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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Louisville women's basketball faces Georgia Tech today -- Sunday Cardinal Couple

Basketball Preview

Game day is here again, and today UofL WBB faces the Ramblin' Wreck of Georgia Tech.  I do have to admit that I appreciate the rhyming.  I also, as someone that works in engineering-esque work, always have a bit of a soft spot for "Engineering schools", such as Georgia Tech and Purdue.

Apparently I'm not the only one, as today's game is listed on the schedule as "Presented by The J.B. Speed School of Engineering".  Us geeks have to stick together, you know. We won't get the Model A in the YUM! today and probably not "Buzz" the mascot either. That's a shame.

GT has a history of being mostly an also-ran in ACC WBB, and while they're not exactly world beaters this year, they're putting up a respectable record so far.  They're coming into Louisville today off of a win over Duke (though, Duke is sitting at 0-3 in conference and barely above .500 overall).  I think it's also worth pointing out that, while it's still very early in conference play, GT and Louisville are officially tied in conference standings at this point.

In the solid wins column, GT lists Duke, a surprising entry in Boston College (who isn't playing the doormat of the ACC role that they typically do), Seton Hall, George Washington (new home of former Cardinal, Sydney Zambrotta), Georgia, and Appalachian State.  On the loss side of the equation, the Houston Cougars took two overtimes to get the win, the YellowJackets played to within 13 of Maryland, lost by about 20 to Dayton (which may be their worst loss of the season), and almost kept it within 20 with what we know is a very good Notre Dame team.

Elizabeth Balogun is the offensive leader for the Model A driving Yellow Jackets averaging 16 points per game.  Oh, and she's a freshman.  Also look for Lorela Cubaj, and Elizabeth Dixon to contribute to the offense, with both posting up double-doubles in the game against Duke.  Oh, and Dixon is also a freshman, and Cubaj a sophomore. Francesca Pan, a veteran on the roster, also has big game.

The game tips at 2 p.m. with doors opening at the KFC Yum! Center at 1 p.m.

Coach Walz talked a lot about dedication and getting into the gym after the loss to Notre Dame. Usually, that equates some players picking up more time and some players getting less time. We'll see what the "mad scientist" has come up within the deep,dark recesses of his laboratory with his assistants.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Review

While we missed Case and Jared at the Magnificent Media Mansion on Mellwood yesterday, we're always happy to be joined by the magnificent and majestic Daryl Foust.  We, ah, had a thing or two to say about the officiating in the Notre Dame game, but we did break down a bit about what else went wrong for the Cards in South Bend.  We also shared a bit of news from the Volleyball world.

You can check out the replay at:



  1. Let's get them today, WBB!

    The Model A. I have actually ridden in one. My great-grandfather was a mechanic in South Carolina. He had a small garage. This was back in the days when not a lot of African-American people had automobiles but he did a fairly good business from chauffeurs and drivers for the rich, white folk. They'd sent them out to get the car serviced and the cars would end up at "Reggie's".

    My great-grandfather was known to purchase a few cars as well, do the repairs and re-sell them. One he held onto was a 1929 Model A Ford. He basically rebuilt it and kept it under cover, rarely driving it.

    One visit, when I was a boy, was memorable, though. Reggie took me, my dad and my older brother for a spin in the Model A.

    I am pretty sure my grandfather sold it when he inherited it after Reggie died, but there is family controversy about that as well. Some family members say he "lost it" in a high-stakes poker game in Charleston, SC and had to hitch-hike home.

    Anyway, a cool car that I remember. I do hope the Cards give the "Ramblin' Wreck" a few flat tires today.

    Curtis "Relegated to the back seat" Franklin

    1. Great stories of your family, Curtis. Apparently the GT Model A is a 1930 model year Model A Sport Coupe (at least according to Wikipedia), so...similar to what your great-grandfather owned.

    2. A great recollection, Curtis! I got to see one of the first-ever Ford V8's (1936 model) years ago at a friend's fathers farm in North Dakota. This one did not run, but it had been preserved under a drop cloth. The body was in great shape.

      Let's drive by them today or take the sting out of them, which ever nickname you want to make the play of words on.


  2. I guess I wonder what it would have been worth today.

    Curtis Franklin

    1. Anywhere between $12-35,000 depending on the shape of it. This from NADA.



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