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Monday, January 14, 2019

Cards take sting out of Yellow Jackets 61-44 -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


They say the best way to avoid being stung is to avoid the source. Georgia Tech didn't bother the Cards offensively, never let Georgia Tech get close to them, thanks to a strong Cardinal defense, and UofL goes to 15-1 on the season with the 61-44 win Sunday afternoon in the KFC YUM! Center. 

Tech managed just 26.2% shooting (17-65) on a cold and cloudy day by the Ohio River and couldn't pester Louisville from the the free throw line either with just nine attempts and six makes. The Cards drove the swarm away early, with an opening 15-2 salvo in the first
4 -1/2 minutes and was never seriously bother the entire game by the 12-5 Jackets. 

That early UofL run featured Asia Durr, who led all scorers with 21 points, 10 of those in the first session of the afternoon, and "#Nite-nite" went 8-16 from the floor -- including three threes in her body of work in the Cards fourth ACC contest of the season. 

Showing her strength and skills, as well for Louisville, was Sam Fuehring. Her 13 points and 14 rebounds gave her a double-double for the afternoon. The feat was the sixth  of her career and first of the season. On an afternoon where Louisville lost the rebounding battle for the second straight time 46-32...almost the same numbers we saw in the Notre Dame game  (48-32), Sam and her sleeveless arm had the most time on the quarter for the Cards (37:20) and 44% of the Cards grabs. 

The girls Duv and Kasa
Arica Carter with another steady performance, 10 points that included two threes and 50% shooting. She also, maybe for the first time in her career, led Louisville in blocks with two.  A strong 14 minutes off the bench for Kylee Shook yesterday as well, getting six of her eight points in the fourth quarter to keep a Georgia Tech team,that had trimmed the lead to 11, at bay. 

The Cards took that 24-14 first quarter lead and turned it into a 36-23 halftime advantage. Jazmine Jones and Dana Evans took their turns at dismantling the Rambling Wreck with five points each in a 12-point quarter for Louisville...the Cards getting eight of those off turnovers. 

Georgia Tech would pare that Cardinal lead down to 44-33 at the end of the third quarter. Freshmen point guard Lotta-Maj Lahtinen (from Helsinki, Finlandsparking Buzz's Ballers with four of her eight points in the ten-minute segment. 

Kylee Shook took over the offense for Louisville early in the fourth quarter, though and made the Cards first two baskets to create a 48-33 advantage that had Cardinal fans breathing a bit easier and Louisville actually won a fourth quarter for once, outscoring the Atlanta school 17-11. 

"Gimme that s--t" 
105-point games aren't exactly as exciting as they get. But, a win is a win and Louisville's defense was a thing of beauty. Coach Walz will tell you he wants his team to get up shots but it was the Techsters who held the 65-53 shot attempt edge. Fortunately, the Cards led in "makes" (23-17) and that's the stat that makes the biggest difference. 

The Ramblin' Wreck never could get started against UofL WBB yesterday. Call AAA. 


The late, great Fred Wiche would have
approved of this elimination of a
F- Free Throws. Louisville didn't take many (10) but converted eight of those. Just three players had the privilege of toeing the line (Fuehring 4-4, Shook  2-2 and Durr 2-4). We universally accept 80% as capital letter material here at Cardinal Couple...we bestow the capital "F" for the job done.  

R - Rebounding. Besides Sam, the Cards sent in a few absentee ballots on the boards Sunday afternoon. Jaz had the misfortune of being in the wrong place all night with zero grabs in 21 minutes. The offensive grabs were particularly embarrassing for UofL, Tech taking that stat 21-4. No letter awarded

E - Effort/Execution. Points off turnovers was a bright spot, 23-24 in favor of the Ville. Fast break points solidly in the Cardinal camp at 10-0. Nineteen assists on 23 made hoops shows a bit of team unity and effectiveness as well. Unfortunately, the hustle involved in getting second chance points wasn't present...GT taking that category 15-2. I'll offer the lower case "e" here. IT was a win, UofL didn't stink the place up and the hustle was there

D- Defense. The Cards came out hawkish, hungry and harassed the Tech squad into 21 turnovers. Credit the Cards for six steals, too. Holding an opponent to 26.2% shooting can mean two excellent defensive presence or an opponent that isn't very good at shooting. Besides three-time freshman of the week Elizabeth Balogun's 13 points,t here weren't many offensive threats in yellow and white uniforms. Hand out the capital "D". 



On a day where there was one surprising result in ACC play (Clemson taking down #22 Florida State 57-45) the Cards did what was expected and what they needed to do with the win over Georgia Tech. You need to pile up the wins in the ACC when you're expected to, even if they aren't exactly masterpieces, and the Cards added another one to their resume. 

Virginia comes in Thursday night, sufficiently humbled by still-undefeated NC State 66-38 yesterday. The Cards feature the Jeff Walz bobble-head as a promo, so get there early to grab yours...even though we got several reports that fans were getting "bobble-heads" yesterday afternoon.

On "spirit" and Speed School Day, yesterday....Louisville exhibited plenty of "get up and go" early on Sunday afternoon and constructed a needed and earned win over "a hell of an engineer" school. 

"I've got spirit, how about you, Tom?" 
The defense rests. They deserve that rest, after a strong performance on National Rubber Ducky Day...the Cards put the squeeze on Georgia Tech. 

Links for Walz's, Asia's and Sam's post game presser below. 



(Photos by Jared Anderson, except for Fred. Check out his other photography work at  or ) 



  1. Not a great offensive outing but the defense stayed tough. Holding an opponent to an average of 11 points per quarter can almost guarantee a win.

    Great game for Sam. She needed another big game for a confidence booster.

  2. I'll repeat what Adrienne Johnson said in her post-game comments Thursday night. If the rebounding doesn't improve, there will be more losses down the road.

    Yesterday, as was the case at Notre Dame, Cards played really good half court defense. But giving up 21 offensive rebounds (18 to ND) is a killer.

    1. Walz emphasized in the post-game presser that getting "a hip" on a players isn't enough. Gotta get a backside on them. Second chance points bore that out, solidly in favor of GT -- 15-2.

      I think that Tech will go on and get their shooting eye back and pull a few surprises in the remainder of ACC play. I'll watch with interest their Thursday night results agains surprising Clemson.


    2. Ga Tech's Elizabeth Balogun is a putback and finishing machine. She will be a gem by the time she's done. Dixon should improve as well. Kylee and Bianca don't have that natural ability to board and make putbacks. I think by the start of next year they may be able to. That will be big if they get better at it.

    3. Without guards that can hit outside shots and attack the basket and posts who can board and finish you can be pretty good but you wont be a great team.

  3. A nice win for Louisville and HOW ABOUT THAT defense! 26.2% shooting isn't going to get you much. The lowest % and point total for the Jackets this season. Proud of the Cards and how about that Asia block?

    Curtis "Has a rubber ducky" Franklin

  4. Arthur, where are you? Still celebrating that Clemson win? Congrats to your women's basketball program.

  5. Yes congratulations to Clemson. They looked great. Fl State stinks. They don't play as a team and have been squeaking by inferior teams all year. Was happy to see Clemson take it to them! The players were thrilled after the game. That's fun to see that. Florida ad Miss players were going crazy after there upsets as well.

  6. Cards are averaging 8,700 plus change in attendance so far this year. That's way up from last year and with UConn, Syracuse and NC State coming in the final figure could be as high as 9,500

  7. Great turnout yesterday with 10514 !!


  8. Syracuse may have an 8-0 ACC record when they play the Cards. Orange are 3-0 and have 2 cupcakes (Pitt and UVA) and 3 average teams ( @GT, Miami and @Duke) on the schedule before Lville. Most of the time Syracuse is just a bit over average but if you catch them when they are hot they can beat you. Very streaky team.

    1. Never underestimate the power of Q.


  9. Hello, Cardinal Couple!

    Arthur here!

    How about my Tigers yesterday in Nole-land? Yes, yes, yes, we get the 57-45 win over #22 FSU!

    It was a nip-and-tuck battle for most of the first half in our game. We trailed by three at the end of the first quarter but took off on a 14-2 run and Kobi Thornton and Aliyah Collier really took it to the Nples inside and defensively.

    I think we forced over 20 turnovers against FSU in all. Wow! We led by six at halftime. Once again, Thornton !!

    I didn't think either squad looked that great in the third quarter, but we looked less worse, if that makes sense, held on and we were up by eight going into the fourth.

    That's when nervous time began. We saw the Noles rally and cut it to a one-point lead. But, we re-grouped. Thornton hit a key jumper and, lo and behold, we owned the final three minutes or so left in the game. Our 11-0 closing run was a thing of beauty. I knocked over about a half a bowl of popcorn, causing my wife to fuss and tell me to calm down, I got so excited.

    Coach Amanda has our girls believing! Three wins in a row, now, in the ACC. We got to deal with those Yellow Jackets you beat Sunday next and congratulations to the Cards for that win. We get them in LittleJohn Arena and I expect it to be loud and crazy Thursday night.

    I was trying some back and forth ACCNE switching early on between your game and ours but there were so many delays and "freezes" on screen, I stayed with my Clemson Tigers after the first quarter.

    I hope the ACC Network gets better in August.

    After suffering way too many seasons of dismal Tigers women's hoops, I'm like a kid in a candy store and a unlimited amount of money. I hope our winning ways can last. Seeing that look of pride, excitement and confidence in our women's eyes is so special. I wondered if I'd ever see it again in Clemson WBB. I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

    Kobe, Simone, Aliyah, Danielle and Tylar are really playing team hoops and our defensive intensity and offensive efficiency is such a pleasant surprise.

    Once again, Amanda challenged them this summer and they took the challenge and have prospered in it. Don't stop the roller coaster, I don't want to get off !

    I hope you don't mind my sharing my excitement with you, friends.

    Your friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC

    1. Well, HELL YAH! Arthur. Happy for you and the team. Such a feel-good story this year.


    2. I know that feeling of FINALLY having a team worth cheering for. Hope you all continue down that road of success 😊

  10. Please rebound please!!!


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