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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Louisville women's basketball -- CARDS #1 SEED IN ALBANY -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Maybe a surprise to some, but certainly acceptance and excitement about the Louisville women's basketball team getting the #1 seed in the Albany Region during the (leaked too early) bracket reveal on Selection Monday. 

The texts and e-mails started hitting Cardinal Couple around 5 p.m. ESPN U had inadvertently leaked the Albany Region while broadcasting a men's selection show production and showed that the Cards would be playing Robert Morris at noon Friday as the #1 seed in the Albany Region of the NCAA WBB Tournament. 

Early April Fool's prank? Disgruntled ESPN employee getting the last laugh before heading home? Whatever the circumstances were that surrounded it, the reveal was accurate and ESPN's Maria Taylor made a "oops, we messed up" statement on ESPN 2 apologizing to the NCAA for spilling the coffee two hours before it was supposed to be served. 

The Cards still held the bracket-watch party, Walz spoke earlier than planned to the media, and a huge crowd still showed up at Cardinal Arena to celebrate the news that a lot of the nation already knew. Baylor, Notre Dame, Mississippi State and Louisville were the four #1 seeds. UConn, still remaining in the Albany Region but placed there as a #2 seed.  

Walz, with daughters Lucy and Lola on his lap, patiently and happily answered the ESPN talking heads questions while the crowd cheered in the background. All was right in Cardinal-ville and the NCAA had finally done something right when it came to Louisville athletics. 

"WHAT !! #2 SEED? waaah, waahhh, waahhh..."
All in all, eight ACC teams headed to dance. A bit of disparity in the regional assignments. Besides Notre Dame getting a #1 seed in Chicago, #9 North Carolina, #3 NC State and #5 Florida State will head to Greensboro to start play. Out in Portland, #9 Clemson, #4 Miami and #3 Syracuse will take on competition that had just two PAC 12 teams in the western bracket...but very good ones in #2 Oregon and #5 Arizona State.

I feel for Kenny Brooks and Virginia Tech. Not included in the dance, the nation will not get to see starts Regan Magarity and Taylor Emery play, unless they tune in WNIT action. Surely, Kenny must be the "Rodney Dangerfield" of the NCAA. Two  years in a row now and no respect. 

So, download your brackets I got mine from and get busy! 

We are having the Cardinal Couple Tournament Pick 'Em again this year, details below. 

Today, I'll give you three teams, possible long-shots, that could crash the Sweet Sixteen: 

1) Central Michigan. Yes, they ended up as a #8 seed and have to battle through #9 Michigan to get a shot at the Irish in Chicago/Souh Bend, but the Chippewas gave Louisville all the wanted early in the season and can shoot 

"What, Paulie? I'm not upset-mention worthy?" 
2)Arizona State. Another squad that pushed Louisville to the edge in regular season action and woud have to face dangerous Miami if they can dispose of UCF...but the #5 seed Sun Devils just might be primed to pull an upset in Coral Gables

3) BYU. A #7 seed in Chcago, they get mid-pack Auburn to open and I can see them giving Stanford and maybe Iowa St. tough times down in Palo Alto. They were 25-6 in the regular season and ended up second behind Gonzaga in the WCC. Don't overlook them.

Good luck and Happy Tournament to all ! 


63 games. A chance to win a $25 Cracker Barrel or Panera Card. A test of your skills and prognostication abilities. Enter the Cardinal Coule "pick 'em" 

It simple, fun and free ! 

1) Fill out your bracket. 

2) Put your picks in any Cardinal Couple comments section today, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (by noon) 

3) One point per correct pick and highest point-total takes the prize. Submit a total points guess for the final game in case there is a tie. 

The CARDINAL COUPLE chimps spent considerable time last night, pouring over the matchups, pouring banana daiquiris over the brackets, chasing neighbors down the sidewalk on tricycles, wrestling over decisions and emerged a bit fatigued, hammered and dizzy...but offer their selections as a example of a format to follow. They unanimously discredited this year's "bracket chairman" Jared Anderson and had plans of locking him in the WCHQ 100.9 basement at first opportunity. 

If you have questions, comments or inquiries, hit Jared up with an e-mail at:   or e-mail me at:   Feel free to 
enter the contest that way if you like, if you don't want anyone seeing your picks or such.

We'll probably reply. 



Baylor, California, FSU, Belmont, Princeton, NC State, Missouri, Mercer,
Miss St., S. Dakota, Ariz. St., Miami, SDST, Syracuse, Indiana, Oregon, 
Notre Dame, CMU, Rice, Texas AM, DePaul, Iowa St., Auburn, Stanford
Louisville, Michigan, Little Rock, Boise St., Tennessee, Maryland, Rutgers, UConn


Baylor, FSU, NC State, Mercer, Miss. St., Miami, Syracuse, Oregon 
Notre Dame, Rice, DePaul, Stanford, Louisville, Boise St., Maryland, UConn


Baylor, Mercer, Miami, Syracuse, Rice, Stanford, Louisville, UConn


Baylor, Miami, Rice, Louisville


Miami, Louisville



Have a terrific Tuesday!



  1. The speakers at Cardinal arena really detracted from the "watch" party. No sound above straining to hear except for the crackle sound emitting from one of them. Sad that my average home speakers would have been an improvement. We can do better than that.

    1. I did not attend. I pefered to stay home ans watch what the so-called "experts" were saying on the four-letter network. If the bracket reveal hadn't been compromised, I might have gone. I thought last year's at the Thornton's Learning Ctr at Papa John's was pretty cool. Cardinal Arena doesn't do much for me and parking is a nightmare down on that end of Floyd.

  2. Wel, well, well! How about that! #1 seed ! Ol' Curtis is happy and I spent down time at work last night doing my brackets men and women.

    Here it is on the WBB side:

    Baylor, UNC, FSU, USC, KY, NCST, MISSOURI, Iowa
    MSST, SDAK, Az St., Miami, SDST, Syr., TX, ORE
    ND, CMU, Marq, Tex AM, DePaul, Iowa St. BYU, Stan
    Lou., K ST., Little Rock, Ore St, UCLA, Maryland, Rutgers, UConn

    Baylor, USC, KY, Iowa, MSST, AZ St., Syracuse, Texas
    ND, Tex AM, DePaul, Stan, Lou, Ore St, Maryland, UConn

    Baylor, KY, Az St., Texas, ND, Stan, Lou, UConn

    Baylor, Texas, ND, UConn

    Baylor, ND

    ND 155 POINTS

    It does pain me and it's hurtful not to pick the Cards here. I just think Notre Dame is the best team in the country right now.

    Curtis "Ashamed to submit it but here it is" Franklin

  3. Color me shocked they dropped UCONN to a #2 seed and put MS St in Portland.
    We earned a #1 and I am fine with Albany. Every regional has good teams, so you're gonna have to beat somebody to get to the Final Four. No undefeated teams, gonna be harder than usual picking a final four. Harder, but gonna make a more exciting tournament.
    And at least we won't have to play any other ACC teams until the final four if we make it, 6 ACC teams in the top half of the bracket.

  4. Mike D's misguided picks:

    First Round - Baylor, California, Florida State, South Carolina, Kentucky, North Carolina State, Drake, Iowa, Mississippi State, South Dakota, Arizona State, Miami, South Dakota State, Syracuse, Texas, Oregon, Notre Dame, Central Michigan, Marquette, Texas A&M, DePaul, Iowa State, Auburn, Stanford, Louisville, Kansas State, Gonzaga, Oregon State, UCLA, Maryland, Rutgers, UConn

    Second Round - Baylor, South Carolina, North Carolina State, Iowa, Mississippi State, Miami, Syracuse, Oregon, Notre Dame, Marquette, Iowa State, Stanford, Louisville, Oregon State, Maryland, UConn

    Regional Semifinals - Baylor, North Carolina State, Mississippi State, Oregon, Notre Dame, Stanford, Louisville, UConn

    Regional Finals - Baylor, Oregon, Notre Dame, UConn

    National Semifinals - Baylor, Notre Dame

    National Final - Baylor

  5. Here's the winning bracket, the rest of you may as well give it up😁

    Baylor, North Carolina, Florida State, South Carolina, Kentucky, NC State, Missouri, Iowa, Mississippi State, Clemson, Arizona St, Miami, SDSU, Syracuse, Texas, Oregon, Notre Dame, CMU, Marquette, Texas AM, DePaul, Iowa State, BYU, Stanford, Louisville, Kansas St, Gonzaga, Oregon State, UCLA, Maryland, Rutgers, UCONN.

    Baylor, SC, NC State, Iowa, MS ST, Miami, Syracuse, Oregon, ND, TXAM, Iowa State, Stanford, Louisville, Oregon State, Maryland, UCONN

    Baylor, Iowa, MSST, Oregon, ND, Stanford, Louisville, UCONN.

    Baylor, Oregon, ND, Louisville.

    Baylor, Louisville


    75 - 70 = 145 points.

    Winner winner chicken dinner!!!

  6. I bought 11 but now find that I have 1 extra set of tickets for the Yum first 2 round womens games.
    Good seat. Section 116 row P seat 14.

    Will sell below cost both friday and sunday if interested

    1. Paulie, is this a scam or legit?

    2. No worries !! Known Sandy for years, she was one of our original writers here at CC and is sounds like a good deal.


  7. Hello Cardinal Couple friends and readers!

    Arthur here!

    I can finally wipe my brow and relax. My Clemson Tigers got in. I don't know if the committee took Amanda Butler getting ACC Coach of the Year into consideration, but, Clemson is dancing. Even if it is down in the "Hump" at Starkville, ol' Arthur has got his hands on two tickets. I'll be there in Orange. I might even wear a UofL ballcap as well to confuse the heck out of all those Mississippi mud dwellers.

    We got the 7 p.m. game Friday so I hope to be able to get the UofL game on cable and a few more before we go over to the Hump. Provided Mississippi has cable.

    I see us sqeaking by South Dakota before having to face MS. State. Hey, do you believe in miracles? Join me in believing we can DO THIS.

    Arthur's Picks:

    Baylor, Cal, FSU, USC, Princeton, NC St, Missouri, Iowa
    Miss St, Clemson, Ariz St, Miami, SDST, Syr, Texas, Oregon
    Notre D, Michigan, Marquette, Tex A&M, DePaul, Iowa St, BYU, Stan
    Lou, Mich, Gonz, Ore St, UCLA, Radford, Rutgers, UConn

    Baylor, FSU, NC St, Iowa, Clemson, Miami, SDST, Oregon
    ND, Marquette, Iowa St, Stan, Lou, Gonz, UCLA, UConn

    Baylor, Iowa, Clemson, Syracuse, ND, Iowa St, Lou, UConn

    Baylor, Clemson, ND, Lou

    Baylor, Lou


    Total pts 130

    Your Friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC.

  8. Sonya selections

    Baylor - Calif - FSU - So Car - Princeton - NC State - Mizzou - Iowa
    Miss. St - SDAK - Ariz St - Miami - SDAK ST. - Syr - Ind - Oregon
    ND - CMU - Rice - Tex AM - DePaul - Iowa St - BYU - Stanford
    Lou- Mich - Gonzaga - Ore St - Tenn - Maryland - Rutgers - UConn


    Baylor - FSU - NC St - Iowa - Miss St - AZ St. - Syracuse - Oregon
    ND - Tex AM - DePaul - BYU - Lou - Ore St - Maryland - UConn


    Baylor -- NC St - Miss St -- Syracuse - ND - BYU - Lou - UConn


    Baylor - Miss St - ND - Lou


    Miss St - Lou


    LOUISVILLE! 150 total points

    -- Sonya --

  9. Bless her heart...

    Michigan coach Kim Barnes Arico was disappointed that the bracket got out early. She implored her players to not look at their phones and enjoy watching the selection show.

    "There are few surprises in life," she said. "One of the greatest surprises for me was when I had my three children and I didn't find out their sex until they were born. So I told them to try and not to go into the locker room and check your phone, enjoy the moment."

    What frustrated Barnes Arico, and many other coaches, was that the second selection show didn't show her team's place in the bracket. The Wolverines are an 8 seed facing Kansas State in Louisville.

    “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for the kids,” she said. “We went back to the recorded show to see our name get thrown up there.”

    Safe travels to Louisville Kim.

    'll have my bracket out later.
    Nick O.

    32-Baylor, North Carolina, Florida State., South Carolina, Kentucky, North Carolina State, Missouri, Iowa, Mississippi State, Clemson, Arizona State, Miami, South Dakota State, Syracuse, Indiana, Oregon, Notre Dame, Centra Michigan, Marquette, Texas A&M, DePaul, Iowa State, Auburn, Stanford, Louisville, Kansas State, Gonzaga, Oregon State, UCLA, Maryland, Buffalo, Uconn.

    16-Baylor, South Carolina, North Carolina State, Iowa, Mississippi State, Miami, Syracuse, Oregon, Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Iowa State, Stanford, Louisville, Oregon State, Maryland, Uconn

    8-Baylor, Iowa, Mississippi State, Oregon, Notre Dame, Iowa State. Louisville, Uconn

    Final 4-Baylor, Oregon, Notre Dame, Uconn(but will be cheering for Louisville)

    final game-Baylor Total 158 points

    1. Who does Baylor play?

    2. Enlighten us Charlie. Who will BaylorPLAY TO GET TO THE FINAL GAME? Notre Dame or UConn?


  11. From the land of the oranges, Joe Hill picks

    Baylor, UNC, FSU, USC, KY, NC St, Drake, Iowa
    MsSt, Clemson, AZ ST., Miami, SDST, SYR, IU, Oregon
    ND, CMU, Rice, Tex AM, DePaul, NMSU, Auburn, Stanford
    Lou, Kann St, Gonz, Ore St, Tenn, Maryland, Rutgers, UConn

    Baylor, USC, KY, Iowa, MsSt, AzSt, SDST, Oregon
    ND, TX AM, Iowa St, Stanford, Lou, Gonz, Tenn, UConn

    Baylor, Iowa, MsSt, Oregon, ND, TX AM, Lou, UConn

    Baylor, Oregon, ND, Lou

    Oregon, ND



    I am VERY upset USF did not get in.

    Hope to see you in Tampa!

    -- The Real Joe Hill --


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