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Friday, July 13, 2018

Busboom Kelly Leads Team USA to Finals -- CHANGE THAT NAME ! -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Team USA Defeats Italy and England, Advances to Finals

Coach Dani Busboom Kelly continues her on-court success, this time as the head coach for the USA Volleyball Collegiate National Team in Europe.  She led her squad past Italy 2-1 and England 2-1 in group play before winning their semifinal match to reach the final.

USA 2, Italy 1

The Collegiate National Team (referred to as CNT) took the first two sets 25-21 and 25-21 against the Italians before falling in the third set 20-25.

Neither Coach Kelly nor Amanda Green were available for comment following the match.  Green finished the match second on the team with seven kills.

USA 3, England 0

Dani Busboom Kelly was available following the victory over England 25-18, 22-25, 26-24.

"Fatigue is starting to set in and this is a long trip," said Kelly, "but that's why these players came here- to learn how to play overseas and to learn how to grind through a long trip maybe when you're uncomfortable.  They did a great job of battling through that match and ending on a real strong note."

The CNT finished with a 10-5 set record, placing them first in the USA Teams Group Standings with 10 points.  They advanced to the semifinals where the top two teams from the USA Teams Group and the EU Teams Group qualified.

USA 3, England 1

Northumbria, England, who the CNT defeated previously that day, was the 2-seed on the European side.  The two teams met for the second time that day, but this time for a best-of-5 match.  Team USA won 3-1 (25-20, 24-26, 25-14, 25-19).  Besides the score no other results from the match have been posted.

The USA CNT will face the USA Mountain West Team in the finals today.  These two teams did not face each other in group play, but the Mountain West Team downed the top seed on the European side Croatia in a five-set thriller.  Croatia swept CNT earlier in the week.

Results and updates are posted on the Global Challenge website -

Change the Name? 

The Papa John Schnatter debacle has caught flame and is a fire out of control now. Players saying that they don't want to play in a stadium that carries his name on it. Other venues taking his name off of their facilities.

Schnatter owns the naming rights to the Cardinal Stadium Football venue until 2040. He can choose to re-name it if he wants. The question has risen, how does UofL get rid of that contract? Is there a clause that includes morals or controversy that can be used as a loophole to free UofL from it. Can the University return to Schnatter the $5 million that he and his company paid for those naming rights. It's pretty much a guarantee that UofL could get much, much more on those naming rights these days, given the visibility and location of the current signage.

What will UofL do? What will Schnatter do? What would you what the stadium to be re-named? Is "Cardinal Stadium" a good enough name? Who else would step up to buy those naming rights if they were to become available again? Would you play in a facility that had that name associated with it?

This is a publicity nightmare for Louisville Football, Cardinal athletics and the University as a whole.

We have good leadership in Dr. Bendaputi and Vince Tyra. It is our sincere hope that they will make a
swift and sound decision on the issue. If Schnatter has any hope of starting to restore any positive public reaction and feelings about him, one would hope that he would dictate a name change or offer to sell his right- of-naming back to the University.

The board, at one time, was leaning toward naming Schnatter as the replacement for David Grissom as chairman when he retires. Now that the chances of that are as long-gone as a Josh Sowers home run to left-center, the board needs to move swiftly and concisivly to a decision that will satisfy the fan base, the players and all interested parties.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

For the first time in what seems like forever the entire "A" team will be in the studio Saturday!  Yes, that means I'm back!... at least until I work the following Saturday again.  All it took was taking days off Friday and Monday.

I will be bringing a special guest to the studio with me although she is a bit camera shy and might just pop in long enough wave at the camera.  The famous Katy is in town for the weekend and she's joining me to see what really happens behind the scenes of The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour, which mostly consists of a lot of harassing Paulie and getting Case riled up about something.

Tune in on WCHQ 100.9  FM at 11 a.m. Saturday morning or on Facebook Live as we discuss Team USA volleyball, the still-unofficial softball head coach decision, Papa John's potty mouth, a WNBA update, and more!

Paulie promises a quiz for the lads to close the show and Worldwide Jeff will defend his dynasty of winning the quiz -- putting the prestigious one-eared bear toothpick holder on the line again for who scores the best.

Today is Friday the 13th!  Don't step on a crack or walk under a ladder today.  As someone who is superstitious, I am glad UofL does not have a game today because my bad luck might just rub off.  Did you know Halloween falls on a Friday the 13th this year?  Get it?  Halloween will stay on its normal 31st day of October - a Wednesday this year.

Happy Friday and Go Cards!

- Jared -


  1. It is good to see Dani Busboom Kelly having continued successes. She was a great hire. I do poorly at the Cardinal Couple radio quizzes but I learn a lot. That's gotta mean something.

    I'd name that new stadium after Tom Jurich. If they're going to put a price tag to it, Yum Brands would be the logical choice to buy it. Imagine having both fried chicken and Pizza Hut pizza available. Why, it's a cardiologist's nightmare! LOL

    Curtis "Name the Stadium 'Spot' or 'Bob'" Franklin

  2. If I were a prospective college student-athlete, I would not play to play in a stadium named for a man who has made racially insensitive comments. Especially if I were an African-American student athlete. That's my take.

    Nick O.

  3. Good morning Cardinal Couple readers!

    Let's look at obvious things. First, naming rights have substantially gone up in market/buyer price since "the Papa" bought those rights for Cardinal Stadium in 1997 or 1998, whenever he bought them. Next, he is a businessman, and he'll want a return on original investment, so be prepared to pay if he decides he'll sell them back to the University. Thirdly, what is the value of the item and how does that compare with what potential buyers willing to pay? Finally, what if he isn't willing to relinquish that right? Do you get your lawyers to look for a loophole in the contract?

    You want a new name for that place? Combine a sponsor name with the man who put UofL Football into a place of prominence. How about the Howard Schnellenberger Amazon Stadium?

    And, although I realize that the Board is, let's say, busier than a one-legged guy in a a$$-kicking contest -- can they not take five minutes to approve a softball hire?

    Have a great Friday! If you see a Pinnacle golf ball with the #4 on it and the initials "DW", it's mine.


  4. Occupy Cardinal Stadium until that racist's name comes down.

  5. Bendaputi just changed the stadium name to Cardinal Stadium. Period. No Papa or John involved. Just heard that Snotter will be on Terry Meiners radio show at 3. Any one got any cream pies available?

    Curtis "I woke up for this?" Franklin

  6. Curtis, I’d rather throw rotten tomatoes or dog crap at him and save the pies.

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