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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Louisville WBB Bracket Time -- Softball Changes Time -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


We are only two days away from the first round of the tournament.  Our women’s basketball team prepares to host Boise State Friday at noon.  It’s a tough time for people to try and take a half day or sneak out of work early so you can catch the event on ESPN.  Assuming the Cards win they will face the winner of Marquette and Dayton in the second round at the KFC Yum! Center on Sunday. Game time not set in stone yet.

The road to the championship is never a stroll in the park.  Louisville has the potential to face some tough opposition along the way and here are a few of those potential match-ups:

1 Louisville vs 5 Missouri (Sweet 16)

Missouri has had a mild rate of success against ranked opponents.  They downed the likes of South Carolina and Tennessee while falling to Mississippi State by four.  Junior Sophie Cunningham is averaging 18 points per game, but her assist-turnover ratio is almost dead even.  Turnovers has been the weakness for the Tigers.  Missouri’s strength has been rebounds, dominating the glass all year.

1 Louisville vs 2 Texas (Final Four)

If you take away the three losses to Baylor and the loss to UConn the Longhorns haven’t had a loss against a non-elite opponent since when January when they fell by two at TCU.  Texas got upset in overtime by two to start the season but has not fallen to a non-ranked opponent since.  The Longhorns’ offense has had a roller coaster year.  Texas does not have a standout player this season, but instead relies on a well-rounded starting five.

1 Louisville vs 3 Tennessee (Elite Eight)

The Vols cruised for most of the season until the ran into a long stretch of high caliber teams, falling to Texas A&M, Notre Dame, and Mississippi State.  Tennessee faces South Carolina three times with their only loss coming in the SEC tournament.  The assist-turnover ratio is ugly for the team from Rocky Top.  Their free throw shooting sits just a half over .700.  Tennessee has one of the tallest rosters in the country and is no stranger to rebounds and blocks.

1 Louisville vs 2 Baylor (Elite Eight)

The Bears might not have Brittney Griner anymore, but we don’t have Shoni Schimmel.  Instead we have Asia Durr and an entire roster of players who are capable of putting up big numbers.  The high-powered offense has put up 90 or more points a dozen times on the season.  An early season (mid-November) loss at UCLA is the only blemish to a near perfect record.  Kalani Brown is one of the top players in the country.  She puts up 20 points per game and 10 rebounds per game and could give our forwards a challenge.  She’s one of four players averaging double figures in points for the Bears.

1 Louisville vs 1 Mississippi State

The Bulldogs sent UConn home in last year’s tournament and they come in with the confidence of doing it again, or at least taking out another top dog.  Mississippi State was perfect until the SEC Championship, where South Carolina defeated them by 11 in a regular season rematch.  They have wins over Tennessee, South Carolina, Oregon, Missouri, and Texas A&M.  Mississippi State is not afraid of playing several guards, but why worry when you have a 6-7 player clogging the lane.  They will use speed and agility to overwhelm opponents.

1 Louisville vs 1 Notre Dame (National Championship)

The Cards have beaten the Irish twice, once by 33 and once by two.  Notre Dame has not had a healthy roster all season due to ACL injuries, but they are still tough.  Notre Dame’s only other loss fame to UConn.  The Huskies used a 26-9 fourth quarter to win.  The Irish have a whole roster of star players.  Their biggest weakness is the small roster size.  Foul trouble or a poor shooting day by a couple of players will be their downfall.

1 Louisville vs 1 UConn (National Championship)

This is a rematch fans are craving for.  Had a first quarter not doomed the Cards in the original match-up things could be different. Geno and the Huskies seem to have Louisville’s number and the two teams always find a way to meet in some type of championship game.  In terms of national championships, the third try is the charm, right?  Of all of Jeff Walz’s teams this one has the best shot at taking down the giant.

NCAA Women's Tournament "Pick 'Em" Contest

Have you filled out your bracket year?  Make sure to submit your entries here!  I hope to stay organized enough to have everyone's brackets marked down and stay up-to-date with them.

Hey, if Sonya can run this thing for years without any trouble except Paulie wanting her to rig it in his favor, I should be fine.



Here is the submission example Paul gave us:

ROUND 1 PICKS: UConn, Miami, Belmont, Georgia, USF, FSU, California, South Carolina, Notre Dame, Villanova, Drake, LSU, Ohio St., Green Bay, Oregon, Miss. St, Syracuse, Princeton, NC St., Creighton, UCLA, Ariz. St., Texas, Louisville, Dayton, FGCU, Stanford, WKU, Tenn., Michigan, Baylor.

THE SWEET SIXTEEN: UConn, Georgia, FSU, California, Notre Dame, Ohio St. Oregon, Syracuse, NC St., UCLA, Texas, Louisville, FGCU, Tenn., Michigan.

THE GREAT EIGHT: UConn, California, LSU, Ohio St. Syracuse, Texas, Louisville, Michigan

FINAL FOUR: UConn, Ohio St., Syracuse, Louisville.

THEN THERE WERE TWO:  Ohio State, Louisville

CHAMPS: Louisville.



The original time of 5:00 has been set to 3:00 to help account for cold temperatures.  The softball team hosts a midweek game at Ulmer Stadium, where they are 9-1.  Northern Illinois visits but is 0-4 all-time against the Cards. Snow on the ground this morning but they cover the infield, so Play Ball!

Pitcher Danielle Watson is tied for first in the country in number of wins.  With such a large bullpen and Coach Pearsall starting to give some of them a chance she may not have a chance to add another win.

On offense, things are getting better.  Caitlin Ferguson is three-thousandths off from batting .400.  Celene Funke and Sidney Melton are a combined 12-for-12 on stolen bases.

Sandy Pearsall and UofL Softball aim to get their 705th victory.

Enjoy your Wednesday and the stress of selecting a perfect bracket and Go Cards!



  1. cardsarenumber13/14/2018 8:33 AM

    You got it! Go Cards!


    UConn, Quinnipiac, Georgia, South Florida, Florida State, California, South Carolina, Notre Dame, Villanova, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, LSU, Ohio St., Green Bay, Oregon, Miss St, Oklahoma St, Maryland, Elon, Iowa, UCLA, Nebraska, Texas, Louisville, Dayton, Missouri, Stanford, Western Ky, Tennessee, Michigan, Baylor

    UConn, Georgia, California, South Carolina, Notre Dame, Texas A&M, LSU, Oregon, Miss St, Maryland, UCLA, Texas, Dayton, Missouri, Tenn, Baylor

    Georgia, South Carolina, Texas A&M, Oregon, Miss St, Texas, Missouri, Tenn

    South Carolina, Texas A&M, Miss St, Tenn

    South Carolina, Miss. St

    Miss St.

    1. An all SEC Final Four. Would be interesting if that played out

  3. What is up with the new format this morning? Not sure I am in favor. It's rough on the eyes with the black on white.

    Teddy is a Jet. Elton John is a proud songwriter.

    My wife Deloris has been popping off to me about my picks. I challenged her to do better, so expect a bracket entry from her.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  4. Working on it, Joe. JAred doesn't know what happened. My attempts to correct have failed. We have the "bat signal" out for Worldwide high in the skies over Louisville and hope he can swoop in and correct it.


  5. Deloris Hall Picks

    Connecticut / Miami / Duke / Georgia / South Florida / Florida State / Virginia / South Carolina / Notre Dame / SD State / DePaul / Texas A&M / Central Mich / Ohio St / Green Bay / Oregon / Mississippi St. / Syracuse / Maryland / NC State / Iowa / American / Arizona St. / Texas / Louisville / Dayton / FGCU / Gonzaga / Oregon St / Tennessee / Michigan / Baylor

    Connecticut / Duke / Florida St / Virginia / Notre Dame / Texas A&M / Ohio St. / Oregon / Syracuse / NC State / American / Arizona St / Louisville / FGCU / Oregon St / Baylor

    Duke / Florida St / Notre Dame / Ohio St / Syracuse / Arizona St / Louisville / Oregon St

    Florida St / Notre Dame / Syracuse / Louisville

    Florida St / Louisville


    1. An all ACC Final Four. There was also an all SEC Final Four bracket too.

  6. Some interesting observations Jared. Baylor really worries me and I hpe they don't prevent us going to the Final Four. I really don't like Kim Mulkey! Tennessee is really hot also in that region. How Notre Dame got Oregon as a #2 seed in their region and Louisville got Baylor really confuses me but maybe it was because of the injury. With it being on the West Coast, that really sets it up for the Ducks. They've got a walk in the park to the Final Four except for Oregon if you ask me except for the Irish.

    With that, I'll have picks early Thursday. Too much studying left to do.

    Your friend
    #1 Clemson fan
    Greer, SC

  7. Bulletin Board words? From Boise State guard Riley Lupfer:

    "They probably don't know where Boise's at. They've probably never been over here. I think just playing a new team, we can run all the plays we ran at the beginning of the season, plus now. I just think playing a new team is good for us."

    She's right, the Louisville WBB squad has never played Boise. I'm guessing that most of them know where Boise is, though.

    I'll have more of a breakdown of the Spuds tomorrow
    but they won the Mountain West regular season and conference tournament. they've won ten games in a row.

    I just can't get real worried about a team that lost to San Diego (not SD State, San Diego), St. Mary's Northern Arizona and CU Bakersfield.

    I think they'd be a good match up for Mercer County.


  8. maybe walz introduce them to louisville and asia then point out boise on a map to that girl cards by 40 and even jess gets sig playing time

  9. Nick O winning picks:

    Rd. #1 Huskies, Miami, Dookies, Georgia, USF, Noles, Virginia, S. Car, Irish, Villanova, Okla, Drake, Ohio St, Green Bay Packers, Ducks, Miss St, Orange, Maryland, Ms. Wuf and the Pack, Iowa, UCLA, "Knee"-braska, Texas, Cards, Dayton, Mizzou, Zags, Hilltoppers, Vols, Michigan, Kim Mulkey

    Huskies, Dookies, Noles, S. Car, Irish, Okla, Ohio St, Green Bay Packers, Ducks, Orange, Ms. Wuf and the Pack, UCLA, Texas, Cards, Vols

    Huskies, Noles, Irish, Ducks, Orange, Texas, Cards, Vols

    Noles, Ducks, Orange, Cards

    Ducks, Cards


  10. The format doesn’t seem to like me this morning and I don’t like it back. Our expert engineers of Worldwide and Case have not gotten a chance to look yet.

  11. Bracket Interesting Fact:

    Be aware and respect FGCU. (Florida Gulf Coast University). They beat DePaul, UK and San Diego St. during the season and won conference and tournament in the Atlantic Sun. Remember China Dow from Louisville's Christian Academy? She ended up there after bouncing out of MTSU and was their second leading scorer.

    They just might get lucky and advance over Missouri and maybe Stanford to get Louisville in Lexington. Of course, they have no one over 6'0" on their roster, so it could be a stretch (no pun intended) but I see them as a valid "upset special" waiting to happen.


  12. The 12:00 game time looks odd when looking at game times of the brackets
    But when you check the YUM schedule you find a concert Fridsy night.

    This appears to be why we are being penalized with a 12 pm friday game.
    Wgat happened to our priority billing at the yum

    The women have been projected as a top 16 all year.

    Tom is gone and the women are already being tossed around.

    Also why the delay in stating the sunday game time? Loojs like we need to investigate.

    1. Noon game times aren't unusual in the NCAA Tournament. Four teams start at noon. On Saturday, four teams, including UConn start at 11 am.

      Not sure whaat is up with Sunday start times but I would venture that the "Four-letter" network is behind it.


  13. Go Card's I've been saying this all year long "AC" has ice water in her veins.she be balling πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

    1. Talked with her Monday night. she is having the time of her life and is ready to roll. Been a long wait for her.



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