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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Softball and Lacrosse - Sunday Cardinal Couple


The UofL Softball squad clinched the series against Syracuse with a 8-0 run-rule win yesterday in a beautiful, though slightly cool, day at Ulmer Stadium on campus.

Paulie and "The Gov'nuh" Jordan McNary
After an error-prone Friday game that saw the Cards pull out the win anyway, Coach Holly Aprile was in much better spirits after yesterday's matchup.  The Cards cut down the errors from 4 in Friday's game, to only a single one yesterday, and even that one was a tricky bounce that Sid Melton was charging halfway across the diamond to try to handle.

The Cards were loose and having fun, with Celene Funke, of course, leading the
hype.  Plenty of Cards got in on the fun, with runs scored by by Taylor Roby, Charley Butler, Caitlin Ferguson, both of the Schindler twins (Paige, and Riley), Jordyn Wolfe (pinch running for Megan Hensley), and Sidney Melton.  The Schindler team-up was particularly fun, with Paige pinch running for Kyra Snyder, Riley walked to put the two on 1st and 2nd.  Two pitches later and the twins are on 2nd and 3rd with a double steal.  Maddie Newman then lined up the middle to score the pair.

When concessions does a theme, they go big.
Very green beer being served at Ulmer this weekend.
Also of note in the game is that 5 of the 8 runs were scored with 2-outs on the board.  A slightly nerve-wracking practice, but also a situation the tends to deflate the opposing team.

The Cards and the Orange will contest the 3rd and final game of the series today at noon, in what should be another beautiful day at the park.

Head coach Holly Aprile left today's starter in the circle unanswered, stating that she and the coaches would discuss that Saturday night.

Thanks to The Crunch Zone, we present these post game comments with Holly:



Also today at noon, and also facing Syracuse, the Louisville Lacrosse squad will be trying to channel
some more TeeterPower to get their 4th win in 5 games, and 3rd in a row.  That will be a tall order against the #4 ranked 'Cuse.

With an OT lose against perennial Lacrosse powerhouse Maryland, a 1 point regulation loss against Northwestern, and a 2 point loss to Boston College, Syracuse sits in 5th in the ACC, despite the 4th overall ranking.  Of course, it could be argued that the ACC is having a bit of an off year in the rankings, with "only" 6 of the 8 league teams being represented in the top 20.

Media Coverage

Both Softball and Lacrosse will have coverage on the ACC Network Extra starting at noon.  I would encourage you to try to get out to one of these games as it'll be a great day on Floyd Street, although still a little cool with the forecast calling for partly sunny and a high of 55.

If you're bandwidth challenged,  Twitter will be good for keeping up with the action.  In addition to the fine job done by the official UofL Sports Twitter accounts (@UofLSoftball and @LouisvilleLax, for these two), Daryl Foust and myself will be at Ulmer for Softball (@darylfoust4 and @CardCoupleRadio), while Paulie (@CardinalCouple) will be down Floyd Street at the Louisville Lacrosse Stadium.

Jared will be the social butterfly of the group and be putting in appearances at both to collect pictures.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

A late scratch by Case, being a good husband and taking care of an ailing Lindsey (I hope I'm
spelling that right, I don't have a roster to double-check, here), and Jared working his day job making change, brought a bit of a different line-up to the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour yesterday.  Different, but no less fantastic.

Daryl Foust has become a regular in the studio with us, an addition that only raises the caliber of discussion.  Paige Sherrard also joined Paulie and Worldwide in the studio.  Paige excels in analysis and discussion of basketball, so this is peak time of year for getting her insights in the game of roundball, and we're delighted to have her with us when we can get her to talk about Basketball.

If you missed it, you can check it out on Facebook Live at:


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