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Monday, July 9, 2018

Louisville WBB Coaches out on recruiting trail -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


It is the first July evaluation period for NCAA WBB Coaches to go check out the players that are involved in AAU and Summer ball tournaments and the Cardinal coaching crew was out in full force over the weekend watching plenty of talent in many different locations. Who were the Cards watching? Where did they go? 

We can't honestly say we know exactly who the coaches are keeping an eye on and what places they'e been frequenting...but we do know some of the spots and venues that they've traveled to. Social media pays attention. 

Jeff Walz has been dashing across the nation to see players in Texas and Colorado Springs. Some of the names of interest that we've heard that coach might have been checking out include 2019 stars Nyah Green, Aijha Blackwell, Azzi Fudd, Zia Cooke, Kennedy Brown, Jordan Horston and Charisma Osborne. Walz is coaching the U18 squad later this month but stopped by to see how the U17 girls were doing out in Colorado.

We've heard Steph Norman spent time in Louisville, evaluating the talent at the Run For The Roses tournament and also in Indianapolis so far. Rickea Jackson, another highly prized 2019 recruit was in the Circle City Saturday and Sunday. 

Samantha Williams was scheduled to go to Birmingham and check out the Birmingham Live Girls National Showcase from what we've heard. 2019 prospect Maori Davenport was playing down there and, one of our favorite recruit's names...Treasure Hunt...from the 2020 class was supposed to be there as well. 

Sam Purcell was spotted virtually everywhere at the KEC here in town over the weekend watching The Run For The Roses tournament evaluating all he could get in. We're pretty sure he spent a fair amount of time following Aubrey Griffin. 

these are but a few of the names that the Louisville coaches are showing interest in. They're also evaluating the talent from other classes as well. You can never start too early in the recruiting game. Which reminds me of the old humorous tale: 

"Mr and Mrs Joe Smith announced the birth of their baby son Bill, who was offered a full football scholarship by State U in the delivery room right after birth." 

The question has risen...just how many more 2019 players do the Cards want to add beside Green and Ramani Parker? We don't know that answer but it's possible they might be trying to add two more to fill the spots that Durr, Carter, Fuehring and Diop will vacate after their final season at UofL. 

Recruiting is, in a way, like seeing your Cadillac go over a cliff with your worst enemy behind the wheel. Mixed feelings and both good and bad things can happen. With players leaving schools that originally recruited them and brought them to campus for other programs more and more frequently these days, the days of building a powerhouse that partially consists of four or five seniors that played together all four years is pretty scarce. You have to go after the good players, hope you get them and then try to keep them on campus to graduate. 

Here's hoping the Cards coaches have a "happy hunting" excursion in the month of July and are "bird-watching" some future Cardinals. 



  1. Good to read that the coaches are spanning the nation to watch the best talent. It's also important to be seen by these players. I can only imagine the story swapping that goes on when you get, let's say, a Jeff Walz, Doug Bruno, Quentin Hillsman and Kim Mulkey in the same gym.

    Curtis "A no-star prospect with diminishing skills" Franklin

  2. Good morning Cardinal Couple readers! First off, I will admit I am no recruiting guru. I can read, however, and from what I see on ESPN Hoop Gurlz, six of the top ten 2019 ranked are still undeclared and uncommitted.

    Out of them, it would appear that the Cards have show active interest this last weekend in #8 Jordan Horston, #9 Rickea Jackson and #10 Zia Cooke.

    I know, rankings can change. I know, the list in the article today may not be comprehensive and a true measure of who UofL is after or watching.

    I also find it interesting that Nyah Green is #11 at Hoop Gurlz and Aubrey Griffin is #56.

    OK, so much for numbers and rankings. It seems to be that the final two in the 2018 NCAA Women's basketball tournament had dominant "bigs". McCowan for Miss. State and the combination of Turner, Westbeld, Shepherd and Nelson for ND.

    Now, let's look at this. If the Cards had downed Miss. State, would we be having this discussion. If Ogumbowale had missed her prayer against UConn, would the "big in the middle" theory be as relevant?

    So, my final question is two-fold. 1) Do you need a dominant big for success in NCAA WBB and 2) Are the Cards after one or more?

    Have a great Monday. Dave-O is off to lose golf balls in water, trees, high "rough" and apparently in the middle of fairways.


  3. Let me ask you a question. Did you consider the foursome of Hines-Allen, Fuehring, Dunham and Shook less than dominant, Dave-O? Two 6'2" players and a 6'3" and 6'4".

    Nick O.

  4. Cards had a 38.3 to 31.3 edge in rebounding (+7) in 2017-18 against all opponents. This was fourth in the ACC and #31 in the nation. Yes, you have to be able to get the ball to score and you must score more than the opponent to ultimately win the game.

    I would say that the Cardinal rebounding was above average. Don't know if I would have considered it dominant overall but I would have put Sam and Myisha up against anyone underneath and felt good about their chances.

    Post play is so much more than just rebounding, though. And, let's not forget who drove that Cardinal squad in 2017-18.

    Asia Durr.


  5. Rebounding made up out of four things. Positioning, boxing out, using leverage and getting to the ball first. Oh, and the other team (or your team) missing shots.

    Why you think the coaches yell when teams are playing defense? All about getting your players in the best possible scenario to get the ball, so the coaches can yell when you got the ball with directions on the best way to score.

  6. a little off topic but atlanta dream get a big win over Phoenix yesterday to get to 9-9 and washington lose to seattle with myisha getting just four minutes washington in third place in wnba at 12-7

  7. We do not have enough news on women's recruiting we need more about the University of Louisville women's recruiting just like the men


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