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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Louisville women's basketball Media Day -- Thursday Cardinal Couple


Jeff Walz spent 30 minutes addressing the media Wednesday...fielding questions and talking about his 2016-17 University of Louisville women's basketball team. Walz had a tone of optimism and reality in his discussion points...ranging anywhere from the specific players to the group and college womens' basketball as a whole.

Walz even tossed in a dab of commentary on the Wednesday night debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton before he began his state of the Cardinals address...without going into detail, let's just say he watched along with millions of other Americans.

One bit of surprising news from the Louisville head coach was that junior guard Arica Carter has not been practicing because of a hip muscle area-related injury. Carter is getting better, though, and chances are she might see some action when the Cards face Lindsey Wilson in an exhibition game at the KFC YUM! Center on Sunday, Nov 6th. (Be sure to listen to the audio clips today...). 


Walz has seen this fall, in his words, "some of the best most spirited" practices since he came here 10 years ago. This is, by far...his "deepest and maybe most talented" team in his history of being the Cardinal WBB head coach...also mentioning that all five starting positions could possibly be up for grabs. He commented that "it's simple...whoever goes hard plays." 

On Asia Durr: 

"She works harder than anyone on the team.. We're still having to encourage her to shoot." 

Briahanna Jackson: 

"We scrimmaged Sunday and she looked the best out there. As good as I've seen her since she's been here. And she probably had two points. It's the other things that she's excelling in."  (Walz also mentioned they've been using her at point guard the past two weeks.) 

Sydney Zambrotta: 

"We recruited her to shoot and make shots. She's doing that for us. She's had some nagging injuries we're try to address."  

To hear the entire 28+ minutes of Walz's sure to check out the attached link(s) that we'll be adding later

Read Walz statements here:  LINK: WALZ NEDIA DAY QUOTES


After Walz was finished answering the many questions the collective media had, everyone descended to the Cardinal Arena practice floor for media opportunities with the players. I spoke with my buddy Arica Carter and got her to be my "Interview Assistant" again this year and we had fun talking with Sydney Zambrotta, Sam Fuehring, Bionca Dunham, Myisha Hines-Allen, Cortnee "Ms. Clean" Walton and Mariya Moore. 

The player clips can be found and heard at the three links below... 

Just who could that be? Why, it's Coach Sammy P. !!
It was all great fun and special thanks goes to Arica for being my interview assistant again this year. A delightful group of student-athletes to speak with and, per usual, we mixed a little fun and challenge into our clips. 
The squad practiced for about two hours after the media day opportunities. Get ready, Cardinal fans...something wonderful is going to happen with this team this year! Book your rooms for Dallas now...get your season tickets and follow all the action here at Cardinal Couple! 

Arica Carter - Guest Interviewer

Myisha Hines-Allen/Cortnee Walton

Maryia Moore



Louisville women's soccer takes their 7-4-4 record to Coral Gables, FL tonight to face 8-7 Miami at 7 p.m.

What, no ties for the Canes? 

This one is crucial for the Cards, in terms of winning, to maintain a spot in the top eight of the ACC and making the playoffs. 

Louisville did beat "The U" last year in Lynn Stadium 1-0. 

To watch it on the ACC Network Extra, click the link below: 




  1. Great stuff Paulie. Can't wait to hear those players!

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  2. Thanks, Joe. Technically challenged Paulie is in the house. I have sent them to WorldWide Jeff and he'll be posting them later today. Be sure to check back. I tried to transfer the files to SoundCloud so I could put them in the article. No luck. Tried several times and almost sent a no-look pass with the computer through the front room storm window.


  3. Thanks Paulie for the inside stuff can't wait to hear the player's comments.

  4. Carter's injury is regrettable but the Cards appear to be well-stocked at point guard. Especially with the news that BJ has been playing well there lately. I'm very excited to hear the players comments. I wish you would have gotten Jazmine Jones, or maybe you did and just didn't mention it? I'm glad you and Arica Carter hooked up again this year to do these, that was so much fun to listen to last year.

    Curtis Franklin

    1. Yeah, sorry about no was just a matter of time constraints. They wanted to get the photos started and I was finishing up with Mariya when they wanted to start taking photos.


    2. Player links are now up. Thanks to Worldwide for posting!


  5. Trying to maintain eighth place? That's not up to UofL sports standards, Paulie. It's time Jurich considers a change in women's soccer.

    1. Anonymous, I have to disagree. Karen Ferguson-Dayes has only improved the team each year over the last three years. She has a talented bunch of freshmen and sophomore and I see them continuing to improve.


    2. I respect your viewpoint Paulie but WSOC is 22-21-8 over the last three years. That is barely over .500 and there are still three games to go. Would you be supporting a Jeff Walz, Anne Kordes or Sandy Pearsall if they were barely above .500?

  6. Ha, ha Paulie! Good job on your media day! Listening to your president, AD and Rick throw McGee under the bus right now.

    Matthew Mitchell For Governor

  7. Wow what a pleasure to have ms. cortnee walton on this squad.She has so much experience on the off the quart, she's like a coach on the floor.GO CARDS


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