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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Condi Rice -- From Softball to Cardinal Couple, My Story -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


(Jared Anderson brings us the story today on how he met up with and became a "knucklehead" affectionate term for the crew that handles The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour each Saturday and most of the articles here at Cardinal Couple. Jared is always on the go...also working non-stop for the River City Cards website, taking photos at Louisville Bats games and (as we like to tease him) turning $20's into fives and tens at a local financial institution. The "A" team is a fluid and strong group...all four members juggling the site, the radio, their "paying jobs" and life with the aplomb of Asia Durr dropping a "trey" on a bewildered defender. Enjoy his story today. We're pleased as punch and proud as papas to have him with us!   -- Paulie)  

When most people picture a fan at a game cheering the first thing that comes to mind is someone at a football or basketball game standing on the chair hooping and hollering.  However, there are numerous other sporting events in which you'll find fans.  For me, you can catch me at almost any sporting event.  If I'm not taking pictures I guarantee you will hear me yelling.

Lynn Soccer Stadium
When Louisville moved to the ACC the pep band stopped attending soccer games.  No, it was not a decision by the Louisville coaches or administration, but a decision based off of a league meeting.  Not wanting to drop soccer altogether, I joined the Louligans, the supporter section of UofL soccer.  We were in attendance at every men and women's game with our drums shouting and singing.

During the winter season of the 2014-15 year athletics hosted an event where student athletes would call season ticket holders of different sports thanking them for their support and would invite them to attend other sporting events.  Nicole Pufahl wound up with calling a member of the Louligans.  With "Poof's" personality she was able to persuade him into coming out to a softball game.

Louisville Louligans
That softball season rolled around and a small group of us took our seats in the middle section just a few rows behind home plate.  This was the first softball game for all of us so we had no clue what to do at the game or what cheers were part of the 'norm'.  We kicked off the first inning with our staple, "We Love Ya".  Immediately, heads popped out of the dugout like meerkats on the lookout.  We cheered between innings and the remainder of the game as the Cards topped Ball State.  On the patio by the front entrance we met up with the now-famous "Poof", who was a red-shirt freshman at the time.

Ulmer Stadium
We continued attending the games the rest of the season to cheer on the Cards.  With the positive feedback we returned the next season to do what we do best.  This was about the time that Mr. Worldwide
(Jeff McAdams) started to zone in on us to see what we were all about.  I interacted with him and Paulie on social media before receiving an invitation to join them on the radio for the first time.  I would guest appear a couple other times that season, eventually calling in from the ACC tournament down in Raleigh.  Coincidentally, that was also a time I called in while spending time with the lovely Katy.

I guess I didn't scare away Paulie and Jeff because they kept asking me to come back on occasion for the next year.  Around the springtime/summertime of 2017 my position with Cardinal Couple grew.  I became a regular part of the "A-team" on Saturday's and started writing once per week, giving my insight from the Jared perspective.

Louisville Lacrosse Stadium
Going into the current school year I had obtained a camera of my own and a couple of lenses.  Wanting to add updated pictures to our arsenal, I asked if I could become the site's photographer.  I was able to get field hockey and volleyball season passes for the fall semester (my Louligan duties kept me busy during soccer).  More often than not I was the only photographer in attendance other than the team photographer while Paulie and Worldwide were typically the only outside media at the press box or media table.  Our "captain Paulie" and I made the trip to see volleyball in Lexington and found ourselves covering the ACC field hockey tournament in town

Winter season brought us to basketball, where women's basketball just added their new SID Nick Evans.  The ambitious new SID worked with us to make sure I could get season media passes for women's basketball and we ended up being some of the very few media people in attendance EVERY home game.  This year's successes resulted in us traveling to Lexington for the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight and Columbus for the Final Four.

Cardinal Arena
Now onto springtime we have progressed to other sports.  Lacrosse and softball have kept us busy and all of us running around like crazy.  We have had a representative at almost every home game for both teams the season.  Down by the little Yum we have kept a close eye on new coach Scott Teeter and what he has brought to the table for this restructured lacrosse program.  With softball, our supporter crew has slowly drifted apart with all of us upgrading to real jobs and some moving out of town so my role has shifted to covering them from a media perspective.  My travels have led my to Lexington and Tallahassee.

My main purpose to go to Tallahassee was to spend a few days with the girlfriend, which I did and enjoyed very much.  While there, Katy painted faces on the fans at the games while I went off and met up with Lori Korte about passes for the games.  Now that I have returned home I prepare to cover their senior weekend and send off "Poof" for her final time at Ulmer Stadium, bringing my story full circle.

I went from a young, energetic fan who was just learning the rules of many sports to a semi-experienced media person that is a common sight at many UofL sporting events eager to get pics or the new article up.


Condi Rice delivered her commission's "state of the NCAA" address this morning and outlined some changes and ideas that the committee recommends. Some powerful stuff. The highlights (as I saw them)

-- An end to the "one and done" rule.

-- Payments for players for the use of their images

-- Regulating contact with agents:

-- Overhauling the sanctions system and summer "club" basketball.

-- Getting shoe and apparel companies out of summer "club" basketball

-- Getting full financial accountability out of summer "club" basketball events.

-- Appointing outsiders to the NCAA board. 

There are some pretty bold (and long overdue) ideas here. Your take? Let us know in the comments section. 



Happy National Penguin Day!  The only penguin I know of is a former UofL volleyball player who begins the next step of her journey in Youngstown State, home of the Penguins.

Penguins are birds. They have feathers. Even though they spend their time on ice, water and land. They can ONLY be found in the Southern Hemisphere. None in the Arctic Circle. Certainly none on the Belknap Campus but you can go to most zoos and watch them cavort about.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are a popular NHL team. They used to call former L.A. Dodgers third basement Ron Cey "The Penguin" because of his gait and stance at the hot corner. Or maybe he liked fish and ice?

Are you familiar with Pingu? Or Chilly Willy? A couple of popular penguins from screen and lore.

Practice your penguin walk today, if it pleases you, and find a snow bank or ice flow to go sliding over! None of that available in Louisville today but be creative!

Enjoy your Wednesday and Go Cards!

- Jared -

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Scott Teeter Interview -- Louie Awards -- Softball vs. FSU -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

A busy Monday for UofL Athletics...which translates out to a busy day for Paulie in keeping up with events and such to report here at Cardinal Couple. From campus to downtown to Tallahassee, FL, though...we've got you covered with reports on the joy and excitement of UofL Athletics. Let's fasten the seats belts, put the chairs in an upright position and hurdle down the runaway, shall we? 


The Louisville Lacrosse squad goes into ACC Tournament play beginning Thursday in Durham, MC on the Duke Campus. The first round opponent is undefeated Boston College. 

Cardinal Couple's Paulie caught up with head Lacrosse coach Scott Teeter in his office on campus to get a preview of the tournament and recap the season and future needs of the Laxers. 

Coach and the team are excited to start what they refer to as "the second season". The emphasis was to be playing their best Lacrosse of the season by the end of the regular season and to carry that into the tournament. Louisville faces a strong foes in conference leader and #2 in the nation Boston College but Teeter does think the Cards match up pretty well against them. 

Coach mentioned confidence as a key when facing the Eagles. In the regular season, the Cards held a halftime lead against them...saw that lead disappear and eventually lost but learned from the experience and will try and correct the things that led to the defeat. 

Coach says that the seniors need to step up in the playoffs. Most of them have experienced the ACC Tournament and the NCAA Tournament and Teeter hopes they bring their "A" games and that experience and leadership to the battle on Thursday. He did mention that he thought Alex McNicholas did a good job for them in draw controls against Syracuse on Sunday and that they had re-aligned their formation to secure more of those and gain ball possession after scores. 

When asked about the importance of height in draw controls, he also joked that Myisha Hines-Allen would definitely compete for ground balls and draws and we joked about finding her a grad season year to compete in Lacrosse for the Cards.

On recruiting, Coach Teeter knows and recognized he has a lot of holes to fill with the depleted roster and graduation of ten seniors. He and the staff are out with the commits, possible commits and the possible transfers-in to the program to fill those needs as much as possible. He also mentioned, in addition to the immediate needs, the plan to recognized and obtain players for two and three years down the road to address future needs and build a roster that wouldn't be so heavily impacted by graduation each year. 

On the challenge of ACC recruiting, he noted that it was a much different area of concentration nationally than when he was at Cansius. He pointed out that the advantage of presenting the lure and advantages of selling a recruit on ACC competition was great but, if they were of the talent level to play ACC Lacrosse, then, most likely...the other ACC conference schools had identified them and were also in the hunt to obtain them on their campuses. 

Uncovering stones and hidden treasures, finding diamonds, polishing them into their full potential when they arrive and throughout their stay as a student-athlete. The duties of a head coach, not only in Lacrosse, but in any sport -- are not too different than that of a gemologist or geologist. 

Scott Teeter and his staff are on the trail for those gems. Don't be surprised if they find a gold mine or two and stake a claim to mine and develop these valuable assets. The process is one that doesn't happen overnight...but Teeter has the temperament and patience to succeed over the long haul, the duration -- and make the Cards a shining emerald in the already quite-jeweled ACC Conference. 

Click below to hear the entire interview:  

The Scott Teeter Interview 4/24/18


Many accolades and honors to go around at the Louies last night. In case you are wondering just what a "Louie" advised that it's an award show and setting, not unlike the Oscars or Grammys, that recognizes the successes and achievements of the University of Louisville individuals and teams.

Held at the Louisville Palace and emceed by Sean Moth, it is a gala affair. Since we concentrate of women's sports here, we'll mostly list the award winners for them.














Congratulations to all these teams and student-athletes for their hard work, dedication and perseverance! 


One squad absent from the Louies was the Louisville Softball team. The "Hit and Pitch" Cards concluded their three game series against the Seminoles last night in Tallahassee with a 3-1 loss to #8/#10 home team, but did limit the powerful 'Noles to just three runs and five hits. The Cards took the early lead in the first inning when Megan Hensley went fence and beyond to center field and the lead held behind the strong pitching of Hensley until the bottom of the third...when FSU gathered a solo home run shot. 

The bottom of the fifth inning was the pivotal point of the contest. Hensley allowed a lead-off walk, followed by a two-run homer to give the ACC's best softball team a 3-1 lead that they would not relinquish and that ended the scoring in the contest. 

The Cards (28-17, 7-10) return home to face Boston College for a three-game series beginning Friday. Sunday is Senior Day and Jenna Jordan, Ashley Nikolao, Nicole Pufahl, Jamie Soles and Alison Szydlowski will be honored and recognized for their incredible achievements as Cardinals. 

What happens to the time? It seems like it was just yesterday we were commenting about the red-headed "Poof" in center, the "NEW" Pride of New Egypt, New Jersey, "Mike, Mike, Mike" , justifyng Jenna behind the plate and sitting at Ashley's table with her and her folks when she was a freshman at the Cardinals softball banquet...

Have a terrific Tuesday. Jared Anderson returns to these pages tomorrow. 

"You do not need a parachute to sky dive...unless you plan on sky-diving a second time." 



Monday, April 23, 2018

Softball, Lacrosse, NAAK all suffer losses -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Tough weekend so far for the Softball Cards...falling 8-0 to Florida State yesterday in Tallahassee. 

The Cards were held scoreless with just two hits by FSU pitcher Meghan King in the run-rule, five inning affair. Coupled with Saturday's 4-0 loss, it's the first time that Louisville Softball has gone two games without a run since 2015 against Virginia Tech. 

Danielle Watson went the distance for UofL, giving up six hits and eight walks, to drop to 14-8 on the season. Maddie Newman and Sidney Melton produced the only two Cardinal hits. 

Down 4-0 after two innings, the Cards did manage to hold the Noles scoreless in the third but a two-run homer in the fourth and two more runs in the fifth gave FSU the win. 

They'll try it again tonight at 7 p.m. on ESPNU. 


A familiar story line for Louisville Lacrosse yesterday in the Carrier Dome against the Orange in lacrosse. The Cards hung tough with Syracuse for 36 minutes....tied at 8-8....before the Orange put up a 11-0 run to win on Senior Day. 

With a smaller than normal roster, Louisville Lacrosse experienced a bit of late-game fatigue against the Orange in the final 24 minutes...head coach Scott Teeter's squad has basically improved each outing this season but in the ultra competitive, talented and experienced need a squad that has experience, tons of talent and depth. All things Teeter is developing at UofL -- but the process doesn't happen overnight and, after a 5-1 start to the season, the Cards went 1-9 to end the year...mostly against the powerhouse and nationally ranked ACC gauntlet of seven foes...all who will mostly likely make the NCAA Tournament. 

Seven Cards scored in the loss, Sarah Blalock finding the net twice for Louisville (6-10, 0-7). 

The Cards draw undefeated Boston College in the ACC Tournament, which begins Thursday in Durham, NC on the Duke campus.


Asia Durr's USA 3x3 experience comes to an end with a 21-19 semifinal loss to the Bye Felicia foursome in the Colorado Springs Tournament. 

Her squad (with Napheesa Collier, Arike Ogunbowale and Kristen Angiwe) won the play-in games to the final four convincingly with 21-8 consecutive victories to face the veteran Bye Felicia squad, which had (3) players aged 28 and (1) aged 27. Danika Dale (Liberty), Kristen McCarthy, Shaqweda Wallace (both from Temple) and Vershaundra Young (Martin Methodist) engaged N.A.A.K. in a thriller that came down to the final play of the contest. 

The Championship went to the Oregon Ducks in a 21-5 blowout of Bye Felicia. Hodgenville, KY standout Erin Boley teamed with Sabrina Ionescu, Ruthy Hebard and Otiona Gildon for the win. 

Boley was impressive, getting all eight of her points from beyond the arc. The scoring is a bit different in 3x3...with free throws and shots inside the arc counting for one point...while "trey" makes count for two points. Ionescu, who was named MVP of the tournament, had six points in the final game...where the Ducks jumped out to a 7-0 lead en route to the 16-point victory. 

Good experience for Durr...who has plenty of basketball ahead for her this spring and summer. Jeff Walz was in attendance for the shootout weekend (like he needs an excuse to go to Colorado).

Durr's N.A.A.K. sqaud went into the semifinals with a 4-1 record in preliminary action, losing only to the eventual champions 21-17 on opening day.

There was good representation from players around the local area and state with Lakin Roland (Princeton) from Jeffersonville, IN and Alexis Robinson (Colorado) out of Ashland, KY also participating for two of the 12 teams in the tournament. 

Alexis is Cardinal signee Mykasa Robinson's older sister and averaged 12.1 points for the Buffs as a junior, despite sitting out the entire summer of conditioning recovering from an ACL injury and surgery. 

Have a great Monday, I'll either be back on these pages tomorrow or we may get some commentary from our buddy David never really know around the topsy-turvy, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants protocol and lineup here at the C.C.  

(Softball photo courtesy of Jared Anderson) 


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday Cardinal Couple - South for Softball, North for Lacrosse, East for Golf, Mellwood for Radio

South for Softball

The Softball squad was in action yesterday in Tallahassee, with our own Jared Anderson in attendance.  The squad wasn't able to get the win yesterday after a disastrous 5th inning that saw FSU hitting back to back doubles, followed by back to back homeruns to put 4 on the scoreboard.

Megan Hensley was in the circle and kept the 'Noles from crossing the plate for more than 4 innings, but things fell apart in the 5th.  Kyra Snyder entered the game in relief and finished off the rest of the game, but the damage had been done.  With 4 on the board for FSU, and UofL wasn't able to get any runs plated, the Seminoles took the first game of the series.

The Cards will be looking to get the win today started at 11am (time adjusted for expected weather).

The inimitable Mr. Anderson will be in attendance again today with his lovely girlfriend Katy.  You can check out his twitter account for some in-game tweets at

The series will conclude tomorrow with a 7pm first pitch.  The Cards will then return home for the last homestand of the season, welcoming Boston College in to Ulmer Stadium.  I haven't heard specific word, but it's likely that the Cards will celebrate Senior Day for the noon start against BC on the 29th.  There is one more home game after that, a mid-week tilt vs Marshall, but the program likes to do Senior Day celebrations during the weekend as more families are able to make the trip.

North for Lacrosse

Scott Teeter and his Lacrosse squad heads north Syracuse to finish off their regular season.  Both Louisville and Syracuse are looking to pick up a conference win before the season closes out, and one will get their wish.

Don't let an 0-6 standing in the ACC fool you, though, this Syracuse Lacrosse team is no joke.  They are 8-8 overall on the season, and even with that, they're sitting at 23rd in the RPI.  Winless in conference play and they're still a bubble NCAA team, you've got to give them credit for having a strong schedule across the board.  The only non-conference teams to hand SU an L were Maryland, an perennial powerhouse in Lacrosse...think on-par with UConn in Women's Basketball, and Northwestern, another very fine Lacrosse team.

UofL Lacrosse will go to the ACC championship tournament in Durham, NC, but they would have to make a very deep run, or perhaps improbably win the whole tournament, to have a real shot of making the 26 team NCAA tournament field.

East for Golf

OK, maybe a bit southeast...

Women's Golf is at the ACC Championship in Greensboro.  Stop me if you've heard this one
before...Olivia Cason is pretty good at golf.

Cason stands in 12th place overall in the tournament, leading the Cardinals contingent.  The Grandover Resort and Conference Center East Course seems to be playing pretty hard, with only 11 players at or below par in the first round.

The Cardinals squad is making a good showing for itself, with Molly Skapik and Delaney Shah in a tie for 30th at 4 over par and Lauren Hartlage in a tie for 39th with a 5 over.

Play continues through tomorrow.

Mellwood for Radio

 You can check out the replay of the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour on Facebook streaming at  We were sparse in the studio with only Paulie and I in attendance physically, though we did get a report from Jared (Katy could be heard in the background) on the war paint preparations for the FSU vs UofL Softball game.

Check out the stream and help us figure out a name for Touchdown Squirrel.  I believe my entry is going to be "Floyd", since he gained his fame at Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium on Floyd Street.

(Softball photos courtesy of Jared Anderson today) 


Saturday, April 21, 2018

Softball, Lacrosse Face Big Tests -- SATURDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


The University of Louisville Softball squad will miss Thunder over Louisville festivities today on the Ohio River but they hope to make a little noise on their own when they start the three game series against FSU down in Tallahassee this afternoon. 

The Seminoles are ranked either 8th (ESPN) or 10th (USA Today) in the nation, according to which poll you follow and will host Louisville for a 1 p.m. game today. FSU is 36-8 on the season and have won the last five meetings with Louisville. 

The Cards come into the contest with a 11-7 win over Indiana on Wednesday in Bloomington. The recent rejuvenated Louisville bats will be put to the test against a FSU pitching staff that held Boston College to just four runs in a three game set last time out. 

The festivities will be available on the ACC Network Extra today and tomorrow, ESPNU carries the contest Monday.  As always, game times are always subject to change depending on any impending weather in the area. 

Our Jared Anderson is in Tallahassee and will attend the first two contests. We'll catch up with him today via phone on the CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR for his thoughts on Noles vs. Cards. 


If Floyd Street, on the UofL campus, seems a little less crowded's because the Lacrosse team is also out of town and will miss Thunder Live to face Syracuse in the final regular season game of the year. 

The Orange are in a similar predicament as Scott Teeter's squad.  They haven't won a contest in ACC play either this season, so it'll be a battle for the to speak in the Carrier Dome.

It's homecoming for Otto the Orange's bunch, so they'll have a bit of momentum in that regard.  The 'Cuse dropped a 13-12 contest against Boston College last time out in Chestnut Hill. They've managed a 8-8 record on the season but are on a three game losing streak. Surprisingly, they are ranked #19 in the nation...a testament to just how strong ACC women's lacrosse is. 

For the Cards, it's a matter of just sealing the deal and finishing strong. Louisville was tied with Virginia 8-8 last week in the L.L.S. early in the second half before watching the Wakoos go on a 6-0 run and eventually taking the match 18-10. Thhe Cards are 6-9 on the season. 

Louisville did down the Orange last year out at the "Ellis" 9-8. It was their first win ever against Syracuse...failing the previous seven times. 

Cardinal Freshman Caroline Blalock (one of the Blalock sistahs) was recently named IL Women's Lacrosse National Rookie of the Week, based in part on her four goal effort against UVA. 

Both teams will open ACC Tournament play on Thursday at of them hoping to have the momentum of a one game winning streak.


It'll be like a return to the early days of the broadcast history today as Jeff and I will be the two lone hosts for the 11 a.m. broadcast. We've gotten spoiled, maybe with three or four voices each week to pontificate and predict. 

With Case studying for Engineering exams and Jared down in the Sunshine State  -- plus three guests I invited to sit in either out-of-town or with prior commitments -- you'll get the "stripped down" version of the "A" team on Facebook Live. Two knuckleheads with the promise of a third via phone. 

"The knuckleheads make me laugh!"
(Don't worry..."stripped down is just a descriptive metaphor...we promise we'll have our clothes on and they'll remain on..) 

Jared Anderson, as mentioned above, will call in to brag about the Florida weather, probably take a picture of himself while talking to us and maybe even reveal the highly secret and clandestine motive behind his travels to Jazmine Jones' hometown. 

We'll have plenty of items to discuss and give you Worldwide's infamous scheduling and Twitter segment...which has gotten quite a bit of national recognition and commentary from people who despise the term "um..." in spoken language. Hey, we all do it. Some are better at it than others. 

Join us, won't you?


Friday, April 20, 2018

Hooping it up in Louisville this weekend -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

THE CLASSIC One Of The Major Showcase Events This Weekend 

The Classic, sponsored by National Exposure Basketball, comes to the Kentucky Expo Center (formerly known as the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center) starting today and almost 400 teams of U12 through U17 high school girls basketball prospects will be in town for three days of hoops. 

28 courts. A four-game guarantee. Over 300 college coaches. Organized mayhem form three days, driven by the steady beat of balls bouncing, shoes slapping the court and the yells and comments of the players and coaches. A symphony of sound. 

On the first "live" weekend of recruiting this spring, high school basketball comes to Louisville's door. And the Cardinals coaching staff will be in attendance for many of the contests. 

On Thunder Weekend in Louisville, expect a bunch of "thunder" as well out on Phillips Lane by the airport on the hardwood -- instead of the River. 

Here are a few of the participants the Cards will be watching: 

Rickea Jackson --  A 6'2" wing in the Class of 2019 from Detroit, MI...she plays for the Sports City U squad. She's very explosive on the perimeter, attacks the hoop well, active on the glass and can attack in transition. She's the #2 ranked wing by Prospects Nation and Hoop Gurlz has her at #9 overall. She has not come up with a college declaration yet. 

Jordan Horston -- This 6'1" guard out of Columbus, OH is also in the Class of 2019...she also plays for Sports City U.  Athleticism, quick leaper, plays outside or around the rim and impressive mid-range shot. She's #3 ranked by Prospects Nation and Hoop Gurlz has her at #6 overall. Undeclared at last glance, plenty of school have an interest. 

Zia Cooke -- She's a 5'9" point guard out of Toledo and is the #1 ranked point guard current at Hoop Gurlz and #7 overall inn the class of 2019. She has a scorer's mentality, fast off-the-dribble, can take defenders to the hoop easily or beat them from mid-range or deep. Has great body control and finishes plays in traffic. Also undeclared at this writing. Another Sports City U baller. 

Kierstan Bell -- This 6'1" guard can manufacture, deliver off-the-dribble, a defensive nightmare for opponents, passes well and can play excellent defense. From Canton, OH. She comes in at #2 by Prospects Nation at her guard spot and Hoop Gurlz lists her as the #4 prospect overall for the 2019 class. In Ohio, they call her "SheBron" and the Canton faithful ring bells at home games whenever she scores. 
She does her club ball for 77 South Elite All-Stars. Remember the name. 

LINK: A nice read on Bell:  QUEEN KIERSTAN

Gabby Hutcherson --  Out of the 2020 class, this 6'2" "stretch 4" can create inside or out and plays solid defense. From Columbus, OH...Hoop Gurlz has her at #7 in her position and #24 overall. She is undeclared as well and Ohio State and Maryland have been listed as possibles. 

So, plenty of top flight talent in town for a major test. We haven't seen a whole lot about posts yet in the Cardinals radar and, admittedly, I'm not the greatest on recruiting news...but based on this partial list, Louisville has some major talent in town and ready to roll. 

It's a Treasure Hunt! Wouldn't it be great if'
she wore a parrot on her shoulder?  Arrgghh! 
I also read that a prospect from the class of 2021...Tatiana Pope...who will be in attendance, might be worth watching. She's already 6'5" and can shoot the three with accuracy. Hoop Gurlz doesn't list her in their top 25 yet and Prospects Nation doesn't list a top 25 for 2021...but there's plenty of time to evaluate this young women. 

My favorite (name wise) has to be Treasure Hunt, a 2020 prospect and 6'1" wing out of Chattanooga, TN. She's the #2 wing in the class according to Prospect's Nation. 

An early spring chance to make a name for yourself or catch a coach's attention this weekend out at the KEC. Hundreds of athletics in the venue, all a bit nervous...hoping to do well and catch a few eyes, in addition to helping their squad win. All looking at the men and women in the polo shirts and seeing if there is a logo or school name up in the left or right corner of the shirt. 

Club ball. A totally different creature than high school ball. Kentucky Premier, one of the most recognized and successful club programs, will have 11 teams at the three-day event. Score More Athletic Club, the second largest of the hoops clubs with representation in four different cities in the Midwest and East, brings in 15 squad. 

For some of the girls...the  "veteran performer" status applies, having played in tournaments like this for the past 4-5 years. We're not sure where Nyah Green is playing this weekend, but we'll assume that that there will be a Cardinals coach in the venue wherever it is to watch the 2019 Louisville signee and best of the class. We're also unsure where Ramani Parker, a 6'4" paint dweller from the 2019 Class and headed to Louisville out of California will be showcasing her skills this weekend. Fill us in if you know? 

Yes, the coaches will be watching and evaluating. A coach, who requested anonymity, told me this about events like this: 

"You need to go in with a game plan. You make sure your staff knows who to watch, you, as head coach will be keying in on your main recruits, and some of the court-sides can get pretty crowded with coaches. You're thinking of your future needs for the program and trying to watch the players in that kind of situation. Who passes well? Who had good mid-range skills? Is she a talker? Does she go to the hoop or hang around the perimeter?  You fraternize a lot, too. With other coaches, club coaches, parents and talent scouts." 

I won't be attending any of the KEC events, unfortunately...Cardinal Couple coverage on other things and (what appears to be) the bare minimum in the studio Saturday -- so far -- with just me and Jeff for The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour, plus a phone call from the travelling Jared will have me quite busy, plus writing for Case on Saturday as he goes into the serious testing part of trying to become an engineer. 

(We hope he gets a nice, new shiny train!) 

I've also got Handicapping Heroes in full swing now and the horse racing venue also keeps me hopping. So much for that "slow season" I used to experience at the end of women's college basketball.  

We'll get a little more into the weekend's events tomorrow and it's a busy one for softball, lacrosse and the other spring UofL women's sports.  


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Softball's Seventh Inning Spark -- Individual Awards -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

I may not be Paulie, but today is still Thursday.  Due to some traveling I was unable to write Friday's article so the boss man and I changed days.  In fact, I am writing this article Wednesday night with it set to publish Thursday morning.  By the time this article appears on our wonderful Cardinal Couple site I should be on a plane bound for Tallahassee.

Softball Ignites in Seventh Inning to Defeat Indiana

Louisville softball posted their fourth double-digit run total in six games as they took down Indiana 11-7.  Led by Sidney Melton's three RBIs the Cards capitalized on 14 hits and a whopping five errors by the Hoosiers.

Louisville got on top in the third when Nicole Pufahl's bases loaded sac fly drove in Sidney Melton.  They loaded the bases again the next inning and found more success, adding a trio of runs.  A passed ball scored Riley Schindler.  Melton's single drove in Blaire Bass and Celene Funke.

Indiana answered in the fifth when Maddie Westmoreland's two-run single cut the lead in half.  An RBI bunt added a run in the sixth for the Hoosiers.

The flood gates opened up in the seventh and the runs came pouring in for the Cards.  Nine hits and two errors resulted in a seven-run inning and a lead that extended to eight.  Because the eight-run mercy rule does not take effect until after a complete inning Indiana had one last chance.

A pair of walks and three hits helped Indiana put up four runs in the seventh, but their rally fell short as Louisville walked out of Andy Mohr Field with a victory.

Danielle Watson, back in the lineup after a mid-season injury, took the win to improve to 14-7.  Megan Hensley closed out the game for her third save this season.  Melton added another successful steal to her name while Funke did not register a stolen base attempt.

The Cards travel to Florida State for a Saturday-Sunday-Monday series.  You can catch my beautiful girlfriend and I in the crowd for the first two games.

Caroline Blalock Earns National Rookie of the Week Honors

After a solid outing against Virginia last weekend Caroline Blalock received forty percent of the votes on route to claim ILWomen National Rookie of the Week.  The freshman leads the Cards with 41 goals and nine hat tricks, as well as leading in seven other categories.

Blalock is one of "the sisters" on the UofL Campus for Louisville Lacrosse. Sarah, also a freshman, plays for the Cards and also starts.

Katie Walsh and Erin McCrudden Travel to Chile

Two of field hockey's biggest stars, junior Katie Walsh and recent alumna Erin McCrudden, were named to the USA Field Hockey National Development Squad.  They will compete in four games in Santiago, Chile in late May.

Louisville is near the end of their spring Field Hockey exhibitions and participated Saturday in the Michigan Hockeypalooza with matches against the UofM and Northwestern.

Asia Durr in the 3x3 Championships

As if she could ever get tired of basketball Asia Durr has found a way to stay busy this off-season. Louisville's leading scorer will be competing in the 2018 USA Basketball Women's 3x3 National Championships.

Some of the event's other participants are Kristine Anigwe (California), Napheesa Collier (Connecticut), and Arike Ogunbowale (Notre Dame).  They will compete April 21-22 at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado....they're a part of 18 college atudent-athletes that will look to represent the USA .

Cardinal fans may remember a few years back when Sara Hammond did the same for the USA 3x3 squad.

Good luck "Nite-nite" and if you get teamed up with Arike, be sure to introduce yourself to her.

Happy National Humor Day! I got hit with a can of Coke the other day, but don't worry, it was a soft drink.

Enjoy your Thursday and Go Cards!

- Jared -