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Sunday, August 6, 2023


Hello all and happy Sunday, 

(Daryl checking in to again to close out the weekend while Jeff is still floating off somewhere in the ocean enjoying his summer vacation)

I am winding down on another Bats season and looking forward to fall sports kicking off in the Ville. 

We are a couple weeks out from the start of the seasons.. What games and matches do you have your eye on?  Will you make it in attendance for any or catch them on TV?  How about on the road??  I always love making a trip out of town to support the Cards on the road.   Do you get together with other people and watch the games together?   How bout gameday snacks?  Got a favorite?

My answers:

I would like to make it to the Yum Center for the Cards vs UK volleyball match, will also be making the effort to attend the majority of the home football games especially the one vs Notre Dame. We actually moved our vacation back a week so we could make the effort to be there.  I also hope the Cardinal Couple gang can gather at another soccer match sometime soon and get the chance to see each other in person in 2023    Fingers crossed that we can make that one happen again.  Its always great to get the gang all in the same place.  

I also usually throw it out to the group chat if we will be attending/watching any games on TV and if people want to join/come over they are welcome.   My friends will tell you that I have to bring my buffalo chicken dip to the party or i am uninvited.  lol  

(and someone usually ends up throwing Paulie in the pool on road trips)

So do you have everything ready to go for another successful season?   Get some new shirts, jackets and hats, make sure you've got plenty of ponchos and rain boots and don't forget the sunscreen for any weather forecast! 

We want you have a healthy and happy experience out there representing.  

My go to online shop for UofL gear is below!!   There's usually a promo code offered when you visit the site. 

Looking forward to another season covering the Cardinals! 

As always, 
Go Cards


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