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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Louisville Women's Basketball Media Day -- The sights and sounds....WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

WALZ: "I think you're really going to like this year's team". 

Jeff Walz talked to members of the media Tuesday and discussed his 2015-16 version of Louisville women's basketball. See the 21-minute long video below. It's got some great content and a few surprises as well. 


Some of the highlights:

- Dakota Weatherford will be on full scholarship. 
The walk-on transfer from Evansville has earned it, according to Walz for her hustle, effort and drive. 

- Coach wasn't "hiding" B.J." (Briahanna Jackson.) 
"If you'd come to any of our practices, you'd seen her out there. Some kids just don't share everything on social media like others do. She's been here a year and a half now and she's going to be a major contributor."

- Asia Durr "70-75%".
She's showing the skills that got her here. The dynamic part isn't quite there yet, because of the injury...but it will be. Even with out it, she's still better that 90% of the players out there and will continue to improve. I just want her to go hard when she's on the floor. 

And, so it was...for the annual State of The Cardinals preseason report and a chance to talk to the players. And talk...we did...recording over 24 minutes of audio from nine different members of the team. 

You can hear it all on the Saturday edition of CARDINAL COUPLE. Some teasers: 

-- What happened in the elevator when Myisha Hines-Allen, Mariya Moore and B.J. were riding it?

-- What animal did Erin De Grate describe Cortnee Walton as and how did Cortnee respond? 

-- Which two WBB players have promising careers ahead of them as interviewers? 

-- Who is the better "ankle-breaker" on the court? B.J. or Arica Carter? 

-- How Dakota Weatherford ended up at Louisville and why she did?

All that and more on the show Saturday. 

A delightful group of intelligent young women to interview and they had a lot of fun with Paulie's un-orthodox style of doing the "Q's and A's".

There's a common theme among the girls and it is to win a national championship.  It was very evident, not only in their comments...but in the way they practice and hustle. 

Media Day...some early nerves and "deer-in-the-headlight" looks...but, as Sam Purcell told me...they love events like this and look forward to them. 

Coach Walz is dead on...I think everyone is going to like this team very much this season, too. And, they're going to be a blast to interview for the next five months, too...


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