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Tuesday, August 3, 2021


 Engstler and Van Lith at FIBA 3x3

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Yesterday kicked off the three-day FIBA 3x3 U23 Nations League. The Cardinal duo joined forces with Oregon's Kylee Watson and NC State's Madison Hayes.

Team USA was part of Group A, which included Spain and Israel. The USA swept Group A, defeating Spain 16-9 to open the event and then taking down Israel 21-10. By winning Group A, Team USA faced the winner of Group B, France.

France looked scary good after winning their opening game over Great Britain 21-3. France then defeated the Netherlands 18-11. France cruised to a 21-10 team win over the USA in the final.

Today's event, Stop Five, regroups the teams with France and Great Britain joining the USA in Group B. Stop Six is Wednesday where the US will be in Group A with Great Britain and Israel. The format remains the same with all teams playing a round robin tournament in their group with the two group winners facing off in the final.

Due to the focus on the 3x3 Olympics, USA Basketball's website did not provide stats for the games. However, we know that HVL and Engstler each had three points in the final, tied for leading the USA.

The FIBA 3x3 Twitter account (@FIBA3x3) shared a video of an interview with HVL. She talked about some of her favorite things such as her favorite basketball move, music, tv show, and sport outside of basketball. Did you know she considered being a dual sport athlete with the second sport being softball? Van Lith loves to say "and one" as her most common trash talk line. Dana Evans was often heard using the same line on the court.

We will have a rundown of today's events in tomorrow's article.

Other News

Although it is not joyful or exciting, and it certainly isn't directly related to UofL women's athletics, we would be remised if we didn't address Coach Quentin Hillsman resigning for Syracuse. The now-former Syracuse women's basketball coach was the winningest coach in program history and even made it to the national championship game in 2016.

Coach Q was under fire due to several accusations regarding abuse and mistreatment of players as well as unwelcome advances. The findings of the investigation have not been released, but all signs point to the accusations being true. Any type of inappropriate behavior or abuse of players should not be permitted despite the successes of the coach.

We will continue to follow this story as more news develops.

On a much lighter note and actually pertaining to UofL, Paulie and I are trying to work our magic with Mechi Pastor before she heads overseas to play professional field hockey. She will remain a student at UofL, as she completes her master's degree at the JB Speed School of Engineering. English is not Pastor's first language, which is why she was absent from Cardinal Couple interviews in the past, but she is confident enough in herself and her English skills to try her hand at one now and we are excited at the chance to talk with her!

Our illustrious writer Case Hoskins is a Speed School graduate and Worldwide spent a couple semesters over there so they can tell you how challenging the program is and how impressive it is that Pastor will complete her master's while playing professionally. I had a world cultures class held in one of the Speed School buildings, but engineering was not my strong suit. I'd probably derail the train.

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!


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