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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

First Week Back A Furious One for Louisville WBB -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


(Note: IF you were looking for Jared's write up this Wednesday, know that he'll be
manning the web-site THURSDAY and FRIDAY this week.)

Welcome 2019. Welcome ACC WBB basketball. 

The Cards are one of 14 ACC teams playing Thursday night, in seven ACC match-ups. Wake Forest, in the 15-team conference alignment, is off. When you look at it, it would make sense just to go ahead and add that 16th. team to the conference...for balancing reasons...but that probably won't happen in the near future. After all, the "traditionalists" of the league balked at bringing in Notre Dame, Syracuse, Louisville and Pitt back in 2013 and 2014. But, for argument's sake, if the ACC were to expand to 16, who would you add? 

OK. We'll get back to that down the road. 

In the Thursday match-ups, Virginia Tech travels to Miami, Georgia Tech goes to Boston College, Syracuse heads to Clemson, Duke visits NC State, Pitt is the guest of Notre Dame, FSU sojourns to Virginia and North Carolina comes to the KFC YUM! Center to play Louisville.

I'm not planning on doing a lot of predicting throughout the year on ACC games, but, in looking at Thursday night's slate, I'll take Miami, Georgia Tech, Syracuse, NC State, Notre Dame, FSU and Louisville.  How do you see it? Sonya and I, a few year's back, did a conference 'Pick em" for UofL WBB and the other conference foes in the Cards final year in the Big East. I'm seem to remember she trounced me pretty good. I haven't poked that dangerous bear with a prediction stick since. 

A tough test for the Cards to tackle after being off two weeks. When we say "off" we mean, of course, not playing an opponent. You can rest assured that Louisville has been practicing hard since they returned from Christmas break for the UNC match up and...most players will tell you...they'd rather play games instead of practicing. 

I'll let Jared go into more of the strengths and weaknesses of Sylvia Hatchell's Heels in his Thursday write-up. We'll move ahead to the next two for Walz's crew. The Cards put on the travelling shoes and head to Duke and then Notre Dame by the time the 11th. of January rolls around. 

Yes, it's the ACC. Each week is a test. The Thursday/Sunday games for Louisville rolls all through January and end when the Cards take on Clemson at Clemson on Feb. 2nd. By then, the Cards will have eight conference games under the belt and the UConn match up. 

After the dangerous Heels, the Devils are next. At 8-4, JoAnne P's squad isn't as strong as previous years (sometimes graduation will do that to a squad) but, nevertheless...defends Cameron vert passionately. We'll know a little more about this Duke squad after Thursday and the results of their trip visit visit Wes Moore, Ms. Wuf and the #9 ranked Pack.  

All eyes will be on South Bend next Thursday when current #2 Notre Dame and #3 Louisville will go at it. There are probably a 1000 subplots to this one and we won't get too far into them just yet. You should know this, though: 

Louisville hasn't won at South Bend since Feb. 11th, 2009.  You might remember that Louisville squad. They were fairly good. They went to the Final Four. They had Angel. 


So, the "season within the season" is here. I'll start a little "prediction" contest here for you readers against me and the other readers. Here's four things you need to know to play. 

1-- The Contest:  How will the Cards do in their 16 conference games? (Yes, 16...Louisville plays Virginia and Pitt twice.) 

I'll say 14-2. Sonya went 14-2 also. We're excluding ourselves from prize winning. 

2-- The Prize:  We'll put a Gift Card up for the best prediction. We got Panera, Applebee's, Famous Dave's and Cracker Barrel in the prize drawer currently, who knows what'll be in there in we'll let you pick. They're all $20 cards. (I think)

3-- The Deadline:  WE'LL NEED THOSE PREDICTIONS IN BY Noon (EST) SATURDAY JANUARY 5th, so get cracking! Use your Dana Evans speed, Jazmine Jones energy and Asia Durr accuracy to get those picks in.

4-- Where Do The Picks Go? :  You can leave them in the comments section. Or, you can e-mail them to us at:

We have trained chimps standing by to take your entries and they somewhat eagerly await your responses. Or eagerly awaiting their lunch break. Sometimes, it's hard to tell with them....

*In case of tie, we'll take the contest into ACC Tournament play and do an elimination game-to-game until there is one contestant left.*

Good luck and let's have a little fun in 2019. Life's too short to go around mad all the time and you look good when you smile! 

WE hope to see you tomorrow night against UNC. $3 drinks.



  1. Give me 13-3 in the Cards ACC record contest Paulie.

    Blue Lou

  2. I'm going full gonzo, full speed ahead and saying 16-0. Wouldn't be the first time I'm wrong but there's just something about this team that is magical.

    Curtis "Optimism" Franklin

  3. 13-3 ACC record. Not bad if they finish with that or better.

    1. If someone offered me 13-3 right now, I'd have to take it. At Va. Tech, at Notre Dame, at FSU and bringing in NC St., Miami and Syracuse...going to be some nail-biters I expect.


  4. Got all faith in my man Jared's skills. Walz presser with Asia today at 12:30. Expect I'll add that to his column.



  5. I think the ACC is going to be much harder than the casual fan expects this year. With a sincere wish that I hope I'm wrong in total record, I'll go 11-5. IMHO, anything better than that will be excellent, based on what the ACC squads did in pre-conference games.

    Nick O.

  6. Tough ACC? Well, you bet your bottom $$$$ it is. So far, the ACC is 155-41. An average of a 10.5 win and 3.6 loss record. Only one school (Virginia) is below .500.

    I do think rebounding worries is going to hinder the WBB squad throughout the conference slate, unless Walz came up with a miracle cure in the two weeks off.

    With all that said, enter me with a 14-2 guess.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  7. ACC won't be expanding to 16 teams until Notre Dame becomes a full member in football. Otherwise, you just move the imbalance to the highest profile sport with the shortest schedule.

    Unless, of course, they add a school without an FBS football program. I can't imagine the ACC doing that, though.

  8. I'll enter my guess as well. It's a two-fold prediction (which could be terrible, just look at what I said about Saturday's game).

    I think the Cards stun the conference and go 15-1, but I think they lose before the championship game in the conference tournament.

  9. I honestly don't think you'll find a season with more parity than this year within the ACC. It's hard to see anyone going undefeated and I think Notre Dame will end up on top, maybe with a couple of losses.

    Let's say 13-3 Cards W/L. They fall to ND, VT and us (FSU)

    ACC won't add anyone. The current schools don't want to split that ACC Network money any deeper than they have to already.

    Seminole Sue

  10. My winners for tomorrow, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Louisville, NC State, Notre Dame, Virginia.

    I would add South Carolina and Georgia.

    1. I noticed you did not predict the Syracuse v Clemson game Thursday.

      On your picks, we agree on four of the six. Common winners are GT, Lou, NC State, ND on Thursday. We differ on FSU and Miami -- I have them winning. You have VT and Virginia. The VT vs. Miami game is on the ACCN at 2 p.m. today and I'm trying to make time to view it.

      I would love to see those two teams(Georgia and South Carolina) join the ACC but don't think they would leave the lucrative SEC to party up with the ACC. South Carolina does have a prior history of "conference jumping" and they were in the old Metro with Louisville for eight years but, in terms of revenue, it's hard to imagine them leaving the SEC.


  11. 13-3 in ACC. 25-4 regular season.
    Thursday's ACC winners will be
    Cards over NC
    BC over GT
    NC over Duke
    Syracuse over Clemson (Go Clemson!)
    Fl St over Virginia
    ND over Pitt
    At the time I'm writing this Miami has already upended Va Tech so I'd be cheating on that one. Good win for Miami.

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