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Friday, October 28, 2016

WBB ranked #8 in USA Today Poll...WSOC ends season with 2-1 loss to Virginia -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Tis the season for pre-season rankings. We've seen Louisville ranked as high as #2 in the conglomeration of these pundits. Another county heard from...the USA Today/Coaches say Louisville is #8. 

I have no problem with that. When you consider the top five (UConn, Notre Dame, South Carolina, Baylor and Maryland) were a combined 171-10 last year and that all have recruited well and return significant talent...they are worthy of such pre-season praise. After that, I might question Texas (31-5) and Ohio St. (26-8) being above the Cards (26-8)...but, after all, it is pre-season. 

The ACC landed five schools in the top-25 (Notre Dame, Louisville, #12 Florida State, #13 Syracuse #20 Miami)...which pretty much mirrors what the esteemed Blue Ribbon panel came up with at ACC WBB Media, call me Captain Obvious if you want...but it's gonna be one tough conference again. 

It's interesting to note that five different conferences (AAC, ACC, SEC, Big 12 and Big 10) are represented in the top five. All-in-all, five conferences are represented in this top-25 version...Six SEC teams, five from the ACC and PAC 12, four from the Big 12, three from the BIG 10 and two from the AAC. UK comes in at #19 in the poll. DePaul and Doug Bruno...who knocked the Cards out of the dance last year...checks in at #21. 

It all gets underway next Sunday with an exhibition game against Howie Lindsey  Lindsey Wilson at the Chicken-Basket-by-the-river. 



It was a 11% chance to begin with that the combination of games last night could propel the Kickin' Cards to the ACC Tournament. But, it was exciting near the end...Louisville coming back from a 2-0 deficit and hammering away at the Cavs. 

Louisville cut the lead in the 68th. minute to 2-1 on what was originally described as a goal by Alison Price, then termed as an "own goal" by Virginia and then reverted to a goal by Price. They nearly tied it in the 87th. minute when Brooklynn Rivers fired at the goal but the shot was barely deflected by Cavs goalkeep Morgan Sterns. 

In the end, was a loss. NC State, who had the edge in getting the eighth spot for the ACC Tournament, ended up getting an overtime goal to beat Pitt 2-1 and will face Notre Dame to start the post-season conference tourney. Virginia Tech had about 15 minutes to dream they might get the spot...with a 1-0 win over Wake Forest. The trials and tribulations of watching three games simultaneously...I woke up this morning seeing everything in threes...

The Cards end the season 7-7-4 and in tenth place in the ACC. Preseason polls had Louisville finishing tenth. The future does look bright for WSOC at Louisville, though. So many freshmen and sophomores contributing. Solid junior class returning. 

Big things tonight in Lynn....#1 RPI ranking Clemson comes to do battle with the #3 ranked men's soccer team. Take a canned good (or several) and get in free. They kick at 7 p.m.



If your UofL women's sports fix needs a refill...we suggest you head to the KFC YUM! Center tonight to see the Wide Net Cards tussle with FSU. 

It hasn't been a stellar season for Anne Kordes' 


  1. I like that ranking 8th something to shute for.

  2. Oops something to shoot for.

  3. Watch out for bionca dunham ,she might be the sleeper!
    Philly women are baller.

  4. Teams 5-8 in virtual tie.

    Opening week stunner prediction!!!

    UK is upended in brutal fashion by under the radar upstart Long Beach State


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