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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Camp Quality -- Softball Coaching Search -- 4th of July -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Athletes Volunteer at Camp Quality

Several student-athletes from women's basketball, women's soccer, volleyball, and men's swimming took a day out of their summer participating in community service.  A small group of Cards visited Camp Quality to work with over 100 children with cancer and other illnesses.

The day consisted of activities, games, and face painting, among other things.  The purpose of the event was to build courage, strength, and hope for the children.  UofL Cards Care is a program at Louisville for student-athletes to get involved in community service.

How many different athletes can you name?  Can you do better than the Cardinal Couple staff?  I was able to name 11 of the 16 Cardinals in the picture that is posted above.

Softball Continues Coaching Search

The coaching search for Louisville softball is still underway.  No one has been hired.  Recently, an assistant coach for Florida State was spotted on campus, but it appears nothing came of it.  My guess is money.

Budget cuts have affected every aspect of Louisville.  Tuition for the upcoming fall semester saw a small spike in tuition costs.  Positions in nearly very department have been cut.  Ticket prices for athletic events have risen.  It would not surprise me if the budget for a new head coach is not as high as we initially expected.

If anyone knows of someone wanting to be a collegiate softball coach send them down to Floyd Street.

What Day Is It?

Why, it's Independence Day!  It is a holiday where we, as Americans, celebrate the day our founders declared the United States of America become its own country.  Today, we honor and celebrate the sacrifices that many men and women who came before us gave so we could have the freedom that we do today.

Several people like to celebrate this occasion with adult beverages or colorful explosives.  Cardinal Couple does not condone any activities that are illegal or could put yourself or someone else at risk of harm.  However, if you do wish to partake in certain activities make sure to be smart and use common sense!

Thunder Over Louisville
Fun fact: The only legal keys that the Star-Spangled Banner can be performed in by a professional group are Bb and Ab.  Enjoy the United States Marine Corps Band performing our country's national anthem

Have fun on this hot, hot, hot day and enjoy a relaxing day off.  Happy Wednesday, Happy Fourth of July, and Go Cards!

- Jared -


  1. Seven...maybe.

    And, no, I didn't know the key restrictions. Interesting tidbit.

  2. I got Dana Evans. Picture too small to get anymore and It probably doesn't matter in my case anyway. Also the link doesn't work for the Star Spangled Banner. Must be the heat.

    Curtis "Not Going Outside Today" Franklin

  3. Link fixed to Star Spangled Banner.

    I got 10 athletes in the picture. If you click on it Curtis, it does get bigger.

    Lastly, Sonya and I say "Thank You" to all my brothers and sisters-in-arms who served, are serving and are considering serving to protect this country, our way of life and the very fact that we can celebrate a day like the 4th of July. Called. Answered the call. Would do it again.

    You may disagree with our President, foreign policy, the economy and other things. That is your right. This is America. We can do that.



  4. What a load of crap. It's not budget cuts. Why force Sandy out to hire someone who can't make a regional. Retirement mutual rear. She's mid 50's. 13 regionals. Replace her with somebody with none. That really makes a lot of sense.

    If you are going to do that, why not hire Stanfill? Way better than the actual hire. Or maybe why dump Pearaall in the first place?

    This is a classic... Jurich should still be there. But because of spineless bureaucrats, he"s gone. And in the wake, we replace force out a coach with a gazillion wins and 13 regional berth with someone who has been smoked by Sandy for years and in her 1 good season can't even make it to regionals. And we dump Stanfill who is way past ready to take the reigns.

    So this group of leaders take a Final 4 basketball program and relegate them to the NIT and kick out softball team into the hands of the leader a program that couldn' make the Big East tournament or qualify for the NCAA's in the ACC. This is a sad day...


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