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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hello again and what was your name? -- SATURDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

( I talked yesterday with one of CARDINAL COUPLE'S first writers and a man who still checks in from time to time. David Watson handles today's column and does it in, well...David fashion.  Paulie )

Saturday morning greetings to all Cardinal fans -- and also to those who may not be Cardinal fans but are here just to check up on Cardinal women's sports. My name is David Watson and back before Trump drama, Clinton e-mail frenzy and the AAC and ACC, I used to write here at the site for Paulie. Yes, we had electricity. Paulie even splurged for DSL and a ink jet printer. 

That was back before he got all fancy with radio, comedy routines with coaches and when he still had a black beard. Yeah. Eons ago. I gave my old buddy a call bright and early yesterday morning to discuss Louisville women's basketball -- since he's not up on his golf game anymore and carries no interest in collecting eight tracks -- I figured hoops would be a good starting point. After some grumbling and queries about what time it was, who was calling him and where was he -- we had a great talk and he asked me if I'd like to return to the pages today. If this distress you in any way, shape or form, I suppose you might go back and read another column again or Google something. Or you can let him know in the Comments section about ol' Dave's reappearance. I just hope I'm sending this rambling mess to the right web-site. It might cause a few furrowed brows over at Owl Monthly or Fun with Hydraulics. 

I am, and have been a huge UofL women's basketball fan since the days I lived in Muncie, IN. and drove my daughters down to watch games at Freedom Hall. Having a brother in southern Indiana helped with that (free lodging!) and I met Paulie and the brains of the organization (Sonja) quite by chance at a game when we ended up sitting next to them. My daughters liked her shirt. 

Since that auspicious beginning, my oldest daughter has graduated from college, where she played Field Hockey, and she's in sports marketing in New York. My youngest daughter runs cross country and is weighing where she wants to attend college. I have a son, also. He is on the golf team in college. I don't mention the schools' names because I owe a ton of tuition still and you've probably never heard of them anyway. Plus, there are a few coaches and incidents that probably still have campus security on the prowl for me. Parents' weekends are wonderful and ignore your children's pleas to go without the name tags if you attend one. 

I moved from Muncie to Sarasota, FL and finally Bradenton since I met Paulie and Sonja. My wife is still an RN and I am retired after many moons as a college history professor. Easiest job in the world, if you like to read. It is the hardest job around to get when you are a radical, long-haired hippie at a conservative catholic university.

OK, enough of the sign in and resume. Let's talk hoops!

I have been watching this version of Jeff Walz's Cardinal program (and a big 'thank you, Thank you! to the Internet for that!) with great interest this year and also tuning in to the new guy on Cards Radio as well. I like the new guy, Nick Curran -- but I liked the old announcers too. Paulie gives me a good report on young Nick, too. Seems he came over from Bellarmine. I hear he does baseball also and that's a game I still have a great love for. Even if the Cubs dissed my Tribe. You may have noticed that I get side-tracked quite easily. It only gets worse. Last chance to go to 

I was discussing with Paulie a few of the things I have noticed and he encouraged me to get up some semblance of an article and either e-mail it to him or he'd send a staff chimp over to pick it up. I chose e-mail. We're still paying for the last time he sent a chimp. We're still finding caches of banana pudding and I'm missing my autographed picture of Edgar Sosa. Plus, they never found the golf cart. 

In no particular order, here's what catches my eye about the Cardinal women's games this year.

  • The Ladybirds.
  • The Cheerleaders
  • Why doesn't Katie George do WBB play-by-play? 
(It's OK. My long-suffering wife has come to the realization that I am a dirty old man with good intentions and a 'look, don't touch' policy.) 

In something that is rare for me, let's get serious a minute. Cardinal fans have nothing to worry about when it comes to this year's women's basketball team. Yes, I know, they have lost two games in a row. Losses to the third and fifth teams in the country, according to some. I think South Carolina just may be the best team in the country and Maryland third, behind Connecticut -- but requests for the David Watson/Port-O-Let Systems Women's College Basketball Poll aren't in much demand these days. I know Coach Walz called for coastal warnings and all small ships to return to shore in what was a unique and interesting press conference after the Maryland game. Do not worry Cardinal fans. Stay calm and do not panic. 

Being a history guy (ancient history, if you ask some) I've noticed a somewhat repetitive pattern to Jeff Walz teams in early season. They usually have a great start to seasons. Some of you may raise a halting finger and remind me of last year. Yes, the were 1-4 to begin but rallied from that to win 17 of their next 18 games. 

  • 2014-15. A team starting 8-0 before losing to UK. They went on to win their next nine.
  • 2013-14. Winners of their first seven before a loss to UK. That squad won the next 16 games.
  • 2012-13. Eight wins to begin followed by a loss to (say it with me in unison) UK. Following that winners in six of the next eight.
  • 2011-12. A 7-1 start before (OK, we get the idea, David)

It seems very clear that Louisville has to do two things. Drop UK from the schedule and not sweat the early stuff. Maybe they could replace the Cats with another Wildcat. I've always loved the Villanova style of hoops that Harry Perretta uses. I'm pretty sure he's coached there since the New Deal. Or, maybe schedule the Kansas State Wildcats? I hear late fall in Manhattan is exciting, vibrant, busy and -- oh, you are right. They are in Manhattan, Kansas, not New York. Let's just forget about it, then, and keep UK on the schedule. No offense to Megan Deines, of course.

Before you scroll down to the comments section and start blasting me, rest assured I am jesting. I like the UK versus UofL rivalry as much as the next fan and would never want to see it end. I just want to win one every once in a while, like you. 

The second thing I prefaced earlier is to not sweat the small stuff.

As I used to tell my undergraduates, I don't expect you to remember every battle, change of ruler or economic condition over the course of a decade in a country. Instead, take a look at the total and cumulative result. Just as Germany overcame a harsh and severe post World War I sanctioning from the League of Nations and survived the Great Depression to come back and become a world power (despite the horrific and awful ways they accomplished it -- it was effective. In no way acceptable, tolerable or humanitarian-approvable but it worked) Cardinal fans do not need to sweat the early losses to national powerhouses. Brenda Frese and Dawn Staley have been in this game and at the top of the game for a long, long time. 

I do think that the UK game will be an interesting thing to witness in terms of how has the team taken to Walz's impassioned plea for his players to show some heart and get with the program. I'm sure Coach Walz gets quite tired of hearing the sad, old litany that begins with the lyrics 'you gonna beat the Cats this year, coach?' I get tired of hearing it down here in sunny Florida -- where I'm surrounded by either the Orange of Florida or the Garnet and Gold of Free Shoes University. I do think this is the year it will happen. Especially if my plans to have Epps on a plane en route to Bangkok at game time come through. 

"Sorry, Ms. Epps. We boarded you incorrectly for your flight to Louisville. We'll stop at Hawaii and drop you off." 

I also considered informing the Cats that the game had been moved to Freedom Hall because of the circus coming to town but realized that even Matthew Mitchell would figure it out before too long and eventually end up downtown. I think he and Epps are the only ones left up there who remember coming to the YUM! two years ago. Give the man with the weird hair and dance moves some credit, though. He can manage to beat Louisville even if he can't stagger past the second round of the NCAA Tournament. 

History teaches us that great leaders weren't always loved by the masses. FDR is credited the United States out of the Great Depression but it was World War II that actually spurred the economic growth. There was a contingent of Americans who were convinced we were headed to a socialistic state. Players don't need to be in love with Jeff Walz and idolize him -- they just need to listen to him and his staff. If they do and if they buy in, we have seen the results that will follow in past years. Sometimes the medicine is bitter but it makes you well. 

I do love this year's squad. I followed Jazmine Jones' high school career down here in Florida and was thrilled when she chose the Cards. I watched Briahanna Jackson guide UCF and win a Freshman of the Year AAC award and was pleasantly pleased when she showed up on the UofL campus. I remember Paulie telling me a couple of times that the Cards were in on a forward from from Jersey. The first one was Myisha Hines-Allen and the next one was Sam Fuehring. I remember when Cortnee came in and feel certain that this young women will be a success at whatever she does after basketball. And, how can you not love Jessica Laemmle? Paulie started the "attack yorkie" description for players under 5'5" (I have two daughters in that club) and I know the fans in the YUM! get fired up when she trots onto the court and hounds the opposition. I saw the original attack yorkies (Kala Faulkner and Shelby Harper) and approve of the nickname.  

The keys are unity, consistency and comprehension. It's not too tough a assignment list for college kids. I remember Walz telling reporters on his first Final Four run something to the effect of how he told his players that if they would listen and follow the coaches' instructions, they would get them to the Final Four. That guy is still on campus. The assistants may have changed up a bit from then but the message is still there.

Don't worry about these Cards. There is plenty of poker left to play and hands to be dealt. 

It was great visiting with you again on these pages. I have some very fond memories of writing here. It is nice, though, to be a reader instead of a writer these days. I do not miss deadlines and commitments. It is a perk of being old and, occasionally, wise. I have always loved the concept of what this website stood for and it pleases me to see how far it evolved. I hope it never diminishes or fades.

This is a very good group of writers and fans that Paulie has assembled here and I hope you appreciate their enthusiasm, youth and skills. I suspect they have fun letting him think he's in charge of things. I see their commitment to the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports and applaud their efforts. In an increasing world of headline and drama based and not always factual journalism, Cardinal Couple is refreshing and real.

We'll talk again soon. Maybe on a night with a harvest moon. Or a slow sports day in June. May your life soar like a helium-filled balloon. Dance to the tune like no one is watching.  

Go Cards. 
Your friend,
David Watson.

(Thanks to David for sharing his thoughts with us today. He tells me he now has over 10,000 8-Tracks and I believe him. Be sure to catch The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour today at 11:00 a.m. on WCHQ 100.9 FM. He probably has an episode or two of that somewhere on 8 track...)

Friday, December 2, 2016

LOUISVILLE WOMEN'S BASKETBALL -- Cards comeback falls short in 78-72 loss to Maryland


The University of Louisville women's basketball team used a 11-0 run to start the fourth quarter to erase a nine-point deficit and take a 64-62 led in front of 7816 in the KFC YUM! Center Thursday night...but the comeback died there and #5 Maryland went on a 16-10 run over the final five minutes to down Louisville by six...78-72.  

Heart. Winning and losing. 

Subjects Jeff Walz's kept coming back to in his post-game presser.

After making a gallant bid to overtake the Terps...the Cards were still in a dog-fight with less than three minutes to play...tied at 67-67...but a missed Asia Durr jumper and huge three-point play plus two free throws by Maryland freshman Destiny Slocum keyed a 7-2 Maryland run to make it 74-69 with 46 seconds left on the clock. It seemed the visitors were making the big plays and stops while the Cards were falling short and a step slower. After getting back into the game, the Cards went 3-12 over the final five minutes. Fatigue wasn't a factor...Maryland wanted it more and went and got it.

For some inexplicable, debatable and hard-to-define reason, whatever momentum the Cards had decided to leave through the Main Street exit doors of the KFC YUM! Center in the last three minutes of this one. Rudely and abruptly.
Poise. Toughness. Composure. They were things Maryland head coach Brenda Frese pointed to as key elements that brought Maryland back off the ropes. That, and hitting their final seven free throws...Slocum sinking five of them. Slocum being able to shrug off whatever happened earlier in the game and just go get the win. 

Louisville started the contest well...jumping out to a 18-9 lead when Durr sank a three with 3:36 left in the first frame and led after 10 minutes 24-20. It was Durr doing the damage...11 points in that stretch. 

Maryland wasn't intimidated, though and battled back to grab a 28-26 advantage when Shatori Walker-Kimbrough connected with 7:08 until the half off a nice pass from Slocum. They would stretch that out to 40-32 after two Kiah Gillespie free throws at the 3:14 mark...but the Cards would go on a 6-2 run to end the half...A Durr jumper setting the halftime score at 42-38. 

Although Myisha Hines-Allen started to show signs of life in the third quarter after a first half of two points...Louisville fell victim to a 11-2 Terrapin run over a four minutes stretch that had the Big Ten member leading 55-45 after Slocum nailed a jumper. Things weren't looking so good for UofL after three...trailing 62-53. Where would it lead from here? 

It led in a pretty good direction to start...this fourth quarter, get-back-into-it-and-take-the-lead stretch...followed, sadly, by the late letdown for Louisville. When Briahanna Jackson sank a fast-break layup with 5:41 remaining to give the Cards a 64-62 was deafening in the YUM! Center. Hines-Allen was playing with a renewed vigor and it looked like Louisville might just be ready to grab control of this game again and go on to win. 

Then, the air went out of the balloon.  Hines-Allen basket plus one gave Louisville their final lead at 67-65 but the Cards couldn't get the defensive stops or hit the shots and free throws the rest of the way.

Durr led the Cards with 20 points (on 8-27 shooting...including 3-14 from three-point line) and Myisha and Mariya rounded out the Cards double-digit dwellers with 16 and 13 each. B.J. added nine points and dished out eight assists and Cortnee Walton, getting her first start on the year, played 35 minutes and ended up with eight points and a team-high nine rebounds.

It's hard to explain exactly what happened to Louisville in the final 3:15 Thursday night...even Coach Walz was stumped by it..except that a freshman visited the KFC YUM! Center for the first time (appropriately named Destiny) and had her way with the Cards at the end of the game. 


'Fred' barely made an appearance tonight. Certainly not like the ones the late Freddy Mercury of Queen ...who is pictured to the left... used to put on for the fans. Speaking of singers...CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO favorite Robbie Bartlett did the National Anthem tonight...and nobody does it better! We love "The Robster". 

-- FREE THROWS -- Louisville went 6-14 from the stripe. That's below 70%...a paltry 42.8% to be exact and we can't award a letter here

-- REBOUNDING -- A 48-35 edge for Maryland in the battle of the boards. Having Walton back helped some...and Myisha did grab seven...but when you lose the rebounding battle, especially by 18 on the defensive end, no letter gets awarded here either. 

-- EFFORT/EXECUTION -- We loved the fast start and the furious fourth quarter comeback...but when it came to "crunch time" the Cards were out-played. Asia Durr left it all out on the court, so we'll award a small case "e".

-- DEFENSE -- Louisville held Maryland to 18 points under their season average and 4-23 three point shooting...but Walker-Kimbrough and Brionna Jones were a combined 15-23 from the floor. The Cards forced 18 turnovers, so we'll hand out another small case "d". The defensive intensity at the end left a lot to be desired. 



-- Astounding Asia. She gave it her all in 37 minutes of play and, despite the 8-27 shooting and 3-14 three-point night, she showed us again tonight why she's the best player and hardest worker the Cards have currently. 

-- Courageous Cortnee. 35 solid minutes in her first start of the year and providing some key 4-5 shooting. That's not bad and will probably improve. Welcome back, C.W.


-- A return to successful three-dom. 4-23 is 17.4% and I don't know of a coach in college hoops that would rave about that. Granted, Asia took 14 of them...but Mariya and B.J. need to get back into a knocking these home mode. 

-- Sealing the deal. Louisville was primed and posed to win this game. They had Maryland back on their heels and all the momentum. Then, it stopped. Call it what you will...lack of heart, no killer instinct, not wanting it as much...but this was a prime opportunity that slipped away. 


Losing back-to-back games to top #5 teams is certainly no crime, maybe expected by the rest of the basketball world and we wouldn't be surprised to see Maryland (as well as South Carolina) playing in the Final Four come tournament time. The outrage could get pretty vocal, though, if the Cards fall to Kentucky. Cardinal fans want to beat UK in everything and in women's basketball...well, let's just say I'm gonna dread the e-mails and comments here at the site if UofL doesn't win Sunday at home against the gals 80 miles up the road on I-64 East.

There are reasons for concern, sure...about the fact that the Cards can't beat a top-five team. They had a boisterous crowd, home court edge and no referee bias against them last night (total fouls were 19 on Maryland and 20 on Louisville and Dee Kanter, Billy Smith and "Louie" Gonzalez are three of the best in college WBB). Still, the Cards could not get a win.
Yes, these are early-season games and this has been the toughest part of a pretty brutal five-game stretch for Louisville. Conference play matters much more...but the patterns you set early in the season can sometimes provide a road-map for the rest of the year.

It's time for this team to show they are a top-ten team instead of talking about their desire to go to Dallas this year. Right now, they aren't a top ten team and would be a prohibitive long-shot for the final four. Time is a saving grace, though, and you need to have a short memory sometimes...but actions speak louder than words. It's time for Louisville to close some doors and out-play the competition. Sunday would be a good day to start. 

*          *          *           *          *          *          *          *          *          *

POST GAME WALZ LINK : WALZ POST GAME MARYLAND  (Make sure and catch where Coach "zings me" at the 9:45 mark...loved it!) 




Thursday, December 1, 2016



They may be turtles...but they sure ain't slow. 

The #5 Maryland Terrapin women's basketball squad (6-0) comes to the KFC YUM! Center tonight to face the seventh-ranked 6-1 Louisville Cardinals WBB gals at 7 p.m. A great college basketball contest in the nation's premier facility. 

Welcome, December...right? 

UM will be the Cards second straight top 5 opponent and the first of seven December home games for the Cards. Maryland enters The Bucket off of a 79-69 win over Washington St. on Saturday. A close game that was eventually decided at the foul stripe...where the Terps went 27-38 and WSU 7-21. 

Don't get confused by this but Brionna Jones (no, not Louisville's Brianna Jones) had a 20-point, 20-rebound double-double against the Cougars. They played this one in Vegas, as part of the South Point Shootout. The 6'3" center is not the only Jones on the roster for Brenda Frese (like Louisville's 1 and 1A entry of Brianna and Jazmine) Stephanie Jones is a 6'2" freshman on the roster for the Terrapins...the difference here is that these two are sisters.

Keeping up with the Joneses. (I'm tempted to yell out toward the court 'Miss Jones?' during warm ups and see how many of them look over at me... 

Speaking of Jones stuff...see if you remember this classic 1972 groove by Billy Paul about Mrs. Jones.


The Maryland squad features plenty of others to keep up with beside the Jones. Kaila Charles and Shatori Walker-Kimbrough are proven threats from last year and Destiny Slocum is doing big things as a freshman guard for Frese...13.2 ppg and an impressive 14-29 from deep water. 

For the Cards, it'll be a test to see if they can contain a Terrapin squad averaging 95 points a game and that is out-rebounding their opponents by 20 a contest. Louisville is no stranger to the scoreboard with 80.3 points an outing and is forcing foes into 23.4 turnovers a night. 

Disruption would seem to be one of the keys tonight for UofL. Taking Maryland out of what they do and forcing them to play Cardinal basketball. A quick start from Asia Durr would be most beneficial for the Cards and keeping Myisha Hines-Allen on the court and away from early fouls. Rebounding will play an essential role in tonight's fray as well...the Cards must go to both baskets with authority and take advantage of all second chance opportunities. If Mariya Moore can continue her outside success and the Cards can get steady and successful point guard play from Briahanna Jackson and Taylor Johnson...Louisville's chances for a win increase greatly. 

Prepare for a track meet tonight in the KFC YUM! Center. If you can't attend...the superlative work of Nick Curran and AJ will be available on Cards Radio 790 WKRD A.M. and also on the ACC Network Extra with "Big Game" Don Russell and former UofL WBB head coach Sara White providing the details. 

This will be the first regular season meeting between the two programs. They've matched up three times in the NCAA Tournament. Last time out, Shoni Schimmel's heroic effort fell just short in a 76-73 loss in the 2014 NCAA Elite Eight action at the KFC YUM! Center. The Cards fell to UM 72-68 in the 2012 NCAA Second Round on the Terps home court but defeated them in the 2009 Elite Eight 77-60. 

We'll be back later tonight/early this morning with the recap. 



Myisha Hines-Allen, Mariya Moore and Asia Durr have been named to the prestigious list. They're three of 50 WBB DI womens' players to receive the honor...the list will be narrowed to 30 around mid-season. 

Durr leads the Cards in scoring with 18.7 per contest. Moore follows at 12.9 a game and Hines-Allen carries a 8.9 ppg a night. 

Louisville is one of two ACC teams that had three players named to the list...Notre Dame being the other. UConn leads the way with four players on the list. Louisville's foe tonight has two...Maryland's Walker-Kimbrough and Jones getting the nod. 

Add the Wade Watch list honors for the M&M girls, too. December starting out pretty good for them so far, right? 



WBB junior Arica Carter is one of 63 student-athletes nominated for the award that honors representation in the areas of community service and leadership among xxtheir peers. 

Carter has a 3.7 GPA at UofL and has actively participated in St. Jude's Walk, wheelchair basketball and Americans with Disabilities as a sponsor and mentor. 

We're proud of the smiling server...who also assisted Paulie on WBB Media Day as his assistant-interviewer with the players. 

Way to go, A.C!!! Representing the true embodiment of what a student-athlete is all about. 

Sadly, Carter's playing season is done for the year and she'll undergo surgery for the bad groin (an injury similar to Asia Durr's last year) and apply for a red-shirt.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016



We thought we'd take a look at one of the members of University of Louisville's freshman class in today's article. We'll preview the Louisville vs. Maryland match, we'll take you down south to panhandle Florida and look at the Cardinals version of the popular cartoon character The Roadrunner. 

Look quickly, you just might miss her.

Jazmine Jones flew onto the UofL campus this summer and hasn't slowed down since arriving.

After a stellar, multiple championship-winning high school career at Florida A&M Developmental Research School (and why does the image of lab-coats, test tubes and scientists come to mind?) where "J.J." totaled over 2,000 points, 1000 rebounds, 500 assists and 500 2015-16 Florida Gatorade Player of the Year honors...Jones joined a freshmen class that featured five McDonald's All-American nominees and was ranked as one of the best ever in Louisville WBB history. 

She joined a roster that returned all five starters from the season before and got to the second round of the NCAA Tournament. In cases like this, it's not uncommon to see incoming freshmen spend time watching on the sidelines. Although she hasn't cracked the starting line-up, Jones has seen a good share of playing time in the Cards first seven games...much of it sprinting down the court with the ball ahead of the other nine players...and produced some impressive numbers. 

  • 109 minutes (15.6 a game) - 8th best on team and 3rd for the freshmen
  • 31 points (4.4 a game) - 7th best on team and 3rd for the freshmen
  • 10 steals...which is 2nd best on the team and leads the freshmen.
  • 17 rebounds --7th best on the team and third best for the freshmen
  • 11 turnovers (third highest on team)
The turnover stat, although high...comes with the high risk/high reward style of hoops J.J. plays. We'd like to see that diminish. We expect she would, too... 

The rest of the numbers are quite impressive on a roster that returns a potential bunch of "time-share" opportunities with eight letter-winners from last year and a four-year starter/transfer. She even has to share her last name on the roster (with wing Brianna Jones). 

As one of two players from Florida (Briahanna Jackson being the other) we'll see if the sometimes chilly Louisville winter weather slows her down any. My guess is the only thing that can stop her is an icy sidewalk. 

We get the question...yes, she's good but what position is she best at? And, it is a good question. She was at point-guard at times in high school...but is on a roster that has four of those. Probably best suited as a #2 guard...a spot that Asia Durr currently lays claim to. She can shoot the three (although we haven't seen it yet) and rebound well...which could make her a driving "3" or a smallish "4"...(positions the M&M girls currently occupy.) 

Let's create a spot for her...we'll call her a "guardward". The "Guardward" had six points and two rebounds against South Carolina last time out

On the court, her quickness grabs your eye right off the bat. Her jumping abilities follow 6'0", we pretty sure she could dunk...and her penchant for stripping the ball from an opposing player and starting the charge of the light brigade to the other basket. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again. You could enter her, B.J., Arica Carter (when healthy) and Bionca Dunham in the ACC Track and Field Championships for the 4 X 100 dash and maybe win it.  

Athleticism isn't something new to the Tallahassee Joneses. Her dad, Reginald, played football at Florida A&M and for the Dallas Cowboys. Her brother played at FIU. Her sister GiGi at App. State and Jacksonville. It would not surprise me if the family dog participated in the Florida Canine Olympics and won the 100 meter dash. (Is there such a thing? 😊) 

She's got her values in order, too...3.3 grade-point average in high school, respect for her grand-parents and family and listing God as her hero. 

She comes from a tradition of winning. A strong family support system (the Joneses were in town for the three-game Hall of Fame stretch. You probably heard them if you were there.) She's fit in well to the team concept at Louisville.

She'll be in action tomorrow when #7 Louisville hosts Maryland. A Maryland team that loves to get the ball up and down the court in a hurry. A Maryland team that is undefeated in six games, has four players averaging in double figures and is averaging 95 points a game. A Maryland team now ranked #5 in the nation. 

We'll look more closely at that one on Thursday. 



I was pleased to join Howie Lindsey on his excellent morning show...LOUISVILLE FIRST...Tuesday morning. We discussed (what else?) Louisville Athletics. 

We owe a lot to Howie for graciously giving us a platform to discuss the joy and excitement of Louisville women's other Cardinal Athletics...once a week at CARDS RADIO 790...WKRD 790AM. 

LINK BELOW...Paulie comes on at the 1:09:58 mark: 




In case you ever wanted to e-mail some of the sports media and associates aligned with Cardinal ya go...this is a "master list" UofL uses to get information out:  

 "Adam Creech (" <>, "Allar, Bruce" <>, "Andy Sweeney (" <>, AP Louisvile <>, Bob Domine <>, "Bob Valvano (" <>, "Bozich, Rick" <>, "Brian Winner (" <>, "Brown, Russ" <>, "Bryan, Nathaniel" <>, "Charlie Springer (" <>, "Chris Humphreys (" <>, Chris Resor <>, "Clemente,Laura F" <>, Connie Leonard <>, "Courier-Journal Photo (" <>, Courier-Journal Sports <>, "Cowgill, Fred" <>, "Crawford, Eric" <>, dalton ray <>, "Dan Koob (" <>, "David Harrison (" <>, "Denny, Stan" <>, "Doolittle, Bill" <>, Drew Deener <>, "E. Marcel Pourtout (" <>, "Editor, Louisville Cardinal" <>, "Eric Crawford (" <>, "Forde, Pat" <>, "Forrest, Derek (" <>, "Garrett Moore (" <>, "Gary Graves (" <>, Gates <>, "Glenn Osborne (" <>, Haven Harrington <>, "Howlett, Rick" <>, "Hughes, Mike" <>, "Jason Anderson (" <>, "Jeff Greer (" <>, "Jennings, Dave (" <>, "Jody Demling (" <>, "John Lewis (" <>, "John Ramsey (" <>, "John Wise (" <>, "Jones, Chuck" <>, "Jones, Garry" <>, "Jones, Rob" <>, "Josh Abner (" <>, "Joshua McKinney - ClearChannel - 102.3 (" <>, "" <>, "Kaplan, C.D." <>, Kendrick Haskins <>, Kenneth E Klein <>, "Kent Spencer (" <>, Kent Taylor <>, "Klasskin, Beth (" <>, "Korte, Lori J" <>, "KySportsTV (" <>, "Lane, Tom" <>, "Lee DeJarlais (" <>, "Lindsey, Howie" <>, "Mark Blankenbaker (" <>, "Mark Hebert (" <>, "Marty Finley (" <>, "Matt Willinger (" <>, "McGee, Kerry" <>, "Michael Grant (" <>, "Michael McCammon (" <>, "Mike Lacett (" <>, "Natalie Grise (" <>, "Nick Coffey (" <>, "Ormay, Doug" <>, "Paul Miles (" <>, "'Peak, Ed' (" <>, "Pemberton, Kimberli A" <>, remy sisk <>, "Rick Bozich (" <>, "Rogers, Paul" <>, "Sam Draut (" <>, "Scott Wilson (" <>, "Slim Vollinger (" <>, "Spencer Kietzman (" <>, "Stephen George (" <>, "Steve Jones (" <>, "Story, Mark" <>, "Taylor, Kent" <>, The Cardinal Sports <>, "TheSportsInquirer (" <>, "Tim Meredith - CN|2 (" <>, "Timothy Easley (" <>, "Tony Vanetti (" <>, "Valvano, Bob" <>, "WAVE3 (" <>, WBKO <>, "WDRB News (" <>, WHAS-TV assignment desk <>, "Whitney Harding (" <>, "Will Clark - 84 WHAS (" <>, "Wise, Anita" <>, "WLKY News (" <>, "Worley, Nancy A" <>

( Don't look for Paulie on there...he doesn't the "eyes of the master" at UofL.)