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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Jeff Walz Interview -- Justine Sowry Interview -- Ayeisha McFerran Interview -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


I was able to spend some time with Louisville head women's basketball coach Jeff Walz on Wednesday and get his "take" on a variety of subjects -- including USA Basketball, Yacine Diop, Myisha Hines-Allen and the upcoming season. 

As you listen to the linked interview below, here a few things to listen for: 

-- The competition level for USA Basketball that is in Central and South America.

-- What did the USA team do in between games? 

-- Hear Coach Walz relate his experiences and thoughts on USA Basketball.

-- Coach's thoughts on Yacine Diop.

-- The time frame currently for Louisville women's basketball.

-- Coach's thoughts on Myisha Hines-Allen.

-- The theme and philosophy for the team this year. 

A fast-paced and informative session with Coach Walz yesterday. Time seems to fly by when you are in Coach's presence and one walks out of his office with a renewed clarity on the things that are important to him, this program and what is currently "on his landscape" in terms of essential issues. Learning is good and one learns from Jeff Walz.

Jeff Walz is a very important, viable and essential cog in the machine that is Louisville women's basketball. 

Cardinal fans should not take for granted the hard work, effort and hours he spends designing and mentoring what is near and dear to him. When you have a precious commodity, such as Jeff Walz, it should be appreciated, respected and treated with the utmost gratitude and reverence.  I remember Louisville women's basketball before he arrived on campus -- those days when Cardinal fans were just excited to see the team get a bid to the NCAA tournament. I like these days better. 

Never take for granted his accomplishments here. One could say that "he's worth his weight in gold". And, that's what he brought back from Mexico. UofL WBB was the brightest spot in the universe that was 2017-18 Cardinal Athletics. There are no "black eyes" or "questionable actions" surrounding this program. Just a coach, staff and group of players who work hard and get results. 

A special "thank you" to assistant S.I.D. Nick Evans for setting up the meeting. 



The old adage goes: "Make hay while the sun shines" and yesterday was that opportunity. Shortly after my words with Walz, I was able to get audio from Louisville Field Hockey head coach Justine Sowry and senior Cardinal keeper Ayeisha McFerran. This was more of a public venue, with several other media representatives present (as you'll hear) at Trager Stadium. 

Coach Sowry gave us an overview of the upcoming season, her thoughts on Ayeisha "summer vacation" and much more. As you listen, here are a few tidbits to be prepared for: 

-- How does Coach view the squad as a whole? 

-- Coach's thoughts on goalkeeper Ayeisha McFerran.

-- Coach on the preseason rankings and the ACC Field Hockey competition.

-- Thoughts on expectations and goals for 2018. 

-- Names you might want to learn on the current roster. 

Coach Sowry was on her "A" game with yesterday's commentary and thoughts. A potential record-breaking season lies ahead for Louisville Field Hockey and we'll be watching with anticipation and great interest as the Cards "get it started" with their first regular season game today at IU against the Hoosiers. 

Many thanks to Justine for her time yesterday and to assistant S.I.D. Lori Korte for juggling the various schedules and making this happen!



Ayeisha McFerran. The best goalkeeper in the world was the last interview I participated in on Wednesday. Fresh off a stunning World Cup appearance where the Ireland "Green Army" took a #16 seed and parlayed it into a Championship match against the always strong Dutch squad...Ayeisha spoke with the media about the experience. 

She also talked about the season ahead and acclimating to classes and college Field Hockey after her Most Valuable Goalkeeper performance in England. 

Highlights from her interview to listen for: 

-- From World Cup to being a student-athlete...her reflections

-- Her role and what she does as a Field Hockey student-athlete.

-- What the World Cup experience did as far as helping her on the collegiate level. 

-- Will the guy from "a news source" ever shut up? 

-- Her and the team's goals for 2018. 


Ayeisha was her usual bright and effervescent self during the interview. Be there no doubt of her importance to Justine Sowry's squad this season. To be the best on the world's stage. An honor very few can lay claim to. She'll have the chance to apply it to a very tough ACC Field Hockey and non-conference schedule and we have no doubts she'll shine. 

All-in-all, a great day on campus catching up with some of the University of Louisville's

All Field Hockey coverage is greatly appreciated by the program (and us). We try to report on the "joy and excitement" of Louisville women's athletes. The more the merrier, right? A very sincere and special "Thank you"! to Ayeisha and Justine for their appearances yesterday. 

A fun and thrilling seasons awaits us in both these sports we covered today and CARDINAL COUPLE will be with them, as well as with all the other UofL women's athletics events. Some wonderful things are coming! 

Come rain or shine, heat or cold...we go, we watch, we stay and we report. We hope you read and enjoy. Even better...please come join us, 



  1. Great article today Paulie with the coaches and McFerran. I was wondering, though. Was a final ever reached in Walz's restructured contract stuff?

    Curtis "Cheers, Ayeshia!" Franklin

    1. Thanks Curtis. It was a fun afternoon. On contract items, I'm Sgt. Schultz from Hogan's Heroes. "I know nothing. Col. Hogan."


  2. Hey, ho! Dave O here!

    Your usual fine job on interviews, Paulie! I did wonder about the Field Hockey section, though. I recognized your voice and possibly the other guy's (maybe Jody Demling?)voice but who was the third interviewer. It's pretty clear he knew nothing about Field Hockey and
    was, in my opinion, trying to "bait" the interviewees -- especially Ayeisha. Some student? Person off the street? Jut curious.

    Dave O.

    1. TV guy from one of the local channels with a camera. Didn't get a name. First time I've seen him, I think, but that's not my media strength of knowledge.


    2. I watch WLKY here locally and they did about a thirty-second spot on yesterday's Field Hockey interviews. Fred Cowgill, who's one of the good ones left, was doing commentary as part of his nightly sport spot but that's not his voice on your audio and you most likely know who he is.

      Good coverage Paulie. Walz's segment seemed to go very easy and relaxed for you two. They should have "some fun" at today's first practice, no?

      I also noticed had nothing up about McFerran and Sowry. What's up with that?

      Nick O.

    3. Don't know about the absence of UofL's coverage at the FH thing, Nick. They had two people there and a video camera operator. Perhaps the dingos ate the coverage? I know they were taking pictures. (Bows humbly, but strictly no


  3. Nice interviews on both sports Paulie. Looking forward to seeing what he comes up with in regards to Myisha's graduation. Her Mystics have the L.A. Sparks tonight. That should be a fun one. I hope she gets some court time.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --


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