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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Tired of losing to the Cats? Not so fast, my friends...--Sunday Cardinal Couple

2015 season against UK was in Cardinals favor

Yes, yesterday's loss to UK in men's basketball was disappointing. It looked like Louisville had multiple opportunities to win the game...unfortunately, the scoreboard never lies. I would have loved to see Lee's final shot drop. We all would have that wear the red. It didn't. We move on. 

Despair over UofL losses in 2015 to UK? No need...

The Cards won the head-to-head matchups 8-5. 

Let's take a look.

UofL men's athletic programs were 5-1 against UK in 2015. Louisville won in baseball twice, in football, soccer and swimming against Kentucky. Men's basketball was the only loss. 

UofL women's athletic squads were 3-4 against UK women's teams. Wins in swimming, golf and softball. Losses in basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball. 

Louisville wins the 2015 head-to-head matchups 8-5. 

Anytime you lose to a rival, we hurts. Louisville won the majority of the contest against our foe down I-64 if any of your UK friends get too boastful about yesterday's win....throw 8-5 at them.

Little brother and sister? about the dominant sibling and best in state? Red beats blue. More often than not. Some of you grouse that we didn't beat them in women's basketball. That's like complaining about the mashed potatoes at a sumptuous seven-course meal. 

Just think if UK was gender-accessible enough to offer field hockey and lacrosse as DI sports? Woulda been 10-5. 

Enuff said.

Scoreboard doesn't lie.

Let's build upon that in 2016...


Another successful CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR yesterday in the studios of Crescent Hill Radio. Worldwide and I discussed Cardinal women's hoops and started our year end review of 2015 Louisville women's sports. We got through three of them before time ran out on us. We'll continue the review next week. 

Take the Worldwide Quiz and see if you can top Worldwide and his results. The hour-long broadcast is available at the link below: 



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