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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

NCAA WBB Selection Committee puts Louisville at #2 --Durr one of 30 -- Farewell to Howie -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


As we get closer to the conference tournaments and the NCAA WBB Tournament, the NCAA gave out a first look into their thinking process so far with regard to rankings, match-ups, who might go where and, basically, who they see the DI WBB powers.  

This "first look" has Louisville as their #2 pick in the nation, behind Baylor. 

A top seed for a regional. Right now, the bracketology boys are saying Chicago is the location the Cards would head to after the first two rounds. For Cardinal fans, a nice choice. Chi-Town is closer than Greensboro, Albany or Portland. 

This is a first look, yes, but I'd be quite happy with Stanford, Iowa State and Marquette as the other three schools heading up to the home of the Cubbies. 

So, here's how it looks: 


1)   Baylor
2)   Louisville 
3)   Oregon
4)   Mississippi State

#2 SEED LINE has UConn, Notre Dame, Stanford and North Carolina State in the slots. After that, the #3's include Marquette, Iowa, Maryland and Oregon State. The top 16 conclude with #4 seeds South Carolina, Gonzaga, Iowa State and Miami (FL). 

While watching the revealing last night, I heard ESPN analysis Debbie Antonelli (one of my favorite "talking heads" ESPN has) argue for a one site, invite all sixteen teams to one place tournament setting instead of the four regionals. It is an idea I've head before but I'm not sure how I feel about. 

My initial reaction is ' no, it would be crazy for fan travel', -- like Oregon having to go to New York City or Louisville to Hawaii scenarios -- and expensive, since you'd be playing four game over at least a 7-10 day period, if you keep winning. 

I enjoyed having the two-game, UofL's regional in Lexington last year. I'm not so sure I would like having to head to Kansas City, Denver or (fill in your own city). But, I can also see bringing every one into one locale, like the College World Series, and letting them battle it out. 

Hey, how about the YUM! Center? It's big, we got hotel rooms and a basketball crazy populace! The chances of the NCAA ever putting their stamp of approval on that concept, though, roughly equal me suiting up and spelling Sam Fuehring in the paint this year. 

This needs to be about the fans. If you are trying to grow the game, put the teams in the areas where the fans have fairly easy access. 

When I look at these sixteen, current teams on the list...I 'd go groupings of: 

Greensboro:  Louisville, Miami, South Carolina and NC State.

Albany:  Mississippi State, Notre Dame, UConn and Maryland

Chicago: Baylor, Iowa State, Iowa and Marquette 

Portland: Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Gonzaga

Yes, I hear your arguments already, but this makes sense from a regional grouping process. And, these top 16 will likely change as the weeks go by.  Is there any easy way to match and send? 

What are your "assignment to region" thoughts? Give us an idea in the comments section. And, does it really matter? To be the best, you have to beat the rest. We've seen what road games can do to top teams in the ACC this year. 

After all, when did the NCAA ever make any sense? 


"Nite-nite" one of 30 that are on the Naismith Mid-season watch list. This, of course, comes as no surprise to Louisvillians or the rest of the nation. She's the only Cardinal who made it to the top 30. 

Four Notre Dame players still alive on the end-of-season award list. The Huskies have three. Baylor with two and Oregon with two. 

Another honor for the superlative Cardinal senior. 

She is the best player in women's college basketball and that's the end of the story. 


Popular morning radio personality Howie Lindsey is leaving his role as the host of LOUISVILLE FIRST on 790 WKRD AM Cards Radio to accept a position as public relations director for Louisville City FC Soccer. 

An opportunity he couldn't pass on. 

He has been kind and gracious to Cardinal Couple. We'll miss not hearing him Mon-Fri mornings. I'll miss not chatting with him on-air Tuesday mornings. 

Best of luck and continued success Howie! 



  1. Great for Louisville WBB and Asia. Recognition well earned and deserved.

    Wow? Really on Howie? That man has been a part of my morning drive home from work and beyond for several years. It must have been an offer to go to pass on.

    Who will they bring in to replace him Paulie?

    Curtis "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?" Franklin

  2. I'm good with where we are, and the other teams in our region.
    Also good with the system for the most, geography shouldn't be the deciding factor when choosing, but considered.
    I think it's better to do the seeding part, I wouldn't wanna see 8 teams with the best chances of winning it all duking it out 4 teams in one region and the other 4 in another.
    That's why it's the "elite eight".
    And this year, for the first since I've been keeping up, there are really at least 6 teams with a legitimate shot.
    And... don't think NC State will stay a 2 seed, although they'll have the chance to prove me wrong. But that's it, they still have a challenging schedule left.

    1. A couple of things that strike me first glance. The PAC 12 is getting more credit than I think they deserve. Three teams. Oregon State? A Stanford team that Oregon beat by 40? It changes week from week, though.

      NO UK. That makes me happy. Four ACC teams. I love that.

      By conference:

      ACC - 4
      PAC - 3
      SEC, Big 10, Big 12 - 2
      Big East, WCC, AAC - 1

      NC State does have a tough road left. I'm thinking they drop as well.


  3. I don’t think the four regions are even at all but UofL got the good end of the stick so I can’t complain. Other than our Region I think Oregon has a bunny bracket. Baylor got stuck with one of the best 2-seeds. I’d Ike to see a Mississippi state vs UConn matchup.

    Everything seems based off proximity to home rather than actual S-curve seedlings. I’d be mad if I were Baylor.

    1. the winners of this first look are def lou and oregon but u know it gonna change

  4. Stop the race. An old horse player term when the positioning is where you want it.

    I love Louisville, in Chicago, with Marquette, Iowa State and Stanford there also.

    I hate the idea of bringing all 16 teams to one spot.

    Howie Lindsey probably needs to get out of radio. All he does anymore is talk about football and the Shane Company. And ask people the stupid question "How do you feel about that?"

    "Jeff Walz, you are #2 in the nation. Hw do you feel about that?"

    I realize he was kind to CC here. I hope the new person is as well. Go kick a soccer ball around Howie and relate to the public.

    Nick O.

  5. Miami miaim miaim let's go Cards beat Miami.
    Sammi Jean playing lights out if Sammi hitting her outside shots look out she's a beast down low and she's so crafty with the b ball.


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