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Wednesday, August 8, 2018


USA Defeats Canada 84-60 to Win FIBA Championship

Canada gave the United States a run for their money.  Nothing came easy like some of the earlier games.  Ultimately, the American squad, coached by Jeff Walz was victorious, 84-60.

Walz, clad in his Team USA red polo with black pants and tennis shoes, had his hands full the entire night as the Canadian defense slowed his hot offense down.  As the game progressed Walz's squad furthered their lead to pull away.

As a team the Americans shot 34-for-76 (44.74%) from the field.  At the free throw line they went 10-for-16 (62.5%), which would receive a lowercase "f" if we were to do the ever-so-popular "F-R-E-D" report.  Since we didn't do a "F-R-E-D" though...if you were to give one what would yours look like?

Foul trouble limited a few players on the US team, with three players finishing with at least three fouls.  However, four of the five starters finished with one foul.

Nalyssa Smith powered the offense with 18 points and was one of four players in double-digits. Christyn Williams scored 11.  Ashley Joens and Nazahrah Hillmon-Baker each finished with 10. Aijha Blackwell got USA off to a nice start by nailing the first two threes she took and USA's first six points.

Maori Davenport joined Smith and Hillmon-Baker with six rebounds.  They led the way as the US out-rebounded Canada 50-44.  The Americans hauled in 19 offensive rebounds, but second chance points was not a stat readily available in the FIBA Championships.

Walz's team spread the wealth as they dished out 22 assists, compared to Canada's 17.  Williams and Anaya Peoples each had five to their name.

Jenna Brown displayed her excellent guard work for USA in the final. Stanford is really going to love her. Olivia Nelson-Odobo drew the tough assignment of trying to stop powerful Canadian post Christina Morra and did about as good a job as anyone could against her.

Desiree Caldwell had an extremely quiet night.  She recorded one assist, one steal, and one foul in five minutes played.  Sedona Prince did not play due to the injury (a broken right leg) she suffered a few nights back. She wasn't present for the awards ceremony or final two games, back in the states undergoing successful surgery. She will have to sit out the 2018-19 season at Texas.  .

Rhyne Howard, who is headed to Kentucky for college, was named the MVP of the tournament. She was also selected for the All-Tournament team, along with Maori Davenport (USA), Christina Morra (CAN), Mayra Caicedo (COL) and Florencia Chagas (ARG).

United States moves to 6-0 all-time vs Canada.  The other wins came in July 2006, July 2008, August 2012, and twice in August 2014.  This is the first time in the last three match-ups that the US failed to break 100 points.  It's the second-lowest point total in the history of the series.

The victory gives the United States nine straight gold medals and 10 overall in the 12-time history.  The full results of each championship is posted below:

1988: United States 70 - 68 Brazil
1992: Brazil 80 - 70 United States
1996: Brazil 82 - 78 United States
2000: United States 69 - 46 Cuba
2004: United States 121 - 56 Puerto Rico
2006: United States 85 - 52 Canada
2008: United States (round robin group) Canada
2010: United States 81 - 38 Brazil
2012: United States 71 - 47 Brazil
2014: United States 104 - 74 Canada
2016: United States 109 - 62 Canada
2018: United States 84 - 60 Canada

Despite the recent match-ups between the United States and their neighbor to the north it appears
Brazil has been more of a rival over the years after shocking the US in 1992 and 1996.

A big round of applause for this USA squad. After the contest, head coach Jeff Walz spoke of the devastating loss of Prince and how the team vowed and made a pledge to win the FIBA Americas for her.

They did that and did it convincingly. The final-game 24-point margin of victory was the smallest margin that USA won by.

What Day Is It?

For you feline or Kentucky lovers it is International Cat Day.  It's also Custard Day and Zucchini
Day.  Coincidentally, it is also a day you are encouraged to sneak zucchini onto your neighbor's porch.  Whether you do it as a kind gesture or in spite of them is entirely up to you.  For us financial industry folks we can laugh at National Dollar Day because it doesn't get you far anywhere.  No, it doesn't mean we're giving away free money either.

If you want to get really adventurous today, why not leave a zucchini, with a dollar wrapped around it, on your neighbor's porch while eating custard and taking your or someone else's cat for a walk?

If you're a fan of zucchini, here's a great recipe for it:

In a small bowl, combine Parmesan, thyme, oregano, basil, garlic powder, salt and pepper, to taste. Place zucchini onto prepared baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with Parmesan mixture. Place into oven and bake until tender, about 15 minutes.

Happy Wednesday and Go Cards!

- Jared -


  1. Congrats to Walz and USA. Was unable to watch but based on the replays I saw, this Marra girl from Canada is the real deal. Is she USA college bound? Picking Howard as MVP is bull----. Williams earned that award.

    C'mon Blackwell and Davenport. Become Cards.

    Curtis "Not into zucchini and barely tolerates cats (of any kind)" Franklin

    1. Walz isn't done having to deal with Morra. She'll be a freshman at Wake Forest with Jen Hoover this fall. She's a lot to handle in the post at 6'3".


  2. Hey ho! Dave O here!

    Nice recap Jared. I didn't start watching until the second half -- but it looked like USA basketball per usual in those two quarters.

    Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations! paraphrase Gomer Pyle to USA U 18.

    Now, the soap opera.

    How in the world did the FIBA folks leave Maria Alvarez (Colombia) off the All-Tournament team? One of the best off-guards in the tournament and talk about three-point ability! But, they did give the MVP to a Kentucky Wildcat prospect, so I've got to wonder if Calipari, NIKE and the SEC were in collusion behind the scenes.

    Alvarez, by the way, actually plays for Miami (FL) Country Day in high school and is a verbal to Jose Fernandez and South Florida. Just another reason for me to go watch the Bulls play in the future.

    Watching the post-game interviews was entertaining. Walz was grinning ear-to-ear trying to figure out what point the guy (through a translator) was trying to make. He tossed a few glittering generalities out and walked away smiling. The USA player (was it Peoples or Brown?) probably had the best response. She just gave glory to God and walked off. That covers about anything when you're unsure of what's being asked of you and it was pretty obvious she had NO idea what Mr. Interview guy was trying to ask. He probably didn't either.

    I would have voted for Davenport as MVP, but I'm biased. I want to see her come to UofL also.

    Dave O

  3. They tried to get Walz in trouble when they brought out the sombreros. He sat his down on the floor. That's all he needs, the paper or some source publishing a picture of him wearing a sombrero! Remember the UofL President Ramsey and that whole ordeal? You might be right David. Secretly UK and the SEC were pulling the puppet strings in the background. Nothing like a good conspiracy theory early in the morning.

    If it had been a month ago, each player probably would have gotten a medium Papa John's Pizza along with their medal and "Snotter" would have hung the medals around their necks.

    I'd like to see UofL bring on those Facebook Live Mexican announcers to do UofL games with Nick and A.J. Or Don Russell and Sarah White. Those boys get excited about everything!


    Nick O.

    1. Daggone. Don't hold back there Nick. I had Papa's pizza over the weekend. No need to punish the company because of the a$$hole.

      Curtis "I like my pie with extra cheese and bacon" Franklin

  4. In U-20 World Cup news, England drew Brazil 1-1 this morning. Mollie Rouse started for the Lionesses and played well before being subbed off in the second half. She had numerous blocks in a defensive midfield role but did receive a yellow in the first half.

    North Korea defeated Mexico 2-1 with a late goal in the later game which was a blow for England's chances to advance. Current group standings:

    England - 4 points - 2 GD
    Mexico - 3 points - 0
    North Korea - 3 points - -1
    Brazil - 1 point - -1

    A win or draw for England against Mexico on Sunday guarantees their advancement. A loss puts England at the mercy of a win by either Brazil or NK depending on goal difference or even a draw for NK depending on goal difference.

    Having their destiny in their own hands is nice, but Mexico has been pretty strong so far and will need a win to guarantee advancement so they will likely not be playing for the draw.

    Will be an interesting Sunday morning for all the teams involved, as the games will be played concurrently.


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