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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Basketball Stuff... Pick Em Update... WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Cards Receive Late Game Time Slot

Pack your sleeping bags and coffee, it's a late one!  The women's basketball team will be playing the late game Friday evening in the Sweet Sixteen.  A 9:00 tip-off time is just a rough estimate, especially if game one goes long.  If you are traveling to the game expect to get home well after midnight. Knowing ESPN, expect action around 9:30.

The Cardinals will play the Cardinal (no "S") of Stanford.  The two teams have never faced each other before meaning that Louisville has zero blemishes on their record against Stanford.

Stanford finished 2nd in the PAC-12, finishing one and a half games behind Oregon.  Their 24-10 record is highlighted by wins against UCLA, Arizona State, Oregon State, and Oregon.  The Cardinal is 4-8 against ranked opponents including a 25-point loss at UConn in November.  Be on the lookout for a Louisville-Stanford review later this week.

Paulie and I plan to be at the game(s) this weekend.  Your wonderful co-owner will be covering both games Friday and may be there Sunday win or lose.  I will head to Lex after work Friday to take some pictures of the important game and will only be returning on Sunday following a Louisville victory.

Coach Walz held a press conference Tuesday to discuss the game. He also talks about the start time. His displeasure, mostly for the fan's sake, is evident:  LINK BELOW

Men's Basketball's Struggling Season Concludes

For those of you that check out the other site I contribute to, River City Cards, I wrote an open letter to David Padgett praising him for what he has done.  However, it appears his time as head coach of the Louisville men's basketball time has come to a close.  It is expected that Xavier's Chris Mack will be named the new head coach starting Thursday, but this is unconfirmed.

The Cards fell in the third round of the NIT to Mississippi State 79-56.  It was the final game for seniors Quentin Snider and Anas Mahmoud, while fans speculate Deng Adel and Ray Spalding will go pro. Rumors of player transfers are also out there.

Fans will probably suffer a couple more rough seasons before the once proud program restores its glory and dominance in the college basketball world.

Softball Cancels Indiana Game

A "small snowstorm" turned into nasty weather quickly.  If you were outside late last night snow was blowing sideways at it fell from the sky.  Roads were bad.  Due to the weather the Louisville vs Indiana softball game was cancelled.  The GoCards schedule has it listed as postponed, but the game will not be rescheduled as of right now.

UofL returns to action Friday at Duke.  This one should be on ACC Network.  Unfortunately, when the Cards play on the road we are not blessed with the voice of former ace Maryssa Becker.

Case Lives

Not that the surgery was a matter of life and death, but Case's surgery was a success.  Thank you to everyone who sent him positive wishes.  The recovery time will take a while and his date of return to the studio is unknown.  Rest that achilles, superstar!

One thing we know, he won't be trying any points after touchdown or crossovers on the soccer field for awhile. We'll have a rotating list of fill in's on The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour and may try to hook up with him via phone for updates and commentary.

NCAA Pick 'Em Update

There were 21 entries this year.  After eight games into the tournament there were no perfect brackets remaining.  The first round saw records of 26-6 down to 18-14.  Round two was going well for most folks until FGCU and Central Michigan had a say.  Everyone still has a winning record.

Ken S sits at 38-10 to lead the way.  The Real Joe Hill is a game behind at 37-11.  Paulie, Arthur, and myself are a bit behind that at 36-12.  Things continue all the way down to 28-20.

Everyone enjoy your Wednesday and don't forget that we have a 2018, and back-to-back, national champion in all star swimmer Mallory Comerford!

Just another day on the court...

Coach Walz has skills. Watch the link.

Just walkin' off like it's no big thing.



  1. I won't complain about the start time much. I work until 6 p.m. Mon-Fri and a 7 p.m. start would have been rough. This way, I can come home, relax a bit and then load up the kids and wife and drive to Lexington. Since the next day is Saturday, we all can sleep in a bit after our late arrival home.

    I hope I am going back Sunday.

    Nick O.

    1. Glad to hear that, Nick. Sure it's a late game but it is a Friday night so work/school the next day is not as much of an issue.

      I know other folks whose work schedules would have prevented them from making a 7PM game but who are now able to head over after work. You win some and you lose some.

  2. Nick, I am in the same boat as you. I work until 6:15 so for my sake I’m glad it’s a late one. Then again, I work at 8:30 the next morning (no radio show for me) so it’ll be a nice four hour nap through the night.

  3. Hey, it's a money grab for ESPN. They know they can get BIG revenue off advertising of the deal. What about the players? This is a definite advantage for Stanford. It'll be 6:30 their time when the game starts. How many 9-9:30 tip offs has UofL WBB been involved in this year? I can't recall any.

    The NCAA doesn't like Louisville athletics, ESPN LIKES money and if this isn't conspiracy, then I've never seen it. I'ts total b---s---! !

    Blue Lou (who won't go and will probably fall asleep watching on TV since I work Saturdays 6 a.m.-2:30 p.m.)

  4. HEre is a list of start times for all 8 games:

    NC St. vs Miss St. 7 p.m. Friday
    Oregon St. v Baylor 7 p.m. Friday
    Stanford v UofL 9 p.m. Friday
    UCLA v Texas 9 p.m. Friday
    Buffalo v Sou, Carolina 11:30 a.m. Saturday
    Duke v UConn 1:30 p.m. Saturday
    Texas A&M v Notre Dame 4 p.m. Saturday
    C. Mich v Oregon 6 p.m. Saturday

    Interesting observations:

    - The Cards the only #1 seed with a late game.
    - All four West Coast teams play in convenient time frames


    1. ESPN wants to showcase both #1 seeds on Friday. It's a no-brainer to have the West Coast team tip at 6:30 or so Pacific time.

      I'd rather play at 9:30PM than at 11:30AM like South Carolina.

      And yes, ESPN likes money. If if comes to the point that ESPN can't make money on WBB it will be a sad day for the sport because love 'em or hate 'em, ESPN is a champion of the sport and its only national platform.

  5. continue...look at your major markets.

    Raleigh-Durham, Starkville, Corvallis, Waco, Los Angeles, Austin, Santa Clara, Louisville, Buffalo, Columbia, Raleigh-Durham again, Storrs/Hartford, Lubbock, South Bend, Mt. Pleasant, MI

    Me thinks some tomfoolery is afoot here. Louisville second biggest market here, IMHO, behind L.A. -- where there are 3,000 things going on and UCLA traditionally a low share of TV out there, especially in women's basketball.

    The Cards got hosed. I'm happy for those who like the 9 p.m. start...but couldn't they have played this game at 6 p.m. Saturday? Instead they put a #2 seed against an #11 seed.

    But, it is the NCAA, where logic doesn't exist and with ESPN learning over their shoulder whispering in their corporate ear, "U know who" shares the worst possible for them time frame with
    UCLA....who will love a 6 p.m. start as a prelude to a active
    Friday night.

    Walz protested but got silenced. If we had a full time president, A.D....maybe they could have been effective. The term "interim" really stinks. UofL has been without an actual, official president 600 days!

    A confederacy of dunces. When they hand this thing to Postel, 90% of the fan base will disapprove. Nothing like going with public opinion, right?

    Incredible. We are the body emitting blood while the sharks circle.

    (There, I've got it off my chest and will resume being your friendly and optimistic/positive co-owner of Cardinal Couple. Unless the NCAA tells us we have to change our name because they don't want Stanford fans mis-representing us. Diplomacy. It's what's for dinner.


    1. See my comment above regarding ESPN.

      Go to any other network, or any national sports website other than ESPN, and try to find anything about WBB.

    2. And as regards playing on Saturday....the dates for the four regionals were determined long ago. Only the game times are flexible.

    3. I can see your points Mike. A very valid argument. But, it's sad that it has come to that, where corporate America rules a college sport.

      Also, during the season, there aare plenty of televidion venues for women's college basketball. SEC Network, the Fox Sports networks, ACC Network Extra, RSN and many more. ESPN owns the corporate rights to broadcast the tournament.

      All hail the almighty dollar. And we wonder why kids' parents want a part of it through the shoe agents? The selling of amateurism. They offer exposure. It comes with a price. And, the advertisers line up to pay it. It's a perfect storm. For those who profit.


    4. Paulie, you got that right. NCAA and ESPN. In the same bed. Kids get nothing except exposure. Great for college football and men's basketball because of the pro-potential.

      How about the girl at mid-major U? She works just as hard. The lacrosse player on partial scholarship? They don't seem to attract those huge $$$$. Amateurism, as you put it, is only for those who aren't in high-line sports.

      Someday, someone will blow the lid off college football. And it will be a huge explosion. FBI probably already on it.

      I know a kid from my hometown. Poverty level but he could knock the socks of anyone carrying a football. Hate to say it, but not the smartest kid.

      All of a sudden, Dad's got a brand new SUV. Mom and the kids in the best of clothes. How fortunate! And, purely coincidence, right? Dad must be really getting in a lot of overtime as a janitor.

      It's a scam. We accept it because State went 12-1 and got a major bowl game.


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