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Friday, August 13, 2021

Teeter and FIBA - Friday Cardinal Couple

Daryl is back to peak button pushing form with her time being split between the Louisville Bats and UofL gearing up for fall play.  So we're using some help side defense here in the Cardinal Couple writing team. Jeff's in the net today, push for a penalty corner opportunity.

Scott Teeter and Canada Lacrosse

Scott Teeter was apparently craving some Tim Hortons and needed an excuse to head back north.

He has been named the head coach of the Canadian Women's National Lacrosse Team.  Of course Teeter has a long history of coaching with the national program of our neighbors to the north, with this just being the latest installment.

The Canadian National team will compete next year in the 2022 World Lacrosse Women's World Championship in late June to early July.  The Championships will be held at Towson University in Maryland.

The team will also compete in the 2022 World Games in a 6v6 version of Lacrosse that features a smaller field, shorter quarters, and shorter shot clock.  We've drawn comparisons between Lacrosse and Basketball in the past, so this would be somewhat equivalent to the 3x3 form of Basketball that many of us have enjoyed recently, with faster pace of play in a condensed space.

The World Games will be in Birmingham Alabama in mid-July.

For warm-ups for these events, the Teeter will lead the teams in Fall Classic and Sixes team events in mid-October.  These events will also be in Towson, MD.

Of course, after making a crack about Tim Hortons, neither Towson, MD, nor Birmingham, AL have any significant availability to the franchise.

FIBA U19 Update

The FIBA U19 World Cup had the day off yesterday, but will back in action today with Payton Verhulst.  The event is in the knockout stage of play at this point with the US team easily dispatching Chinese Taipei, as they're being referred to in this event, also known as Taiwan, on Wednesday with the US tying their own scoring record with 129 on the scoreboard.

Today's opponent is Spain.  The Spanish took easy wins in group play over South Korea and Brazil before narrowly defeating France 65-61.  They eliminated Japan in the first round of knockout play, 71-64.



  1. Teeter has won only 1/3rd of his games in his five years here. I know, he inherited a hot mess when he took the program over, but, I have to question him running off to coach Canadians when he's got plenty of work to do here, it would appear.

    Nick O

    1. I really don't think you can have much criticism for Teeter and what he's done Let's face it, this program was in shambles have the tumultuous departure of Kellie Young. He's rebuilt it the right way and they are facing, ACC foes in what is the toughest women's lacrosse league in DI.

      Coaching Canada also give him a chance to look at some very good Canadian talent for future recruiting needs. I'm very satisfied with the job he's done here and hope he retires here 20 years or so from now. I just wish I understood the game better.

      Blue Lou


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