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Friday, November 17, 2023

WBB demolishes Bellarmine 111-33 -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Gooooood morning readers! We are through the last full work week before the winter holidays! I hope you all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving next week. My favorite thing about the holiday is the leftovers!! Make sure you hug those you love extra tight before they go too.


Louisville wins 111-33 over Bellarmine

End of 1Q 24-6 Cards
FG %
11-17 64.7% Cards
3-17 17.6% Bellarmine
Reb. 14-7 Cards
3-pt %
2-6 33.3% Cards
0-6 0% Bellarmine

In front of a crowd of about 7,500 fans from the Louisville area, the Cardinals demolished the neighboring Bellarmine Knights.

The offense started flowing early for UofL and UofL only in this one. The scoring was a balanced effort by almost every Cardinal in the arena... I think even Jared scored a time or two.

Olivia came out just a minute or so into the game after committing a travel. She had tears in her eyes after she collided with a Bellarmine player for a loose ball so Elif Istanbulluoglu got an early opportunity to see some minutes.

The Cardinals started the game 2-2 but then cooled off some when they took a couple 3 point attempts. The Knights started the game 0-7 and then committed a foul. The first score for Bellarmine came with about 6:15 left on the clock in the 1Q.

UofL stormed to a 22-6 lead when they went on a 9-0 run over a 3+ minute period and 14-2 run over 4:30 minutes where the Cards were 5 of 7 and Bellarmine committed 3 turnovers and went 0-4.

After Eylia Love missed her two free throws, Elif cleaned it up off the glass and secured her 7th rebound and put it back up and in and the Cards were up 24-6 at the end of the quarter.

End of 2Q 24-3 Cards

FG %
9-16 56.3% Cards
1-12 8.3% Bellarmine
Reb. 10-8 Cards
3-pt %
0-3 0% Cards
0-3 0% Bellarmine

There's not much to say about this quarter as the Cards dominated and went on a 20-0 run over a 7 minute period to make it 46-9 with 2 min left in the half.  The Knights continued to struggle to find any offense after going 1-12 and scoring just 3 points. Bellarmine committed 10 turnovers during that span.   

HALF 48-9

End of 3Q 30-12 Cards

FG %
11-19 57.9% Cards
4-17 23.5% Bellarmine
Reb. 16-5 Cards
3-pt %
0-3 0% Cards
2-8 25% Bellarmine

After the Cards came out to open the second half with an 8-0 run and the Knights looking alot like they did in the first half going 0-4, Bellarmine called a timeout. Louisville had officially swallowed this Bellarmine team whole.

With 7 min on the clock, Bellarmine was able to find a bucket for the first time since the 7:35 min mark of the second quarter.

With 4:39 left on the clock in the third quarter, the UofL lead was 64-14.  50 points... 

End of 4Q 33-12  Cards

FG %
10-14 71.4% Cards
4-11 36.4%
Reb. 9-2 Cards
3-pt %
4-6 66.7 % Cards
2-4 50% Bellarmine

The fourth quarter for the Cardinals was spent trying see if they could break 100 while I would imagine Bellarmine's objective was to get back over to the Highlands and forget this thing ever happened. The Cards were 2 points shy of 100 points with 5 min left in the ballgame. At this point, Hennie Van Schaik was out there taking 3 point attempts. It was Merissah Russell's two free throws that put the Cards in triple digits.

Louisville found themselves on another run when they went 8-0 over a 3 min period to close out the game. Russell and Love both hit a 3 pointer to put the Cards total points to 31 in the quarter. The most points scored in a quarter in the game.

The Knights could have used assistant coach and Cardinal great Monique Reid (pictured above) and still probably not gotten within 40 of the Cards. 

Post game comments with the Players

Nyla Harris and Alexia Mobley joined us for the post-game

Harris finished 5-5 from the field and 4-4 at the FT line for 14 points and 3 rebounds in 16 minutes.  
Mobley finished 4-4 from the field and 4-4 at the FT line with 4 rebounds and an assist for 12 total points in 13 minutes.  

Harris said "Todays game was about working on the things that we need to work on moving forward in the season.

The players said that Walz said this is a game we should win but we are preparing for the next opponents and what we can still improve on.   

Mobley talking about Elif:  "Came in two months ago and blends right in and has a lot of experience. She's a smart player and we needed someone with as high of an IQ as hers."   Nyla says she looks up to her game.



Louisville vs Bucknell

Sunday 11/19 at 4pm


(Cards dance by Bellarmine like Fred Astaire)


FREE THROWS -- The Cards went 23-26 from the line which is good for 88.5% a stellar night at the line.  They also only put Bellarmine at the line for 5 FT attempts for the evening.   This is a CAPITAL F category

REBOUNDING -- 49-22 The Cards significantly outrebounded the Knights.  Elif lead for the Cardinals with 12.   She had 7 in the first quarter where she played 8 minutes.  CAPITAL R 

EFFORT/EXECUTION --  This balanced scoring effort from start to finish by the Cards and the energy they displayed earned them another CAPITAL letter E.  This team looked like they were having F U N.  

DEFENSE -- UofL forced the Knights into 29 turnovers in the game, closing out the first half with 10 of them.   Bellarmine struggled to establish any territory at the Yum! Center Thursday evening.   CAPITAL D



As always
Go Cards!



  1. Good Morning Cards Nation.
    Great tune-up game for the cards. I know they can score this year,but I was glad to see them work hard on defense. I like what everybody did on team last night that was positive, but I was impressed with Love & Mobley's play.I think they can be very disruptive players on defense trapping the ball.

    1. Love, Mobley, Rickards, and Harris when you absolutely NEED to press for SURE!!!

    2. Yes Rickards 💯🏀🏀🏀

  2. Kinda felt sorry for the Bellarmine players, that was a MASSACRE 😮

  3. PS sharing the ball is caring great chemistry great team defense Go Cards nice looking Squad.

  4. Mobley has had a rough road to get back to where she is now. And, she'll get better. She has the heart of a lion and the never say die attitude. you build teams around girls like her.


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