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Thursday, February 14, 2019



Yes, it is that day when cupid sends his arrow and stores make a fortune on candies, flowers and cards as lovers and such express their feelings. If you fit into the "lover" category, you know what you need to do and, hopefully, what your "loved one or ones" want. 

If you're still out there looking for love, the day is always a good one to show relatives, co-workers or neighbors that you are thinking positively of them. What's a box of candy, a flower or two or a good deed, kind gesture or thoughtful act set you back, anyway? 

My Valentine !!!
So, show a little love in your heart today. Perform a random act of kindness. Try a little tenderness, maybe. I don't normally get into the commercialized, created "special days" but, never hurts to let someone know you care. I love ya, Cardinal Couple readers. I look forward to a good day with my love, Sonya. Special birthday wishes and Happy Valentine's Day to my "adopted" sis Christy. 

I hope your day goes well, too...readers and friends.

Expression of love and care certainly need to be daily expressions and emotions. 

A little bit of love goes a long way. It takes so little effort and can have such a big effect just to tell someone you love them or are thinking of them. Try it. It won't hurt one bit.

The old song goes, "What the world needs now, is love...sweet love..." and it's so very true. There is too much anger and hate. Don't participate in it. 

If none of the above applies to you, here's a link to an interesting song the J.Geils Band put out way back in 1980 that could be your anthem today. 



Thursday's a day where we'd normally be breaking down and analyzing Louisville women's basketball's next foe. Since the WBB squad is on a "bye" week and off tonight, I thought I'd help you, the reader, get caught up on the emerging women's Springs Sports at UofL.

We usually do "quizzes" on the radio show in the summer. I want summer weather. I''m doing a quiz here to beckon the weather that normally accompanies the Cardinal Couple Quiz. (Is that wrong?) 

These sports are underway and, hopefully, today's quiz will give you a little more info on the action and maybe, test your knowledge. Answers at the bottom of today's column and let me know in the comments section how you did. No prizes, awards or such for your score, just the satisfaction of knowing what you know, realization of what you need to know.

I normally admonish you not to cheat by "googling" or going to internet sources for whatever you want. I'm  tired of monitoring you all, truth be're such an unruly and disruptive bunch and I've sent notes home to all of your parents! 

If you read Cardinal Couple regularly, we've covered the correct answers here over the last month. I even tossed in a WBB question or two, so you'll at least get a couple right, maybe

Here's how Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson did on it, Check out the clip below:


Here we go: 

1) Louisville Lacrosse head coach Scott Teeter came to the "Ville" from what school: 

A) Syracuse
B) Buffalo
C) Canisius
D) San Juan Community College.

2) Which Spring Sport do Charley Butler, Paige Schindler and Taylor Roby play?

A) Lacrosse
B) Softball
C) Tennis
D) Golf

3) Where did the golf squad most recently compete and win? 

A) Tallahassee, Florida against the Noles and Georgia
B) Bangor, Maine against former NFL stars and rock performers
C) Fullerton, California against CSUF, San Jose State and Idaho State.
D) Birmingham, Alabama against Kentucky

4) She is a recent addition and current freshman on the golf team

A) Mairead Martin
B) Carol Channing
C) Emmonnie Henderson
D) Shay Clevenger

5) Louisville women's tennis has gotten off to a: 

A) 4-5 start
B) 8-1 start
C) 9-0 start
D) hasn't start yet, still in Cancun practicing. 

OK...quick stretch break....breath in, breath out. 

All better? Ready? Let's get back to it !!

6) Who is currently in second place behind WBB in the ACC standings? 

A) Duke and Syracuse
B) Notre Dame
C) NC State
D) Berea and Transylvania

7) Lacrosse's leading scorer so far is: 

A) Celene Funke
B) Tessa Chad
C) Raven Neely
D) Arica Carter

8) The Softball squad has several promising pitchers. Which of these isn't a pitcher?

A) Megan Hensley
B) Danielle Watson
C) Kay Morissette
D) Taylor Roby

9) Louisville Tennis ace Ola Mally : 

A) From Tokyo, Japan
B) Also leads the Louisville Bowling squad and has 17 - 300 games
C) Is 6-3 on the season
D) Is related to Cardinal shot putter Rashida Harris

10) This Cardinal women's golfer is from nearby Elizabethtown and had a excellent season last year. 

A) Lauren Walz
B) Lauren Holly
C) Lauren Hartlage
D) Lori Korte

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   YES..... YOU GET A BONUS QUESTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BONUS QUESTION: Who was the head coach of Louisville WBB's last basketball foe?

A) Kenny Rogers
B) Mike Gilpatrick
C) Katie Meyer
D) Kenny Brooks

So...let's see just how well you did. 









1)  C  - Teeter coached at Cansius, which is located in Buffalo. 

2)  B  -  They are softball players. 

3)  D -  The Cards won the Battle of the Bluegrass in Birmngham

4)  A Martin is from County Cork, Ireland and a freshman

5)  C -  Tennis is undefeated going into tomorrow's match agains Nebraska

6)  B  - The Irish are currently in sole possession of second at 10-2

7)  B  - Tessa Chad played for Teeter at Cansius and transferred here. 

8)  C  - Kay Morissette is a former LouLAX player and current lacrosse assistant coach

9)  C  - Ola is 6-3 and is #1 seed on the squad. She gets the best of the opponents. 

10) C - Lauren HARTLAGE had a stellar KY H.S. Golf career and excellent frosh year.

BONUS - D -- Kenny Brooks has been at Virginia Tech for three years and has daughters on the roster that play for him. 

My thoughts on your score:  

10-11 --  OK, which SID is this taking it? 

8-9 -- not bad, you know your stuff

6-7  -- keep on reading this site and learning

4-5 -- you can do better! The problem is you don't apply yourself. 

2-3 -- typical UK fan, aren't you?

0-1 -- you shouldn't have drank all that cold/congestion medicine before you took this.

Have a great Valentines Day !!!!



  1. Great article today! HAppy Valentine's Day Cardinal Couple!

    That's a great song, Love Stinks ! A bit before my time, but those young men jam a bit!

    I got a 90 on the quiz. Got eight right and the bonus.

    Curtis "Finished his examination" Franklin

  2. Put me down for a 70. I missed 2, 4, 7 and 9 but got the bonus right.

    I love that movie "A Few Good Men", thanks for that memorable clip from it. I saw the band...the J Geils Band in Memphis sometime back in the late 70's. They were fun in concert, I remember.

    We're a chilly 60 degrees here in Naples today but have the promise of 80 by Friday-Saturday, so get your butt down here Paulie and wear some shorts!

    Happy Valentine's Day CC readers and to my wife Deloris..."I Love you!"

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  3. I got 100%. I missed #9 but hit the bonus ball.

    Miami is not a WBB foe to take lightly at all. Can't wait for Sunday! Some nice ACC action tonight in WBB. Florida State goes to Clemson. North Carolina visits Pitt.

    How about last night? Notre Dame romped BC and NC State got a credible, impressive win over "Q" and the Cuse !! Kiara Leslie is an awesome player!!

    I agree with J. Geils at this point in my life. Love stinks. But, I'll call my Mom today and take a flower or two to a couple of gals mat the office. I'm really quite the nice guy, actually.

    Nick O.

  4. I was engulfed in this blizzard and lunch and was foolish and got #4 wrong. Got the other 9 + bonus correct.

    Looking forward to my special Valentine flying in late tonight.

  5. I swung for the fences on that one and was a perfect 11 for 11. There were a couple of educated guesses in there that I got right.

    In travel news. Sitting in Dallas Fort Worth airport with one more flight leg to get home this evening. Have been in airplanes and airports for about 24 hours already and am definitely ready to be home.

  6. No one call Jeff tomorrow (Friday) !! He's got a date with Mr. Sandman.



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