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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Will the Louisville men's basketball "scandal" affect UofL women's sports? -- Tuesday Cardinal Couple


More than several of you...kind readers...have asked me about the current UofL men's basketball "scandal" and if it will affect the UofL women's sports programs. I put "quotes" around "scandal" because the investigation is still ongoing. 

It should be pointed out that this is not the FBI or a vice squad doing these investigations of the allegations. It is the NCAA and the University of Louisville. It does give me the creepy-crawlies, think that a mother would send a 15 yr. old daughter out for alleged and self-admitted acts of prostitution and performance dancing. Is there no legal response to this alleged "pimp" and the acts of sex for money? 

At first...I decided to "keep mum" on the whole affair/issue. We enjoy men's basketball but it's not in our wheelbase of coverage here at CARDINAL COUPLE. the inquires keep coming...I figured it was time to look at it, discuss it and make a comment. 

Will the "scandal" affect UofL Women's Sports? 

No, I can't see that happening. 

The incident may come up on the recruiting trails, sure...but 

1) What hooker would want to write an expose' about Lacrosse or Softball? This is men's entirely different world. The Chippendale's, gigolos or escorts don't apply here. Chunks of $200-$250 distributions are much more needed for game equipment and supplies. 
2) The need to favor or impress recruits and their parents in women's sports doesn't rely on any extra benefits issues or enticements. For these young's a school choice made on academics, the coaches and surrounding players and love for community...carefully thought out by a player and parents. The seamy smell and sell of sex is a non-factor. 

3) Women are inherently smarter and wiser then men at
that age. A flash of skin or "daddy getting lucky" is a preposterous and ludicrous thought-process or enticement to get Sally Serve to serve tennis balls to ACC opponents. How many women have shown up on the UofL campus with a parent to see if they wanted to play sports and get a degree there? Plenty. How many have shown up looking for sex for them and their guardian?  

4) Track record. Have any UofL women's sports ever had any scandals surround them? Even the alleged incident with a spring sport a few years back was just the posturing of a no-brains reporter who eventually left the city because his tripe and ennui equaled low readership.

Whatever the outcome of the investigations...women's sports at UofL will remain a shining example of how programs can be...and effectively and cleanly.

The coaches, directors of operations, players and parents wouldn't have it any other way...the fans expect as much.

As for Andre McGee, "the madam" Katina Powell  and the legal and moral issues here...I hope justice takes its course, if the admissions turn out to be factual. 

It's a money grab by the supposed "madam" involved that has been published...that's a sad enough fact. How accurate and substantial it is will be determined in the future.



  1. Believe it will definitely have an impact on Lauren Cox's decision about Louisville. It certainly can't help. It puts a negative light on the school overall. Hope I am surprised and we find Cox has this crazy independent spirit that's off the charts.

  2. The Cardinal's quick and open response to these allegations shows that it was the action of
    One misguided individual

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