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Monday, March 5, 2018

Louisville women's basketball -- Champs!


Clutch. Accurate. Persistant. Champions. 

Lamont Russell with the shirt and the "L" 
Most that I talked to in the Greensboro Coliseum, especially those in Cardinal colors expected Louisville to win yesterday's title bout against Notre Dame yesterday. Most also thought it would be a lot closer than the 100-67 blowout Louisville put on the Irish back in mid-January.

Most were right. In a game that could most likely fall under the term "chaotic" the Cards survived against the Irish 74-72. It was a bumpy flight at times but the plane landed safely and with all passengers OK. 

" I hope it put a smile on everyone's face." Coach Jeff Walz remarked after the game. It's been a remarkable run, but we're not done yet. We've got bigger fish to fry." 

And, in keeping with the tradition of fish, frying and Lent...the Cards had the fans in the Coliseum and on ESPN most likely clutching rosary beads, mumbling Hail-Mary's and probably saying a few things that would need to be recanted for in the confessional booth.

Sam Williams gets her plaque and a handshake. 
I got into a bit of a Twitter war while attending the event over the referees. We had the best crew in women's college basketball in Dee Kanter, Joe Vazsily and Eric Brewton. They called it tough but fair and the Cards were actually making most of the fouls that were being called on them. Notre Dame simply does not foul unless they have to. They are that well trained and coached to avoid the "silly" ones.

The Irish murder opponents under the basket with their size and strength and a lot of that is brutal but legal. Positioning. And, they took it to the Cards under the paint yesterday. I do not like it when people to continually bash referees. I was a referee. You lose games because your opponent scores more points than you -- not because of a few calls that did not go the way you wanted them to. 

Just survive somehow. It's a phrase I started using when I got to Greensboro. And, the Cards did. Notre Dame had been putting up 80-90 points a game for a considerable stretch of the season. The Cards held them to 72 and no one had done that since Louisville did...back on January 11th. 

65-64 with less than a minute to go. The Cards seeing a seven-point lead vanquish. The irish with the ball. But, the Cardinal defense forced a shot clock violation. Sam Fuehring hit a layup and drew contact. Made the free throw. 68-64. 

Vince Tyra was there and was fired up
Louisville went 6-6 from the charity stripe during the final 18 seconds. Notre Dame
fouling Asia Durr on two possessions down that stretch and the junior responding with the calm, cool demeanor we've seen all year. A different look from her minutes later, tears of joy streaming down her face as she returned to the celebration on the court after going to the stands to celebrate with her family. Smiling broadly through those tears. repeating over and over again.

"I just can't believe it." 

I even got a little teary-eyed myself when I was wandering the floor after the game, taking pictures of random stuff.  Being a victim of two hours sleep in the last 48 hours, I'm finishing this up and hitting the mattress.

Confetti and a championship -- not a bad way to spend a
Sunday afternoon
Believe it, Asia Durr. Believe that your coach believes in you, as well. A rather chppy and chilly post-game handshake between Walz and Muffet McGraw. That same Miss Muffet who jabbingly referred to Durr as "that other girl" who won the ACC M.O.P. of the year... instead of her Arike Ogunbowale. It pissed Walz off. It should have, the cattiness and superiority-intended shrug off and slight that the Notre Dame coach dumped on Ms. Durr.

"I just wanted to make sure she knew who Asia Durr was. Just have the common courtesy to say her name. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I'm going to stand up for my player. Just have the respect to say her name." 

Asia Durr stood up for Louisville yesterday, too. Straight and tall. 

Keep standing up, #25. I think Muffet McGraw will remember your name a long, long time. 

No Fred report as of now. Maybe later when I wake up. Or tomorrow. Just survive somehow. 


Louisville did get the big win in the multi-sport double-header Sunday in hoops but the Irish prevailed 14-9 at the Louisville Lacrosse Stadium (the Ellis) 

Coach Scott Teeter was proud of his LAX women despite the loss and thought that they played better than they did in a win over Vandy last week. Louisville took a 2-1 lead early in this one but fell behind as the first half developed. The Cards wold rally to get within one but a late flurry of ND goals set the final score as a five-point Irish win. 

Our Jared Anderson was there to capture the sights and also the post-game comments from Teeter and a couple of players. Nice job by "Mr Everything" here at Cardinal Couple and River City Cards. We think he may be twins, because he's everywhere covvering everything.  Listen below.


At Ulmer stadium, Sandy Pearsall picked up her 700th win of her coaching career with a 6-0 win over Eastern Illinois to close out the Red and Black Classic. 

A strong pitching performance from Danielle Watson "Dan" and Megan Hensley and timely hitting from Madison Cousineau and Kyra Snyder in the first inning helped build a first-inning 5-0 lead and the softball squad kept E.Illinois at bay the rest of the way.

Hit and pitch Cards are 15-4 and return to the diamond on Friday against Bradley. WE'll have more on that later in the week. 

Our Jeff McAdams was there for the post-game wrap up with Coach Sandy Pearsall.



  1. Nice write-up, Paulie. I will admit that I was one of those people bashing the refs yesterday. It just seemed that Louisville didn't get any calls in their favor during the 1st half. Nevertheless, the Cards fought hard & brought home the hardware. What an exciting season this has been. Anxious to see what's in store for CardNation during the rest of March.

    Sharon H.

  2. Paulie, you've been known to wager a bit, as have I.

    A buddy of mine texted me after the game yesterday and asked "before the tournament began, what odds would you give that four Cardinals would make the two all-tournament teams and Durr would not be one of the four?"

    I said 1,000,000 to 1 and that might not be high enough.

    What a great TEAM win. Contributions from everyone. Five starters in double figures. Valuable minutes off the bench.

    And how about Arica Carter? Despite what MHA did, AC was my MVP.

    1. Yes I agree AC played like Co MVP ice water in her veins hitting big 3 points shots playing strong defense getting big time steals .PS that's the girl they recuited out of high school the X factor.LOVE THAT LA GIRL!

    2. Asia was bottlenecked and followed every where she went in three games. It was frustrating to her but the team put her on their back and said we will not falter or fail.

      Yes, 1.000.000 to 1 sounds about right. But, when it mattered, they got her the ball, she got fouled and went to the line and made it count. Arica was a lot of people's pick for MVP of the Tourney but Hines-Allen was just as an integral role. Onward, Cards!


  3. Congratulations UofL wbb team.The cards played good Defense all year long,Defense wins Championships.
    We all Know Asia is a great player, but her supporting cast had her back.Shout out to Sammi Jean most improved player on the team.MHA played like player of the year.AC was clutch on defense and Offense love that LA girl!Jazmine playing the passing lanes getting that key steal.All in all this team is good. Also a Big shout out to the bench Kylee,Dana,Bionca, Sydney & Jessica last but not least lindsey & Retta cheering there team mate's on to victory. Go Cards !ACC REGULAR SEASON TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS

  4. Those Jersey gals were on fire! I truly believe every starter played there part and basketball is a team effort one person doesn't win the game. And to keep hearing how Asia was struggling was getting tiresome....ok she struggled..and that's why you have all those other D1 players who should not have trouble! Why is UCONN so great? Because every player is as good as the last in some way! Every Card has the ability...Every Card should believe in herself and take the shot....I see alot of hesitation when it comes to shooting. And moving forward that hesitation should not be there any longer. If you don't trust your shot by now...that's not going to be helpful the other teams will pounce on that! Good job Cards. And the senior as usual stepped up as the leader of the team!

    1. The ACC foes knew her well and decided to make someone else beat them besides Asia. And, the Cards did. Very proud of all them on the team and the staff, coaches and a special "YES!" to the fans who came down.

      2018 ACC Tournament Champions. Automatic bid. Top #4 seed in the NCAA. Oh, the fun we've had and the places we still have yet to go. We are CARDNATION and the NCAA can't take ANYTHING away from this team and what they've accomplished.


  5. Well, we've returned to the Sunshine State and had A WONDERFUL TIME in Greensboro, NC watching the Cards WBB squad take it all.

    I just wanted to say that I love this team, this coaching staff and the heart and grit they possess. THe wins weren't blowouts or especially pretty -- but the were wins.

    Just Survive Somehow. I like it, Paulie.

    Now, for a few winks. Afternoon naps are a great pleasure.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  6. I got lucky. Paulie just called me and told me I won the ACC Pick 'Em. On a tie breaker first entry.

    I would like to congratulate my worthy opponents on a battle hard fought. I understand I actually tied with five other people but had the earliest entry.

    I am humbled and will put the Panera Card to good use. Let's win the whole NCAA this year, Cards!

    Nick O

    1. Congratualtions, Nick! And thanks to all who entered. A very special thank you to Jared Anderson (or was it his twin Anderson Jared?) who ran the Pick 'Em and did a wonderful job in his first year of doing it.


    2. I had fun keeping track and seeing how everyone did. I was part of that tie and would've won if it weren't for those meddling kids, as Scooby-Doo villains would say. But congratulations to Nick on an impressive bracket!

  7. Muffet, her name is ASIA DURR and she and her teammates just won the ACC Tournament over you. Maybe that will help you remember her name?


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