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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Double-Header Weekend - Sunday Cardinal Couple

So it's been a weekend of double-headers for UofL Athletics...when you consider across sports and across days.

vs UAB 

The Softball team got the doubles started Thursday with a bout against UAB which they won 15-0.  Then completed that double-header with UAB Friday evening with the 6-2 win.  Friday was also a double-header for Softball as they also won 4-1 over Maryland earlier in the afternoon.

The Softball squad continued their winning ways yesterday afternoon with a 2-0 win over Miami of Ohio.  The pitching squad won this one by committee with freshman Kyra Snyder handling the first 2 innings and didn't give up any hits.  She was replaced by fellow freshman Danielle Watson who is credited with the win with 3 innings pitched.  Watson allowed one hit, but put 3 Ks up on the board before being replaced by the Junior Megan Hensley, who gets the save with 2 innings pitched.  She allowed the other hit of the game for Miami, but set 2 down on strikes.

The scoring for the Cards was accounted for by Sidney Melton and Caitlin Ferguson.  Melton reached on a fielder's choice, showed off some of her speed by stealing second, and scored on an error in the first frame.  The other score of the game came in the fourth with Ferguson singling, advancing on a Nicole Pufahl sacrifice, and being batted home by Hensley.

The Softball squad will wrap up the weekend today at 5:30 vs Eastern Illinois.

vs NC State

Yesterday was also Basketball vs NC State.

The women were up first in the semi-final of the ACC tournament in Greensboro.  You can check out the tournament update from Paulie that was added on to yesterday's article.

There, you can also find evidence of one of the best decisions the ACC has ever made...inviting the UofL stats crew to be the stats crew for the tournament.  We have talked about the UofL stats crew in the past, but they are one of the unsung champion teams of UofL.  They, quite literally, wrote the book on keeping basketball stats.    Here's an interesting and well-researched history on the NCAA statistician's manual, including Louisville' place in it.

Back to the topic at hand, the double-header with NC State was completed last night with the Men going down to defeat 76-69 in Raleigh to wrap up their regular season.

vs Notre Dame

Today sees the last double-header of the weekend, against Notre Dame.  Given Louisville's history of overtime games against Notre Dame in various sports, today could be a real doozy of a day.

This double-header gets started at 1pm with Lacrosse in the Louisville Lacrosse Stadium.  Louisville has had a couple of overtime games against Notre Dame in past years, with at least one of them going into two overtimes.

Louisville comes into the game with only a single loss for a 5-1 record.  The lone loss coming against a quite good Denver team, currently ranked 20th.  Notre Dame sports a 4-2 record, with an 18th ranking (these are from the Inside Lacrosse poll), the two losses come to Boston College and Southern California, current sitting in 2nd and 13th in the IL rankings, respectively.

You can come out to enjoy the game with a food truck on site for concessions.  Disappointingly, they don't (yet) have any poutine in honor of our increasingly Canadian-leaning Lacrosse coaching staff and roster. Paulie would settle for a canadian bacon BLT.

This double-header will wrap up with the ACC Championship game in Greensboro with Muffet McGraw and the Irish as the opponents for the UofL Women.  Again, look for an update later today from Paulie with recap and analysis...we're still waiting on the restraining order Ms. Wuf took out on him to be served.

vs FCC

We were thinking about doing a second hour of The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour yesterday in honor of double-header weekend, but the FCC thankfully intervened.  You can hear the one hour of radio that we got in before the Federales crashed through the door of the studio to shut us down.

Check out the Soundcloud for 3 knuckleheads in the studio and one on the phone from Greensboro.

Paulie is hoping Sam Purcell breaks out the pink shoes today...but it might be hard to top his James Bond outfit with black tie he displayed for the Virginia Tech game.

Cardinal Women's BB. Shaken, not stirred.  (Our audio only)

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  1. An update on the Pick ‘Em:

    There’s one 12-1 bracket and five 11-2 brackets. If Louisville wins today there is a six-way tie for the winner. If Notre Dame wins then the current 12-1 bracket wins.

    It is impossible for anyone to finish below .500. There is a chance for one bracket to finish right at 7-7.

  2. They also came to Greensboro to secure my cell phone, in case the second hour transpired. A shame, really, for I had an exclusive with Jess Walz/Ms. Wuf that was ground-breaking, hard-hitting radio


  3. Just a quick note from Greensboro. David Watson and I are here. We arrived yesterday. A spur of the moment thing. We were talking on the phone after the Va. Tech win and both wished we were there. I about me coming to pick you up in Bradenton and we'll just do this thing? So, I did and we came up.

    Funny note: We ran into Paulie in the concourse after the NC State game. He had: a bag of popcorn, a candy bar in each pocket and a cup of coffee. He seems to be popular with the security staff here. They really treat him well and it might be because he told them he walks on water. Actually, he exercises in a pool, but why go into detail?

    We witnessed the whole embarrassing Ms. Wuf incident. The two were hanging all over each other like two lovebirds on a honeymoon. Poor Sonya. He said he's going to find a way to get her back to Louisville and...well, I'll withhold the rest of the sordid details. We're supposed to meet him and Tom for dinner after the game today. If she's shows up with them...well, this nonsense just has to end.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  4. Insight for yesterday UofL wbb game. I noticed CJW made a good defensive change putting Kylee on Akela Maize.She's was a inside present down low on Offense for the wolf Pack.

  5. Her name is Asia Durr ACC PLAYER OF THE YEAR!!!
    Her team is the UofL Cardinal ACC REGULAR SEASON & TOURNAMENT CHAMPION!!!


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