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Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Busy Day for a Cardinal Fan --SUNDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

With No Real Results To Report

( Editor's Note: Our illustrious columnist Jeff "Worldwide" McAdams took to the streets Saturday and gives us a great insight into the dedication and effort we go through some days to pursue the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports.) 

It was a busy day for a Cardinal Women's Athletics fan to end up with no real results to report.

The day started out by oversleeping from my normal waking time on Saturdays, but my normal morning routine includes about a half an hour at Heine Brother's Coffee on Frankfort Avenue before reporting for duty at WCHQFM for The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour. So that means, yesterday morning I had a few less minutes at the coffee shop...I'll survive. We usually converge on the studios at around 10:30 to give ourselves a bit of time to prepare to go on the air. 

The "we" refers to myself, Paulie, Monk (otherwise known as station manager, Kathy Weisbach), and Pumpkin (if I remember correctly, a mix of setter, hound, chow, and some random other breeds). Paulie and I hand off any recordings from the week to Monk...this week I had two Volleyball post-match interviews with Coach Anne Kordes, while Paulie had three from the soccer game against Morehead State. The radio show starts promptly at 11am, and runs until noon, plus however long Paulie and I run over...about three or four minutes this week.

After the radio show, we pack up and slowly depart, always chatting as we go. As I mentioned on the air yesterday, I turned towards downtown, the waterfront, and the G. Garvin Brown III boathouse next to Towhead Island. The Red and Black Regatta had started at 10:30 and I was hoping to catch a few minutes there with Head Coach Derek Copeland to get some audio about their upcoming season and about the team. Mission accomplished, listen for it on next week's Cardinal Couple Radio Hour. Oh, and getting to munch on an impressive buffet anchored by a grill pumping out hamburgers and hot dog was a nice bonus.

Next up was to head out towards UofL's campus and Ulmer Stadium to catch some of the last of fall Softball play. There are a lot of new faces on the team, so an opportunity to learn some of the new players, trying to put names to faces and players on the field in the fall, is good before we get into real spring play. There were supposed to be three games, round-robin, between three different teams today, but due to weather reasons, Walters State didn't make the trip. That altered the day into a double-header between Louisville and Lake Land Community College. Honestly, they just weren't that competitive of games, with The Cards taking both 10-0, and 9-1, both after six innings.

They weren't playing a strict run-rule, but did limit each game to 90 minutes, to about the same effect. While they weren't riveting games to watch, the Football game was on the TV in the press box, so it was a good opportunity to catch most of that game and see another Cardinal win.

After the game, I got a chance to get a few words with coach Sandy Pearsall, about wrapping up fall play...there are two more games this afternoon, which will be your last chance to see the Softball team in action before spring...and a bit about what they will be working on over the winter, and a couple of questions about when the Oklahoma City Challenge is, and when practice starts in the spring. Again, check out next week's Cardinal Couple Radio Hour for the audio.

Finally, after a solid eight hours on the go, I got back home, my inner introvert thoroughly spent, and collapsed on the couch to watch something brainless on the laptop and recharge myself a bit before writing this column.

All in all, a good way to spend an overcast and chilly autumn Saturday. I look forward to sharing the audio I collected today, along with, barring unforeseen obstacles arising, some more audio from the Volleyball match tomorrow, on the radio show next Saturday.

As always, we thank you, our readers and listeners, for supporting Cardinal Couple and helping to make what we do to bring you the website and radio show as much fun as it is.




The broadcast Jeff mentioned in his column today is available on the heavenly Crescent Hill Radio Soundcloud. A link below where you can listen


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