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Sunday, July 1, 2018


All Quiet...

All Quiet on the Western Front, a novel, originally in German, tells of the monotony, terror, and
horrific conditions that faced soldiers in World War I.  It also speaks of their detachment from society upon returning home from the front lines of the war.

In no way does being a college sports fan in summer compare to any real degree to the horrors of war, but the phrase "All quiet on the western front" has entered the English lexicon as a description of stagnation and lack of activity.  It, in it's modern usage, is an apt description of summer sports media coverage.  We've discussed it plenty of times before, laughed about it on the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour, and revived the CCRH quiz as a coping mechanism.

There is activity, and we strive to bring you the news as it happens.  The challenge is that most of the activity in the summer is individual and behind the scenes.  Individual athletes are off competing in various far flung places, particularly the Field Hockey and Swimming squads, two of the most international teams on campus.  Ayeisha McFerran will be off playing Field Hockey, in England, for Ireland (July 21 - August 5) Molly Sauer went to China to play volleyball with one of the US Collegiate National Teams (May 20-31), while Dani Busboom Kelly and Amanda Green will be off to Europe to coach and play for another CNT (July 4-15).  This list could go on and on.  News on these activities can be surprisingly difficult to come by.

Otherwise, the activity just isn't all that interesting to talk about or write about.  Camps are happening, athletes are doing individual workouts, many, but not all, on campus (Volleyball has one athlete still to report to campus as summer club tournaments are still in progress, Soccer and Field Hockey may not have all of their athletes arrive until after the start of the season in August).  Coaches are travelling on the recruiting trails, and, yes, occasionally enjoying a moment of summer fun (Sam Purcell posted a totally adorable video with his daughters, in celebration of Reese's birthday, that included their trip to last night's Taylor Swift concert).  Paulie, the retired one of us knuckleheads, has been chasing down a number of great interviews, as you've no doubt seen, with the likes of Justine Sowry, Kay Morissette.  He's got one lined up for this week that should be great, and a line on another, but not set in stone.  Be sure to check those out when he posts them.

So, we go on with the daily coverage.  

In the meantime, we soldier on, no worse for the wear when mid-August comes around and Cardinal competitions start up again.  In the meantime, give a thought for these athletes out competing, many of them outdoors, in the summer heat.  Maybe give a particular thought to Field Hockey Goalkeepers such as McFerran.  Imagine wearing padding such as that pictured to the right on a field with no shade on a 90+ degree day.  Yikes!


Yesterday's show and Facebook Live presentation of The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour can be heard and watched at the link below. From clothing styles, to hiccups...angry Case and total free form solar panels and World Cup soccer...the "show about nothing" lived up to its billing:

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  1. Great show boys and girls. Really like how Case and Paulie play off each other. The top shows on the major radio networks always have a bit of me-vs.-the-world in-play among a couple of the air personalities and CC is doing that very well.

    I got 60 on the quiz. I might be academically ineligible for the fall.

    Curtis "This is just a test -- Oh, $%!&" Franklin


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