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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Louisville women's basketball...Getting Ready -- SATURDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


No...the game of women's college basketball doesn't just magically reappear in November. Before that, the players are working hard in the off-season to prepare for the five months that lie ahead for them. 

In UofL WBB's case...the month of June has been all about the conditioning and getting to know each other. With four of the five freshmen already on campus, they and the returnees are hitting the gym and the weight room to prepare themselves for their trip to Cuba in August and beyond. 

It's not all about the weight room and Cardinal Arena, though. Group building exercises, excursions and classes are also on the summer agenda for the 2016 team. 

Preparations in the summer are key for fall and winter success. Based on the way the players looked at the recent Walz Skills Camp, they're staying fit and ready to shine.


-- We've had a few questions on the foot fracture that Sydney Zambrotta suffered. It's doesn't seem to be of much worry to the coaching staff...based on the conversations I've been a part of. The leg scooter she's using is a preventative's a "slight" fracture and expectations are that "Syd" will be ready to go for the Cuba trip. 

-- Nashville, anyone? There is a rumor out there (unconfirmed as of yet) that the Cards may be heading south in December to visit the Music City for a game against Vanderbilt. The Commodores have new coaching in place...if this does go down, I hope they play somewhere else in town besides the "crackerbox" campus gym called Memorial Gym. How about Bridgestone Arena? Louisville fans would travel for this one...could the 'Dores fans muster enough interest to make this a 10,000 or so attended event?

Also, I would love to see the Cards "make a weekend" of it and play former Cardinal assistant Cam Newbauer's Belmont squad while in town. If not this year, maybe it's something they could work on down the road (if, in fact, it happens at all). 

Conjecture and conditioning...have a great Saturday.

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  1. I totally disagree with the idea of moving a potential Louisville-Vandy game to Bridgestone Arena. First of all, I'm a big fan of on-campus arenas. That Vandy gym brings back fond memories of the Louisville-Memphis playoff game back in the 1970s. Second, Memorial is not what I would call a "crackerbox" - it seats 14,000+ for basketball. That's plenty. I'm tired of seeing WBB games played in outsized venues in front of small crowds - think Carrier Dome.

    1. I just have less than pleasant memories from my last time in there, back in 2006. Vandy knocked us out of the NCAA women's tournament, Sonja and I got a parking ticket and Howie Lindsey had an appendicitis attack and had to be rushed to the hospital during the game.


  2. If my calculations are correct our women's basketball roster if organized by height would start 6'4". 6'4", 6'4" 6'3", 6'3", 6'3" I'll take that.

  3. That guy at Belmont is doing great work. Walz teaches them well

  4. Shoni Schimmel not getting off the pine last few games

    1. It looks like Bill Laimbeer (coach of the NYL) has settled on Shavante Zellous, Sugar Rodgers and Tanisha Wright as his main three guards. Shoni played against Zellous and Rodgers in college and was considered a better guard than either of them. Wright's been around the WNBA forever. I guess you have to go with who's would appear that Shoni is not.



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