to The Cardinal Couple "Pick 'Em" Challenge for the Women's NCAA Basketball Tournament. It doesn't cost a penny and you could win a $25 Panera Card if you are the best. We've also got a $15 Cracker Barrel card for second place. 

Check the comments section on Tuesday and Wednesday for examples and leave your selections in today's comments section. One point for a win, most points wins. Earliest entry breaks any ties. 

Our bracket czar Jared Anderson has his war-room set up with all entries laminated, posted in strategic locations and he has a variety of colored markers and trend analysis scenarios lined up for the judging and scoring. A report from the mothership indicates he has 15 entries as of midnight last night and will be prepared for the last second rush of contestants. Remember, Jared...USF and FSU are two different schools...I hope he isn't dyslexic.

You need to have your picks in by Friday noon. A highly trained chimp-infused bracket staff is in Bracket Central closely monitoring the comments section, mixing up blenders of Banana Smoothies and Daiquiris and hotly debating scenarios, strengths and which pizza place to call for delivery. Pineapple and ham seems to be the favorite of the crew and Bill the Goat has been banished to the "Back 40" to consume empty pizza boxes and brackets that the chimps feel have no chance whatsoever. 

Play ball! Men's Tournament starts today. Get ready with the Visine and remote control. Gonna be a crazy week.