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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Walz presser 3/27/19 -- Softball Takes Down Indiana -- Basketball -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Full 25 minute audio from Coach Walz's presser. Relax, Card Nation. Jeff Walz is not going anywhere, including Tennessee to coach. 

Walz covered a variety of topics in the presser. 

AUDIO: Jeff Walz presser 3/27/19

If you prefer video and audio, go to the link below but be advised the sound is really low on this one 

              WALZ PRESSER 3/27/19

Cards Take Down Hoosiers

In their second straight victory after a three-game skid Louisville softball downed Indiana 5-2 as  they returned home for a midweek game.  The win was highlighted by home runs by Celene Funke and Taylor Roby.

Funke took the first pitch the Cards saw in the game over the fence in right center, her second of the season and second of her career.

A misplayed ball in left field, factored by the sun, helped the Hoosiers tie the game.  They threatened to add another run by Megan Hensley worked out of the jam.  She also worked through a bases loaded situation in the first inning.

Hensley reached on a fielder's choice and Rebecca Chung singled to put runners on base in third inning.  After subbing in pinch runners Roby took to the batter's box and sent a shot over the left field fence to break an even score.

Indiana joined in on the home run party with a solo shot of their own in the fourth inning.

In the bottom of the sixth, Louisville added an insurance run on a bunt by Kyra Snyder, driving home Caitlin Ferguson.

Hensley (9-1) tossed five innings, allowing two runs on five hits, but earned the win.  Roby came in to close out the final two innings for the save.

Maddy Newman had a team-high two hits while Roby's three rbi's were a game high.

The Cards improve their record to 21-10.  They travel to Blacksburg, VA., to take on a ranked Virginia Tech team this weekend before returning home next Tuesday, and then hosting national champion Florida State the following weekend.

Tickets for the Louisville vs Kentucky game on April 17 are on sale.  This is the only game UofL Softball charges for and tickets go fast.  They can be purchased on Ticketmaster here.

With their 21st win of the season, the Louisville softball squad, Aprile has constructed a squad that has several very good pitchers and a solid hitting group.

The first year coach from Pittsburgh is starting to build a blueprint for winning and success here at Louisville. We'll give her the "swing away" sign on that.

Here's the post game interviews:



(Thanks to Daryl Foust for the post game video and Jared Anderson for today's photos !)

Let's Talk Basketball

First of all, we're killing this rumor now.

Jeff Walz is not leaving to go to Tennessee after this season.  It was about this time last year where rumors of Walz going somewhere else began to spread.  He's not leaving when this season ends, unless it is to get in a little skiing somewhere. .

There is a press conference this morning at 11:15 at the basketball facility on campus that Paulie will be headed to. The Cards fly out this afternoon to go to Albany so I figure it's one last chance for the media to get in a few questions.  What I want to know is how well AC and Sam are holding up after playing this weekend.  Sometimes recent injuries get re-aggravated after playing a game and these two need to be healthy from here on out.

Of the 16 teams remaining in the tournament only eight conferences are represented:

5 Pac-12 (Stanford, Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona State, UCLA)
3 ACC (Louisville, Notre Dame, NC State)
3 SEC (Mississippi State, South Carolina, Texas A&M)
1 Big 12 (Baylor)
1 Big Ten (Iowa)
1 AAC (UConn)
1 Summit (South Dakota State)
1 Missouri Valley (Missouri State)

Unfortunately, Syracuse and Miami were both upset at home to knock the ACC down to less than half of their teams remaining.

NCAA March Madness Twitter account has been focused solely on men's basketball... what a surprise.

As always, the men far overshadow the women's tournament despite the fact that both are exciting. We don't like this.  This year has had more close games on the women's side.  Why NCAA March Madness refuses to give the women their fair share of the spotlight is beyond me but it appears "Nite-Nite" has had enough of it and I fully agree with her.

Here is how the Sweet Sixteen for WBB plays out this weekend:

Third Round — Friday, March 29

Third Round — Saturday, March 30

CARDINAL COUPLE Pick Em Bracket Update

Between a couple email issues between Paulie and myself and entries... and me going back to make sure I didn't miss any entries in the comments section everything should be set and here's the top 20 standings:

39-9 Kenny Schneider
39-9 Charlie McAdams
38-10 Jeff McAdams
38-10 Doug Anderson
38-10 K Stark Sr
37-11 Case Hoskins
37-11 Arthur
37-11 Seminole Sue
37-11 Jared Anderson
36-12 Sonya Sykes
36-12 Paul Sykes
35-13 Daryl Foust
35-13 Mike D
35-13 David Watson
34-14 Curtis Franklin
34-14 Joe Hill
33-15 Nick O
33-15 Sandy
28-20 Cardinal Couple Chimps
22-26 "Flip Coin"

Unless you're the Chimps or the coin, you're in good shape most likely.

One bracket participant has lost its champion.  Three brackets have lost one of their final two teams.  Four brackets have lost at least one Final Four team.

If you entered a bracket either by email or in the comments and have questions, feel free to shoot me an email at and I'll make sure to get that corrected.


A huge "Thank You" to Jared for being the "Bracket Master" and his care for detail, accuracy and reporting on the contest. 

Happy Wednesday and Go Cards!



  1. Ha, ha, ha on Walz. Here's an analogy.

    When Harper arrived at the Headquarters, he was asked to wait outside of the closed door to McAulliffe's quarters. Inside, in the presence of his staff, McAulliffe wondered aloud, "Well, I don't know what to tell them." At that point, Kinnard said, "What you said initially would be hard to beat." McAulliffe asked "What do you mean?" Kinnard, said, "Sir, you said nuts." All members of the staff enthusiastically agreed, so McAulliffe wrote it down on a message pad and said, "Have it typed up."

    The reply was typed up, centered on a full sheet of paper. It read:

    "December 22, 1944

    To the German Commander,

    N U T S !

    Tennessee? NUTS !

    Blue Lou

  2. I agree 100% Jared. Fake news, no news. Move on. A shame some dillwad from a podunk newspaper had to start controversy while WBB is preparing for the Sweet Sixteen.

    I bet somewhere, though, Tim Sullivan is having a field day, chasing kids off his lawn and shouting "Walz is leaving, you leave, too!"

    I'll be interested to hear what Walz says today. Will Paulie post it after the presser?

    Curtis "Red and Black and Coming back" Frankin

  3. I did just find out Sam Williams is going to EKU, happy for her! I take it that’ll be a big part of the press conference.

  4. I will miss having Samantha Williams with us. I was one of her teachers at Louisville Manual HS and she could not been a better person or a better student. The best to you, Sam, and I will eagerly follow your progress. Thanks, so much, for what you have done for the U of L basketball program.

  5. With the news this afternoon that Holly is gone at UT, the ubiquitous Mechelle Voepel has already come up with nine possible candidate Fat Phil might go after.

    Michelle Clark-Heard, Brenda Frese, Gail Goestenkors, Kellie Harper, Niele Ivey, Felisha Legette-Jack, Wes Moore, Vic Schaefer...and Jeff Walz.

    The fans at VolNation are dancing in the streets abput Holly being let go. Some are even hoping that Walz brings Dana Evans with him.

    My goodness, as Walz says, it takes all types of personalities to build a team. Except in Tennessee, where the entire fan base refuses to accept that they haven't been relevant for years and they have no shot at Walz.


    1. Love it, Paulie. Heard Fat Phil was in town looking for a beer and a bar-b-cue joint. He didn't know Walz was on a plane to Albany.

      Curtis "sumbitchdonefiredHolly" Franklin

  6. Sam will be missed. Good solid assistant that all teams seek. EKU made a good choice.


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