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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Louisville Women's basketball and Other UofL women's sports -- Sunday Cardinal Couple

With the winter and spring sports overlap, there's a lot going on, so let's dive right in.

Swim and Dive

OK, since we're diving in, let's start with Swimming and Diving.

They wrapped up the Women's ACC Championship in Greensboro yesterday and finished out the
competition in 3rd place overall.  NC State took the overall title, with Virginia close behind in the points.

Mallory Comerford finished the overall event with 3 golds and set a meet record in the 100 Free of 46.57 (again, reminder that the NCAA uses yards, not meters, so these times are not directly comparable to international events).

Morgan Friesen got a bronze in the 200 breaststroke (2:09.05).  Grace Oglesby set a meet record in the 200 fly (1:52.81), with Alena Krauss getting on the podium with her for the bronze (1:55.06).

Lainey Visscher, Mallory Comerford, Casey Fanz, and Arina Openysheva teamed up to win the 400 Free Relay.  Comerford finished it off with a come from behind from 7th place to 1st for the win with a 46.68 split.

The NCAA championships will be in Austin, TX on March 20th through 24th.

Softball Cancellations

While we're talking about water sports...well, softball isn't supposed to be one of them.  Alas, the weather yesterday in Knoxville means the softball team would've needed flippers and snorkels to play.  Those games were cancelled, but they are playing today, with the first game, against Kansas, already underway, with the Cards leading 3-0 in the 3rd inning at the time of this writing.  Highlight of the game so far is a 2-run shot by Rebecca Chung over the center-field fence.  Rebecca Watson is in the circle for the start.

They should be playing another game later today, scheduled for a 4:30 start time against Bradley.  As always with these multi-game softball events, there's a chance that later games could be delayed if earlier games run long.  No video listed for our games, though the home standing Volunteers will have their streams on SEC Network+ (the same ESPN streaming that the ACC Network Extra is on) at 2 p.m. against our conference-mates Virginia.


Lacrosse got a confidence building win over Mercer yesterday with the 20-2 win at the Louisville Lacrosse Stadium in their home opener.
Shayla Scanlan scoring one of her 5.

Top scorers in this one were Tessa Chad and Shayla Scanlan, each with 5.  Caroline Blalock got a hat trick, Ally Hall and Alex McNicholas each got a pair, and Brenna Shanahan, Kayla Marshall, and Hannah Morris each contributed a goal.  Most of the goalkeeping duties were by Rachel Florek, with Lexia Ball contributing about 9 minutes.  Florek was credited with 3 saves.

Not familiar with the name Shayla Scanlan?  Neither was I.  She is a sophomore with the team and did score 5 goals last year.  She is from Angola, NY and is also believed to be the first female member of the Seneca nation to sign to play Division I NCAA athletics.

The Cards will be in action again at the Louisville Lacrosse Stadium Wednesday at 1pm against Vanderbilt.

The plan for concessions at the LLS this year are to have the same food truck there for every game.  Yesterday, I got a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon, chips, and a drink from them for $11, and it was quite nice.  I can definitely recommend.

LINK: Post game Teeter, Shayla and Tessa discuss the "W". :


Lindsey Duvall supporting Lacrosse vs Mercer.
Pictured with some knucklehead named Paulie.
WBB is in action today at 2p.m. at the KFC Yum! Center against a near the bottom of the standings Boston College.  I do continue to stand by my statement that BC is playing better this year than they have in the past.  They're 3-11 in conference, 14-13 overall, so they aren't expected to seriously threaten the Cards today, but like every game in the ACC, if you don't show up and take it seriously, you could be in for a bad time.

It's Girl Scout Day, so be prepared.

Rumors out there that one of B.C.'s leaders will sit out because of the concussion protocol rule. The rumor came from Jared Anderson, though, who -- in the past -- has made some predictions of note. Like either Virginia or Boston College winning the ACC WBB Tournament. 

You've got the typical ACC Network Extra available for this one. Cortnee, Don and Sara. Excellence right there. 


Finally, Tennis hosts Clemson at the Bass-Rudd Tennis Center.  I'm assuming our regular commenter "Clemson Arthur" won't be making the trip in for this one, which seems a little bit of a shame since Bass-Rudd is on Arthur Street, here in Louisville.

This one is a noon start, there is video available apparently through the GoCards site:

Jared has indicated he'll stop by to take a few photos of W. Tennis before heading to the YUM! 

The Cards are looking to bounce back from a tough 6-1 loss against Syracuse.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

The four knuckleheads were all in the studio yesterday at WCHQ, and I think it was a good show.

Alas, the streaming system didn't seem to be working up to par, so the Youtube recording of it is...well, it's basically unlistenable.  Sorry about that, folks. You're missing a great Paulie rant. 



  1. Great day for "W" Cards! Let's go get one !! Nice photo of you and the Dove Paulie. She is our next Becky Burke. (I'd put that Duvall stuff right back in her face. OK, probably not.)

    Curtis "Rowing down to the YUM! today" Franklin

  2. I’m at tennis now getting some pics. I’m convinced Ola is trying to hit me in pregame warmups lol. I’ll be at basketball in plenty of time though.

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