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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Kelsi Worrell Making Waves In And Out Of The Water -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Louisville sports fans are well aware of the big splash Kelsi Worrell has made in the water over the last four years at Louisville and in the Summer Olympics qualifiers. She's also been making waves academically...first as the ACC Swimming Scholar Athlete of the Year and now as First Team CoSIDA All-America Division I Women's At-Large team. 

To make the prestigious CoSIDA squad, a student/athlete must be a starter or important reserve on a squad and carry a 3.3 GPA. Nearly 75% of the student-athletes named to the 2015-16 squad (Worrell included) were at 3.9 or better on a 4.0 scale. 

That's getting it done outside of the water and Worrell is the first ever UofL swimmer to be named to the CoSIDA team in school history. 

Out of the classroom, Worrell has been displacing water in Omaha throughout the USA Olympic Trials. She'll represent the USA in the 100 Fly...winning the championship heat a couple of nights ago. She's also seeded fourth of eight in the 200 fly finals...which will take place tonight.

Worrell is also expected to take part in the 100 free-style also and there was talk last night by the television commentators wondering if she would scratch out of the 200 fly to concentrate on the 100 free. 

She is ranked fifth in NCAA college swimming in the 100 freestyle with a 47.30 (the best being a 46.70) and won the ACC Championships in the event. 

The butterfly is obviously her best event but the so-called "analysts" on television seem to think she's also at her best in shorter or sprint distances. 

The TV folks (don't you just love the way Rowdy Gaines uses his hands when he talks?'s like he's trying to direct a plane into a parking spot) also call her "WOR-rell" (emphasis on the first syllable) instead of "Wor-RELL" (emphasis on the second syllable). Have we been doing it wrong here in Lou-ah-vul for the past four years? Am I being too nit-pickey? 

Getting it done by land or sea...(OK, water) is the prime directive for "KelsiWhirl" and one has to wonder when the Cards will pony up for a statue of the best swimmer ever at UofL on the corner of Floyd and Warnock?

Based on the recent "appointment" of the new Bevin/UofL'll probably be awhile. For example, a newly "appointed" board member has repeatedly gone to Twitter to bash Ramsey, Jurich and Pitino and ask for their resignations...Seriously? Of course, this Twitter account has now been deleted...but is this really a guy we want on the board? Apparently so...

Oh, he's also opposed to the climate change theory, LGBT rights and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Plus Donald, Bernie and Hilary. We haven't gotten word back yet on puppies, butterflies or sunsets...

Yeah...right. That's one of the people we want overseeing UofL. Maybe Bevin could appoint Matt Jones, John Calipari and Richie Farmer, too. (Sorry for the snark. It happens.) 



  1. You are right to snark. Who wants someone who denies climate change on the board of a research university?

    Happy for Kelsi. She deserves all the accolades.

  2. Cobb's addition is a gross carriage of mis-justice. I hope this board gets railroaded by Beshear.


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