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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Jeff Walz Radio Show -- Softball Schedule Change -- Lacrosse Today -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Jeff Walz Radio Show

Having a rare free night I decided to venture down to Chili's in Hikes Point for the regular season finale of the Jeff Walz Radio Show last night  I arrived about 5:30, a solid 90 minutes before the start of the show and it was a full house.  Thankfully, a friend saved me a seat front and center.

I immediately dove right into the chips and salsa, the best in town, while watching a rerun of the recent 2019 UCA Championships.  Louisville, which is a part of NCA, does not participate in UCA.  At the time, Kentucky had finished their routine and would later go on and win the Division 1A Championship.

Nick Curran rolled in right about 6:00 to prepare the setup and get everything going.  Jeff Walz, then Beth Burns, both guests on the show, followed by AJ, Al Greener, and Nick Evans all strolled in in the minutes following.

The show began by talking about the Play4Kay Free Throw Challenge.  Similar to years past, Louisville is way out in front in donations.  Lehigh is all alone in second and everyone else is way behind.

We, at CARDINAL COUPLE, are in for $2 a "make".

Recently, the women's basketball officials raised $25,000 to donate to the cause as well.  TV Dee, commonly seen officiating UofL games, is on the board and was a part of the process.  Coach Walz also mentioned that she is going to be inducted into the North Carolina Basketball Hall of Fame.  He went on to joke saying that he told her that officials will have to donate 45 for each missed call in the future.

The show progressed into the question and answer part of the show.  Some questions were common, including many answered in recent pressers or by public knowledge, and other questions went further in depth.  Here are a few of the questions and answers that stuck out to me (summarized):

A: Cleared for limited practice and hopefully will be fully cleared by tonight.  The concussion was actually believed to have happened during the first half of the Virginia game on Feb. 21st., but she did not feel its effects until the third quarter when she told the coaching staff and trainers.

Q: Memorable thing about the seniors?
A: They overcame obstacles such as rough freshmen seasons or injuries to become stars by their senior year.  No career is a straight line climb.  There will be bumps and plateaus along the way.

Q: How to handle NC State's post players?
A: "I'll tell you about 9:00 Thursday night."  Never underestimate UofL post players, as teams have to find ways to game plan and guard against Sam, Kylee, and Bionca, three great players.  It's a two-way straight on teams game planning.

Q: Will we see Lucy and Lola in the presser Thursday night?
A: No. Walz said he might bring them to the first round in game during a moment of forgetfulness.  Upon remembering, Walz cracked up and informed us that we will not get to see the duo this year.

Q: Plan for the first round of the NCAA Tournament?
A: With Walz not being allowed inside of the arena at all (NCAA rule) Steph Norman will take over for the game.  Walz will be somewhere TBD still but wants to set up a watch party with fans.  Perhaps Bobblehead Jeff will claim a seat along the team bench for the game.

The radio show, which lasts an hour, is an opportunity to interact with members of the coaching staff and ask questions they normally don't get to.  Whether you choose to arrive early and eat or just show up for the show itself I guarantee you'll have a great time.

As a reminder, if 12,900 (or more) fans show up for the game against #10 NC State Thursday night then UofL will average 10,000 fans per home game this season.  As of last night about 9,000 tickets had been sold.  Needing about another 4,000 people in attendance to reach the goal please bring as many friends and family to the game as possible!

Softball Schedule Changes

In what appears to be a case of expected freezing weather the Cardinal Classic schedule has changed quite drastically.

Louisville will play two games on Friday and two on Saturday.

Cardinal Classic Schedule (revised)
Friday, March 1
10:30 AM                   Indiana State vs. Louisville
12:30 PM                   Missouri vs. Louisville
2:30 PM                     IUPUI vs. Indiana State
4:30 PM                     IUPUI vs. Missouri
Saturday, March 2
10:30 AM                   Indiana State vs. Louisville
12:30 PM                   IUPUI vs. Missouri
2:30 PM                     Indiana State vs. Missouri
4:30 PM                     IUPUI vs. Louisville

The Cards are 7-6 on he young season and step on Ulmer Stadium turf for the first time to play an actual game.

As always, Ulmer Stadium is free admission so bring some blankets and head on out this weekend.  Paulie, Worldwide, and I will do our best to cover the games as much as possible.

Lacrosse Hosts Vandy

Middle of the week, middle of the day, expect more to come.  Lacrosse will host Vanderbilt at 1:00 at the Louisville Lacrosse Stadium.

Lacrosse will continue to play early afternoon games during the week for..

UofL is 1-3 entering the match after taking down Mercer 20-2 in their home opener Saturday.  The Commodores are undefeated at 3-0 and are averaging 18 goals per game.  They're average margin of victory is 10.3 goals, a large margin.

The Cards hold the series 7-2 and 4-0 at the LLS, but have their work cut out for them this time.

Happy Wednesday and Go Cards!



  1. The Walz show sounds like fun. I've never heard it or gone. Usually still asleep about the time it comes on. Is there a rebroadcast of it anywhere? This is what one of the NC State sites says about their freshman center:

    One of the revelations for the Wolfpack this season has been true-freshman center Elissa Cunane. The freshman has averaged 13 points per game this season, behind graduate guard Kiara Leslie, who averages 16 points per game, and redshirt junior guard Grace Hunter, who averages 14.6 points per game, among active players.

    While Cunane has been good all season, the center has started to hit her stride at just the right time as the regular season starts to draw to a close. Cunane has averaged 19.2 points per game across the team’s last five games, including a career-high 28 points in the team’s loss to No. 5 Notre Dame.

    If Cunane and the rest of the Wolfpack can build on their recent momentum, Louisville will have a difficult time stopping the Wolfpack on Thursday night.

    Looks like it could be a good one. Going to be an emotional night, saying "nite-nite" to Asia, Arica and Sam.

    Curtis "Never can say Goodbye, just 'further down the road' " Franklin

    1. It will be an emotional night.

      That's a great Eric Clapton song..."Further Down the Road"

      Here's a link:


  2. Curtis,
    Luckily for U of L, Grace Hunter has been out with a season-ending injury most of the season. She was a difference maker for an already good team.

    1. Leslie and Cunane plus Konig will hurt a opponent. If there is any silver lining in this approaching storm, it might be that NC State is 3-3 in their last six. The win over UNC and the loss over UNC was a home court thing. They barely got by Syracuse and Notre Dame put up 95 on them in a 23 point win


  3. UofL must contain Konig from the outside and Cunane down low.
    Card's also need a big game from the Seniors.If Jazmine Jones the X factor!!! shoots the ball well,could put this game out of reach.

    1. Note:Kiara Leslie will be hard to stop she's so silky smooth.


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