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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Team USA Begins Open Play -- Fall Sports Slow Arrival -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Walz, Team USA Begins Open Play

Jeff Walz and the 2018 USA Basketball Women's National Team kick off their season tonight in Mexico City.  Team USA will square off against Argentina at 7:30 p.m. ET, and will face Chile tomorrow afternoon and Puerto Rico Friday evening.

Team USA and their three opponents make up Group A.  Group B consists of Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, and Mexico.  All eight teams will qualify for the tournament with the first round being Group A first seed vs Group B fourth seed, A2 vs B3, A3 vs B2, and A4 vs B1.  The winners will advance to the semifinals and the losers to the classification bracket.

The U18 team is 53-2 all-time.  Their two losses came in the championship games in 1992 and 1996.  The other tournaments in 1988 and 2000 and beyond all ended up in the U.S. taking the gold.  This year would mark nine-straight gold medals for Team USA.

A live feed of tonight's game is available at

We've also heard another source to watch is which may have all the Wednesday action.

Per a tweet from Walz last night, he and the other coaches will not be able to tweet out updates through their or school's accounts during the event so all updates will come from the Team USA Basketball social media accounts (@usabasketball on Twitter is your best bet).  My guess that this reasoning has something to do with 'unfair' recruiting for the schools that have coaches and players involved from the extra publicity, but I could be wrong.

Countdown to Fall Sports

We inch closer each day to the start of fall sports, which cannot come soon enough.

We are 10 days away from women's soccer facing Morehead State and 15 days away from their season opener.  Field hockey's Alumnae Game scrimmage is 17 days away with their season opener against Indiana being 23 days away.  Volleyball has their Red and Black scrimmage in 17 days and their season opener in the Cardinal Classic is 23 days away.

What Day Is It?

Besides being the first day of August, giving the cue for UofL sports to pick back up, but it is also a day for several holidays.  For you food lovers you can enjoy a homemade Raspberry creme pie.  We're past the halfway point of the season, but it is also Play Ball Day.  In recognition of Girlfriend's Day I'll have to get some flowers ordered for my Katy.  It is also Respect for Parents Day, no talking back!  Without the World Wide Web (that little "www" in front of the website name) we wouldn't have a website here, so we give thanks to that.

Happy Wednesday and Go Cards!

- Jared -


  1. Absolutely love me some raspberry creme pie but haven't had any in 4-5 years at least.


  2. We would carry it from time to time at the grocery I work at. Didn't see any this morning for sale today, though. So, you buy a pie crust, fill it full of raspberries, spray some redi-whip on top and there you go, right? Just be careful Case doesn't throw it at someone.

    Curtis "More of a banana creme pie man" Franklin

    1. I'm guessing Homemade Pie Kitchen will have some today and I'm just the guy to drive over there and eat/inquire!


  3. The talent is there. the competition can't match it. Should be romps.

    Nick O.


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