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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

East Coast Still Dominating Lacrosse Roster -- Wednesday CARDINAL COUPLE

Lacrosse Signing Class

As we get to a less hectic time of the year now that all of the fall sports are over (well, there's still a football game to play, but that's not all that big of a deal, right?), I want to go back and pick up some coverage of the signing period for various sports that we didn't get to fit into our coverage at the time.

Nine Sign, All from East Coast States

It's no secret that Lacrosse is most popular along the east coast, particularly the northern coastal states, and Kellie Young's signing class reflects that strongly with all nine signees coming from the states from Connecticut to Virginia.

It's also becoming rather unsurprising to discover that nearly all of the signees were multi-sport athletes in high school.

Alexandra Ball

Alexandra Ball comes to us from Charleton, NY, which is just north of the Schenectady and Albany area of New York.  Ball will be bolstering the already impressive ranks of the goalkeeping squad at UofL.  This high school All-American also lettered all four years of her high school career in Field Hockey.

Allison Arcidiacono

From Somers, NY, just north of NYC, Arcidiacono is a three sport high school athlete, with Soccer and Basketball being on her busy schedule in addition to Lacrosse.  She helped propel her Lacrosse team to the state finals.

Ashley Lynch

Ashley is from Cold Springs Harbor, NY, on Long Island and dual-sported with Field Hockey.  Lynch is a First Team High School All-American, and was named by Inside Lacrosse as one of the Top 25 players in the country.  She was also a member of the US Lacrosse National Girls Team Champions.

Julia Schmuckler

Schmuckler also participated in three sports in high school.  Lacrosse, was joined by Field Hockey and Squash on her calendar.  She was named the Kent Place School Unsung Hero while racking up some fairly impressive scoring, assist, and ground ball numbers.  Schmuckler hails from Chatham, NJ, which is a suburb of Newark.

Chloe Harris

Harris also arrives from New Jersey, from Mountain Lakes, NJ in fact, which is a bit farther out from Newark, but still in the general vicinity.  Also playing Soccer, Chloe played for the Building Blocks Lacrosse Elite Travel program which produced 15 Division I signees this year.

Emily Petillo

Another calendar overachiever, Petillo could be found on the Soccer field as well as Track & Field.  She was named a 2014 Brine National All-Star team member and also played on the New Jersey South Women's National Tournament Team.  Manasquan, NJ is on the Jersey Shore about halfway between Atlantic City and Newark.

Katie Caddigan

Moving further south, Caddigan is from Fulton, MD, about halfway between Baltimore and Washington DC.  Another tri-sport athlete, with Soccer and Basketball.  Katie, if she played basketball for UofL, would be eligible for the Attack Yorkie squad at 5'6", but that isn't anticipated.  A finalist for the Howard County High School Female Athlete of the Year, and did pick up the Scholar Athlete Award.  She is also goalkeeper on the three time state champion soccer team.

Alexa Biller

Biller comes to us from Ashburn, VA outside of Washington DC (as an IT guy, I didn't even have to look this one up...lots of data centers and telecom interconnects in Ashburn).  Biller will be joining her high school teammate Heidi Smith here at UofL.  She also played Field Hockey and Basketball.

Annika Ekvall

Back north for this one, Ekvall hails from Old Greenwich, CT, which is about halfway between New York City and Bridgeport.  Ekvall was twice named to Brine's New England All-American list as well as being invited to participate in The Ride, an event for the Top 50 players nationwide where she was named Top Defender in 2014.  She also helped propel her team to a state runner-up.

As a spring sport, these players won't hit the turf in recorded competition for The Cardinals until Spring of 2017, but store these names away in the back of your mind to bring them out in a little over a year as they start to make an impact on an already excellent Cardinal Lacrosse team.

-- JMcA


  1. These women read like a terrific group of recruits. I know they do not play until 2017 which just means they all have one more year of high school play to get even better.

    Looks to me that lacrosse players are pretty tough bunch of active all-around athletes.

  2. Lacrosse and Field Hockey are in the toughest conference for each sport. They need to recruit well to stay competitive.

  3. Five of these girls' first names start with "A". Interesting. I have yet to see a lacrosse game but, thanks to you guys, I have developed an interest in the sport and plan on getting out to see one this spring. If it goes well, count me in as a regular. Also, Paulie I am sorry to hear about your and Sonja's loss. Although I never met Amy I know that Sonja spent a lot of time with her as we have discussed at women's basketball games.

    -- "One of the guys that sits behind you at the KFC"

    1. Last year was a bit tough to get out and watch a game as their schedule was very front-loaded with home games (read as: miserable weather for much of the home slate). This year's schedule looks much better in that respect...only 3 in February, 5 in March, and 1 in April. That should, hopefully, make for some really nice days to come out to Little Yum and see some games.

      I've been going to games for about 3 years now, and I was truly surprised at home much fun this sport is to watch. I'm still trying to build my appreciation and knowledge of the game in strategy and techniques, but I'm learning more each game I go to. I'm still hoping the program does a fan clinic at some point, I've promised them that I, for one, would be there to learn more about the game and hopefully be able to be a better fan.

    2. As a former player for Louisville Lax I would encourage all your readers to learn more about the game and attend. More scoring than Field Hockey and Soccer and a lot of excitement. can also tell you that Kellie is uber dedicated to the girls and the program and she is a great life lessons teacher as well.

      Our sport is highly competitive, you have to be in great shape to play it and I wish I could have played in the ACC.

      Thanks to Cardinal Couple for the coverage they have provided for the sport over the years. I was on campus over Thanksgiving and saw the Press Box was finished. That is great for you guys!

    3. I don't think it is at all possible for Paulie and I to overstate how excited we are to have a press box at Lacrosse.

  4. I will go to some games this year. You talked me into it, Jeff

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