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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Traffic Jam on Floyd? - Sunday Cardinal Couple

Traffic Jam on Floyd Street?

You might think today would be a busy day on Floyd Street with a quick glance at the gocards composite calendar, but a closer look suggests it won't be bad.  Both men's and women's tennis, men's and women's soccer, volleyball, and softball are in action, but only volleyball and men's soccer are here in The Ville.

Women's Soccer

So let's start out on the road, where Women's Soccer is basking the warm sun of Coral Gables, FL where they'll be playing the Miami Hurricanes.  While Louisville City FC had to deal with the remnants of a tropical storm in eastern VA for last night's game, it won't be that bad in Miami.  There is a chance of rain, but nothing tropical.

Just looking at schedules, the team with the Ibis, looks to be competitive with the Cards.  At 2-4-3, and UofL at 2-4-4, it looks quite similar.  Miami has wins over Stetson, and Syracuse and losses to Clemson, FIU, Mississippi State, and Georgia Southern.  Draws came against Florida Atlantic, Florida, and Alabama.  All in all, not a world beater of a season so far.

We saw significant improvement in the Cards offense against Pitt, will that continue today?  Let's hope.

ACC Network Extra streaming is available for this one with a noon kickoff.


"Wait, Softball?" you ask?  Yes, Softball kicks off their fall exhibition season today.  They're on the road up I-71 to Columbus to match up against Ohio State.

Precious little information is available for off-season exhibition match ups, including even after the games typically, so hopefully we can at least get some off-the-record comments next week when the squad continues fall play at Ulmer against Eastern Kentucky.

This is a noon start, but with any video coverage being unlikely, at best, unless you're in south central Ohio, or enough of a fan to want to drive there this morning...


Last of the team sports that we cover, Volleyball will tangle with Boston College to finish out the first weekend of conference play, as well as their play against the far-north ACC contingent.

Jason Kennedy has architected a slow but steady improvement of the Eagles over the past few years, but they've still got quite a way to go, as well.  Sporting an 11-4 record they look fairly impressive, until you look at who the competition is.  The wins all come against thoroughly meh teams, with maybe the most impressive being Michigan.  Maybe UC Irvine, Providence, and Harvard are worthy of mention in BC wins, but not much else is.  Losses are to New Hampshire, Tennessee, San Diego, and Notre Dame.  San Diego isn't at the level they were when they went to the Final Four last year, but they're not terrible.  But losing to New Hampshire pretty much sets the stage, here.

Alayna Crabtree, Halle Schroder, and Katrina Jenson have triple digit kills for the Eagles this season, all about evenly distributed.  Setting duties look to be about evenly split between Grace Penn, and Sophia Lambros.

Overall, this shouldn't be a significant challenge for the Cards.  As long as they, as I frequently say, just show up and play the way we know they're capable, they should be fine.

The match tips at 1pm, and is available on ACC Network Extra.

-- JMcA


  1. Women soccer has that bad luck Jones following them around. They lose to Miami in the final two seconds.

    1. Seems to be drama day in WSoc. FSU gets the 3-3 equalizer with UNC with 1 second left.


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