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Friday, January 25, 2019

Louisville women's basketball Tops FSU in Tallahassee -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Cards Roll By Seminoles in Tallahassee

Jazmine Jones had a warm return home in front of about 70 friends and family members as the Louisville women's basketball team defeated Florida State 68-49 in Tallahassee.  Asia Durr led all scorers with 29 points.

The #4 Cards improve to 18-1 on the season, including 6-1 in the ACC.  The #22 Seminoles fall to 16-3 and 4-2 in the conference.

Louisville and FSU both had trouble getting shots to drop to begin the game but a layup by Bionca Dunham gave the Cards the lead and they never looked back.  The Cards took the first quarter 20-6, nearly silencing the Seminoles altogether on offense  Six Cards scored during the quarter as the Cards went on a 12-0 run during that 10 minutes.

The Seminoles responded in the second quarter, winning it 17-12.  Florida State, who is known for a solid defense, forced eight Louisville turnovers.  It started ugly as neither side could get the ball to drop for almost four minutes before Dunham broke the drought.

After leading 32-21 at halftime Louisville came out of the half with a strong third quarter, winning it 19-13.  On the Cards first possession, Sam Fuehring drilled a three but it was free throws that seemed to be the theme.  The Cards shot 8-9 from the line in the quarter and FSU went 4-6. After attempting only two in the entire first half, the new-found parity in whistle blowing was a welcome relief.

Louisville had a comfortable lead headed into the final period.  Nonetheless, Walz continued to push hard and the Cards won the quarter 17-13.

Louisville's 12 rebounds made it difficult for FSU to find a rhythm or use second chance points to spark a run.

The Cards only had one fast break bucket, probably due to the limited four steals on the game.  FSU found a little more success with eight.  The Cards did limit the FSU second chance points to nine while recording eight of their own. How about Kylee Shook and her five blocks !

Kiah Gillespie was the top player for the Seminoles after recording 13 points and six rebounds.  She was held to one three-pointer on seven attempts.  Nicki Ekhomu added 11 points and Nausia Woolfolk added eight points with four steals.

The fouls were less common than normal.  Louisville was called for 13 while the Seminoles were called for 19.  This officiating crew has a history of whistle-heavy games.

F-R-E-D Report

Actor Fred Thompson's look here probably
mirrored many Noles fans feelings last night.
Free Throws: Louisville shot 13-19 (68.4%) from the line.  Fuehring and Shook both went 2-4 to drag the average down.  Durr also missed two free throws but her 5-7 doesn't look as bad.  At one point in the third quarter Louisville rebounded a missed free throw and Durr drew a foul to drain two immediately after.  We saw a rebound following a missed free throw a couple times in the fourth quarter too.  Doing the Jeff Walz math you could almost argue that the Cards deserve a capital letter, but I'm only awarding a lowercase "f"  in this case.

Rebounding: Louisville out-rebounded a good rebounding team in FSU.  It wasn't even close as the Cards won the battle 37-25.  Despite only eight offensive rebounds those turned into a handful of second chance points.  Shook finished with nine rebounds and Durr added seven.  No question about a capital "R" here.

Effort/Efficiency: In terms of efficiency Louisville shot extremely well.  They shot 25-45 (55.6%) from the field and 5-11 (45.5%) from the land of three-pointers.  However, of the 25 made field goals only 11 were assisted.  Louisville turned the ball over 17 times, mostly due to sloppy play at the start of nearly every quarter.  Bad passes found their way into the hands of Seminoles players way too many times.  Sloppy play and missed layups (c'mon, seriously? let's make layups, please) keep the letter small- lowercase "e".

Defense: Louisville surrendered a total of 49 points, coincidental, don't ya think?  The best quarter was limiting FSU to 6 points.  Yes, SIX.  By the way, that's four straight Louisville opponents held to under 50 points.  The Seminoles shot 18-56 on the floor (32.1%) and struggled with the deep ball, going 3-18 (16.7%).  Credit the seven blocks for a heavy presence in the paint.  The four steals was probably the only downside for the defense.  You could potentially debate for a lowercase letter but I'm sticking with the capital "D" here.

f-R-e-D ain't too shabby.  Great team victory against a ranked opponent on the road, especially a tough, talented Florida State team.

After seeing almost as many Cardinal band members and cheerleaders at the game as there were Cardinal fans -- it makes me grateful for the fan base Louisville women's basketball has." J.J. Airlines" had a plane full of about 70 in the seats, according to a report.

That's a huge amount for the "player pass list".

Paulie's hope of 5000 or more for the game fell a bit short. 3446 was the official attendance. That's a shame, really, for such a important and rivalry battle between two  top 25 ranked squads, but, not all fans revolve around their WBB squads like Louisville fans do.

Louisville returns home Sunday at 2:00 against a struggling Pittsburgh squad.

Other Games

Let me start by congratulating the men's basketball team for a 84-77 victory over #21 NC State

The #23 Cards are now 14-5 and are tied for first in the ACC at 5-1.

Moving over to women's basketball NC State's undefeated season continues after they survived Clemson 54-51.  The Tigers doubled up the Wolfpack in the final quarter but fell just short.  I think we were all with regular reader/commentor Arthur on this one hoping Clemson would pull off the upset.

Notre Dame handled a struggling Tennessee team easily, winning 77-62.  The Vols' season is in jeopardy.  Notre Dame remains perfect in the conference, alongside NC State. UT has lost six in a row now. Gotta wonder if Holly can hold on as head of this group or the Volz show her the exit.

In the battle of winless in the ACC Duke downed Wake Forest 66-52.  The Demon Deacons join Pittsburgh as the only teams to have a 0 in the wins column in conference play.

Caption This

We've had some fun with the "Caption This" feature during basketball season and here's a photo from last night's action at Tallahassee that caught Jeff Walz during the game.  

The Cards got their first victory over FSU on the road since 2011. 

How many Cardinal WBB players can you remember from that 2010-11 squad? Paulie came up with Becky Burke, Nita Slaughter, Asia Taylor, Shoni Schimmel and Sherrone Vails right off the bat.

Is Walz possibly looking for one of those stalwarts to relieve his girls last night? Has someone just called his name and he's turning around to have a look? 

Leave your caption in the comments section and let's continue the celebration of "knocking off Noles" Day !!

Happy Friday and Go Cards!

- Jared -


  1. What a redeeming win! So happy that Jazzie got a "W" against them down there! And, what a night for Asia! This was a huge win and I loved the way the Cards went to the boards and "got the ball".

    Poor sportsmanship is correctable. No reason for all the bumping, punching and tripping the Noles were executing. I'm glad Walz finally got Asia out of there. Who knows, the may have come after her with a surfboard or row boat paddle next. Very disappointed that a coach of Sue Semerau's reputation and quality would condone or allow such. I used to like to follow FSU from time to time. Done with that, I am. Go Clemson and Cards!

    On the caption, Walz is glancing at the secondary scoreboard to make sure he isn't dreaming and Louisville is actually up by 21.

    18-1 Yep.

    Curtis "Sorry Sue, a loss for you." Franklin

  2. Nice win. Glad the three, Asia and the rebounding was working. Cards need to remember how they did that.

    Caption: Walz "You think I should turn the Attack Yorkie loose on them?"

    Nick O

  3. Great recap, David. They showed behind the UofL bench a lot on the broadcast, not so much of the end zone.

    Glad you made it back safely and thanks for checking in.


  4. Hello Cardinal Fans!

    A tough loss for my Tigers last night in Raleigh. A game where we had the lead in the second quarter, lost it and stormed back in the fourth but didn't score in the final four minutes.

    We must have caught the "no rebound" bug the Cards used to have. NC State whipped us on the boards badly.

    Congratulations on your win over the FSU squad. Good to see Asia back running on all eight cylinders. FSU played dirty against us, too. A shame for women's college basketball, that type of play.

    David, those were some great recollections and comments of the game and a nice article by Jared. Keep on winning, Cards! Until we meet you, of course. Ha, ha !

    Your friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC

    1. Tough game for Clemson but I still give them credit for being ahead with 4:25 left.

  5. Wow, where to start.
    Asia. Said I'd like to see her go off for 30+. Close enough!
    Thought they should have went to the monitor on that last foul on her. Sure they would have called it flagrant, the girl went for the head.
    Kylee was having a ball swatting shots, and came close to a double double.
    Great rebounding job team wise, also.
    Very uncharacteristic to's by our two pg's, nine between them. Give a little credit to Florida State's defense for that, seemed like Arica and Dana were unprepared for it somewhat, very lackadaisical in their passes.
    All in all a good team win, showing again that we can win in a variety of ways, more turnovers than forced ones but outrebounding them. It's usually the other way around. Rolling into next month peaking and gelling at the right time.

  6. Yeah, one more thing. Huge shout out to Sam, second time this season I thought she was dangerously close to swinging, second time she controlled it.

    1. Yes, she's had to put up with a lot and restrained herself quite well. Someone suggested to me it was the philosophy/mentality of "you know they're going to come after you and try and break you. Can you rise above it, shake it off and continue to remember that you're better than them and they are jealous of you and baiting you".

      Either that, or there are a lot of holes in locker room walls in the ACC where she's eventually let that punch fly. LOL.


  7. Good win @ FSU that game was heck fest like a old time BigEast game blood had to be draw to get a foul called, freedom movement lol!
    Go cards!!

    1. FSU plays a very Physical brand of basketball.

    2. You know, it did kind of resemble one of the rock'um sock'um robots games we used to play against Rutgers in the Big East.


  8. Good Afternoon Cards Nation I've notice that NC ST WBB team has not played a ranked opponent there RPI must be very low.
    Go Cards.

    1. Surprisingly, NC State RP is #6. The Cards are #5 and Florida State was #25 going into last night's game.


  9. Yes nice recap and interesting observation about the Fl State players bickering at each other. I actually though Fl State showed a lot of grit on the defensive end but man they have trouble shooting like you said. They are a hard team to take seriously despite some nice individual players. Meyers will be very good if she continues to improve. Showed some nice flashes.

  10. Good Afternoon Cards Nation a big shout out to (Captain Shook) getting mean inside on the boards and the glass.

      Can you imagine if Kylee could drive to the hoops wow!!!
      She can shout the 3 ball has well, wow unstoppable!!
      GO CARDS!

  11. Replies
    1. Kylee remains one of our writers and The Cardinal Couple Radio guru Jeff McAdams favorite players. She had a great game.



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