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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Volleyball's final regular season test a tough one -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE



First off, what's up with the 5 p.m. start on this one tomorrow? Yes, I know, some are fortunate to get a shortened work day on the day before Thanksgiving, but more than a few will probably  have to struggle to get to this one by first serve. It's an important match for the Cards, let's not forget that Buzz's squad took it took the Cards in 4 sets earlier this month in Atlanta. 

There is no ACC Volleyball post-season tournament. I was asked ut that, and if I knew why. I don't but the lack of the ACC playing a post-season tournament isn't a rarity among conferences. Seven conferences (AAC, ACC, SEC, PAC12, BIG10, BIg 12 and West Coast) forego the post-season tournament each year. In the 32-team automatic qualifier for the 64 team tournament, most of...if not all...of the conferences listed above will get in more than one school. 

Georgia Tech is 22-5 on the season comng into the match and four of those are ACC losses...twice to Pitt and twice to Miami.It's pretty certain that the Techsters are in the NCAA Tournament, but a win over Louisville -- a second time and this time on their court -- would be advantageous to their ranking and seedings,

We are 99.9% sure Louisville is in the NCAA Tournament. The only thing that would seemingly preventt the Cards from getting in would be if a giant meteor were to fly into our city and wipe out the campus and the KFC YUM! Center.  But, NASA hasn't alerted us of anything like that upcoming, although they have issues warnings about the rockets that come form the forearms of Anna DeBeer, Aiko Jones and Charitie Luper. 

On a more serious note, once a team beats you, and they are on the schedule to play you again, they hae the self confidence, as a rule, to beat you again. They've exposed your weaknesses, flaunted their strong points againstt you and backed you, not them, into a corner. 

You've also got to wonder why this one is on campus at the LNFCU, where about 27 people get in to watcj matches, s compared to beingg downtown at the FC YUM Center. I did a quick calender check to see if the YUM! was booked tonight, and there is nothing scheduled in there. Uofl is fond of saying they move the big events to the YUM! for Volleyball. Well? Isn;t this a big event? My guess is that they couldn't get ACC to how it and that's why it is on line at ACCNX. 

Your top four in the conference:


Maybe because it just a batttle for third place. But, a darn good volleyball match. It's a shame more people can't get in to see it "live"....




  1. Just a guess but I think the early start time is to let all the people involved and who want/need to travel for the holiday get away at a reasonable time. This is not only coaches and players but referees, concession stand workers, security, and on and on. Even if you are from and/or staying in Louisville, maybe there are things that must be done to make Thanksgiving a more peaceful day. If I don't see you at the match, hope you have a good holiday.

  2. Just stopping by to wish all a Happy Thanksgiving.

    Go Cards!

    The Real Joe Hill

  3. Happy Holidays to all God bless


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